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Author: Ikhlas Saleem and Makkah Ali

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Identity Politics is a podcast that features new stories and perspectives about race, gender and Muslim life in America. From pop culture to politics, each episode co-hosts Ikhlas Saleem and Makkah Ali invite guests to talk about issues impacting their lives as Muslims at the intersection of multiple identities.
71 Episodes
Ikhlas and Makkah go into detail on how they transitioned through pregnancy loss. What helped, what didn’t, what support looks like and what it feels like to be on the other side of it.
Change is tough, it’s uncomfortable, sometimes exciting and something we all have to go through several times in our lives. Change is inevitable. So how do you move through it? Makkah and Ikhlas talk about how they’ve dealt with and meet change. Music by Ketsa, “Good Vibe”, CC-licensed.
With Covid resurfacing so much trauma, therapists have taken to instagram to help folks cope. But what does the journey to healing actually look like? Ikhlas and Makkah talk to Dr. Kameelah Rashad about myths and misconceptions around healing and navigating trauma.
Episode 61: Joy and Rest

Episode 61: Joy and Rest


Ikhlas and Makkah come back from an extended break and explore what joy and rest means to them in this space, time and age.
We go LIVE with Black Iftar to chat about creating a community of people you love, trust, and keep you inspired in your journey towards Allah.
To wrap up Season 7, Ikhlas, Hibba and Makkah sit down to check in, make sense of a post-COVID world and prep for a Ramadan unlike any other.
We chat with real life stand-up comedian and social media satirist, Nadirah Pierre about navigating the comedy scene while staying true to herself and her community as a Black Muslim woman.
We need your help to keep producing the show you come to know and love. Here’s two quick, easy ways you can support the show. Purchase our #CenterBlackMuslimVoices tee: AND/OR Sign up to become a monthly contributor to the show:
We chat with Toronto-based #Blackistani couple Henna Khawja and Ryan Hilliard about race, family, and what it takes to bring together two cultures in one household. Henna Khawja is a registered social worker at University of Toronto and Ryan Hilliard is a youth director and youth counselor and advocate for a number of organizations and […]
Ikhlas, Makkah and Hibba chat about hijab and modesty.
We chat with Hoda Katebi, of Blue Tin Production Co-op, about how our clothes and our spirituality are connected, and steps we can take towards becoming more responsible consumers. We also share our first modest fit and whether or not we’d wear Nike’s new swimsuit. Guest Hoda Katebi is a Chicago-based Iranian-American creative and community […]
We talk about food and community with Reem Assil of Reem’s bakery in Oakland.
On this episode, Aymann Ismail, host of Slate’s Man Up podcast joins the show to discuss what it means to be a man in today’s world, what positive masculinity can look like, and how men can achieve it. Plus Makkah brings on a special guest, Rizwaan Akhtar, to learn about the spaces some men are […]
To kick off season 7 we invited our producer Hibba Meraay on the show to talk our birth stories and how we got our names. Plus Ikhlas shares details about becoming a mom!
Ikhlas had a baby! So yah this episode is a little late. Hibba turns the tables as we celebrate some podcast milestones.
The Village Auntie herself, Angelica Lindsey-Ali, joins us to discuss the importance of owning your sexual health and finding spaces to explore issues around intimacy, pleasure and womanhood. GUEST: Angelica Lindsey-Ali, @villageauntie, is a community scholar whose research interests include the West African roots of African American Islamic identity and the role of sacred sexuality […]
This week, we talk about what it feels like to be recognized in public and the special brand of online vitriol that is reserved just for women. Plus Dalia Mogahed chats with us about whether the costs of being a Muslim woman with a public profile outweigh the benefits and shares what motivates her to […]
When you’re looking to get deeper in your faith there a lot of options out there from meditation to yoga to spiritual retreats, how do you navigate it all? Reoccurring guest Joshua Abdul Haqq (aka Ikhlas’ husband) comes on the show to talk about his forthcoming podcast, “Three Stations of the Deen,” and why he […]
To mark the halfway point of Ramadan we check in on how we’re doing on those #RamadanGoals and chat with actor, comedian, and writer Ramy Youssef about how his Ramadan has been going in the wake of the release of his new Hulu show Ramy, what his hopes are for show, and the challenges and […]
Ramadan Mubarak! To kick off this year’s series, we reflect on the last decade of summertime fasts and our girl Samira Abderahman joins us to talk about Black Iftar, why she created it and the importance of leaving room for Black joy in Ramadan.   Guest: Samira Abderahman, @SamiraImam_, founder of Black Iftar.
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