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Author: Brent Natzle (DJSlim) & Zip Allen

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Hilarious commentary on American Idol every Sunday & Monday @ 11PM ET with Brent Natzle (DJSlim) & Zip Allen.
104 Episodes
Hollywood Solos lead to our Top 40 next week in Hawaii. We recap and have the highlights. Enjoy the Pod: Hosts : Brent Natzle & Zip Allen  
Hollywood Night 2. Groups out. Duets in. A few powerhouse performances with Cyniah and McKayla stealing the show with The Prayer. The Pod: Hosts : Brent Natzle & Zip Allen  
Hollywood Week Round 1. ABC doing great job showcasing the top people. We have all the highlights and commentary on the POD: Hosts : Brent Natzle & Zip Allen  
Final audition night. A few of the top ones were on but Gilberto stole the show! Big concern is what happens 3/30 when Live Shows are to start… will Idol end in August? The Pod: Hosts : Brent Natzle & Zip Allen  
American Idol audition night 4 featured some of the Top singers including Zippy’s new fav Olivia Ximines. The Pod: Hosts : Brent Natzle & Zip Allen  
Idol auditions continue. Strong talent so far. Lotsa T20 on this show. Check it out! The Pod: Hosts : Brent Natzle & Zip Allen  
Idol Radio recaps first 2 audition shows. Talent level is very strong. Catch up with the POD: Hosts : Brent Natzle & Zip Allen  
American Idol ended it’s most talented season with another WGWG winner. Congrats Laine Hardy. Your hosts are waiting for Alejandro’s release. The Final Pod with all the highlights:  
American Idol Top 6 night delivered. All were good. Some nearly great. Only Jeremiah went home as Laci was “saved”. Five sing it out for the finals next week. The Pod:  
American Idol Top 8 went to Top 6 on Queen night. Some great performances and some, well…. Laci won the night but Jeremiah and Laine also stepped up. The Pod:  
Idol does Disney. Pretty sure we were more fun. MVD slayed it. Laine getting all the votes and Alejandro is the best artist of the bunch. The POD:  
American Idol and America chose the Top 10. Ashley Hess was hosed but we mostly agree. Highlights from both Sunday and Monday shows are here: The Pod:  
Duet night 2: Jeremiah, Dimitrius, Alejandro, and Evelyn stood out. We release our predictions. Check the Pod:  
Duet night and some cuts. Laci, Asley, Madison strong and moved on. Bumbly with Shaggy earned our performance of the night and still went home! The Pod:  
Was this the best #AmericanIdol show ever? Laci, Wade, Alejandro, Jeremiah, Dimitrius and Laine led the fantastic performances. The Pod:  
Best night of singing so far! Lacy, Alajandro, Wade, Laine, and Jeremiah were stand outs. Check the Pod for full recap:  
Hollywood Week Solos: Madison Van Denberg moves into Zip’s Top 5. Alejandro into DJ Slim’s (about time) and Laci Kaye still smokin’. Check the Pod:  
Hollywood Week begins. Lacy, Alejandro slay. Laine makes a bid and Jade Flores gets totally hosed! We have it all on The Pod:  
Final auditions and Dimitrius Graham won! But ABC didnt show him. We do. An Idol Radio exclusive on The Pod:  
Idol Auditions continue. 3 Top Contenders were shown tonight. Zip and DJ Slim have new favs…. but not the same one. We may have a winner here though. The Pod:  
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