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If You Can't Handle The Heat

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Gage Worsley, Micah Ma'a, Joe Worsley
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We welcome on UCLA stand out and Pac 12 Player Of The Year, MAC MAY. Prior to her first match she hops on with the boyz(special host Jake Mcslunks) to talk bout her deal with Mercedes, trying to become and indoor and outdoor National Champion and lessons she has learned at UCLA.
What does this new partnership between USAV and AVP mean? Why did they do it? So many questions... This is a short but sweet episode just like you Thanksgiving pumpkin... enjoy this Holiday Special!
The Boyz welcome on the Mens National team 🐐 Matt Anderson. This has been someone we have wanted to get on the pod for a while and couldn't be more excited for the opportunity. Matt tells s crazy stories as he takes us through his career from when he won the National Championship at Penn State and how he plans to return to the 2024 Olympics. We all got to talk about the importance of mental health and how it has effected each one of us.
The Boys Welcome on the dirtiest of dirties, DIRTY MIKE as we delve into the world of volleyball parenting. We had a few Out Of System announcements and had a lot of questions regarding the roles of parents in these athletes lives, so we thought there is nobody better to bring on! Stay tuned for some big news on the new merch line...
Get 20% Off + Free Shipping @Manscaped with the code VOLLEYBALLS at! #ad Micah Christenson hops on the pod this week, with the new and improved, freshly manscaped Out Of System Boys. TBH the title doesn't even cover a fourth of the things that were discussed on the podcast and we couldn't be happier to listen to the great Micah Christenson speak. Wonder what family life is like overseas? Wonder which country he prefers playing in more: Italy or Russia? What's Russia like? What it ACTUALLY means to be Hawaiian vs be from Hawaii? What does he work on in practice to get better? All and more is answered on this weeks episode of If You Can't Handle The Heat
The boys get into how they would fair in the Mckibbin brothers 4v4 beach tournament. Who would they pick up as their 4'th? Could they beat the squad of Taylor Sander, Taylor Crabb, Tri Bourne and Trevor Crabb. Some big news coming up this next week... stay ready fam
We looooovvveee any talks we have with Dustin Watten, wether it's on our off the podcast. We are honored to have on the most free thinking, open minded person we know on the podcast. This conversation covered everything we could have possibly hoped for. We hop into the mental side of living abroad and playing abroad and the different techniques that we can use to over come these hurdles. 
9 Man Week Continues! This week we welcome on Chicago United's very own Tony Chan. He is the man that introduced us to 9 man volleyball and invited us to the Championships in Oakland. This was by far one of our most interesting and informational podcasts as we hop into this crazy world that we have now been introduced to!
The Boyz dive into the wild world of volleyball superstitions on this weeks episode of If You Can't Handle The Heat. Playing with Europeans has given us some pretty crazy perspective on how the cultures are so different compared to Americans. We just wanna give you guys a little taste of the craziness of this world.
It is just the boyz on this weeks episode of If You Can't Handle The Heat. They get into what the big differences are between Americans and other nationalities in terms of lifting and names of each positions, etc. The boyz dive into some of their worst punishments of their volleyball careers and answer some of our fans questions including "Can a PRO Volleyball Player Carry a High School Team to STATE TITLE? "
This weeks episode is for fans of all levels of volleyball, whether it be youth, USA, Professional, beach or even NCCA Women. THIS EPISODE HAS GOT IT ALL! Firstly, all of the top boys volleyball clubs have announced that they will boycott USA Volleyball Nationals and instead start going to AAU Nationals due to frustrations with USA Volleyball themselves. Secondly, Taylor Sander and Taylor Crabb have officially linked up and have became the latest beach powerhouse duo. Lastly, is there any bullet proof team in the NCAA right now? All is answered on this weeks episode of If You Can't Handle The Heat. 
The Boyz hop on with the another OOS member RADO PARAPUNOV! Rado explains his life ever since the last ball dropped in the National Championship and how he eventually got kicked off of the Bulgarian National Team… all is answered on this weeks episode of If You Can’t Handle The Heat.
We welcome on our first ever Out Of System Athlete, Jhenna Gabriel. She shares the insane story of how Texas was her only big division one scholarship offer and how she went from the DS to the starting setter for the #1 team in the nation. Oh yeah, and gives the full story of her infamous NCAA Championship Intro.
The Out Of System Boyz welcome on a long time friend/competitor TJ Defalco. TJ recently was chosen to be one of the starting outside hitters for the United States National Team that competed in the Olympics. TJ opens up about his Olympic experience and give the behind the scenes of what happened to team USA.
THE POD IS BACK BABY! The Out Of System Boyz are back with a banger as they recap their favorite moments of the trip. What was their favorite non volleyball memory? What was their favorite food? What was their favorite and least favorite tournaments? Micah gets deep and asks the question "what makes us work so well as a team?" Find out on this weeks episode of If You Can't Handle The Heat!
Today we're talking about the difference between Pottstown and Waupaca volleyball tournaments, from the environment, to the people to the level of play! Who were the best teams we played? Who were the best players we played? Which tournament do we recommend more? LISTEN NOW TO FIND OUT!! 
The Boyz decided to record the pod in Kansa City during BJNC, and opened it up for anyone to come hop on. They go over the HUGE news of the NCAA allowing their athletes to make money off of their name, image and likeness. What does this mean? How can they capitalize on this? When does the endorsements start? All are answered on this weeks episode of If You Can't Handle The Heat.
The Boyz huddle up in Joe and Gage's aunts bathroom to bring you this episode. They give a breakdown on what the bog differences are between coaching kids and adults and the why the west coast volleyball is better then the east coast. Micah also reveals the story on how Wilfredo Leon chose to be part of the Polish national team. 
The Boyz cozy up in the bathroom for this weeks thrilling episode of If You can't Handle The Heat. The intellectuals break down who they have going to the Olympics for the mens roster and how in the world Carlini didn't make it on the women's roster. Also find out what it's like in the National team makes cuts...
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