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In this episode you will hear Tanya White share about the battle behind her smile along with her latest book titled, The Battle Behind My Smile which is a compilation of testimonies to inspire you to persevere beyond your battles. Tanya shares about finding the love of her life after 50, loss, and how to stir up that gift of writing that is in you.About Tanya WhiteTanya White, Ed.S wears many hats. As an author, speaker, editor, ghostwriter, publishing coach she is passionate about writing books of excellence. Tanya has self-published several inspirational self-help books such as Yes, I am Enough! Yes, I Am Enough: The Next Level!, Relationship Reruns, You Can’t Quit Now. Contact:Book: The Battle Behind My Smile on AmazonFB & Instagram: @ realtalkwithtanyawhiteTwitter: Tanyawhite1913Website: www.tanyawhite.comPublishing Company: www.sntpublishing.comSupport the show
In this episode you will listen to a conversation with certified Enneagram Coach Paula Hollingsworth where she will share insights into the benefits of the Enneagram, descriptions of the nine personality types, resources and more.A little bit about Paula Hollingsworth:My daughter introduced me to two new things that have changed my life. The first was CrossFit—I’m sure you’ve heard enough about that if you know anyone who does it. The second was the Enneagram. Since my background is in psychology, I was interested. When I looked at the Enneagram and read the names of the types, I immediately thought I was the Peacemaker—who doesn’t want to be a 9, the sweetheart of the Enneagram? At the same time I started listening to podcasts and learning all of my family members types, and I began to dig deeper into my type. After some searching, I discovered I was the Perfectionist or Type 1—I’ve decided I prefer the term “Improver.” Since wrestling with my type, I have come to love the Enneagram and the ways it improves the lives of those around me. I began incorporating it into my professional work as a counselor in my local church. In addition to completing my Masters in Biblical Counseling, I used my passion for the Enneagram to further my journey in walking alongside others through transformation. As a Certified Enneagram Coach, I want to partner with you in taking your next step.You can find her on instagram: Paula HollingsworthFacebook: Paula HollingsworthEnneagramcoachWebsite: www.paulahollingsworth.comSupport the show
In this episode Rachele Dixie, author of Renewing the Mind: Devotions to Recovery and Life Transformation, Vol. 1 will share her favorite childhood memory, ways you can renew your mind, her favorite practice for strengthening her resilience, ways to overcome the defeatist mindset and more. You do not want to miss this episode. Rachele A. Dixie is an author and ordained Pastor. She holds a Masters degree in Human Services and a Masters of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary. Pastor Rachele was one of the 50 Co-authors on The National Prayer Book published in 2020 and has recently released her own Recovery Devotional titled 'The Renewing Mind: Devotions to Recovery and Life Transformation'.  RacheIe has worked in the Human Services field for over 30 years with 20 of those years being in Addictions and Recovery. She has also served in the role of Pastor of Ministry Operations and continues to offer Pastoral Counseling. Rachele has the gift of teaching, service, counsel, and encouragement. Her life verse is Romans 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.Support the show
Have you ever asked yourself, “Who am I?”  and What is my purpose?  In today’s episode you will begin your Ignite Your POWER journey and  Joycelyn will be sharing about some tools that will help you to begin to uncover the answers to those questions.  Be ignited. Support the show
In this episode Jennifer Coulter will share's how she overcame pride, how she knows when God is speaking along with how she overcomes negative thoughts and more. Jennifer Coulter has served in ministry for the majority of her life. Jennifer is currently a Bible teacher at her church and has taught various age groups including Youth, Young Adult Bible studies, and Adult MasterLife classes for 8 years. Additionally, Jennifer is the creator of Illuminating Truth which is a ministry focused on biblical study, study tools, and Christian Education. Jennifer holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Psychology and currently completing coursework in a dual Master's program in Couple & Family Therapy & Social Work at the University of Louisville.Support the show
In this episode Keshonia Gaines - Baker shares about the time in her life when she was too depressed to get out of the bed. You will also hear her share what led her to become an Entrepreneur and the courage it took for her to put her Boutique, G-Soul Essentials in Fayette Mall, Lexington, KY. Mark Your Calendar! June 18, 2022Women Made WholeEnriched Mind, Body & SoulCheck in with Keshonia at G-Soul Essentials on FB and visit the store for more info. Keshonia is a wife, mother, friend and a woman who knows how to overcome her obstacles. She is a woman who is courageous and faithful to her faith. Support the show
In this episode the Courageous Voice Coach Dr. Michele R Wells share's how she overcame rejection, how to embrace your uniqueness, letting go of limiting mindsets, a practical way to declare your wins, strengthen your resilience and how you can know when it is time to use your voice. For more info about Dr. Michele the Courageous Voice coach you can go to: https://www.drmichelelifecoach.comAbout Dr. Michele R. WellsDr. Michele R. Wells is the founder and CEO of Courageous Voice Academy, a program that assists professional women to develop a life plan, find their voice, and gain the confidence to pursue leadership; not only to lead in their career, but to TAKE the lead in their life!Dr. Wells is a tenured professor who has served for 20 years in higher education. Dr. Wells has been a Program Director for accredited Social Work programs at both the Bachelor and Master’s level. She has a Master of Social Work and PhD in Organizational Leadership.Dr. Wells is the mother of four and Nana to seven. She has authored a devotional journal "My Ramblings in the Silence" and is currently writing her newest book, "BOLD Voice," which teaches women how to communicate in courageous ways and empowers them to Lead in their life! Support the show
Charnelle Taylor is an abuse survivor and actively tells her story online through social media platforms. She has been a blog writer since 2010 and has a successful blog called SMH -Single Mom Hustle that had a thousand views upon the first month of its release. In this episode Charnelle will share with us the benefits of transparency, how she has experienced the confirmation of her purpose, how she overcomes guilt, shame, despair, grief and people pleasing. For more info about Charnelle you can go to: ignited!Support the show
How To Handle A Crisis

How To Handle A Crisis


Are you in a crisis? In this episode Joycelyn will share a specific process that will help you to transcend your crisis.Some of the concepts and principles you learn in this podcast will be taken from the framework of Formative Spirituality. Formative Spirituality  includes three fields: formation science, anthropology and theology. This body of knowledge is the inspired teachings of Adrian van Kaam and Dr. Susan Muto.  Adrian van Kaam and Susan Muto describe Formative Spirituality as a systematic attempt to articulate the dynamics of formation, reformation and transformation in the context of Christian revelation. It provides a way of seeing self and others, life and world in light of who we most deeply are. In doing so we see through the eyes of faith in God and we are able to integrate being and doing, worship and work, contemplation and action. On May 1st Joycelyn will be releasing her companion E-book to this podcast entitled How To Handle A Crisis. She will go more in depth about the concepts in this podcast, she will also provide  How To Handle A Crisis journal pages so that you can use the pages to follow the process you will learn in this podcast. She will also provide spiritual practices, names of books and other resources and tools that will help you to transcend your crisis.You can go to to pre-order the E-Book How To Handle A Crisis for the discounted price of $15. Support the show
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