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Are you running low on hope? Contrary to the endless stream of negativity from the news media, there is 100% reason to have hope! On Imagine Nation, the goal is to fight back against the narrative of despair and combat it with the TRUTH. #HopeWins
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During the last few months, Romans 13 has been frequently used by Christians to justify why they are not having church. Let's look deeper into this.
I talk about how we are created in God's image. This is the most important thing to remember right now.
Beginning a series on Overcoming Self-Doubt, I interview MS. MIAMI HERSELF - Courtney Barnes!! She talks about overcoming fear and doing what she loves, Instagram, writing her book, and of course, her famous bootie!



On March 23, 2020 I did a live podcast entitled "End the Nonsense". In response to criticism and name calling and just wanting to be a people pleaser, I deleted it. That was a mistake. This is possibly the most important podcast I have ever done. Always trust God and screw the ratings.
From Jonah to Jesus! What to do when you are in the belly of the fish.
I answer the question: "Why aren't people taking this seriously!!??"



Just a nice chill podcast. God is good!
Let's talk about freaking out and why it is not biblical or good in any way.
Moses failed dismally at his first attempt to free the Israelites from Egypt. Have you faced a major failure or embarrassment? It's not over yet!
Life is easy when you are going through an on season, but what about when you are off season?
How to handle the Leviathan in your life.
What do you do when you have gotten yourself into a horrible situation and it is all your fault?
How to control your emotions and how to get back up after a setback.
Today we are taught that we have no control over our emotions. Persistent negative thoughts are labeled "disorders" and we are relying on medication to mask the real issue. In this new series, Chris will explain that you have much more control over your emotions than you think.
My message from Faith Tabernacle Palm Sunday 2019!
We wrap up a series on how Jesus showed us 2000 years ago how to be an attractive man.
In this episode Chris talks about the most crucial aspect of being a man. This will lead to more success in all areas of life including women.
Want to be a more attractive man? 2000 years ago Jesus showed exactly how!
Why are we here? What does this all mean? We look to the Bible in Ecclesiastes for the answer!
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