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Impact Theory is a business and mindset-focused interview show that will teach anyone aspiring to greatness the secrets to success. The show is hosted by Tom Bilyeu - a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of the #2 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition and former host of the viral hit Youtube series Inside Quest (viewed over 100,000,000 times). Bilyeu is known for his passion and preparation. Always eager to truly learn from his guests, Bilyeu digs deep and brings the urgency of someone hungry to put what he’s learning to immediate use - making the show not only entertaining and energetic, but also hyper-useful.
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Check Out Our Sponsors Alto: Download the Alto app today and add code IMPACTTHEORY to receive $30 toward your first Alto ride anytime this month. Headspace: Go to for a FREE ONE-MONTH TRIAL with access to Headspace’s full library of meditations for every situation. Helium 10: Get 50% OFF your first month of Helium 10 Platinum at and use code IMPACT at check out. Thryve: Get 50% off your at-home gut health test at Are you part of the many struggling with finding meaning in the midst of the chaos, disease, falling governments, unspeakable human conditions? What does it even look like to show up your best these days when your heart is heavy and you’re surrounded with so much uncertainty? This episode today takes the plunge and leans off the edge with Jamie Wheal unpacking the depth and complexities he’s addressing in his latest book, Recapture the Rapture. The conversation is heavy and will challenge you to rethink your stance and what leaning into our global community could be for you. Enjoy peak experiences, spark the human initiative in your community and have some compassion for the world around you.   Order Jamie Wheal’s new book, Recapture the Rapture:       SHOW NOTES:   Loss of Meaning | A break down of the conflicting directions of major institutions [3:33] Meaning 1.0 & 2.0 | Jamie breaks down the difference and problem for salvation & inclusion [7:54] Meta Crisis | Jamie details the complexity of meta crisis and where it intersects [12:06] Storytelling | Jamie walks through shapes of stories & where we are in our story of humanity [16:16] Acceleration | Jamie on why rushing to clean the slate is ignorant of history [18:56] The Drop | Jamie lists problems (the drop) we have to lean into to get to the better side [24:31] Narrative Problem | Jamie breaks down coming alive vs. staying alive, narrative or reality [28:37] Rearview Mirror | Jamie summarizes where the U.S. is after war in 1945 through 60s [30:55] Tribalism | Jamie reveals what unhealthy tribalism is versus healthy that is for community [32:16] Cults | Jamie exposes history of cults, how some succeed, when it gets too far extreme [36:42] 4 Cult Responses | Jamie explains the 4 feelings and 4 responses to cult leaders [44:44] Top Down Solutions | The issue being detached from complexity of interconnected problems [53:13] Global Rage | Jamie on the human initiative and the propensity for collective rage [57:14] Finding Grace | Significant decisions in history that were against the rage & violence [1:02:44] Cultural Architect | Escaping doomsday and thriving into the future [1:10:21] Soul Force | Jamie explains the root of peaceful nonviolence anchored to Civil Rights [1:15:09] Big 5 | Jamie reveals the big 5 evolutionary drivers, discusses healing and peak states [1:20:15] Sex & Healing | Jamie explores the power of orgasms, women, its evolutionary nature [1:34:00] Out of Hand | Jamie shares why people don’t know what they’re doing, forgiving ourselves [1:47:11] Trickster | Jamie on dissonance between God & Satan, Good & Bad and the unknowing [1:50:51] Omega Point | Jamie reveals the point where death and rebirth come together [1:58:02]   QUOTES:   “There are intersecting, overlapping and reinforcing meta crisis happening right now. And so it's not just any single thing, and none of the challenges that we're facing, stop or respect, zip codes or political boundaries” [9:42]   “And so we have to actually be willing to lean into that drop. It's like skateboarding or snowboarding or anything, like you're standing on the lip of something steep, you don't fall back away from it, you actually have to lean into it, to stick the landing.” [17:52]   “...the point isn't to end the game victorious. The point is to keep playing for as long as possible, with as many people as possible.” [21:39]   “...the narrative challenge,[...] is actually, can we acknowledge that both are true? It's an incredibly complex quadratic equation. We don't know how it's going to turn out, our participation in it plays a big part in how it turns out. So we need to be vigilant and subtle, and adaptive, and responsive, all at once.” [30:28]   “No one beats our collective intelligence.” [57:12]   “grieve globally, [...] actually open our hearts to the wound of the world right now, and everyone and everything on it, but thrive locally.” [57:49]   “tribalism is destiny and humanism is optional” [1:02:33]   “we need to get more effective and more deliberate and more inclusive about our access to healing, inspiration and connection.” [1:10:31]   “...when we try and suppress the random and fickle and unknowable nature of existence, right, we tend to create more trauma, we tend to create more heartache, versus just bearing witness in the not knowing of it all.” [1:56:00]   “I wake up in the morning torn between the desire to save the world, or savor it.” [1:58:52]   “...instead of me trying to escape my mundane existence, I'm coming back to it. And I'm coming back to it with fresh eyes and an open heart and gratitude.” [2:04:23]   Follow Jamie Wheal: Website: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:  
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Check our our Sponsors Plant X: Get 15% off your first order with promo code IMPACT at LMNT: Go to to try their brand NEW flavor - Watermelon Salt. Gabi: Get a better insurance with Gabi. It’s totally free to check and there’s no obligation. Go to Better Help: Get 10% off your first month at More than 50 million Americans suffer with some form of sleep deprivation, and the chances are you may be one. According to World Sleep Day, “Sleep problems constitute a global epidemic that threatens health and quality of life for up to 45% of the world’s population.” The matter of sleep is so critical that in this episode, Neuroscience Professor and sleep expert, Dr. Matthew Walker, exposes the severity of sleep deprivation as so serious that the Guiness Book of World Records no longer allows record setting attempts for sleep deprivation but allows far more extremes. There is a need to highly value sleep and learn tips to improve your sleep health and be more productive in your time awake.                                        Order Matthew Walker’s Book, “Why We Sleep”:   SHOW NOTES: Sleep Deprivation | Matthew Walker exposes why Guiness Book of World Records banned it [2:58] Hallucinations | Matthew explains why deprivation of REM causes awakened REM sleep [6:28] Dreaming | Matthew reveals why we dream and what it does for our conscious life [7:57] Emotional First Aid | Matthew explains a new layer of sleep relating to PTSD & noradrenaline [12:04] PTSD | Matthew shares how noradrenaline strips emotions away from memory of PTSD [15:33] Evolutionary | Matthew on how sleep seems like idiotic behavior but is critical to function  [19:52] Brainwashing | Matthew breaks down the glymphatic system that cleanses the brain [24:41] Nightmares | Tips for minimizing effect nightmares that become nonnormative  [27:51] Recontextualize | How to understand the world we live in through dreams biological basis [30:52] CBT for Insomnia | Matthew addresses changing behaviors and thought patterns for sleep [32:57] Sleeping Problems | Reasons for waking in the middle of the night and self-compassion [36:59] Sleep Inertia | Matthew shares tips for waking up in the morning when it's not your thing [43:02] Cold showers | Matthew gives the science behind why cold showers are effective waking you [47:34]   RESOURCES MENTIONED: Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire:   Free 15-Minute Insomnia Consultation   QUOTES: “...what we're now learning from the science is that Mother Nature did not make a spectacular blunder in creating this beautiful thing called a full night of sleep.” [20:58]   “Make no mistake about it from a biochemical perspective, wakefulness is low level brain damage, and sleep is sanitary salvation.” [25:40]   “If you wake up, and you can't get back to sleep, don't worry. Just realize ‘tonight is not my night. It's not the end of the world. I'm still going to be able to function somewhat tomorrow.’” [40:58]   Follow Matthew Walker: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:
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That’s 3 lbs of chicken breast, 2 lbs of pork chops and 2 lbs of ground beef all for FREE in your first box by going to Paleo Valley: Visit and enter code impact for 15% OFF your first order. Mint Mobile: To get your NEW wireless plan for just $15 a month and get the plan shipped to your door for FREE, go to Mint Mobile: To get your NEW wireless plan for just $15 a month and get the plan shipped to your door for FREE, go to Skillshare: Explore your creativity at for a free trial of Premium Membership. Thryve: Get 50% off your at-home gut health test at Nearly everyone has a platform of some kind. Maybe your platform is on social media, or it’s home with your immediate family and close circle of friends. Regardless, what you say out of your mouth to the people around your platform matters. In this episode, Tom is joined by the legendary T.D. Jakes, who shares the incredible value of what we say to communicate and even more importantly, how we listen. T.D. Jakes break down the depth of becoming a better listener and the importance and urgency of being creative, innovative and finding mastery to strive for something greater in your entrepreneurial life and in your personal life.   Order the new book from T.D. Jakes, Don’t Drop the Mic:   SHOW NOTES: Power Mic | T.D. Jakes shares how he discovered the power of a platform and audience [1:46] Get it Out | Coming out of your bubble for a new experience ready to talk, listen and learn [6:37] Listen Better | T.D. Jakes explains how listening leads to understanding and less hate [10:49] New World | Why mentoring each other is necessary to get others out of their subculture [15:47] Potential | Break past limiting beliefs and expectations of others to explore possibilities [21:58] Intention | T.D. Jakes explains what’s intended versus what’s understood, being bilingual [29:15] Understand | To better understand, just listen, don’t run away, don’t try to fix the person [33:08] Seasons | Reality of not holding onto past labels and experiencing new stages of life [38:15] Action | T.D. Jakes breaks down how life requires a process to create and innovate [42:36] Urgency | T.D. Jakes reveals the urgency action in the ‘now’ and relationship value [46:45] Survive Strong | T.D. Jakes on what’s left after the trauma is always enough to rebuild [51:39] QUOTES: “ takes courage to come out of your bubble and talk and listen and learn and not always show up as a teacher, but to come into the room as a student.” [10:19]   “And a lot of people black, white, brown, rich, poor, [....] run the risk of dying, the death of being normal, or average, rather than being exceptional, and being fruitful, to the full extent of your potential, wherever that takes you.” [18:02]   “Don't drop the mic, because destiny is in front of you, and history is behind you. And why would you live in your history when you can excel in your destiny?” [20:51]   “Don't let people describe you because if they do, they will incarcerate you.” [23:17]   “...the best things in life require process, and if you run from the process, you alleviate the promise.” [44:24]   “The currency of relationships is your greatest resource is better than any dollar amount in the world.” [49:35]   “Your future is never predicated on what you lost. It is predicated on what you have left.” [51:39]   “...there's always something to do with what you have experienced.” [54:37]   Follow TD Jakes: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Youtube:
Check out our Sponsors Athletic Greens: Go to and receive a FREE 1 year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs with your first purchase! Unidragon: For 10% off, go to and use promo code: DragonImpact Audible: Start listening with a 30-day free trial, one free audiobook and access to the Plus Catalog. Visit or text IMPACTTHEORY to 500-500 InsideTracker: Get 25% off their entire store at   If the raw nature of the human experience makes you even a little uncomfortable, this episode will be a treat to buckle up for. Chuck PALAHNIUK, well known author for the Fight Club, Guts and many more, takes you through a journey of highs and lows as he reveals the world through the lens through which he sees the fascination called life.   Order Chuck Palahniuk’s new book, Invention of Sound:   SHOW NOTES:   Dark Side | Chuck’s take on types of people not dealing with unresolved darkness [2:42] Guts | Chuck’s experience publicly reading his book Guts & shedding pretense of looking good [5:06] One Thing | Chuck explains history without one person and committing to one thing in life [9:50] Live Forever | Opposing ideals of living forever and doing infinite things or one thing [12:13] So What | Chuck shares his take on this mantra to not be hindered by someone else’s agenda [19:00] Choose Your Problem | Chuck explains the power of inventing your own major problem [22:18] Invention of Sound | Chuck explores the commodification of human experience [25:03] Henry Kissinger | Chuck recalls the game he played and shares why emotional pain is so hard [35:26] Universal | The effect owning your shame and saying it happened can have to freeing others [40:31] Self Soothing | How vulnerable truths are self serving and allowing Chuck to process [49:59] Broken Silence | Chuck defined the tension of silence and the power it can give to narrative [54:10] Break the Rules | Chuck breaks down not wasting life and having the guts to go too far [57:18] Unique Characters | Chuck explains the importance of community and despicable nature [1:02:41] Too Far | Chuck shares his shock about Fight Clubs impact and changing culture [1:06:36] Hospice Volunteer | How Chuck came to accept death and found joy in not dying [1:13:44] Accepting Shadows | Chuck on the comfort of accepting the shadows know they exist [1:19:59] Dominate | Navigating people’s urge to dominate and be right, trolling for an epiphany [1:23:48] Master Storyteller | Chuck reveals the power of elicited emotion and burning “failed” stories [1:27:50] Chuck’s Dad | Chuck recounts the murder of his father and the fate that led to his death [1:33:48] Self Comforting Storied | Chuck explains why these stories are emotionally exhausting [1:40:28] Storytelling | How the repetition of a story without emotion through workshop is a therapy [1:46:47]   QUOTES: “ talk about how we human beings are meaning making machines. We are also looking good machines, and we are machines that just spend all of our time trying not to be dominated, and trying to look good” [5:17] “by focusing on one thing, I've got a bigger life than I ever, ever could have imagined for myself.” [12:07] “It's so often the broken way in which you depict something that establishes your authority” [55:15]   And so every book is only something you can do at a certain point in your life. And if you pass that point, without having done that thing, you always look back and think Why was I so gutless? [57:56] “unless you go to the too far you're kind of wasting your life, in my opinion.” [59:35] “I'm much more compelled by a character who is corrupt, but is just trying to do the right thing. Even if it's kind of a despicable thing. But it's the only right thing that the character can think of doing. “ [1:02:50] “...the other thing about sort of working the vein of the extreme, is that if you can lodge yourself in people's memory, whether or not they like you the first time, if they remember you, people change and the culture changes.” [1:07:20] “I am this constant, sort of gathering this harvesting, of human experience, and then organizing, that experience and presenting it in a narrative, so that the experience has a context.” [1:30:35] “...getting back to zero, getting back to sort of empty and meaningless so that you can start the next project without being too attached to the previous project.” [1:32:31] “So in lieu of fixing somebody, I always kind of strive to kind of present them with something that is going to make them excited about living. Blah blah blah” [1:54:34]   Follow Chuck PALAHNIUK: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
Check out our Sponsors LMNT: Go to to get your sample pack for the cost of shipping. Only $5 for U.S. orders. Indeed: Get a FREE $75 CREDIT to upgrade your job post at Blinkist: Go to Try it FREE for 7 days and save 25% off your new subscription. Better Help: Get 10% off your first month at The word ‘capitalism’ seems to make some people happy, while making others cringe. The U.S. started as a capitalist society and has evolved into a mix of capitalism and socialism. As society and technology evolves, how should our economic system evolve in response? In this episode, Sir Ronald Cohen, “the father of British venture capital” speaks with Tom about the importance of social impact and what impact investing is evolving into and how it can change the social world for the better. Creating systems that support entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and social responsibility of big companies is just the tip of a massive iceberg. Listen in to see how this all ties into our natural desire to evolve and strive for more than just money.   Order Sir Ronald Cohen’s new book, Impact (all proceeds donated to impact charities):   SHOW NOTES: Impact Investing | Sir Ronald explains what’s reshaping a new economic system [1:57] Coming to Britain | Sir Ronald reveals how he moved from Egypt and ended in Britain [4:48] Venture Capital | An overview of how venture capitalism came to be and what it is [7:23] Social Impact | Getting an accurate view of a company’s impact not just profits [9:41] Deciding | Sir Ronald gives tips on what to look for evaluating a company’s impact [12:47] Redistributed Wealth | Why redistributed wealth is needed, but it’s not enough [15:30] Poverty Problem | Sir Ronald discusses what’s been missing from solution [18:20] 1800 Companies | The $3 trillion environmental damage being measured [21:28] Capitalism | Sir Ronald breaks down capitalism driven by profit and social impact [28:05] Communism | Setbacks of communism and how increased prosperity redistributed is better  [32:30] Turning Point | Recognizing social problems and having technology to measure impact [34:59] Striving | Sir Ronald introduces human nature to strive for money & quality of life [42:14] Re-Skill | Sir Ronald identifies why opportunities for new skills is part of the system [45:12]   QUOTES: “Because making money at the expense of the environment, or poor people isn't the way to do business. And it doesn't help solve the social and environmental issues we face.” [10:45]   “...we can't let capitalism be driven by profit only. We must have markets trying to achieve profit, and something good for society or the environment. Otherwise, capitalism creates problems.” [28:31]   “I think most company leaders would rather do good and do well, than create problems and make money. But it's the power of consumers and employees and investors together that are going to get them to change their behavior.” [30:40]   “...if you plan everything for people, you kill innovation, and entrepreneurship, with the ability to think out of the box, [and] the freedom to try to execute it.” [33:08]   “Human nature is about striving, striving for survival, striving for success, it’s all about striving, and our system encourages and enables the striving.” [42:28]   “a system like capitalism, which is dynamic, and resilient, and reactive, if it is channeled in the same way, it will be better than a system where the government tries to plan everything from above.” [50:40]   ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: The Harvard Business School Impact-Weighted Account Study ( FOLLOW SIR RONALD COHEN: Website: Twitter: LinkedIn:
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Check out our Sponsors BLUblox: Go to for 15% off your order or use discount code ImpactTheory at checkout. Joovv: Get an exclusive discount on your first order at and use code IMPACT Helix Sleep: Go to for up to $200 off your mattress and 2 free pillows. Skillshare: Explore your creativity at for a free trial of Premium Membership. It is one thing to be the toughest woman in the room and it is entirely another thing to be the toughest person in the room. When you allow yourself to be haunted by past fears and failures you put yourself at a disadvantage and lock your potential away in the safety of a box. In this episode today, one of the toughest and most resilient people you will ever come across joins Tom to share her insight on what it takes to beat the odds and kick ass, failure after failure. Lupita Nyong’o said, “It’s only when you risk failure that you discover things. When you play it safe, you’re not expressing the utmost of your human experience.” The essence of being a total badass, owning your failure and swinging hard to conquer no one but yourself is what Sarah Robb O’Hagan brings to the table. Get ready to take action, it’s the only way forward.   SHOW NOTES: Assness Level | Levels of toughness in behaviors that show how kick-ass you are [3:59] Humility | Finding success with humility after setting aside arrogance [6:12] Hiring the Best | Making sure you are hiring the right people and behaviors [8:10] Leading the Team | Expressing your values and demonstrating them for your company [10:39] Gritty Leadership | Pushing your team and reassuring them by example  [12:50] Resilient Employees | How to get the best out of your employees and find resilience [14:20] Fired | Being vulnerable and honest with yourself and others after being fired [15:50] Step Out of Line | Clutch moments you get to reframe a ‘no’ to bring more value [18:13] Fight for Yourself | When odds are stacked against you this is how to take action and create opportunity [23:42] Supercharged Career | Don’t please the boss, show how you can solve their problem [26:19] Your Mountain | Stay in and grind it out by choosing your mountain to climb and win [27:38] Secret to Success | Outperforming your peers no matter who they are [31:00] Self-Improvement | Happens outside of the comfort-zone with new experiences and skill acquisition [32:38] Extremely You | Sarah defines what extremely you is and how challenging yourself [34:34] Behaviors | Sarah shares the common behaviors she found driving people’s success [37:44] Movement | The reason for Sarah’s Extreme Living movement [38:40] Processing Failure | When the stakes are high have the fortitude to handle it [39:43]   QUOTES: “I just don't want to get fired, so I will do anything to help and support and listen and learn and truly, like that is what I think made me successful there because I was a sponge like taking it all in and recognizing there was a hell of a lot more that I needed to learn to be good”  [7:28]   “I’ve learned along the way when you are trying to be something you’re not that is when you lose your confidence” [10:20]   “The minute you acknowledge what you did you have control over changing that.” [17:23]   “Don’t ever worry that someone didn’t ask you to do something, just get on and do it.” [25:41]   “It’s about getting them to understand that you will be happy and fulfilled if you do whatever you do in your life off of your own steam, [...] For me the single biggest learning is like, don’t look for shortcuts, don’t look for people to give you handouts. Go figure it out for yourself because that is what will make you the most satisfied happy person you can be” [30:15]   “I just have worked in predominantly male industries the whole way through, and it just I never even really noticed that I was the only woman at the table very often, I just was like ‘well fuck I’m here’, so I am going to do the best I can and it’s up to me to outperform my peer group whoever they are.”   [32:14]   “Until you’ve been to the depths of the canyon of despair like that’s where the learning and the growth comes from and you come back so much stronger on the other side. [40:18]     FOLLOW SARAH: Website: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Youtube:
Check out our sponsors Athletic Greens: Go to and receive a FREE 1 year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs with your first purchase! Butcher Box: Ground beef for life is back! For a limited time, new members can get 2 pounds of free ground beef in every Butcher Box order by signing up today at ShipStation: Get 2 months FREE at Click on the microphone at the top of the page and type in IMPACT Request a free, no-commitment demo at Come back this Saturday (4/3) for a special video covering the very best of how to improve your longevity! Imagine waking up from a simulated reality where everything you know is interpreted and never truly experienced. Is it possible the reality you’ve known for the last few decades is no reality at all? In this episode, Donald Hoffman returns and takes a deeper dive with Tom to discuss the complexities of consciousness perceived in and out of spacetime. Donald shares the possibilities of consciousness and the infinite nature of theories that exist outside of the virtual reality headset he uses to describe the version of reality you may still be experiencing. Take the plunge into this conversation and challenge the consciousness of what you call your true self.   Order Donald’s latest book, ‘The Case Against Reality’:   SHOW NOTES:   Consciousness | The theory of reality beyond the physical space and time [1:24] Spacetime | Donald relates Grand Theft Auto to understanding reality beyond space time [7:48] Testing Reality | Testable predictions of reality outside of space time and the fundamental nature of consciousness [10:40] Conscious Agents | Donald introduces conscious agents using the Twitter model [16:00] Conscious Illusion | How consciousness is not bound to the laws of physics and is created as needed in a simulation [22:00] Evolution | Why evolutionary theory only exists in space and time within the VR experience [26:34] The Unknown | The dark side of letting go to explore unknown concepts [33:40] Spacetime Simulator | Donald takes us through how consciousness is explored [37:33] Predicted Consciousness | Enjoying experience and predicting the realm of consciousness [49:57] Girdles Down | The Girdles theorem and why everything can not theoretically be known [54:46] A.I. Consciousness | How reductionism makes it possible to give rise to consciousness [1:03:54] Created Consciousness | Donald explains the creation of consciousness from portals [1:10:29] God Hypothesis | Donald’s hypothesis of science of God as agent of consciousness [1:15:05] Asymptotic behavior | Long term behaviors from far away that use spacetime theory [1:26:07] Alien Intelligence | Donald discusses alien intelligence and being in a simulator [1:31:22] Living vs NonLiving | Being unplugged from VR game and notion of self [1:33:53] Meditation | Donald shares how meditating to let go and have complete silence transforms his thoughts [1:46:20]   QUOTES:   “ Science has not yet been studying objective reality outside of our space time virtual reality, that from an evolutionary point of view, was just evolved as a way for us to play the game of life, and stay alive long enough to reproduce, not to show us the truth.” [8:06]   “That's what spacetime is. Spacetime, the sun and the moon, physical objects, everything that we see inside of space and time is just our visualization tool. The reality we're interacting with is nothing like the visualization tool. There's nothing like space and time. It's a whole network of interacting conscious agents outside of space time, a vast social network. And we've made the rookie mistake of assuming that our headset, VR, our visualization tool, is the final reality.” [17:55]   “no matter how much consciousness explores its possibilities, it could never come to the end of its own possibilities. And so it's in a never ending self exploration.” [31:22]   “And right now we're sort of stuck on this little headset, three dimensions, small amount of color that we can see and so forth. Just, we thought it was the whole world. No, it's just it's a little headset.” [33:08]   “...we’re chasing that consciousness itself is only about exploring new possibilities of experience.” [35:55]   “So the reason I'm doing this is because I can't even imagine a specific color that I've never seen before, I can't imagine in four dimensions. In other words, I take it as a given that I'm deeply, deeply limited in my imagination. And I need all the tools I can get to help me step outside of my headset and try to guess, the unfathomable outside of there.” [52:47]   “There seems to be reward for absolute silence, no concept whatsoever, and out absolute precision on the other hand. And there's no reward for sloppy thinking in the middle.” [1:51:57]   “don't hold on to anything dogmatically right as that's the sort of the point explore and then be the first to kill off the things that you know really don't make sense don't don't hold on to them so it's an anti dogmatic point of view” [1:54:37]   FOLLOW (NAME): Website: Email: Twitter: Instagram:
Check out our Sponsors Better Help: Get 10% off your first month at MindPump: Download their FREE guide at Theragun: Try Theragun for 30 days starting at only $199. Go to and get your Gen 4 Theragun. Grammarly: Get 20% off Grammarly Premium when you sign up using your desktop or laptop computer by visiting Imagine being disadvantaged, on welfare, no support from family, being young and becoming a millionaire in under one year. Where do you even begin? What does it take to make that kind of change in your life? In this episode, Jay Samit reveals his latest book, Future Proofing You, and the experiment he ran with a young kid from the UK. He mentored this kid once a week and watched him go from nearly homeless to millionaire in his experiment to show this is possible for anyone regardless of your resources. In this interview, Jay uncovers his belief that you don’t need degrees, capital and major connections to become a successful millionaire. Starting your business by looking for the void to fill in a very specific area that allows you to be the best in the world with no competition is a possibility that is accessible to you right now. This episode provides a tactical look at what you can do to start crafting the right situation and the right deal structure you need to succeed.   Order the new book  from Jay Samit:   SHOW NOTES:   The Experiment | Jay mentors a disadvantaged person from homeless to millionaire [2:28] 2 Things for Success | Jay shares the two things he believes you’ll need for success [6:11] Mindset | Jay discusses how education is stifling mindset [8:12] Competition | Jay explains how to be the best in the world with no competition  [10:03] Fill a Void | Jay shares how Vin created a case study and niched a void [10:57] Pygmalion effect | How Jay’s case study started with a lie to prove a point [13:38] Mentors | Jay reveals the importance of mentors in business and how to find them [15:54] Insight | Why your insight to solve a problem leads to joy [17:26] Identity | Your identity and company identity must be separate identities [19:35] Appearance | Jay on why you need to look like your customer [21:20] Not Knowing | Jay explains the power of knowing what you don’t know [23:23] 1st Customer | Jay shares tip for getting your first customer [24:32] The Right Client | Jay describes who the client for you is [29:28] Breaking Plateaus | Jay talks about the hardships and difficulties to push through [31:20] Revenue Streams | Manage unforeseen stress easier with multiple streams of revenue [32:21] Deal Structure | Jay explains why a solid foundation can rebuild business [35:38] Cultivate Purpose | Jay shares that you cultivate purpose when you help others [42:59]   QUOTES: “You’re one click away from 7 billion people, so you only have to figure out how to reach them once, and if you can figure out that process you can do it again and again and be what I call future proof” [4:00]   “Cause motivation just like a shower doesn’t last forever. You need it again and again” [6:35]   “You don’t need capital, you don’t need connections, you don’t need a fancy degree. I’m not saying not to go to college, there’s pros and cons to everything. But you can do it ... [10:03]   “Most of us don’t have the experience to know many things in business. Things that might seem counterintuitive: you know, how the world works as opposed to how you were taught it works. And that’s why mentors are so important.” [15:54]   “You can create an international successful company remotely and virtually” [23:00]   “Sweat equity overcomes intellect 10 out of 10 times.” [26:31]   “If there's something new, there’s something hot, the hot thing that the world suddenly pays attention to then any work you do in that space will be magnified.” [28:40]   “As you can start aligning what you do to helping others. The greatest joy you’ll ever get is when you help someone else, and the more you're helping others the more you end up helping yourself.”  [43:28]   “For so many people they think a better life means buying your kids the things that you didn’t have. A better life is teaching you kids the things you didn’t know.” [45:22]     FOLLOW JAY SAMIT: Website:   Twitter: YouTube: Facebook: LinkedIn:
Check out our Sponsors BLUblox: Go to for 15% off your order or use discount code ImpactTheory at checkout. Helix Sleep: Go to for up to $200 off your mattress and 2 free pillows. Skillshare: Explore your creativity at for a free trial of Premium Membership. BackCountry: Get 15% OFF at and enter promo code THEORY How well are you controlling your impulsive nature and tendencies to choose instant gratification over the long term consequences? A little ice cream now won’t make a difference, checking your phone after a notification is no harm, afterall you just want to see who liked your post. These are some of the things you may be doing that exhibits impulsive behavior. Of course there are varying degrees of impulsive behavior in relation to the level of consequences, but why are we even acting so impulsively to begin with? In this episode, Dr. David Perlmutter explains the depths of our abilities to control our impulses, and how the health of our brain is really key to making better decisions. It comes up over and over in so many topics of illness, but inflammation and diet are again at the center of another area that is directly impacting your productivity and optimal cognitive function.   Order Dr. Permutter’s latest book, Brain Wash:   SHOW NOTES:   The Disconnect | David explains why health and happiness are elusive? [1:46] Cognitive Empathy | Our ability to embrace another perspective [2:39] Disconnection | David defines disconnection in the brain and its importance [4:37] Disconnection Syndrome | What factors threaten connection and cause disconnection [7:13] Impulsivity Factors | David explains what factors threaten to lock in impulsive behaviors [7:44] Control Impulse | David reveals new side of Phineas Gage story and controlling impulse [9:16] Impulse Behavior | David lists factors threatening to disconnect the prefrontal cortex [11:31] Body Fat | David explains how body fat ties to the impulsive amygdala [14:40] Restorative sleep | David reveals the connection between quality sleep and impulse [15:40] Sleep & Body Fat | Connecting lack of restorative sleep to 1lb of body fat in 10 days [16:19] Bad Decision Loop | David explains the cycle of poor decision leading to more [17:31] Inflammation’s Role | David breaks down how inflammation compromises brain function [19:33] Serotonin Compromised | How inflammation is vital to production of serotonin  [21:15] Better Decisions | David reveals the on-ramp to making better decisions [27:08] On-Ramps | David shares a few of the on-ramps to making better decisions [32:15] Rewire Your Brain | David shares the simplicity of thought to rewire your brain [37:17] Gratification Myth | How instant gratification is blocking enlightenment and connections [38:25] Online Effects | David reveals the effect screen time has in relation to poor decisions [43:05] Optimal Cognition | David shares the biggest issue crippling cognition [46:06] Uric Acid | David links uric acid to inflammation and the role of fructose [47:25] Insulin Resistance | Why knowing your blood sugar and how your body handles glucose [49:37] Blood Sugar Response | Response to various lifestyle choices and inflammation [50:35] Brain Health Diet | A diet that keeps blood sugar in check is best for brain health [51:21]     QUOTES:   “Our day to day lives right now threaten our prefrontal cortex and threaten the connection of the prefrontal cortex down to the amygdala and therefore threaten to disconnect us.”  [11:17]   “We make more impulsive food decisionsThe fatter people get the less able they able are to reign in their appetites and to make good choices as it relates to the food they eat […] eating the wrong foods tends to begets further eating of the wrong foods”  [14:55]   “People who don’t get a restorative night sleep have a 60% higher activation of their amygdala, so the amygdala takes charges [15:39]   “You can just understand that your decision making is threatened or enhanced by whether or not you get a good night sleep [26:10]   “You want to be more productive, sleep more and sleep better in terms of the quality” [32:29]   “The average American spends 42% of his or her day in front of one form of screen or another [...] and that has an effect because there’s a lot of inputs to your brain that are happening during that experience, a, and b, when you’re doing one thing you’re not doing another”  [43:05]   “What we have to emphasize is the limitation of fructose in its raw form…” [49:13]   FOLLOW DAVID PERLMUTTER: Website: Youtube: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:  
Check out our Sponsors LMNT: Go to to get your sample pack for the cost of shipping. Only $5 for U.S. orders. MindPump: Download their FREE guide at Blinkist: Go to Try it FREE for 7 days and save 25% off your new subscription. Oxygen: Download Oxygen on the iPhone App Store or Google Play for Android.   The path to success is as unique to the individual as the complexity of their life experiences that shape who they are. Have you ever considered the downside to becoming successful and achieving all of your goals? In this episode, Steven Barlett, Founder of Social Chain and Catena Capital,  opens up about his vision, the motivators, and surprising moments of what reaching success felt like for him that no one would expect. He discusses the importance of why he wrote his upcoming book, Happy Sexy Millionaire, and his hope for this book to serve as an intervention for his generation that has been raised on social media. Steven gets very real about discovering your narrative and focusing on the simplicity of consistency.   Order Steven’s Book, “Happy Sexy Millionaire”    SHOW NOTES:   The Journey | Steven reveals his path from Botswana to successful entrepreneur [1:37] Insecurity | Steven explains how his insecurities have driven his success [5:32] Move Different | Steven explains the origin of his business moves [6:28] Belief | Steven debunks the cliche ideas about belief [7:23] Comparison Trap | How Steven let go of bitter when he freed himself from comparison [8:57] Self-Worth | Steven shares his thought about society’s intrinsic value lie of self worth [10:13] Self-Narrative | Steven shares his revelation to resist labels and not restrict his narrative [11:44] Narrative Defined | Steven defines what self narrative is for him [14:42] Stability/Chaos | Steven reveals why he believes chaos is stability [15:45]  Finding Change | Steven shares the anti-climatic experience of his biggest wins. [18:24] Gratitude | Steven shares his story of discovering gratitude through contrast of 19 year olddreams [20:14] Radical Change | Steven explains radical change starts with the smallest step [26:11] Consistent | Steven explains why consistency leads to radical change [28:50] Future Identity | Steven reveals how he anchors his present decisions to his future self [32:30] Quitting | Steven explains that quitting is a skill and what the decision tree looks like [34:55]  5 Buckets | Steven shares 5 buckets to fill under 30 to optimize your future [40:00]    QUOTES: “The things that invalidated you when you were younger will be the things that you seek validation from when you’re older” [5:34]   “I had independence and I had insecurity and when the two came together I became this young kid who just had no choice but to take on the world on his own” [7:08]   “Even if everything is on the line you can’t make yourself believe something you don’t have evidence to believe” [7:41]   “My self narrative is more of a philosophy. It’s a set of principles that [...] I make my decisions through” [14:44]   “The moment where I approached what I thought stability was it felt like chaos, it was an existential crisis.” [16:41]   “One of the downsides of living in forward motion is [...] it’s so gradual, the climb, it’s one step at a time” [21:20]    “How would the person I want to be use their time?” [32:36]   FOLLOW (NAME): Website:  Twitter:  Facebook:  Instagram:  LinkedIn:  Youtube:   
Check out our Sponsors Butcher Box: Ground beef for life is back! For a limited time, new members can get 2 pounds of free ground beef in every Butcher Box order by signing up today at Athletic Greens: Go to and receive a FREE 1 year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs with your first purchase! Indeed: Get a FREE $75 CREDIT to upgrade your job post at The New Yorker: For a limited time, you can get 12 weeks of The New Yorker for just $6. Go to As adults we all have some degree of trauma from our childhood to cope with. Maybe it’s falling downhill and being left with a scar, or maybe it’s more severe and involves emotional neglect. For many adults,it’s easy to believe there was never any trauma, life was great and their childhood was filled with happy memories. In this episode, Gabor Mate explains how easily unconscious traumas from childhood can be identified. He shares years of experience and wisdom with Tom in this conversation that explores the depths of truth and meaning in life, and how that fits in with our physical and behavioral manifestations of broken adult expectations and stressors. Gabor Mate, is a deep thinker, childhood development expert, and expert of addiction. He shares his unique insights on how to deal with severe trauma and how to get the most out of life by moving beyond mere survival.   SHOW NOTES: Reality | Gabor on how people view reality and the Johnny Cash song, In Your Mind [1:14] Childhood Development | Gabor reveals the shaping window of development for children [3:01] Stress Defined | Gabor explain the terminology of stress and its triggers [5:40] Emotional Work | Ongoing emotional work that takes consciousness and awareness [9:13] Trauma | Gabor discusses severe trauma, how it shows up physically and in behavior [10:12] Being Sensitive | Advantage and disadvantage of being highly sensitive [12:18] Empathetic Support | Gabor talks about empathetic support for persons with trauma [12:43] Beyond Mental | Gabor reveals makes life more profound beyond the mental experience [20:04] Feeling vs. Being | Gabor presents difference between feeling and a state of being [22:11] Self-Isolation | Gabor explores self-isolation and the state of pain versus enlightenment. [22:32] Expectations | Gabor describes the expectations of the nervous system  [24:30] Broken Society | how modern society is dysregulating us and how broken our society is [30:31] Child Development | Gabor reveals what healthy child development  [41:04] Meaning & Purpose | Gabor pushes on Tom’s value for meaning equated with hard work [51:20]  Truth Not Facts | Gabor explains difference between truth and facts [59:54] Life after 70 | Gabor shares what keeps him going in his seventies is just who he is [1:07:58] Palliative Care | Gabor share his experience and perspective with palliative care [1:14:18] Commitment | Gabor and Tom talk about commitment [1:30:42] Marriage | Lessons from 51 years of marriage [1:35:23] Unconscious Trauma | Processing trauma that you’re not consciously aware of [1:41:13] Suffering From Past |Gabor shares a quote to explain how suffering isn’t always labeled [1:43:19] Dissociated from suffering | Gabor explains pain suppressed and misinterpreted  [1:45:54]   QUOTES: “When people are just trying to survive it's hard for them to consider transformation, so people that are under economic pressure, or racially oppressed, or under economic threat, political conflict these make it difficult for people because people are just in survival mode.” [11:43] “There’s essence, there’s truth that goes beyond what the mind can comprehend” [20:34] “There’s a way of isolating yourself as a way of committing yourself to enlightenment which means that you’ll stay away from people for the rest of your life it just means you’re going to go deep into yourself and not be distracted by all that the world throws at you  [23:32]   “Then there’s another way to isolate yourself which is a defensive one, which is ‘the world is so awful, the heck with them all, I don’t need  anybody,’ that will protect you from some kinds of hurt, cause if you withdraw from relationships you’ll never be betrayed, so that’s true, on the other hand, that itself is a state of pain”  23:49 “Survival and fully being alive and fully living are not the same thing” [25:39] “There’s lots of facts out there, but truth is much larger than facts, it’s integrating the facts in a picture of reality.”  [1:00:05] “A life without truth is not a meaningful life” [1:04:46] “the beauty does not go away. Should your marriage come to 51 years, as mine has, you’ll be looking into your wife’s eyes and you’ll be seeing the same beauty that you saw the first day you met her”   [1:34:02] “when you think of a trigger, it's a very small little thing and what’s much more important is the ammunition and explosive that the trigger sets off. And who’s carrying the explosive and ammunition, you are. So you can focus on the trigger, [...] or you can focus, ‘oh what’s exploding inside of me and how long have I been carrying this?’ [1:37:01]   “You have to have the compassion to look at yourself not through the voice that tells you you’re worthless, but to say if I reacted that way it must be a good reason for it. Something in me, there’s something that happened to me that made me react that way at some point” [1:39:35]   “There’s all kinds of memory and the body carries memory even if it doesn’t carry recall” [1:41:45] FOLLOW GABOR: Website:  Twitter:  Facebook:  Youtube: 
Check out our Sponsors Plant X: Get 15% off your first order with promo code IMPACT at Joovv: Get an exclusive discount on your first order at and use code IMPACT Tommy John: Get 20% OFF your FIRST ORDER at Skillshare: Explore your creativity at for a free trial of Premium Membership. Mental health and drug abuse continues to impact millions of people from all walks of life. Often drug abuse, trauma and depression are tied together and either mistreated or avoided. Families don’t necessarily know how to help loved ones come out of their dark place. In this episode, Coach Mike Bayer introduces several new concepts from his new book, One Decision. He takes Tom through his journey and reveals his experience with drug abuse, discovering his homosexuality, and what it took to get committed, find a new perspective and create his best self. Mike regularly appears on Dr. Phil, and has walked away from serving the entertainment industry to better serve people he connects with to guide them from discovering their trauma, surrendering, and making the one decision that will create a better life worth living.   SHOW NOTES: One Decision | Coach Mike defines “One Decision” [1:34] Big Decision | One big decision [2:51]  Perspective | Looking at life through the lens of your experiences [5:03] Trauma |Awareness of what you’re thinking and where you’re beginning  [7:32]   Window | The moment of willingness and trusting the universe to be open for help [10:23] Surrender to Win | the idea of surrendering to a whole new way of life [15:31] Mike’s Window | Coach Mike shares his window of escape and experience [16:43] G.O.D. | Mike shares his take on good orally direction [20:46] Commitment | Mike share how he was able stay committed to sobriety [25:08] Mental Health & Drugs | Mike dives into mental health, drugs and who his book is for [29:25] The Shift | Mikes shares what it means to turn on someone’s light even in suffering [30:42] Best-Self | Mike talks about the constructed image of best self and self signaling [33:50] Anti-Self | Mike explains having people create the worst version of yourself [36:13] F.O.R.C.E. | Mike reveals the framework of the positive and negative force [38:12] O.O.O.O. | Mike connects the obstacles, opportunities, one decision and outcome [45:33] Become Your Own Vehicle | Mike share how became his own vehicle to make change [49:50]   QUOTES: “The universe from my experience creates a window if you do want to change, if you do want help a window is created. Now it may not be the window you want and it may not be the fabulous drapes that you want to open up, but there’ll be a window. Because all of a sudden your mindset is believing there is a window and it believes that you can change.” [10:56]   “A lot of people have shame or secrets about how they look at themselves and their life and they don’t want to tell anyone, they don't want to tell anyone what keeps them up at night, they don’t want to tell anyone what’s haunting them and if you show up in a setting to get help, that is the window” [14:14]   “When you want to change you have to be fully committed [...] that’s what I’m willing to do when I want to change” [21:37]   “The thing I love about people who are struggling is you can see their light turn on real quick. I selfishly love seeing people’s light turn on. You cannot see that physically [...] but you can get someone’s light to turn on who for the past 6 months has been f’ing miserable”  [30:42]   “When you’re able to kind of laugh at yourself even when you’re suffering, it starts to shift” [31:16]    “I had this moment where I was like, why am I trying to get famous people to do what I want to do. Like how cool would it be if I became my own vehicle” [52:31]    FOLLOW Mike Bayer: Website: Podcast:  Facebook: Instagram:  Youtube:  Twitter: 
Check out our Sponsors Butcher Box: Ground beef for life is back! For a limited time, new members can get 2 pounds of free ground beef in every Butcher Box order by signing up today at InsideTracker: Get 25% off their entire store at Audible: Start listening with a 30-day free trial, one free audiobook and access to the Plus Catalog. Visit or text IMPACT to 500-500 Pharmaca: Go to to save 20% off your first order. Are you dealing with mental fog most days, crashing in the afternoons and just blaming it on lack of sleep or stress? Cognitive decline is known to begin as early as your 30s and has become the accepted norm with aging, yet many of us don’t even recognize it at its onset. In this episode, international expert in neurodegenerative diseases, Dr. Dale Bredesen, talks with Tom about the reversibility of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. While Alzheimer’s disease is well known as a progressive disease impacting seniors, too many people are missing the opportunity to course correct and reverse the effects of cognitive decline leading to Alzheimer’s disease in their younger years. Dr. Bredesen explains simple ways for you to improve these conditions, avoid them altogether, and enhance your mental cognition. He discusses the importance of reducing toxins and exposes four factors that are largely responsible for the decline in optimal cognitive performance.   Pre-order Dr. Bredesen’s Book “The First Survivors of Alzheimer’s”    SHOW NOTES: Alzheimer’s |  Relationship between cognitive optimization and Alzheimer’s [1:17] Cognitive Supply & Demand | Factors that affect the brain’s plasticity network [2:38] Brain Assaults | Dr. Bredesen reveals the kind of assaults causing injury to your brain [6:10] Amyloid Plaque | Dr. Bredesen explains the role of amyloid plaque in Alzheimer’s [7:20] Brain Shrinkage | Dr. Bredesen explains the problem with the brain chronically shrinking [9:23] Alzheimer’s Subtypes | What’s destroying your brain and subtypes of Alzeheimer’s [10:10] Leaky Gut | The relationship between leaky gut, inflammation and cognitive decline [10:59] Insulin | Dr. Bredesen explains insulin resistance associated to cognitive decline [11:55] Alzheimer’s Survivors | Dr. Bredesen’s upcoming book about survivors of Alzheimer’s [15:53] Enhanced Cognition | Dr. Bredesen on enhancing normal cognition [17:01] Detox | Ways to get rid of toxins and who benefits from detoxing [18:15] How to Get Alzheimer’s | Dr. Bredesen discuss ways to give yourself Alzheimer's [22:28] Toxins Balanced | Dr. Bredesen explains the dynamic balance of toxins in your body. [24:52] Inflammation Free | How to flush out amyloid plaque, free of inflammation [31:05] Optimal Diet | Dr. Bredesen cautions the kind of protein and fats for optimal health [34:09] Omega-6 Warning | Dr. Bredesen warns of the danger with Omega-6 and healthy ratios [35:12] Keto-Flex Diet | Dr. Bredesen reveals what the Keto Flex 12-3 diet is [42:34] Testing Cognition | Dr. Bredesen talks about testing for systemic inflammation [45:52]   QUOTES: “We all have a some degree of exposure to toxicity by the air we’re breathing, by the water we’re drinking, by the food we’re eating, [...] if you’re eating mercury filled seafood, if you’re not eating grass-fed beef, if you have a high carb diet, if you’re eating simple carbs. All of these things are contributing to a lesser than optimal outcome.” [17:30]   “We are all living in a toxic world, that’s the problem [...] detoxification is not just for sick people” [21:08]   “Many of us will avoid Alzheimer’s, but we’re still going to have suboptimal cognition.”  [24:24]   “You have a dynamic balance. You’re exposed to toxins all the time and you are metabolizing them, inactivating them, excreting them all the time.”  [24:52]   FOLLOW Dr. Dale Bredesen: Website:  LinkedIn:  Facebook:   Risk for Cognitive Decline Test -  Prevention and Brain Optimization -       
Check out our Sponsors BLUblox: Go to for 15% off your order or use discount code ImpactTheory at checkout. Joovv: Get an exclusive discount on your first order at and use code IMPACT Blinkist: Go to Try it FREE for 7 days and save 25% off your new subscription. Better Help: Get 10% off your first month at Do you feel like you have all the knowledge, yet you’re “stuck” in the same patterns? Destructive habits like addiction, self-sabotage, low self-worth, or even “communications problems” in relationships are all tied to one thing: conditioned behavior practiced since childhood. Childhood trauma is nothing you overcome just because you grow up. But there are ways to heal what happened in the past to create an entirely different future. In this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu is joined by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera. Her practical tips led to a community of 3,2 million Self-Healers on Instagram. She will equip you with the tools necessary to heal yourself, break free from trauma cycles and create who you want to become. After you watch this episode, you´ll know why you struggle to break bad habits and what is holding you back from change. You´ll discover the easiest method everyone can use everywhere to start healing from childhood trauma. How you can change your life with little promises to yourself. Why your genes and personality are not your destiny and how to create your future self and much more. Pre-Order Nicole´s new book “How to Do the Work”:   SHOW NOTES: Why your past is influencing you way more than you think. [1:54] Why you struggle to change bad habits, and what is holding you back from change. [2:17] Why your brain wants you to stay the way you´re today. [4:40] The real reason why it´s hard to break patterns. [5:29] The most effective practice to break your bad habits. [6:11] Why most of us are staying in the past or worrying about our future and what to do instead. [7:06] How to practice staying in the moment. [8:17] The two ways on how to practice being present, even if meditation overwhelms you. [9:02] The reason why sitting in silence makes you uncomfortable. [10:00] How meditation, when you feel unsafe, can lead to another trauma. [12:21] How Nicole discovered the real reason why her brain felt foggy. [14:38] The easiest method everyone can use everywhere to start to heal from childhood trauma. [17:40] How to start learning to breathe to beat anxiety in your day-to-day life. [18:50] How you can change your life with little promises to yourself. [20:23] How to use feeling uncomfortable with a new habit to maintain it forever. [22:28] The importance of reframing to change your behavior. [22:56] Why you don´t have to give up your anger and how to make space for new feelings. [25:10] How to decide if a feeling or habit is valuable. [26:24] How to get radically honest with yourself. [27:50] The makers Nicole watches out for in her nervous system to know if she´s safe or not. [31:29] How you repeat your childhood patterns in your current relationships. [33:06] Why your genes and personality are not your destiny and how to create your future self. [35:40] How to use “future self journaling” to counter your subconscious autopilot and create change. [37:30] Why you can use “future self journaling” for changing every aspect of your life. [40:57] The fundamental reason why most people can´t access creativity, joy, or love. [42:39] Why, without sleep, diet, and exercise, mental strategies only go so far. [45:00] How to deal with your shortcomings and when life is unfair. [49:25] How repetition shaped your limiting beliefs and how to create new empowering beliefs. [52:17] How to rebuild your self-worth when you didn´t keep your promises in the past. [55:30] How to use your “re-parenting” to heal your inner child. [58:00] Nicole shares how to connect with her. [1:01:33] QUOTES: “Feelings that you feel become easier to feel.” [4:56] “The way out first and foremost: We want to become conscious. We want to see those patterns.” [6:11] “Thoughts thought long enough lead to a feeling.” [10:13] “What I learned is each time I do one of those things: Either breathe very shallowly, or I am holding my breath, I am contributing to my anxiety, keeping my nervous system locked in that fight or flight mode. So I had to find a new way to breathe.” [18:12] “I urge everyone out there to create change for themselves and you do it, by practicing a new thought, by overtime allowing in a little more confirming evidence of that new thought, and before you know it you do start to see more and more evidence and now you lived the experience of changing a belief.” [55:12] FOLLOW DR. LEPERA: Website: Instagram: Youtube: Free resources:
Check out our Sponsors LMNT: Go to to get your sample pack for the cost of shipping. Only $5 for U.S. orders. InsideTracker: Get 25% off their entire store at Indeed: Get a FREE $75 CREDIT to upgrade your job post at Mint Mobile: To get your NEW wireless plan for just $15 a month and get the plan shipped to your door for FREE, go to Is your notion of self-identity independent of social influences? Have you considered how much your identity has been negotiated with others since child-hood in order to be molded to the social norms? Clinical psychologist, Dr.Jordan B. Peterson uncovers the idea of functional identity and ties it to the tendencies you had as a child to self-regulate your behaviors in order to fit in. Your notion of self-identity and ability to leverage beyond the known in a logical landscape that navigates the unknown is anchored to the role you play among your peers. In this episode, you will travel through a conversation with Jordan and Tom that will push your view of peer groups, their role in shaping your identity, and how your responsibilities lie within your willingness to sacrifice and strive for more. Jordan explores the importance of slaying your dragons, and understanding that the ultimate battle is with yourself.   Order Jordan’s Book, ”Beyond Order”:   SHOW NOTES:   Self-Identity | Jordan explains his theory for how identity is a dramatic role we play out. [1:33]  Logical Landscape | Jordan introduces subjective and objective experiences. [7:53]  Questioning Yourself | Jordan explains not getting what you want and identity. [9:10]   Functional identity | Jordan explains a functional identity that gets what you want. [12:03]  Tyranny of Culture | Jordan explains the reality of how social molding crushes identity. [15:19]  Identity Lies | Jordan shares his view of people deciding their own identity. [16:11]  Uncertainty | Jordan explains why people have a low tolerance to uncertainty [20:30] Defining Identity | Tom and Jordan explore the elements of what makes identity. [23:49] Identity Narrative | Jordan adds the fundamental element of identity and the story you tell together. [25:05]  Non-Negotiated Identity | Jordan explains the problem with insisting on an identity. [30:00]  Ethical Statement | Jordan explains the relationship between behavior and ethical statements. [37:30] Responsibility | Jordan explains how responsibility and rights fit together. [40:01]  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Jordan reveals why you should run experiments to improve your quality of life. [44:05]  Resentment | Jordan uncovers the social and mental condition of acting from resentment. [48:15] Artists | Jordan describes artists as intuitive and able to live in chaos and see possibility. [1:01:05] Striving for More | Jordan questions the need to strive versus being happy with who and what we are. [1:04:26]  Slay the Dragon | Jordan elevates the meaning of slaying the dragon. [1:10:09]  Aim at One Thing | Jordan advises that aiming at something is better than nothing. [1:18:10]  Reality | Jordan shares a variation of Darwinian reality and objective reality. [1:22:05]  Prejudice Viewpoints | Jordan expands the idea of prejudices needed from excess information. [1:26:14]  Help | Jordan talks about the push-back he gets helping “deplorable” young men. [1:33:24] Beyond Order | Jordan gets vulnerable and hopes it alleviates unnecessary suffering.” [1:37:10]    QUOTES: “the ‘known’ is the place you are when what you’re doing produces the results you want”  [8:45]    “You are all of those levels of identity, [...] all of those are a consequence of who you are but in interplay like in the situation with the child, all of that’s negotiated with other people” [11:43]    “It’s your duty, your developmental duty, as a child and as a teenager to take your isolated self and turn it into a functioning social unit.” [14:18]   “Your identity is the story you tell about your actions in the world, but it's also your actions in the world” [25:32]   “If something’s valuable you will make sacrifices to attain it [...] we could  let go of something we value in the present, we would gain something we value even more in the future” [41:58]    “It’s harsh that the rewards of life are indiscriminately distributed, it's hard on everyone, but it doesn’t help to become bitter.” [54:14]    “Are you a rebel because you can’t fit in or are you a rebel because you could fit in but you see a better way?” [57:01]   “the best we have may not always work, but it’s still the best we have and the fact that it might not work doesn’t mean that we should throw it away, it’s still the best we have.” [1:19:00]    “You’re always looking for ‘no’ because you can only say ‘yes’ to a limited number of things.” [1:26:26]    Follow Jordan: Website: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Podcast:
Check out our Sponsors Butcher Box: Ground beef for life is back! For a limited time, new members can get 2 pounds of free ground beef in every Butcher Box order by signing up today at Athletic Greens: Go to and receive a FREE 1 year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs with your first purchase! Helix Sleep: Go to for up to $200 off your mattress and 2 free pillows. Skillshare: Explore your creativity at for a free trial of Premium Membership. Are you an entrepreneur or a dreamer? Most dreams never come true, and if you really want to succeed in business, you finally have to take action on your ideas and overcome every obstacle getting in your way. People you love will tell you, “that will never work.” But with that said, your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them. In this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu is joined by Marc Randolph. As co-founder and founding CEO of Netflix, Marc laid much of the groundwork for a service that’s grown to 150 million subscribers and fundamentally altered how the world experiences media. Tom and Marc explore how Marc managed to take action on his dreams and succeeded against all odds. Marc shares how he started Netflix and how they tweaked their business and stopped it from failing like most businesses. Marc shares the single most fundamental problem why most people never take action on their ideas. Furthermore, Marc reveals the skilla he is good at, which he calls “the entrepreneur’s secret weapon” and how running for a plane taught Marc the right mindset to chill in the midst of chaos and much more. SHOW NOTES: The one-sentence Marc has heard 1000 times from his friends, his family, basically everyone when pitching the idea of Netflix. [1:24] What Tom tells his team of what’s really important when it comes to good ideas. [2:30] The fundamental things Marc learned in his 50s while skateboarding that helped him build Netflix [3:25] How Marc started Netflix and how they tweaked the idea to stopped it from failing like most businesses. [5:27] The even better approach to “there are no good ideas” to generate winning ideas. [7:49] The single most fundamental problem why most people never take action on their ideas. [9:05] What separates an Entrepreneur from a dreamer. [9:46] What Marc looks for in Entrepreneurs when Angel Investing to see if they´re on the right track on how to apply this principle to any other business. [10:14] The fundamental misunderstanding of Entrepreneurship and the deep-seated psychological fear everyone (even Marc) struggled with for years. [15:41] The idea of “two-way doors” Marc teaches young Entrepreneurs to practice to escape the traps of perfectionism and take immediate action. (And prevent them from taking too much risk.) [20:21] The fundamental truth about knowing what to test.  [21:42] Where 98% of Netflix´s revenue did come from initially and why Marc decided to give up that revenue. [24:06] The skill Marc is good at, that he calls “the entrepreneurs secret weapon” [27:20] This “Canada principle” made Netflix strong and beat the competition. [29:42] This brutal moment destroys most business relationships and how Marc handled this “big ego” moment. [32:48] Why the person who starts a company is not necessarily the right one to run it when it´s big. [37:58] The real challenge in Marc’s life that he is most proud of when he looks back. [41:10] How Marc managed to maintain his relationship while building his businesses. [43:04] How running for a plane taught Marc the right mindset to chill in the midst of chaos. [45:26] The three reasons why Marc loves running in Alaska. [47:24] The rules Marc´s father taught Marc, and he passed them to his children. [49:14] The core principles Marc instills in his kids. (Not what you think.) [52:07] Marc’s new podcast about how to take ideas and make them real. [54:40]     QUOTES:   “Stop thinking. Start Doing.” [9:49] “You don´t need to build an app. You don´t need to start a business. You don´t need to raise money. You just need to figure out a way to quickly test your idea and collide it with some reality.“ [15:15] “The speed, getting it out there fast, is so much more important.” [19:42] “Most ideas are not one-way doors. Most things are two-way doors. You can step through, look around, and if you don´t like what you see, you step right back. Train your ability to separate a one-way door from a two-way door. Then you just blast through that door because you know: If I don´t like what I see, I can step right back. No harm.“ [20:42] “We decided that it was way better to take this long shot at a great success than to take this pretty sure path to mediocrity and eventually to go out of business.” [26:50] “It´s extremely rare that the person who had the skillset to start something, to grow something, is the same person who takes it all the way.“ [38:23] “Culture isn´t what you say. It´s what you do.“ [44:24]   FOLLOW MARC: “That Will Never Work” Podcast: Apple Podcast: Spotify: Google Podcast: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:  
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Feb 11th

Geoff Westerlund

I second the comment above. I listen to everything above and love everything. It speaks to me in ways even I couldn't even imagine. I loved this interview so much. keep being awesome!

Feb 7th

Md. Mehedi Hasan

Ben Hardy is my inspiration. Take love man, from Bangladesh.

Jan 30th

Bestin Bijo

This guy loves waffling on about how cool his past was.

Jan 28th

Niusha Safarpour

let the man talk please!

Jan 21st



Jan 19th
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