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Because for every reason you think you can't, there's a more important reason why you must. I'm Jacqueline Jax, radio show personality for AVA Live Radio. I am endlessly fascinated by this journey we all seem to be on. It's messy and challenging but when you come out on the other end, you have one incredible story to tell. I invite you to join me as I explore those stories, the struggles and the growth that comes for all of it. You are not alone, we are all in this together. This is where we will discover ourselves and how we become better humans from our journey. New Ep Sundays
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--- Send in a voice message:
Through every struggle you learn something about yourself. Never loose faith in yourself. --- Send in a voice message:
My favorite lesson learned is to try anything that inspires you and understand that the education you receive as a result of any outcome is the most valuable thing you can take from that experience. --- Send in a voice message:
Most people skate to where the puck is, I skate to where the puck is going. This story talks about how to believe in yourself and understand what the challenges on your journey really mean. Don't be afraid to discover that what you thought you wanted isnt what's actually is for you. --- Send in a voice message:
I think this journey I've documented in this episode will inspire you  and certainly help you learn something about yourself that you may not  have thought of.. Send in a voice message:
What if everything you've ever done came from all your mistakes all preparing you for this moment? It's not easy to trust in the process and stay hopeful but I have some sound advise for you that will definitely inspire your forward motion. --- Send in a voice message:
Challenges give us strength but when you feel like quitting remember this the struggles are teaching you valuable lessons that you will need for the future. Each mountain building your strength for the next big climb until you no longer fear what's ahead you look forward to the challenge. The question is when your life has passed you what will you be leaving in your time capsule for people to Remember You by? --- Send in a voice message:
I remember how bad things were for me 6 years ago and how I used to not  even appreciate the little bits of good because stress had torn down my  protective walls and left me feeling so vulnerable and easily  manipulated. (read more .. Send in a voice message:
Have you ever noticed how much everyone loves to talk but rarely takes the time to listen? Perhaps social media is beating us into becoming inauthentic fast scrolling drones who no longer focus on personal relationships. Perhaps perhaps life stress and of a lack of confidence has made us insecure about not filling every space with noise. This episode explains how I gain power and strength from listening. This is how you can become more impactful by perfecting this skill. --- Send in a voice message:
Impact Ep 17 : Every great dream begins with a dreamer who isn’t afraid to let themselves dream. My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. --- Send in a voice message:
Chill with me tonight while I'm having some tea and reading a passage from a great book. Let me tell you something that I've learned about life and a balance. Why you need to enjoy the moments. --- Send in a voice message:
Impact Ep 15 To be a champion you have to see the big picture . The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in a moment of comfort but where he stands at times of real challenge. --- Send in a voice message:
Impact How I Got My Gold

Impact How I Got My Gold


On today's episode I talked about some of your most asked questions. This is the story of how I got started, how I balance it all and keep moving forward, and what I'm most thankful for. I hope it inspires you. --- Send in a voice message:
Impact Live from my walk in south Florida. Taking you on my walk today and talking about an inspiring thought i had about your future. --- Send in a voice message:
We all need a gentle push in the right direction this episode tells you what's coming up and how I have broken through my clouds. It's time for you to get the sunlight shining on your face as well. --- Send in a voice message:
Its was a great friday. Challenging to say the least but I did get to launch some new photos and this cool article about being a social media influencer. Have a great weekend. --- Send in a voice message:
What does your New Year's resolution mean to you--- Send in a voice message:
What I'm most excited about in 2019. WWW.JACQUELINEJAX.COM --- Send in a voice message:
Wishing you a holiday filled with sparkle, joy and laughter. --- Send in a voice message:
IMPACT Episode 9 Twitters reaction to #shutdownstories --- Send in a voice message:
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