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Impaulsive with Logan Paul

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The world's greatest, most thought-provoking, mentally stimulating podcast in the history of mankind... hosted by a bunch of idiots.

174 Episodes
The boys invite Dr. Shawn Nasseri to speak on the reality and repercussions of COVID-19, discover hidden Tik Tok gems in India, tell horrifying masturbation stories and ask the titillating question: If your dick could speak, what would it say?
In honor of his 25th birthday, Logan Paul becomes the guest. In this special episode of IMPAULSIVE, Logan reveals his biggest fear, the formulaic model for his success, growth from trauma and failures on the highest level, intimacy problems, and how he wants to spend the remaining 125 years of his life.
Day 964 of quarantine... Sex is getting stale, Drake has revealed his brand new super baby, Tik Tok stars are eating each other alive, and Mike and Lana have turned to hentai. Help.
Things you didn’t know about Jake Paul: he’s a doomsday prepper, he’s madly in love (for real this time), and he smokes w33d on camera now.
As the nationwide quarantine continues, the boys continue to lose their minds. Boredom leads to Tik Tok, Tik Tok leads to sex, and sex leads to Doomsday. Are you prepared to survive the apocalypse?
At 23 years old with an estimated net worth of $20M, Lana Rhoades is the number one adult film star in the world... and also somehow Mike’s girlfriend. In this episode, Lana reveals how and why she got into porn, her traumatic experience in the hippie mafia, and everything Mike is doing wrong (and right) in their relationship.
Locked down? No problem. In this episode, the boys speak on the Corona Virus pandemonium, FaceTime two quarantined Italians, and answer important questions about toilet paper and wiping your buttocks.
In this nostalgic episode of IMPAULSIVE, YouTube OG Ray William Johnson opens up about his abusive father, life as a “founding father” of YouTube, his toxic split with Maker Studios, the first time he met a young Logan Paul, and more.
The boys recap their trip to Vegas, including Lana’s dance at the strip club, Logan’s gambling addiction and sparring session with UFC Fighter Paulo Costa, Mike’s horrifying illness, and Brian Ortega’s run-in with Korean rapper Jay Park.
Meet YouTube’s most successful animator, James Rallison (The Odd 1s Out). With 14M subscribers and millions in the bank, James speaks on his creativity, passion, and modest life as a self proclaimed introvert.
In this episode, the boys talk about finding love in LA (it’s impossible), Logan’s concerning and eccentric behavior lately, healthily balancing consumption vs. creation, corona virus, and the notorious art of “injaculation.” It’s exactly what it sounds like.
The boys discuss porn stars VS. the quintessential LA “Thotianna,” Logan’s horrific booty call story, and healthy habits of the world’s most elevated people.
In this eclectic episode of IMPAULSIVE, the boys address Jake Paul's decapitation by Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik, and Pewdiepie. Other topics include: Fury VS. Wilder, H3H3, the bleak future of Tik Tok stars, the death of Mad Mike Hughes, and whether or not $1B Dollars can make you happy.
In this episode, Jake Paul addresses his infamous “anxiety” tweet that trended him on Twitter, opens up about several lawsuits he’s fighting, and his pending fight against KSI.
Following his vicious first round knockout over Francisco Fonseca, undefeated boxer Ryan Garcia (20-0) joins IMPAULSIVE to talk about the future of boxing, his brutal training regiment, and opens up about anxiety & depression.
Zach, King of Tik Tok (34M followers) and Instagram (23M) is the world’s most famous “digital magician” ... at 30 years old, his visual effect artistry has garnered him BILLIONS of views on individual videos.
From Jake’s dominant fight in Miami, to cheating Scandals in New York, Mike finally addresses why he let the Dr. Phil Girl touch his peepee and apologizes to his beloved Lana Rhoades. Logan speaks on meeting Drake for the first time, his Antonio Brown diss track, and KSI’s music career.
He’s eccentric. He’s ruthless. And he’s rich as f**k. Enjoy the most entertaining podcast we’ve ever done, and learn how to become a billionaire in the meantime.
The infamous voice of Bob Menery joins us for stimulating conversations about handjobs, his $86M net worth following a cocaine addiction, his golden voice, and commentates some high action viral videos.
In this episode, Mike becomes the second person to walk off the set after a heated fight between the boys. Also, Logan addresses the girl who spit on him at Berkeley, the Antonio Brown diss track, and the Kobe Bryant tragedy.
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Mandeep Gill


Apr 4th


What kind of douche actually thinks this guy is funny or interesting?

Mar 28th

Hamdy Hamada Saad

can i get hart from logan please 😭❤

Mar 25th

Soul Lancaster

the pot cast doing good

Mar 25th

Kathy Harbaugh

best podcast

Mar 24th
Reply (1)

Rafael Lozada

awsome podcast✔💯💯💯💯💯

Mar 23rd

Tajai Davis

glad Spence is back!

Mar 19th

amir radmehr

invite Peter Schiff

Mar 18th

Carlos Alberto Ontiveros

this guy is good. there's no denying that but man is he cocky 😂😂

Mar 17th

anaya witkowski


Mar 5th

James Fehring

that song I just listened too the other day for the first time in years so good

Feb 19th

Bryce Legg

more Mike make Logan the co host ;)

Jan 31st

Soul Lancaster

Bang Energy lol

Dec 10th

Brugu Bijja

love this podcast

Dec 7th

ceemoney cruz

🎊🎉yay for the first one here.hey logan can we talk business like seriously i have some things to say pls😎✌

Dec 7th

Radwan Alsharafi

im in love with podcasts guys and the vibes ♥

Dec 7th



Nov 27th

subtomeonly school is bad

heck yeah

Nov 26th
Reply (1)

The 589 show

hey love your YOUTUBE channel

Nov 26th

Soul Lancaster

good Boxing match very sorry you loose 2 points discount better to put the hans up if the opponent falss on the floor but at the hit of the moment averithing can go wrong don't punch or tap the opponent head or part because they discount points? so more people learn that that is very dangerous in a championship fight ! Why only 6 rounds? no 12??? anyways perhaps was your first professional fight?

Nov 12th
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