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Author: Kast Media

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The world's greatest, most thought-provoking, mentally stimulating podcast in the history of mankind... hosted by a bunch of idiots.

188 Episodes
The boys speak on the unjust murder of George Floyd, the repercussions for Derek Chauvin, and the systemic change that needs to take place in America. ALSO: Logan is burnt out and needs a break from YouTube, Mike has replaced drugs with late-night snacks, and Trump’s “Space Force” astronauts are trained to interact with aliens. Maverick Clothing. Join the movement ► https://maverickclothing.comSUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST ► are some options in getting involved with the solution;
Abby Majlak joins the boys to chat about growing up with Mike during his drug addiction, Tana Mongeau’s boobies, movie nights at the Maverick House, belief in the supernatural, Dave Portnoy’s internet slaughter fest, and Logan’s girlfriend’s ONE flaw. Maverick Clothing. Join the movement ►
We’re sorry in advance. It’s H3H3 VS. the bloodsucking Keemacitis, KSI has more views than God, Mike offends ANOTHER marginalized group, and we answer some of your burning questions submitted on Twitter. Maverick Clothing. This Friday ►
What a shame. Ariana and Logan’s relationship has gone to sh*t, Tekashi 69 unleashes the snitch wrath, KSI and Jake Paul are saying things, and the Call Her Daddy girls have broken up?! With each other AND Barstool? IT’S AN EPISODE FULL OF BEEF, SO IF YOU’RE VEGAN GET THE F**K OUTMaverick Clothing. This Friday ►
The boys are joined by retired UFC Champ Henry Cejudo to talk about becoming one of the greatest fighters of all time, surviving a forest fire, and losing his Olympic gold metal. ALSO, In n Out VS. Five Guys VS. Shake Shack VS. Whattaburger, guys suck at romance, 6ix9ine’s scum money was declined by a charity, and we’re all turning into the fat people from Wall-E.Join The Movement. Be A Maverick ►
Logan recaps “no audience” UFC 249 and the dismantling of Tony Ferguson, 6ix9ine’s return & his new life of “freedom,” cheating on your partner using Elon Musk’s NEUROLINK, the tell-tale signs of a good simp, and Mike trading girlfriends with Logan (for breeding purposes). RIP Corey La Barrie. Maverick Clothing. May 22nd ►
It’s 2020. Simps are getting all the BJs, monkeys are kidnapping children, and the ocean is glowing BLUE! In addition: the world’s strongest men are fighting, Greg Paul wants to die a piece of sh*t (while Logan prefers to fight a gorilla to the death), and views ≠ happiness. Join The Movement. Be A Maverick ►
In this emotional episode of IMPAULSIVE, we finally pick the brain of our boisterous co-host, Mike Majlak. After a decade of heroin addiction, Mike tells the story of his violent, illegal, and ill-fated past in honor of his book release, “The Fifth Vital,” available now on Amazon:
Elon Musk wants to free America, but the boys want to free their sperms. From their balls. Fertility tests, biggest fears, encountering the neighborhood “Karen,” your daughter is on OnlyFans, and Logan has a wife now? wOoWWwwMaverick Clothing. May 22nd ►
In this sporadic and heated episode of IMPAULSIVE, the boys discuss Logan Paul’s 2032 Presidential Campaign, his near death experience with the “Hot Chip,” the morality of Only Fans and the future of sexuality, Quibi, and extraterrestrial life. Maverick Clothing. May 22nd ►
In this episode of IMPAULSIVE, Logan comes for the YouTube throne, admits to being masochistic, and sucks on your girls nose. Also, we learn more about our pilgrim host, Mac, and debate on some of the greatest masterpieces on the planet - the The Bourne Series, Kendrick Lamar, Pixar’s animated films, and more...
This episode is out of this world. HA! The boys chat about morning sex, butt stuff (what’s new?), conspiracy theories involving MK Ultra, UFOs, Pizza Gate, etc., and Logan reveals his involvement in the upper class elite unit of intelligence driven weaponry.
In this episode of IMPAULSIVE, the boys dial in WWE Superstar Mike “The Miz” to talk about his WWE Championship, performing WITHOUT a live audience, his life as a reality TV star and his secrets to success.
In this episode of IMPAULSIVE, Mike triumphantly returns after his falling out with Logan, the boys welcome Sir the African Grey to the family, successfully stimulate themselves without drugs or alcohol, and are one step closer to complete quarantine meltdown. This is IMPAULSIVE.
The man, the myth, the legend: Greg Paul, father of Logan and Jake Paul, speaks on his successes and failures as a father, husband, and friend. Fight stories, parenting tips, a nasty divorce, a nearly-fatal heart attack, and raising two troublemakers... this is the most IMPAULSIVE episode yet. Free Covid-19 Maverick Protection Masks ►
The boys invite Dr. Shawn Nasseri to speak on the reality and repercussions of COVID-19, discover hidden Tik Tok gems in India, tell horrifying masturbation stories and ask the titillating question: If your dick could speak, what would it say?
In honor of his 25th birthday, Logan Paul becomes the guest. In this special episode of IMPAULSIVE, Logan reveals his biggest fear, the formulaic model for his success, growth from trauma and failures on the highest level, intimacy problems, and how he wants to spend the remaining 125 years of his life.
Day 964 of quarantine... Sex is getting stale, Drake has revealed his brand new super baby, Tik Tok stars are eating each other alive, and Mike and Lana have turned to hentai. Help.
Things you didn’t know about Jake Paul: he’s a doomsday prepper, he’s madly in love (for real this time), and he smokes w33d on camera now.
As the nationwide quarantine continues, the boys continue to lose their minds. Boredom leads to Tik Tok, Tik Tok leads to sex, and sex leads to Doomsday. Are you prepared to survive the apocalypse?
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hey big mike, the people in the armed forces are no saints. Most of them are murderers. Who cares ? lol.

May 27th

Nuage Laboratoire


May 26th
Reply (1)


I call midges little lost Wonka workers

May 22nd

Carlos Alberto Ontiveros

Jake is horrible at keeping conversation. That's all I gotta say

May 7th

Marnix T

this makes me want to put knifes in my ears

May 6th

Matthew McCoy

this podcast is literally incredible it is truly an inspiration

May 6th
Reply (1)


If big mike REALLY wanted to help people, he would tell them to go to na. and male the book free. this dude is trying to profit off of addiction. shame on him.

May 5th
Reply (2)


Now these guys spend the whole podcast explaining themselves because REDBAR exposed them. lol.

Apr 29th


Apr 24th


why is mike back on the show? He is too fake. Get a female host!

Apr 21st

Soul Lancaster

I listen later Coronavirus boring tv I like Goglebox tv reactions uk tv funny

Apr 14th

Kellen Day

Is this the guy that laughed at the dead guy in Japan? Or is this the guy that thinks he is a boxer? Are they one in the same? Why? Is he trans? I ask because he, sorry she, wears make-up and has a dike haircut. We all know two first names is a sure sign of remedial parents. He has such a lugubrious look on his face. I shouldn't clown on him....nah fuck'em.

Apr 10th
Reply (1)

Mandeep Gill


Apr 4th


What kind of douche actually thinks this guy is funny or interesting?

Mar 28th

Hamdy Saad

can i get hart from logan please 😭❤

Mar 25th

Soul Lancaster

the pot cast doing good

Mar 25th

Kathy Harbaugh

best podcast

Mar 24th
Reply (1)

Rafael Lozada

awsome podcast✔💯💯💯💯💯

Mar 23rd

Tajai Davis

glad Spence is back!

Mar 19th

amir radmehr

invite Peter Schiff

Mar 18th
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