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Author: Monica Frederick

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Imperfection with Intention is a show exploring how to live a healthy and meaningful life, all while knowing it’s ok to not be perfect. No one can do it all!

Hosted by Monica Frederick of She and her guests dive into topics on how to make intentional decisions about health + wellness, self-care, and mindful living.

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"You're not good enough" Ugh, how many times do you hear limiting beliefs like that in your head each day? The scary thing about thinking this is the more you hear it, the more you start to believe it. I've got good news, though, you CAN overcome limiting beliefs and what today's guest will help you.Natasha Black is a personal transformation coach and teaches women how to live their life as a true expression of themselves.LINKS:TODAY'S SHOWNOTESMONICA ON IG
It's the daily struggle, right? How to find motivation every single day, even if you're not feeling it?Well my friend, that's exactly what I'm chatting about today. I'm sharing my three tips on how to find motivation and what to keep in mind to stay strong. I'd love to hear your thoughts after you listen! How do you stay motivated every day? Let me know in a DM on instagram @MonicaChatsTHIS WEEK'S SHOWNOTES: 25% OFF YOUR FIRST MISFITS MARKET ORDER: WITH INTENTION FACEBOOK
Have you spent a lot of time comparing yourself to other people on social media or IRL?If you haven’t, please let me know who you are, because I’ve never met ANYONE who hasn’t gone through this! But if you’re like the rest of us, then listen in because this episode is for you. I have Ali Wren on the show to talk all things comparison trap mindset, perfectionism, living with authenticity and owning your story. THIS WEEK'S WITH INTENTION FACEBOOK
Today, I'm talking about a personal struggle I've had and how I got over it. I was ADDICTED to buying clothes and I tried what seems like every budgeting app and money hack out there. But nothing worked.I just couldn't get over my need to buy more and more. When I started looking deeper within, that's when the real change happened.In this episode, you'll learn my three steps to get over this addiction. (Hint: it's the same way I conquer ANY big goal I have). After you listen, I'd love to hear what you thought! You can find me on Instagram @MonicaChatsLINKS:This weeks's Vision Episode: Motivation Post: you joined the Imperfection with Intention Facebook Group? Join here!
Are you the type of person to scroll Instagram when you're walking to a bathroom break at work? Or how about when you're sitting in traffic waiting for a stop light to turn green? Or here's a better question: Are you not able to sit with yourself without anything to do or look at?If your answer is "yes" then we need to talk.  This episode is for you. Here's what you'll hear:My two main steps for you to limit your time on social media effectivelyand How to create some boundaries so you can have a healthy relationship with social mediaMake sure to check out this weeks shownotes at for a deeper dive into this episode. Have you joined the #ImperfectionWithIntention Facebook group? If not, come on over! Just answer the question: "What does living with intention mean to you?" . Head to to join!
Have you ever looked a blank page or the blinking cursor on your Instagram caption and wondered, "What do I even write?". If you're a normal human, then the answer is probably yes!This episode will help you find your voice and share your message confidently.Tandee Salter is this weeks guest and she's sharing her tips and tricks. She's a copy writer and helps female entrepreneurs and motivational speakers refine their words and helps them spread their messages to the world. In today's episode, we're talking all about how NOT to let social media influence your writing, what to do if you're feeling a writing block, and how to stay confident if you're about to speak publicly. Make sure to check out the shownotes at for more writing tips. While you're there make sure to grab my free list of 40 journal prompts to get your creative juices flowing. HAVE YOU JOINED OUR FACEBOOK GROUP?This small (but mighty!) group is a place where you can come to ask questions, share ideas and dig deeper into what we talked about on the podcast. You can join over at
If you're addicted to setting goals, buying planners but never following through, then what you're missing is a clear vision! That's what I'm breaking down now. In this episode, you'll hear my 3 steps for creating a vision for your life for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or whatever amount of time you want. Check out this episode's shownotes to get your copy of my FREE Vision Cheatsheet for when you're ready to find your vision. Want to hang out after the show ends? Follow me on Instagram @MonicaChats for more tips and fun. 
My guest, Denise Walsh, and I discuss what it takes for you to live the life of your dreams. Here's a hint: it takes vision and inspired action to get there!Here's what you'll learn:How to improve 7 areas of your lifeHow to get over your fear of growthWhy gratitude is key and what the Reticular Activating System isHow to create a clear personal planand more!Check out the show notes at And while you're there, make sure to sign up for email updates for me. You'll be in the know when episodes drop, get exclusive content and weekly love from me that I don't share anywhere else.Let's hang out after the episode! Come on over to Instagram and say hi!
In this episode, I'm breaking down the healthy habits I do each morning to make sure I not only wake up on the right side of the bed, but my day is the best it can possibly be. SHOW NOTE LINKS:My Healthy Morning RoutineMeditation TipsHydration TipsLet's Hang out on Instagram!If you liked this episode, I would really appreciate it if you left a rating and review! I'd love to hear from you, and reviews really help the show!
On today's show I have Marriage and Family Therapist Dalila Jusic-LaBerge to chat about all things relationships. Here's a few things you'll learn today:What to do if you don't feel deserving of love. (And a great reminder that you are NOT alone in this!)Why you don't always need to show up with value for someone to love youWhat to do if you're an over-achieverTips for not being so self critical before the next date How to avoid or get out of toxic relationshipsAnd if you're already a part of my email tribe you'll be getting her tips to go from single to in a healthy relationship. And if you aren't a part of the tribe and want these tips, head on over to to snag them. They're awesome!If you liked this episode, I would really appreciate if you could take two minutes to leave a review on iTunes! It helps the show be seen by other awesome people like you!LINKS MENTIONED:This weeks show notesDalila's WebsiteDalila's InstagramMonica's InstagramMore Imperfection with Intention
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