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Imperfection with Intention is a show exploring how to live a healthy and meaningful life, all while knowing it’s ok to not be perfect. No one can do it all!

Hosted by Monica Frederick of She and her guests dive into topics on how to make intentional decisions about health + wellness, self-care, and mindful living.

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Have you ever had to give a speech while you were nervous? Or maybe asked for a raise when you so scared you were shaking? Yup. Same here.How did your voice sound? Did you sound nervous?If the answer is yes, then stay tuned because that’s exactly what I’m chatting about on today’s episode.I’m sharing all my tips I use to make my voice *sound* confident even when I’m so nervous, I’m trembling.In this episode you’ll hear:The two voice tendencies to avoid if you want to sound sure of yourself and captivate the person you’re talking to.What type of voice to use instead, and a quick and easy exercise to find it.A visualization you should use for EVERY sentence if you want to sound confident.Not enough free time to listen in? No prob! Check out the detailed show notes for this week’s episode at you just listened in, I’d love to know what resonated with you the most! You can find me on IG @MonicaChats.Or, let me know in our free private Facebook group where you can share what you thought, ask for advice and be in a community. Want in? All you gotta do head to the Imperfection with Intention Group and answer “What does living with intention mean to you?” to join!
This is a special type of episode as today I am not your host!Nope, this time, I'm on the other end of the mic as my friend Ariel Zachow and I chat all about Self-Limiting Beliefs. I'll be back soon with a regularly scheduled podcast soon!You can check this episode and more about Ariel at Compassion is My Compass
When I was thinking about what type of episode to put out this week, I started thinking about goals.  I LOVE helping people set goals and find their true passions. But I also know that if they don't have a plan when it comes to STICKING to their goals, then it's not likely that they'll finish it. That's such a BIG topic and everyone has different reasons why they don't end up sticking to 'em. So I thought it would be good to go through the top 5 reasons why most people don't stick to their goals.But don't worry, I'll give you two action steps to make sure you don't let these reasons get in your way anymore!After you listen to the episode make sure to listen to the episode all about "How to Create Vision for Your Life".  These two episodes will go hand-in-hand! Also, check out this week's shownotes at to grab your copy of the FREE Stick to Your Goals Workbook so you can put all these steps I talk about in this episode into action. 
One of the main parts of my own self discovery and confidence journey was learning who I was and what's important to me.  For a long time, I didn't have confidence in myself to make decisions quickly or if I was taking the right path in life. So this episode is personal for me. Today, I'm digging into what core values are and three ways core values help you with your own decision making. And I'm talking about how core values help make sure you set goals that are aligned with your values and who you really are. Make sure to check out today's shownotes at for more on this and to grab your copy of my FREE Core Values Journal.
You know when it happens. When you start a new project and you're ready to get going -- then procrastination kicks in. Tiffany Jones is here to share tips tips on how to overcome procrastination and setting healthy boundaries.Check out this weeks shownotes at
How often do you freak out about money? **Hand Raised!!**That was me pretty much my entire life. But in this episode of the Imperfection with Intention podcast, I’m going over the ways I’ve improved my money mindset and why I don’t freak out anymore.In this episode, you'll hear:How you CAN change your mindset.How your previous relationship with money affects your mindset.How the law of attraction and vision plays into this (and what the reticular activating system is)What to do to change your current money mindset (even if you have to spend less and save more right now)Make sure to check this weeks shownotes out at for a deeper dive and links mentioned in this episode.  And make sure to scroll to the bottom so you can grab my new FREE core values journal.
In this episode, I'm chatting with Charlsey Childers about how you can overcome society's expectations and find you TRUE authentic self. Head here for this weeks show notes: you're there, make sure to download a copy of my FREE core values journal. Want to continue to find your true authentic self? Knowing what your core values are will help you get there faster.
I was like a little hamster on a wheel each month. I'd begin the month with setting a mile long to-do list and page full of goals, then I'd be disappointed by the end when I didn't get much accomplished.I felt like I was going around and around, spinning my wheels and always being busy, but not feeling like I was actually ACCOMPLISHING anything.This episode is for you if you love whipping out your planner and writing a ton of things down, but you wonder why you don't feel accomplished or fulfilled.Today I'm sharing why you should set monthly intentions before you write out any goals, and how I write out my own monthly intention sheet.LINKS:Today's Shownotes: to Create A Vision For Your Life
"You're not good enough" Ugh, how many times do you hear limiting beliefs like that in your head each day? The scary thing about thinking this is the more you hear it, the more you start to believe it. I've got good news, though, you CAN overcome limiting beliefs and what today's guest will help you.Natasha Black is a personal transformation coach and teaches women how to live their life as a true expression of themselves.LINKS:TODAY'S SHOWNOTESMONICA ON IG
It's the daily struggle, right? How to find motivation every single day, even if you're not feeling it?Well my friend, that's exactly what I'm chatting about today. I'm sharing my three tips on how to find motivation and what to keep in mind to stay strong. I'd love to hear your thoughts after you listen! How do you stay motivated every day? Let me know in a DM on instagram @MonicaChatsTHIS WEEK'S SHOWNOTES: 25% OFF YOUR FIRST MISFITS MARKET ORDER: WITH INTENTION FACEBOOK
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