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In Bed with Nick and Megan

Author: Earwolf & Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally

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Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman have been a couple for 20 years - 138 years in Hollywood time - and in their brand new podcast they take listeners directly into their bed... because that’s where every episode is recorded - their bed. Cozying up with their famous friends, your favorite couple provide a funny, revealing, and very candid look into their relationship and life at large. In some episodes, they’ll even kick the guest out of bed and get extra personal in what some have called the most searing and rawly sexual conversations ever to burn their way through a voice recorder. Oh, yes. It’s that good. Join Megan and Nick for some serious pillow talk.
14 Episodes
Actor-writer Mike White (School of Rock, Enlightened) gets in bed with Nick and Megan to discuss being on The Amazing Race, having a healthy mentality about money and what he's learned making movies and TV shows. 
Sidekick Stephanie Hunt returns in bed with Nick and Megan to discuss the positive and negative impacts of social media. 
Comedian and actress Vanessa Bayer gets in bed with Nick and Megan to discuss reality TV, artificial intelligence, and the funniest bits from General Hospital.  
Megan gets in bed with Nick to interview him about moving to Los Angeles in 1997, meeting Megan and sexual congress.
Writer-Director Nicole Holofcener gets in bed with Nick and Megan to discuss bullying. They share stories of their first time being bullied, its long-lasting impacts on people and the importance of being kind.
Nick and Megan's sidekick and close friend Stephanie Hunt joins them in bed for the first freestyle episode. They discuss Megan and Stephanie's band Nancy And Beth, memorable moments in Stephanie's childhood and their favorite road trips. 
Megan interviews Nick in the first of a few very special one-on-one episodes. Nick shares stories from his midwestern childhood, early romances and an inspiring kabuki theatre teacher. He also tries to gain back points with Megan after giggling like his dad.Check out the In Bed merch at
Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark get in bed with Nick and Megan to discuss murders. They talk about Georgia and Karen's new book "Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered," Nick staying with a shepherd he met over Twitter and socializing at parties.
Time Travel with Will Forte

Time Travel with Will Forte


Will Forte gets in bed with Nick and Megan to discuss when they would visit if they could travel through time, The Bachelorette and exploring the New Zealand countryside.
Acting with Lisa Kudrow

Acting with Lisa Kudrow


Lisa Kudrow gets in bed with Nick and Megan to talk about series finales, successful relationships and powering through the goofiness of her first acting class.
Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey get in bed with Nick and Megan to talk about late-night talk show stories, side jobs and on-set injuries at The Office.
Catching up with Retta

Catching up with Retta


Retta gets in bed with Nick and Megan to discuss their favorite clothes, staying organized and behind the scenes stories at Parks and Recreation. 
Firsts with Bill Hader

Firsts with Bill Hader


In the first episode of their instant classic podcast, Nick and Megan welcome Bill Hader to their bed to discuss firsts. They share stories about Bill's first big career breakthrough, first kisses and first jokes.
Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally have a brand new podcast coming to Earwolf December 2nd! On each episode, a special guest joins Nick and Megan in their actual bed to get intimate about whatever's on their mind. They have a lot of words to describe this show, but keep coming back to one (sexy).  Make sure to subscribe to In Bed with Nick and Megan on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or your favorite podcast app.
Comments (19)

Krisha Standifer

I don't think I can make it through this one. I need him to say something, besides "you know," "you know what I mean", and like.

Feb 25th

Authentictalks WithShanta

Lol sometimes that happens when you don’t use outside people to help. I know I don’t use anyone to help with that I support the show! I am happy we have many options for podcasts. I only seen Joe everywhere for so long.

Feb 5th

Cassie Malchak

Is the editing all over the place in this episode for anyone else?

Jan 13th
Reply (2)

Kam Johnson


Jan 10th

Jon Roeder

Can I be on you show?

Jan 6th

April Points

Loving this podcast ! #meganmullally , please tell me you're going to invite #seanhayes into bed with you and #nickofferman ?? #jackandkarenforever ! ❤️

Dec 19th
Reply (1)

Candela Rodriguez

I can't hear the end! 😭

Dec 18th
Reply (1)

Elias Gorji


Dec 11th

Chris Colton

Yeah...I wonder what Megan was about to

Dec 11th

Lisa Murphy-Tate

Awesome podcast with Nick and Megan! I love them both.

Dec 5th
Reply (1)

Ione Shaver

cant wait to hear the end of that sentence lol.

Dec 5th
Reply (1)

Amber Kelley

OH MY GOD! This is hilarious. Thank you both for making my work day brighter!

Dec 2nd
Reply (1)
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