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Few people have seen the world like fine art photographer David Yarrow has. On the In Focus Podcast we will be granting unprecedented access to David’s creative process to show you life behind the lens. We will take you to negotiate with North Korean hijackers, confront the world’s largest elephant and swim in the icy waters of Norway in search of content that transcends.
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Discover the stories behind the photographs with British fine art photographer David Yarrow in his new podcast. Coming soon to a podcast player near you on the 3rd Feb 2021 with new episodes every Wednesday.   
The Killers

The Killers


There are only a few places in the world where there is a possibility of capturing a killer whale on camera. David took his chance in the short intervals of daylight during a Norwegian winter, but he didn’t expect to join the killers in the icy water. In this episode of In Focus, hear the details of the story behind his perspective-shifting orca photo ‘The Killers’ (2019).  Read the transcript here:
North Korea

North Korea


Beach resorts, table tennis tournaments and memory cards submerged in hair gel: this episode of In Focus sees David Yarrow take us through his eye-opening trip to uncover the real North Korea outside of Pyongyang, leading to his cinematic Blade Runner (2018) photograph. Read the transcript here:
Polar Bears

Polar Bears


The extreme danger surrounding polar bears makes them poor candidates for portrait photography. Photographer David Yarrow travelled around the world to find a place where he could get close to these majestic animals, and achieved shots that others had previously failed to. This episode tells the story behind his powerful polar bear photographs: 78 Degrees North (2017), Diamonds in the Sky (2018) and Hello (2015).  Read the transcript here:



In this episode of In Focus, photographer David Yarrow recalls his travels in South Sudan where he photographed the Dinka people in the photograph that made his career, Mankind (2015). Hear the story behind the photograph that catalysed his journey to becoming one of the world’s most celebrated photographers — he would no longer approach galleries, galleries would approach him.    Read the transcript here:



Amboseli National Park may not be the chosen destination for tourists in search of the Big Five, but what it lacks in breadth of animals it more than makes up for in elephants. The national park in Kenya is where photographer David Yarrow captured his majestic images Africa (2018), Squad (2019) and The Circle of Life (2015). In this episode of In Focus, he takes us on an adventure to the stories behind the shots.   Read the transcript here:
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Tony Bridges

The most interesting set of Podcasts I have ever listened too. Entertaining, Amusing and Educational. I loved your tell it how it is approach and the respect you have for animals and fellow humans alike. Sadly finances would never enable me to accompany you on a trip so these Podcasts are the next best thing. Please produce a follow up series. I for one would be very grateful.

May 19th

Lucy Macharia

I loooove Amboseli! i saw a cheetah chase there, lions , elephant..simply heaven!

Apr 3rd

Marcus Phillips

good podcast and photos

Apr 2nd

Matt M

Another great story

Mar 3rd

Darius Darwell

ç ç

Feb 22nd
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