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This episode Andrew is joined by writer and performer Mister Nickel. They break this podcast's (barely established) *only* rule and start in space? Sounds fake, but ok.Mister Nickel can be found over on TikTok where he is currently reminiscing about the Ships of the Northern Fleet!Notes Our "sponsor" in this weeks episode is actually my friends over at Ad Creeps! They are extremely funny & I'm a big fan of their new podcast. You can subscribe over on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, & Stitcher. If you want Mister Nickel on your podcast, please let him know. He has told me he is "so lonely", whatever that is. The custom art for this episode was also provided by Mister Nickel! As always, fuck Elon Musk in particular.
This episode Andrew is joined by writer and game designer Michael Elliott. Together they learn some uncomfortable truths about La Familia while building a space ramp to defeat capitalism.Michael Elliott can be found on, on Twitter and at Sorry for the audio quality issues on my end. I got too excited about my new microphone & assumed it would solve all my problems, forgetting to account for the fact that I record in an apartment with brick walls, concrete floors, and a metal cabinet right behind my mic. I am very smart. I'll sort this out before the next episode with some fancy foam. I'm not learning enough audio editing to make it good audio, but it should be better than this. Here's a helpful link to the article Racer X by Kenneth Li for Vibe Magazine Again, fuck Elon Musk in particular. Justice for Han!
This episode, recorded on the 2020 JoCo Cruise back in March, Andrew is joined by musician & comedian Molly Lewis! They build a rich Cats-based mythology to explain how our Fast Family gets to orbit, with a little help from Idris Elba.Molly Lewis can be found at, on Patreon, hosting The Panalysts on Youtube, and on Twitter as @Molly23.Notes This episode was recorded on the 2020 JoCo Cruise, just before global lockdown. It's weird to hear something from the beforetimes. Again, fuck Elon Musk in particular. Why did I choose a podcast premise that would cause his name to show up so often. Sam Rockwell's cool, though. He's just acting. Turns out they actually filmed the Samoa sequences in the third act of Hobbs and Shaw on the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i. The "Church" I mention near the end is Jean Grae's Church of the Infinite You.
Our host Andrew is joined by Graham Stark from LoadingReadyRun for the inaugural episode! They talk railguns, space cars, and celebrity cameos until they run out of things to talk about.Graham Stark can be found on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter as LoadingReadyRun or on his personal Twitter as @Graham_LRR.Notes I forgot to mention it on the recording, but Elon Musk sucks as a person so fuck him. I don't know how to properly do any of this, so please don't tell me how to do it better. That would probably be embarrassing for me, as a person. Graham is a very good friend.
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