DiscoverIn the Bedroom w/ Cassie Jeans- Words that Awaken the Soul
In the Bedroom w/ Cassie Jeans- Words that Awaken the Soul
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In the Bedroom w/ Cassie Jeans- Words that Awaken the Soul

Author: Cassie Jeans

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Soul chats. Dips into the divine. An offering of words, poetry, & self-reflection.
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And so we must start seeing the cycles. We must recognize that pain is part of the cycle. Avoiding it is costing us too much. Our freedom depends on honoring the cycles of life and death and life rising up amidst the dust. Bringing up questions that can offer your heart an opportunity to self-reflect. Have your journal close by to write down any of your own wonderings. Sending love. --- Send in a voice message:
This one is like a warm energetic hug. Nurture your soul, your heart, and your energy while letting your mind drift with this meditation. Ease will meet you here.  As mentioned, this is the link for the new FB Group: And So We - you are welcome in this space.  --- Send in a voice message:
Words for the Morning

Words for the Morning


Spoken words are channeled notes of inspiration, poetry, soul healing and activation of internal guidance. Let these words wash over you in a way that renews your spirit. You are well, remind yourself of that even during times like these. Internal dialogue is important to pay attention to. This is a way to connect to your own internal source and instill peace amidst the chaos. --- Send in a voice message:
You do not have to try to be strong, it dwells within you now. Let these words give you some reprieve today and remind you of how much strength there is within you now. You are safe to be whole. You are safe. Remind yourself of that now. I know it doesn't appear to be so, but trust and surrender and see how you feel after. --- Send in a voice message:
Anchor into Stillness

Anchor into Stillness


Does it feel like it's impossible to find stillness right now? I hear you and that's why I created a meditation (or whatever these are lol)  as a guide for you to find that stillness that is still there even amidst the chaos. Keep taking those internal pauses so you can refill your energy. Share with love. --- Send in a voice message:
Today I woke up with one emotion in particular that I wanted to give attention and space to. It's easy to bypass our emotions right now as a way of coping with uncertainty but this will not bring clarity and could in fact bring more panic than necessary. If you're vibing with these meditations, make sure to share the love. XO. --- Send in a voice message:
A Deep Reflection

A Deep Reflection


I recorded this yesterday while making dinner...these are ponderings. These are things I wonder about. In light of all that is coming out, I'm amazed at the timing of this reflection. May the wild in you be activated while you navigate new waters.    --- Send in a voice message:
Seeds grow from the dark and so does inspiration. Let this meditation guide you to discover some new ideas and different perspectives as the landscape of our world has changed. We are innovative and let the seeds of inspiration start something new within you today. --- Send in a voice message:
Allow yourself the gift of restoring your mind and connecting back to your heart with this divine meditation. Please share these meditations with your family and friends as we all learn to navigate these waters together. Our mind and heart guide us through this in more ways than we can see and so it is good to bring peace to these places daily. Much love. --- Send in a voice message:
I recognize that things don't feel secure right now and so I offer this meditation so you may find a sense of calmness within you now. Please share this as I know it will help others in their journey to find a sense of security when there is so much unknown. Let peace enter your heart with every word. Love to you all. --- Send in a voice message:
What do you do when what you thought was real isn't? How do you learn to trust your own voice, your own intuition and build a life you love? Today, Krista Kot joins the podcast with insights on identity and what it means to really trust your story, how to know what feels good to you on your entrepreneurial journey and so much more, including breathwork and self-reflection practices! Krista Kokot is a Life Coach for women, helping them let go of people-pleasing habits. She will be a speaker at, The Great Canadian Woman Summit, and is the creator of the podcast, The Love of Purple. Get to know Krista:   --- Send in a voice message:
The great unfolding, unraveling, the end to start the beginning and the continued loop of what we are doing here on this planet. This has been one of my fav conversations because I got to pick the brain of one of my favorite authors. James McCrae, your words are not only poetic but they resonate truth and openness. James McCrae is a writer and strategist originally from Minnesota who now lives in Los Angeles. His work spans the fields of branding, digital strategy, creative team leadership, poetry, and mindfulness. You can see why I loved it so much right?! Stop what you're doing right now and listen to each note in this conversation. To find out all the goods about James visit now.  --- Send in a voice message:
This episode was recorded intentionally so women entrepreneurs can have peace during each phase of their cycle and harness the power of our periods. Rebecca Hammond in an intuitive, Reproductive Health Coach for women. She helps women post-birth-control go from painful irregular periods to nourished healthy periods so that they can live in flow with their own unique cycle. Her dream is to empower women to take back their power. To reclaim their health and trust their inner wisdom. To heal and reconnect with their body and womb wisdom, so that they can live in flow with their divine feminine essence and life force. I loved every minute of this conversation. I've experienced what it's like to feel shame and disconnect from my cycles and I know first hand how important it is for women entrepreneurs to develop a love and awareness about how amazing their period and hormones are.  Get in touch with Rebecca here: Rebecca Hammond --- Send in a voice message:
The Power of Legacy

The Power of Legacy


Welcoming an incredible guest to the podcast, Codi Shewan, who is the author of Everyday Legacy, founder of From Strangers to Family, and an international inspirational speaker. His mission is to redefine legacy. This podcast will light you up. Codi has held space for many families on what is often the worst moments of their lives. He has seen how regret affects people, he has seen the power of love,  he is intimate with the freedom of forgiveness and he knows it is truly possible to live with purpose starting right now. Get ready to smile, laugh, and be drawn into this dynamic entrepreneurs story.  Learn more about Codi Shewan at: --- Send in a voice message:
There is power in having a vision but what do you do when you have risen up and are living the vision? We are talking about business as a sacred path. This realization will ignite your inner truth which will bring clarity in regards to how you can show up in your business with more intention, more clarity, more soul.  Listen now and remember to connect with Cassie about Elevate 2020 --- Send in a voice message:
The Power of the Pause

The Power of the Pause


We tend to go into slowing down kicking and screaming but when we finally surrender it's absolute bliss.  1. What does slowing down make room for? 2. Listen to your mentors! 3. Micro-achievements are better than macro-achievements and here's why. Learn how to navigate the internal chaos by pausing instead of blazing on ahead. An aligned leader is better equipped to handle the day to day stressors of being in business. --- Send in a voice message:
The power of masculinity is seen wholeheartedly in this episode and is the precipice for conversations that have to start happening within our families, communities, and globally. Today, I welcome, Paul Simard. He is an intrepreneur and an entrepreneur, currently in the role of Director of Community and Impact Partnerships for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Canada. He is the founder of huMENity – a peer-supported platform that creates brave spaces, both real and virtual, for men of all ages to come together and grow through an openness to be vulnerable, share and support each other, based on the African greeting of Sawubona, "I see you, and I am here for you to be seen." He runs orange ecosystems design – a Montreal-based boutique consulting firm. His three beautiful daughters are the motivation behind all he does. There is so much I love about this conversation. Learn more about Paul here: TedX Talk and the movement HuMENity --- Send in a voice message:
I've been asked lately, how did I get into coaching? How did I know I wanted to do this? And because it lines so well with this series I wanted to share the behind the scenes of why I chose to stand out. It has been a journey that has taken me to incredible highs and terrifying lows. There are three things that I want you to listen for: 1. How did I learn to own my position as a leader? What did I do that set me up to speak so boldly? 2. What was I doing in my biz that was causing confusion? 3. Who did I have to become in order to stand out and succeed? The journey is the joy but if you're not aware of what is creating internal conflict it is going to impede your results and stifle your growth. We can change that. When you heal, you elevate. Remember to subscribe, tell your friends, and leave a review. --- Send in a voice message:
It may look glossy on the outside but what is really happening behind the scenes when people step into leadership? What do all leaders experience as they embark and stay on their path of entrepreneurship and life? What can leaders do to help manage the overwhelm and the enormity of their vision? All this and more on today's episode! Remember to leave a review and share what you loved about this episode. --- Send in a voice message:
Have you ever wondered how people end up changing their entire lives? How do they quit jobs and start a business out of thin air? Does the soul have something to do with this or is it sheer will and determination? Today, as season 3 launches on the podcast you are going to go on a journey over the next few weeks and hear from experts, leaders, TedX speakers, entrepreneurs, and advocates about how they found their way through difficult times and instead of doing what everyone else does, they chose to stand out. Today we are featuring, Sarah Swain, CEO of the Great Canadian Woman, Top podcaster, business coach, best-selling author and a dedicated leader for those who want to master their business and create epic things in this world. You’re going to hear how Sarah went from a corporate queen to a celebrated 6-figure entrepreneur in one year and how she chose to stand out even when it meant she would be misunderstood and would have to undergo a rapid exhilaration into personal growth. --- Send in a voice message:
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