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In the Name of Justice

Author: In the Name of Justice

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A weekly podcast dedicated to providing support and information for families and inmates.
59 Episodes
Not F-ucking Around Coalition founder faces 20 years in prison.
Part 2 of last week's episode on Rikers Island crisis.
Two-episode podcast about the continuing crisis at the country's 2nd largest jail
Beyond Prison Bars 2

Beyond Prison Bars 2


Women released from prison face unique barriers to reentry.
Those just released from prison face tough challenges and need more and better support sevices and programs.
Coming Home

Coming Home


Help a loved one adjust to life after prison.
Not paying fees or fines can lead to loss of one's job, housing, driver's license or freedom
9 self-care tips that can help.
Language Offenses

Language Offenses


Have you committed one?
Help From Home

Help From Home


From prison to home ain't easy, but families can help.
Hope and Help

Hope and Help


Higher education in prisons, the Innocence Project, and the Million Book Project
In The Name of Justice returns June 5th, 2021.
Wista and Eve discuss COVID-19 vaccines for prisoners and Breonna Taylors mother seeks federal probe.
Wista and Eve are back with another great episode.
Wista and Eve's inductee's into the 2020 criminal justice halls of shame and fame.



Wista and Eve @MarathonEve discuss "Smoke" a cannabis documentary, two "not again" shootings, and Yusef Salaam's new memoir.
Female inmates, the Kenosha shooter, and the Quawan Charles investigation.
Cop-on-cop racism, Presidential pledge, and COVID captive.
Two lawsuits, a death in jail, and protests in Philly.
A New Trial for Imam Jamil?

A New Trial for Imam Jamil?


Eve and Wista discuss a possible new trial for Imam Jamil (aka H. Rap Brown); the Reform Alliance victory in CA, Trayvon Martin Avenue, and more.
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