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Jesus states a promise of victory while facing the cross.
A prophetic message of God’s awareness and authority is given to develop faith in all of us.
As we learn to live by faith we must understand that God welcomes our questions.
As we process the concept of God’s judgment for sin we must bring our thoughts in alignment with His.
As Habakkuk struggled to understand the ways of God 2600 years ago, we too face the same difficulty. In this study we will learn how to live by faith in any situation.
In the third part of our study from John 4, we learn that we can be used to serve in God’s harvest.
EXTENDED VERSION Are there signs of the end of the age? How can we prepare for the end? Is there any hope for mankind? In this study Jesse Waggoner ( will take you to the source and the significance of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. In addition to revealing the future of mankind, the […]
Jesus shows us the way to share our faith in a way that draws people to Him.
Jesus shows us how to overcome the barriers to sharing Christ with others.
Jesus uses an unlikely servant to show us His simple method to invade Satan’s territory.
One unknown little boy’s simple gift changed everything. We too must allow Jesus to take whatever we have for His purposes.
One of those crucified with Jesus displays amazing faith and receives a wonderful promise from Jesus.
Kids (Mark 10:13-16)

Kids (Mark 10:13-16)


Jesus shows us the way to pass a blessing on to the next generation.
In this difficult to understand portion of God’s Word, we learn that genuine faith unlocks God’s blessings.
A simple story reveals a big message that Jesus owns everything.
In this message we will learn that God can use anybody as we look at an unknown and unnamed person who was used be God for a very important purpose.
This study will show us the responsibility God assumes for us and our responsibility back to Him.
The health and effectiveness of the Christian community is ensured by acting right.
In this study from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 we learn that we must make sure to adjust our attitudes everyday.
In this study we learn that handling problem people God’s way results in blessing for all.
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Uriel Diaz

Thank you for these!! Love this podcast!!

Apr 2nd
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