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The top rated dark humor educational podcast. A rotating guest list of pro comics curate weird history, odd facts, offbeat news and unethical life hacks.
65 Episodes
In this episode, Doug, Kristine, and Stanhope's new dog Barnabas join us to answer existential listener questions about life, getting old, and pornography. Stanhope fires Ian. Kristine and Carlos bond over their controversial approach to solving pedophilia. We take a deep dive look at underappreciated cannibal and overall POS - Nathaniel Bar-Jonah. And we check on our old buddy Chrispy at 7-11.  Download Stanhope's audiobook "No Encore For The Donkey" at: check out his latest special on Amazon Prime at follow Kristine online at:
The hilarious Jerry Rocha is our guest on this episode where we answer questions about horses, read news about pastoring, dive deep into the indecorous history of Right-wing media, and finally take a look at the indecorous laws of the Lone Star state.  Check out Jerry's Twitch stream at And follow him online at:
This week comedian Mo Alexander joins the indecorous gang to talk military defense contractors, Chinese basketball leagues banning players over cake, grave digging for fun and Tennessee state laws.
This week comedian Mike Stanley joins the indecorous gang.  In the indecorous news we dish on vigilante justice with stories about idiots trying to BBQ sex offenders.  We learn about the dark history of Volkswagen, and dumb AF state laws from Michigan.
On this special themed episode, we cover all the bat shit crazy new aged bull shit we could find:A frozen fecal super pill diet hack, growing your hair 20 feet long to achieve immortality, magic moon-water for the goddess lifestyle plan, super special crystals to help you overcome MS, talking to rice to make it happy or sad, magic bracelets to give you perfect balances so you’ll never fall down.
This week friend of the show Ramon Perez joins the indecorous gang to talk about executioners:  Today we learned that female hyena's clits are larger than male hyena's cocks, we hypothesize about how to bring the man kiss to the US, In the indecorous news Indians have figured out that being born in a pile of cow shit will protect them from Covid, and for our main topic we dish on the indecorous history of public executioners and we close on dumb AF Missouri state laws.
Jay Whitecotton joins the indecorous gang this week!In the indecorous news this week: A man shoots a pedestrian for walking too slow,Dinosaur deniers try to get a prominent dinosaur statue removed because it threatened their belief in Noah's Ark, and for our main topic we do a deep dive into the most insane forms of public executions, and we close with Indecorous State Laws from Kentucky.
Comedian Jamie Ward joins the indecorous gang this week and the RNC is here at the Indecorous HQ in Charlotte NC, so the gang has some inside hot takes you won't hear anywhere else.  This week in indecorous news:  A doctor was fired after giving incorrect boner medicine to Jewish patients and sending anti-Semitic tweets,  and a man tried to sell a kid at a gas station for a mere $2,500 dollars.  For our main segment this week we do a deep dive on Celebrity sex scandals involving minors and we close the show with Indecorous Kansas State Laws.
Our old friend comedian JD Colwell joins us this week:  Carlos gives us his weekly internet fight club update, Ian shares the best pro-bestiality argument yet, A cute group of kids had their lemonade stand robbed to teach them a lesson about capitalism, Due to food shortages, North Korea is asking everyone to surrender their pet dogs, The indecorous history of Feederism and fat fetishes, Indecorous state Laws from Iowa.
The original Indecorous gang is back to kick off season two!  On this episode we discuss:  A time traveling adventure to molest serial killers when they were still babies, Sports announcers gone wild, and by wild we mean accidental career ending hate speech,  Our favorite political sex scandals including suicide, chid-mo, cuckholding, incest and more, and Dumb AF Indiana State Laws.
In the early days of Indecorous Comedy we recorded a pilot episode with our good friends Stefan and Clint Nohr, but it was never released... until now! Enjoy listening to Indecorous Comedy before it became the podcasting juggernaut it is today. This episode is dedicated to our great friend Clint Nohr who passed away earlier this year. If you never heard him on our podcast before please check out Episodes 2, 11, 23, and 30.
This week Brett Erickson joins the indecorous gang to talk about just how f***ed the porn industry is.  Topics this week include:  Living the dream as an Arkansas judge, lawyer and sugar daddy.  Japan's suicide forest says Yankee go home, We break down the economics of midget hookers, and we deep dive into the gaping hole of Pornhubs indecorous history.
This week comedian Tom Simmons joins the indecorous gang to talk about the dark history of Hobby Lobby:  Topics this week include:  People are trying to catch the rona at covid parties all for a chance to win a few hundred bucks in a hat,  An insane legal loop hole just overturned a child molestation case and gave half of the state of Oklahoma back to native Americans, Wearing a romper onesie as a life hack to overcome social anxiety, and the dark hypocritical history of Hobby Lobby.   
This week comedian Mike Storck joins the indecorous gang to talk about the fucked up business practices of the ride sharing industry.  Topics this week include:  S&M kidnappers break into the wrong house, a hoard of hateful Karens try to take down a company over pseudoscience, a life hack for short people to trick their dates by pretending they're crippled, The dark History of Uber, and Pornhub comments of the week.
This week Comedian Carmen Morales joins the indecorous gang to talk about using autism to exploit glitches in the financial markets.  Topics this week include: A man fakes having down-syndrome to trick hot nurses into changing his diapers, A dancing faculty member announces that tuition won't be refunded this semester, A life hack to get a free tattoo to cover up a smaller racist tattoo, Autistic geniuses find a glitch to trade with unlimited free money, A trader kills himself because he couldn't read a profit and loss statement correctly, Carmen tells the gang how she could have made thousands in the stock market, but she bought Carlos beer instead. The 4th wall comes down in this special virtually unedited episode with bonus negging between Carmen and Carlos! 
This week comedian Tom Hand joins the indecorous gang to talk about the indecorous beatnik hero Gershon Legman.  Topics this week include: Drunken Monkey Cannibalism, A pedo-dwarf is spared a jail sentence for being too small, preemie's rigging up a Rube Goldberg machine to go viral for their shortcomings, and the indecorous history of the smut peddling beatnik who popularized origami in the US and invented the vibrating dildo.  Indecorous Swag is finally here:  Check out all our merch at:      
This week comedian JT Habersaat joins the indecorous gang to talk about binge eating for internet points and when feeding the homeless goes wrong.Topics this week include: A man faces jail time after feeding the homeless, a camgirl love story that turns into creepy pasta, a life hack that involves stripping down to just your socks in an homage to Max Hardcore, and we dish on the indecorous alternative lifestyle of muckbanging
Jason B joins the indecorous gang to talk about the vampire panic and the slut holocaust and other things they didn’t teach you in school.  Topics this week include:  Endangering your junk to own the libs, Dicks at half-mast for Nacho,  Don’t pee on your neighbors in Illinois, Joseph Stalin the selfie king, and the indecorous history behind cool punk band names. 
This week comedian John Gibson joins the indecorous gang discuss to talk about the greatest sex world records of all time.  Topics this week include:  An amazing new product that prevents 5G towers from killing you, A Florida mother is caught on camera trying kill her autistic son, Indecorous Life hacks of the week, and the Indecorous world records of sex!  
This week comedian Augusta Anderson joins the gang to talk about the dirty deeds of one of histories greatest man whores.  Topics this week include:  A restaurant uses blow up dolls to promote safe social distancing, A cop, teacher power couple bake jizz cupcakes for Jr. high school kids, Indecorous Life Hacks of the week, the Indecorous History of Casanova, Pornhub comments of the week.
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