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Indecorous Entercation: The educational comedy podcast that everyone is talking about! Purveyors of fact and farce join in this futile quest for knowledge. Have a laugh, learn a fact, and try out all of our indecorous life hacks. This is either the dirtiest high brow podcast or smartest low brow podcast.
39 Episodes
This week the indecorous gang broadcasts live on Reddit!  Topics include:South Korean has their own special brand of Covidiots - as homophobes are now trying to out men at gay clubs,  A bitcoin, masturbation email scam,  The best hack for pissing in your car, The dark history of Bayer, Monsanto and the origin story of heroin, Pornhub comments of the week, If you ever wanted to hear more of the music from the podcast check out Ian's new band Pitiful Noise with their debut album 404.  Available May 29th on Spotify, Itunes and basically everywhere.        
This week comedian JD Colwell joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby and Ian to talk PETA vs. soccer moms, Florida Man vs life, and the origin story of hookers.  Topics this week include:PETA takes on the parents of cancer kids in this moral dilemma extraordinaire,The best of Florida man stories from 2019,Indecorous Life hacks,Fact or Farce,Porn Hub Comments of the week
This week our good friend comedian Blayr Nias Joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby and Ian to talk about the greatest grifter of the all.  Topics this week include:  Fecal transplant technology that is curing autism, children that ruin a slave labor operation, getting a pet drug dealer, splooging on spiders, and we induct Charles Ponzi into our indecorous hall of fame.
This week comedian power couple Kaleigh Cutright and Ramon Perez join Carlos Valencia, Ian and Bobby to talk about how Nestle used fake nurses to scam lactating Moms.   Topics this week include:    North Korean parents are punished for saving their children instead of Kim family portraits, Japanese “herbivore men”, cuddle cafes, and pantie vending machines are lowering population rates, Indecorous Life Hacks of the week, The Dark History of Nestle, Pornhub comments of the week 
This week comedian Evan Pittfield joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby and Ian to talk about yet another evil company that used orphans as pawns. Topics this week include: Religious leaders find a way to end the corona virus once and for all, Indecorous Life Hacks of the Week,  The Dark History of Quaker Oats,  Pornhub Comments of the Week   
On this very special episode comedian Paul Baeza joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby and Ian.  The indecorous gang gets very high and talks about tiny dick dating apps, pee bongs, and the best way to come out as gay to your parents.    
This week Joy Wills joins Carlos Valencia, Ian and Bobby to talk about how vanity might have been the inspiration for the H bomb. Topics this week:  A man gets the same tattoo as his stray dog and unknowingly advertises to the world that he is neutered, A business creates a new guilt free way to get rid of unwanted babies, Indecorous life hacks, The indecorous story of the Radium Girls, Fact or farce, Pornhub Comments of the week  
This week Topher Riddle, and Wayne Cousins join Carlos Valencia, Ian and Bobby to talk about animal rights.  Topics include: Goats getting their day in court, A “thoughts and prayers” parenting MVP hack gone wrong, Indecorous Life Hacks, We read the stupidest questions ever from the beast forum, Pornhub comments of the week
This week comedian Kristen Becker joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby and Ian to talk shop about serial public poopers, and the the Canadian population boom of the early 1900s. Topics include: High profile public poopers that were recently busted,  America's most heterosexual mayor,  Indecorous Life Hacks,  The Great Stork Derby,  Pornhub Comments of the week 
Sadly, our show’s greatest friend passed away, so as a small tribute, we made a special episode of segments from all of his guest appearances.  Thanks for the laughs Clint.  You will be missed.  
Autistic Comedian Chris P joins Carlos Valencia, Ian and Bobby to talk shop about fecal injections and incest!Topics include:A new helicopter parenting hack involving fecal injections, Indecorous Life Hacks, Best of Indecorous Entercation Volume 2, Why being the heir to the plastic fortune is a real mother fucker, Fact or Farce, Pornhub Comments of the Week, Chris tells us how his autism foiled a robbery    
Comedian Kevin Delgado joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby and Ian to talk about gay culture, Toxic Indian Foam parties and Chipotle!    Topics this week:Carlos tries to control his pint -sized anger while discussing toxic Indian foam parties, Indecorous Life Hacks of the week, The Dark History of Chipotle, Kevin gives us the real scope on grinder and gay sugar daddy culture, Pornhub comments of the week   
This week comedian and comic expert Sean Kovacs joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby and Ian to talk shop about comic books!  Topics this week include:  City leaders in Seattle found a fabulous new way to solve the homeless crisis, Indecorous Life Hacks of the week, Superman's most insane superpowers you didn't know about, Batman gets anal about his sidekick, Who has less dignity - concubines or side hoes, Pornhub comments of the week
This week comedian and network TV writer Spencer Taylor joins Carlos Valencia, Ian and Bobby for a very special episode of Indecorous Entercation!Topics Include:A doctor makes headlines for enjoying a human urine cocktail in the middle of a flight, Feral pigs are being shot with machine guns by helicopter in a new real life video game, Indecorous Life Hacks of the week, The indecorous history of MK Ultra, the secret government LSD mind control experiment, Spencer shares her journey from working comedy open mics to writing for the hit network TV series Mixedish 
This week comedian Nick Ohlessa joins Carlos Valencia, Ian and Bobby.  Topics this week include: An amazing new drink for the tide pod challenge generation, Indecorous Life Hacks, Professional Wrestling themed Fact or Farce, This week we induct John R Brinkley into the indecorous hall of fame, Pornhub comments of the week
Our good pal comedian Devan Penegar joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby and Ian for this very special Valentines day episode!  Topics this week include:   A loving husband throws one last meth and sex party for his dying wife in the most romantic gesture ever, Indecorous Life Hacks of the week, The history of the two men behind the name Sadomasochism, Our guest shares his real life experience working in the sex industry as an assistant to a dominatrix,  Porn hub comments of the week
Our old pal New York Comedian Clint Nohr joins Carlos Valencia, bobby and Ian this week.  Topics include:   South Dakota's novel solution for Meth addiction,  A deep dive into Cuck lifestyle,  The differences between black breading and cat breading,  Chemical castration and the fun kind of kinky castration,  Fact or Farce,  Indecorous Life Hacks,  Pornhub comments of the week  
This week Comedian Paul Hooper joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby and Ian.  Topics include:  The Dark History of Wendy's, The Blue Whale Challenge inspiring teenage suicide in the name of internet validation, Indecorous Life Hacks of the week, Porn Hub Comments of the week 
 Comedian Todd Riley Joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby Dee and Ian.    Topics this week include:   A vegan activist fails and ends up killing 100 rabbits, Bobby regales us about the time his grandparents cooked his pet rabbit, CRISPR gene editing to make glowing dogs, Indecorous Life Hacks of the week, Anti-Masturbating propaganda from the 1830s, A cautionary tale about the dangers of Snapchat, Pornhub comments of the week 
Comedian Mimi Benfield joins Carlos Valencia, Bobby Dee and Ian this week.  Topics this week include:   We level up our sex game by learning the ways of love from all the gay animals, A gender reveal party gone wrong might be the latest 911 conspiracy,    Indecorous Life hacks of the week, Porn hub comments of the week 
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