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Author: Gareth Main

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A weekly show that brings you ten new tracks from artists from across the world. We cover every genre conceivable, from abstract techno, mutated dancehall, dark metal to Chinese bin lid music or something else - if it's recorded outside of the major label system, we're up for playing it.

You'll find music you love, music you don't understand, and music that'll change your life.
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Quite a hefty batch of tracks on our usual global excursion. Starting in the Ukraine with some post-punk and travelling swiftly to Haitian voodoo polyrhythms, Egyptian triphop, Portugese RPG jazz, and a whole lot more. We've got gritty rock from Leeds, dub techno from Japan, the latest from favourites Medidian Brothers and Einstürzende Neubauten, and two tracks from the brilliant Swiss record shop and label Les Disques Bongo Joe. Our next online live show is on 11 June. Buy tickets from Eventbrite: Tracklisting Plastic Lorna - Drowning (Perfsect, Ukraine) Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers - Vodou Alé (Les Disques Bongo Joe, Switzerland) Dijit feat. SD - 1772 (cover) (Youth, UK) The Shits - Witching Hour (Hominid Sounds, UK) Manuel Pinheiro & Andre Novoa - Robot Invasion (Games Omnivorous, Portugal / Exalted Funeral, USA) Regis - Cracked Earth (Downwards, UK) Patrick Jahn - Abenteuer überm Schrank (2020 Version) (Growing Bin Records, Germany) Einstürzende Neubauten - Ten Grand Goldie (Potomak, Germany) King Rambo Sound - Isolated Dancer (Chinabot, UK) Meridian Brothers - Puya Del Empresario (Les Disques Bongo Joe, Switzerland Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at and follow him on Twitter @nickamc
Even by our usual standards, this podcast is eclectic. We start things off with the mesmerising experimental electronics of Eartheater. Beyond that, we have a Polish-Malawian post-everything project, intense percussion music from Portugal's HHY & The Macumbas, the first release in six years from psych masters Sloath, a 14-minute chamber pop opus from Daniel O'Sullivan, and a 24-minute track from Sly & the Family Drone's Matt Cargill and UKAEA's Dan Jones. Tracklisting Eartheater - Below the Clavicle (PAN, Germany) Wild/Life - Smoke & Burn (Mik.Musik.!., Poland) Mrs. Piss - Downer Surrounded by Uppers (Sargent House, USA) The Stance Brothers - Resolution Blue (We Jazz Records, Finland) HHY & The Macumbas - Horror Vector (Nyege Nyege Tapes, Uganda) Sloath - Rewengue (Riot Season Records, UK) Daniel O'Sullivan - The Colour of Entropy (Sleeperhold Publications, Belgium) Okkyung Lee - Facing Your Shadows (Shelter Press, France) Party Dozen - The Great Ape (Best and Fairest Records, Australia) Pocket Signs - How to be Saved (self-release, UK) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at and follow him on Twitter @nickamc
For our latest guest show we welcome Sepultura and Pet Brick drummer Iggor Cavalera to fill an hour with exceptional sounds.  Tracklisting Bobby Krlic - Prophesy  Inigo Vontier - Bo Ni Ke  Ye Gods - Gilded Eternity   Laima Leyton - Home  Alessandro Cortini & Daniel Avery - Illusion of Time   Old Tower - Shadow Over Thy Kingdom  Screen Shadow - Bodies  Noor1 - Voukolikon  Tashi Wada & Yoshi Wada - Niagara (Laurel Halo Remix)  Ferrari Garden - Blindfold  Skinnerbox - Gender  Bolt Gun - The Altar of Lies Will Not Be Destroyed  ACxDC - Gorged
Lots of phenomenal compilations have been released during the current crisis, and some of them are prominent on this week's podcast. Including the Isolation compilation on Shapes of Rhythm, the Trussel Trust-fundraiser of noisy punk on Human Worth, and the latest on France's Hard Fist label.  Elsewhere we have Indonesian bossa nova, the debut from Nigerian trumpeter Etuk Ubong, brutal hip hop from L-Zee Roselli, Russian punk from Lucidvox and a lot more. Tracklisting Etuk Ubong - African Struggle (Night Dreamer, UK) Neil Scott Pennycook - Meursault (The Song) (self-release, UK) L-Zee Roselli - Make Them See the Devil (20/20 LDN Recordings, UK) Human Leather - Looking Great is Nice and All, But a Little Worrying if it's Your Only Hobby (Human Worth, UK) Balam – Kuhatemalha (Hard Fist, France) Emanative & Ismail Ilgün with Enver Goyken & Tom Central - Rüya Pavyonu (Shapes of Rhythm, UK) David Chalmin - La Forêt des Ombres Part.2 (Ici d'ailleurs, France) Lucidvox - Knife (Нож) (Glitterbeat Records, Germany) Rubina - Brigas, Nunca Mais (Orange Cliff Records, Indonesia) Autotelia - First Flight (Rocket Recordings, UK) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at and follow him on Twitter @nickamc Last week Loud and Quiet published a statement illustrating the struggles they were having to survive due to the Coronavirus crisis and the impact on advertising.  Loud and Quiet is a 15-year-old staple of the alternative, independent music scene in the UK, and to lose it would be an awful thing. In this extra podcast, Gareth discusses the issues with founder and editor Stu Stubbs. They talk about troubles in publishing generally and what the future could look like. Subscribe to Loud and Quiet: Read Gareth's piece on why we should support music magazines: Read the Loud and Quiet statement:
A wonderful array of sounds this week, we have dystopian industrial electro-funk from Iceland, field recordings from Brazil, a couple of records from lockdown, the latest from Gnod and loads more. Tracklisting Group A - Inhuman Ecstasy (Mannequin Records, Germany) Kuldaboli - Milljón ára (FTP, Germany / Bunker Records, Netherlands) ADRA Hubble (Alice Hubley and Andy Abbott) - Hierve el Agua (Signal Records, UK) DJ Die Soon - Kawo Kada (feat. MC Yallah) (Morphine Records, USA) Samuel Barton - Chime and Pandemonium (self-release, UK) Kiko Dinucce and Thiago França - Tocar Na Banda (Collection Petites Planètes, Brazil) Asher Gamedze - Synthesis (On the Corner Records, UK) TYVYT|IYTYI - Shade Beneath (Pinkman Records, Netherlands) Amnertia - Stampee O Lonesome GNOD & João Pais Filipe – Faca De Terra (Rocket Recordings, UK) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at and follow him on Twitter @nickamc
The one with the clarinets. Well, two tracks with prominent clarinet, but not like you've ever heard before - especially the skronk dance jazz goodness from Moscow's  Jenya Kukoverov (it's better than that sounds, promise). We've got a fair chunk of low tempo, exquisite sounds this week, with a good dosage of acid and grime in there for good measure. Take it all, it's amazing. Tracklisting Roger Robinson - Forward (Bokeh Versions, UK) Mike Neaves - The Sideman (self-release, UK) Jenya Kukoverov - Losing the Ground Under My Feet (ТОПОТ, Russia) Andrea Taeggi - Cuttleburrs (OOH-Sounds, Italy) SNØW - Move & Breathe (ft. Serocee) (More Time, UK) PRIMO! - Diamond Day (Anti Fade, Australia / Upset the Rhythm, UK) Seabuckthorn - Through A Vulnerable Occur (feat. Gareth Davis) (IIKKI, France) Echo Canyon - Library Montage (Untitled-1, Greece) Tristan Arp - Slip (Banoffee Pies, UK) Land Trance - Regulate (Dense Truth, UK) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at and follow him on Twitter @nickamc
Some extraordinary sounds on this week's podcast, three of which push the boundaries of the music you can make with a piano. We've got an exclusive first play of the new release from Taiwanese producer Sabiwa, alongside an outlandish 8-minute opus from Nebraska's Moonworshipper Records, the first new material from legendary electronic producer Bernard Fevre's Black Devil Disco Club moniker, and lots more. Tracklisting Charles Hayward Vs. Harmageddon - Helix (God Unknown Records, UK) OHYUNG - No One Else (ft. Charlie Sheena) (Chinabot, UK) João Pais Filipe - XV (Lovers & Lollypops / Holuzam, Portugal) Black Devil Disco Club - Six Six Sex (Lo Recordings, UK) Kooba Tercu – Fair Game (Rocket Recordings, UK) Effluvium - Vera (Moonworshipper Records, USA) Harrga - Échos Obscurs De L'Orient (self-release, UK) Sabiwa & Queimada - Tomorrow You Said Yesterday Metal Preyers - Hard Screw (Nyege Nyege Tapes, Uganda) Ann Margaret Hogan - CODA (Downwards, UK) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at and follow him on Twitter @nickamc
The second in our series of guest shows. This time we have the exceptional producer pq putting together an hour or so of music that takes us from Southeast Asia to Uganda, touching down in Japan, Greece, and Rotherham, whilst giving us a taste of some unreleased sounds of his own. pq is one-sixth of Nihiloxica, whose debut LP lands on 12 June via Crammed Discs. He is also one-third of blitzkriegesque synth duellers Hot in da Club and accompanying label Spooky Shit. He was the noise behind the immense Ecko Bazz EP on Hakuna Kulala. Tracklisting Eliane Radigue - Geelriandre (Important Records) 3 Men From The Brao Hmong Ethnic Group - Gaw Ja Galpeu (Ethnic Music From Southern Laos - Sublime Frequencies) Mark Fell - INTRA-1 (Boomkat Editions) Iannis Xenakis - Concret PH (El Records) Tomoko Sauvage - Clepsydra (Shelter Press) Angklung Part 2 (Badui Village Songs - Javasounds) Xylophone Birifor (Art of the Balofon - Arion) Brian Eno - Lizard Point (Editions EG) Suara Parahiangan Group - Ayun Ambing (SP Records) Grup Tongkek Agreed - Tongkek Medley (pq submix) (Aural Archipelago) pq - kadod1 (unreleased) Jako Maron - Maloya Valsé chok 1 (Nyege Nyege Tapes) Drums Off Chaos - Clockwise Instinct (Nonplace) pq - beater (unreleased)
Our first podcast from lockdown. It means the quality of the chat is a bit off, but the quality of the music is second to none. From Brazilian funk  to Lithuanian synthpop via modern classical, grime, dancehall, hip hop and a load more, this return of Anthony and Gareth to the podcast jams enough goodness into your ears to lighten the darkest of times. Tracklisting Thiago Nassif - Soar Estranho (Gearbox Records, UK) Algernon Cornelius - Super 89 Peshwari Naan (part 1)/Lightning Bolt (Solidarity Tapes, UK) Laurel Halo - Hyphae (The Vinyl Factory, UK) Solo Ansamblis - Fosforinis Baseinas (Artoffact Records, Canada) Manga Saint Hilare - Not Around ft P Money (self-release, UK) Hibotep - Maraakame (Byrd Out, UK) Menzi - GQOM Tera feat. Ecko Bazz (Hakuna Kulala, Uganda) Sun Runners 女神の恋人達 / Lord Tusk - Talk to tha P (self-release, UK) O.B.F. & Aza Lineage - Rebel Daawtaz (OBF Dubquake Records, France) Mor Air - Two Sides of the Same Moon (self-release, UK) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at and follow him on Twitter @nickamc
It's a rollercoaster on this week's podcast. We start hard with the acid-tinged punk of Гласность, we move swiftly through searing mahraganat from Cairo's ever-blistering 100copies label, on to abstract electronics, bass-heavy jazz and electro-cumbia. All rounded off through jazz-tinged hip-hop. It's a journey to savour. Tracklisting Гласность (Glasnost) - Злобная молодость (Angry Youth) (Cruel Nature Records, UK) 3phaz - Siren (100copies, Egypt) Emanative & Tamar Collocutor - Energy (self-release, UK) Awkward Corners - Straight Ahead (Shapes of Rhythm, UK) Coucou Chloe - Nobody (Nuxxe Records, UK) Félicia Atkinson - Everything Evaporate (Shelter Press, France) Allegra Krieger - The Push and the Pull (Northern Spy, UK) Digital Hair - Horacio is in da House (Pakapi Records, Argentina) Pardon Moi - Power To The People (Höga Nord Rekords, Sweden) 44th Move - Hope feat. Takuya Kuroda (Black Acre Records, UK) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at and follow him on Twitter @nickamc
Spooky-J is one-sixth of the mesmerisingly excellent Nihiloxica, whose first LP is coming out in June on Crammed Discs. He is also one-third of the extraordinary fast beats label Spooky Shit and the unrelenting synth dualling trio Hot in da Club.  For this special additional show to keep you occupied in these crazy times, he's pulled together some outstanding sounds, ranging from raiding French cassette labels, to Italian library music and Greek synthpop, not forgetting to put in some unreleased Spooky-J sounds. Enjoy this, it's special. Tracklisting Reino do Sol (◉ GIRA DE ORAÑIA ◉) - gritos & gongs Fernando Falcão - Amanhecer Tabajara (À Alceu Valença)   Roberto Musci - Water Music Marcello Giombini - Bali (Indonesia) для - TWO Lena Platonos - A Physical Exercise Unresolved Drinks - Real Outside The Sound of Taiwan's Tribesmen - 泰耶魯山歌 Compro Oro - Greeting From the Colony Atom TM - Mambo Brillante  Knowsum - Playing God Lakutis - Death Shark Andrea Benini - Syncussion Culture Clash - Never Take A Wrong Turn When You'  Not In Da Club w/ Elvin Brandhi - Unreleased Jam 1 Spooky-J & Po - Fujifiji (Unreleased) Spooky-J - Work it like its 2011 again (Harmonawanabemix)
Covid-19 lockdown was implemented in the UK this week, so Gareth has a solo show for you. A whole heap of favourites have been putting out music: obviously something from Uganda's Nihiloxica, whose first LP is forthcoming on Belgium's Crammed Discs. There are also two Coronavirus-related records, with a one-day write and record track from Gazelle Twin, and a brutal industrial punk record from Germany via Turkey project BEEATSZ v2.0999d. Chuck in the mesmerising new record from Glasgow-based Finn Cucina Povera, and there's more than enough good stuff to improve your mood. Tracklisting Nihiloxica - Tewali Sukai (Crammed Discs, Belgium) DJ これからの緊急災害 (DJ Emergency Disaster) - T O K Y O G H E T T O 2 0 2 0 (FTP, Germany) Gazelle Twin - HERD (self-release, UK) Mr. Zèbre feat. Lasai - Under Pressure (Pure Niceness Records, France) Cucina Povera - Salvia Salvatrix (Night School, UK) ONIPA - Hey No I Say (Strut Records, UK) BEEATSZ v2.0999d - Just Buy It (Brain Pussyfication, Germany) Photay - Warmth in the Coldest Acre (Mexican Summer, USA) U - Don't Fuck With the Dragon (Where to Now? Records, UK) Y-Bayani & Baby Naa And The Band of Enlightenment, Reason & Love - Zooba Maka (Philophon, Germany) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at and follow him on Twitter @nickamc
In these strange times, this may be the last 'proper' new podcast for some time. We will keep the feed awash with great music, but we're not 100% sure whether we'll be able to record new shows in the manner you've come accustomed to.  Despite the uncertainty, there's still a whole lot of new exciting music out there, and - as usual - that's what we want to focus on. Whether it's Uruguayan garage, Italian dub techno, or Glaswegian DIY non-jazz, we've got the good stuff for you. If you can, please support bands, artists, record labels, promoters, and venues at this tough time. Without them the world would be a much poorer place. Tracklisting Taupe - Almera Tino (Scant Records, UK) Roll The Dice & Glasser - Elevate (The New Black, Sweden) Dean Blunt - War Report Freestyle (World Music, UK) JP y Los Marcianos Galácticos - Praying Mantis (Chape Records, Uruguay) Pluralist - UN Sanctions (feat. Rex Domino) (Manuka Records, UK) Clap! Clap! - Southern Dub (feat. Domenico Candellori) (Black Acre, UK) Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Rubbernecker (Rocket Recordings, UK) 69 Complex - The Witness Room (Hamfuggi Records, Spain) Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Expanding Electricity (Ghostly International, USA) Frak - Arcitect (Höga Nord Rekords, Sweden) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at and follow him on Twitter @nickamc
Infectious sounds from all corners of the globe ready to bury themselves deep inside you this week. We've got dark industrial sounds from France, disco from Bandung, Indonesia, tough body music, extraordinary Gnawa music and a whole lot more. Tracklisting 404 - Retour A L'Ether (Crowdspacer, France) Cosmic Neighbourhood - Pine Wizard (Kit Records, UK) Midnight Runners - Bumpin’ (Tugboat Edit) (StarCreature10000000, USA) Muscle Vest - The Commuter (Idle Records, UK) Schwefelgelb - Die Dünne Hand (Minimal Wave, USA) E - Contagion Model (self-release, USA) Sibu - Oshiete (self-release, Greece) BADA - Början, Klander, Ett gammalt ansikte (Pomperipossa Records, Sweden) Cheb Runner - Jawgnawa ft. Maâlem Driss Filali (Rebel Up! Records, Belgium) Mai Mai Mai - Secondo Coro delle Lavandaie (La Tempesta International, Italy) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at and follow him on Twitter @nickamc
Whether it's afrobeat made from Japanese bamboo instruments or a 12-minute disco opus, there's music to get you moving on the show this week. Between those we've got the latest cumbia experimentation from Bogota, exceptionally heavy hiphop from London, explicit sounds of female empowerment and more. Tracklisting Handle - Punctured Time (Absolute Fiction, UK / Upset the Rhythm, UK) Ajate - Uka (180g, France) Teleplasmiste - A Boy Called Conjuror (House of Mythology, UK) Liiek - Waterfall (Adagio 830, Germany) Onoe Capone - Jungle (feat. L-Zee Roselli) (High Focus Records, UK) Romperayo - Uyuyuis (self-release, Colombia) Anna B Savage - Chelsea Hotel #3 (City Slang, Germany) Alxzndr - Lei Shen (Scotch Bonnet Records, UK) Blóm - Be Kind (Box Records, UK) Al Kent - Erotic Queen (GAMM, UK) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at and follow him on Twitter @nickamc
Some absolutely immense music for you. Not least the first cut from the long-awaited LP from Lunch Money Life. There's also dastardly dubs from Japanese producer Mars89, the latest from legendary Belgium duo Aksak Maboul, music from Israel, South Korea, France, Canada and spoken word from an experimental music champion closes out this week's show. Tracklisting Lunch Money Life - Truth Serum (Scenic Route, UK) Chubby and The Gang - Speed Kills (Static Shock Records, UK) Mars89 - GoodThing (Natural Sciences, UK) Aksak Maboul - Tout a Une Fin (Crammed Discs, Belgium) Baharat - بهارات - The Egyptian (Batov Records, UK) Chicaloyoh - Boli Armenii (Màgia Roja label, Spain) Kim Jinmook - Shivoham (Daehan Electronics, South Korea) Capitol K - Temple (Faith & Industry, UK) Racine - Quelque Chose Tombe II (Danse Noire, Switzerland) Self-Help (Mark Dicker & John Doran) - Exercise Number 1 (Tesla Tapes, UK) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at and follow him on Twitter @nickamc
After the subdued sounds of last week, this time around it is wall-to-wall bangers on the podcast. Whether it is the shake your booty disco from the ever-strong Toy Tonics label, or the unrelenting 180bpm+ of Spooky-J, whichever dancefloor you frequent is going to have a new favourite from our selection. Subscribe to the podcast wherever you get podcasts. Tracklisting Jackie Lynn - Casino Queen (Drag City, USA) Roman Truth - Magic Jiffy (Toy Tonics, Germany) Perhaps - 7.0 (Riot Season Records, UK) Spooky-J - Rod Cor(Blimey) Fntsy (Spooky Shit, Uganda) Dame Area - La Notte É Oscura (BFE Records, Spain) Project Gemini - Path Through the Forest (Delights, Israel) Horse Lords - Fanfare for Effective Freedom (Northern Spy Records, USA) The Populists - Prehistoric Lemurs (Lumière Noire, France) Ko Shin Moon - Leïla Nova (Akuphone, France) Mads Kjeldgaard - akkorder_191110_161537-root-2-harmonic minor (Ambitious Tapes, Sweden) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at and follow him on Twitter @nickamc
Mispronunciation rules this week's pod. I mean - you try and pronounce 'Davaajargal Tsaschikher' the name of the exceptionally talented Mongolian experimentalist. We have unusual and brilliant music from Ukraine, Niger, and Japan alongside London grime, hiphop and jazz. There's abstract electronic music, industrial dub, and phenomenal psych - it's going to be a good week... Tracklisting Brodinski x Low Jack - Andaman Sea (Editions Gravats, France) Collocutor - Lost and Found (On the Corner Records, UK) Svitlana Nianio & Oleksandr Yurchenko - Untitled 1 (Night School, UK) Beatrice Dillon - Workaround One (PAN, Germany) Hoshina Anniversary - Odoriko (Alien Jams, UK) Sex Swing - Valentine’s Day at the Gym (Rocket Recordings, UK) Davaajargal Tsaschikher - Urgeljid Urgeljleh Urgeljlel (Chinabot, UK) Lloydie Ranks - Street Fighter (Key Changes, UK) The Four Owls - Honour Codes (High Focus Records, UK) Mdou Moctar - Ibitlan (Sahel Sounds, USA) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at and follow him on Twitter @nickamc
*Note there's an annoying sound glitch on this week's podcast - apologies for that* What's that coming over the hill? It's two people with a podcast and a whole load of exceptional sounds for your ears. From the galloping intro of Sunny Jain through bassy goodness of Gqom Oh boss Nan Kolè and DJ Tess' collaboration, you know you're in for a good week. We also have music recorded on mobile phones in Niger, Japanese jazz, hefty rock and a whole lot more. Tracklisting Sunny Jain - Aye Mere Dil Kahin Aur Chal (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, USA) Nan Kolè, DJ Tess, NyNy - Gimme Any Riddim (self-release, Italy) Lina_Raül Refree - Cuidei Que Tinha Morrido (Glitterbeat Records, Germany) ZOHASTRE - Tarantella (ZamZam Records, France) Twin Sister - Light (God Unknown Records, UK) Etran de L'Aïr - Tilyadene (Sahel Sounds, USA) Dwellings x Locean - Cloudy (Tesla Tapes, UK) Anna Funk Damage – Badass Bitch (LazyTapes, Germany) Primitive World - FMJ 1 (Ecstatic Recordings, UK) Masahiko Sato - Sanae, Ai to Kyofu (Konoha no Fune) (WRWTFWW, Switzerland) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at and follow him on Twitter @nickamc
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