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A weekly show that brings you ten new tracks from artists from across the world. We cover every genre conceivable, from abstract techno, mutated dancehall, dark metal to Chinese bin lid music or something else - if it's recorded outside of the major label system, we're up for playing it.

You'll find music you love, music you don't understand, and music that'll change your life.
323 Episodes
A wide range of experimental sounds for episode 321. From medieval industrial metal to steam train post-punk, French field recording techno to toytonics from an 8-year-old South Korean prodigy and nearly everything in-between. Tracklisting Sophrosyne - Ecclesiastes (Avon Terror Corps, UK) RAAI - Beautiful Ocean (Extra Noir, South Korea) LV & Joshua Idehen - Ancestors (self-release, UK) HEIMAT - ITA (Teenage Menopause Rds, France) Brain Rays & Quiet - Slacker (Seagrave, UK) Fatima Al Qadiri - Malaak (Hyperdub, UK) Błoto - Mitomania (Astigmatic Records, UK) DIKDӔDØR - Steam (Edelfaul Recordings, Berlin) Hajj - Untitled (Carpaccio Cathedrale, France) Sabiwa - 鬼 / The Demon (Phantom Limb, UK) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.
Hypnosis and electroacoustic heavy on this show, as we explore found and adapted sounds from Greece, Italy, and the US, and well as taking on Tuareg/folk chanting from Niger, the latest from the ever-excellent Beak>, heavy psycadelics from Canada and more.⁠ Tracklisting Beak> - Oh Know (NRML Festival, Mexico) Sneaky Jesus - Battledance (Shapes of Rhythm, UK) Marie Guilleray - Inventaire (Commando Vanessa, Italy) Les Filles de Illighadad - Surbajo (Sahel Sounds, USA) Tunnel Speeches - Roadside Tour Guide (Specious Arts, USA) Tasos Stamou - Taki’s Sorrow (Ikuisuus, Finland) Editrix - Bad Breath (Exploding in Sound, USA) People Like Us - Sing (Discrepant, UK) Silver Stairs Of Ketchikan - Old God’s Tongue (Invada, UK) ROY - Where Did My Mind Go? (Idee Fixe, Canada) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.
Bookended by guitar-based experimental opuses, this week's show moves through the gears from psych-tinged jazz to off-tuned hiphop, via operatic experimentation, thundering bass music, folk, and Argentinian library music.  Tracklisting Hedvig Mollestad Trio - Leo Flash' Return To The Underworld (Rune Grammofon, Norway) McKinley Dixon - Make a Poet Black (Spacebomb, USA) Scotch Rolex - Success (ft. Lord Spikeheart) (Hakuna Kulala, Uganda) H.M.S. RMA - Sex Flute (Alter Records, UK) Jean-Michelle Tarre - Loreleï (POUeT! Schallplatten, France) Marisa Anderson/William Tyler - Lost Futures (Thrill Jockey Records, USA) Clan Caimán - Asoma (Rises) (EM Records, Japan) Chyskyyrai with Tim Hodgkinson and Ken Hyder - Degeren (Indigenous Lifeforms, UK) Maxine Funke - Fairy Baby (A Colourful Storm, Australia) Mare Cognitum - Antaresian (I, Voidhanger Records, Italy / Extraconscious Records, USA) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston
Even by the usual standards of the Independent Music Podcast, this show reaches into the more extraordinary reaches of experimental sounds. From chopped up club bangers, through Brazilian field recordings, via techno abstraction and Russian trap/free jazz, this show gives your ears a really solid workout. Tracklisting Rosso Polare - carrubbe chit Ka (TokuRoku, UK) Spooky-J & Ekhe - Passinho Gringo Foda 160bpm (Spooky Shit, Netherlands) Lucy Gooch - Ash & Orange (Fire Records, UK) Сольвычегодск - Размотка 📻🔥🕺🌚 (ТОПОТ, Russia) Cutc44t - Xtra (self-release, UK) Numa Gama -  Carregadores de Piano e Caboclinhos (self-release, Brazil) Rob St John - Surface Tension (Blackford Hill, UK) L’Orange & Namir Blade (Mello Music Group, USA) Jaco - Sur (Màgia Roja label, Spain) Emanative & Liz Elensky - Fall In To Me (feat. Ben Hadwen) (self-release, UK) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.
Simply exquisite noises emanating from this podcast, starting with the Korean-German contemporary dub of JahYu remixing the new Penguin Sound. We have extraordinary music from Jen Shyu, magical dream pop experimentation from Jane Weaver, pirate ship jungle music from Equiknoxx-affiliate Sección De Ritmo, Pakistan jazz from Jaubi and loads more. Tracklisting Penguin Sound - Rain (JahYu Remix) (Tripedal Crow Records, Germany) Loraine James - Simple Stuff (Hyperdub, UK) Jaubi - Satanic Nafs (Astigmatic Records, UK) NADJA - Luminous Rot (Southern Lord Records, USA) Ami Dang: 鬼 - The Demon (Phantom Limb, UK) Dignan Porch - Hidden Levels (self-release, UK) Sección De Ritmo - No Drama Llama (EquiknoxxMusic, Jamaica) Jane Weaver - Flock (Fire Records, UK) Jen Shyu - Life as You Envision (Pi Recordings, USA) Trigger Cut - Solid State (self-release, Germany) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston
If you had access to 39 gigantic bells and wanted to make an exotica record, how would it sound? If you wanted to make an orchestral opus and only had access to synths, how would that sound? Some answers may be enclosed in this week's podcast.  As well as experimentation with massive bells, we have more modestly produced music that is no less extraordinary. The latest from Thai trap maestro JUU4E is magnificent, the ever-prolific Chester Watson is back, the less prolific but always mesmeric Part Chimp return, and we have new ones from Penelope Trappes, Georgia, Masayoshi Fujita, Slikback and more. Tracklisting Part Chimp - Back From the Dead (Wrong Speed, UK) JUU4E -「あなたの心へのメッセージ」หนุ่มสาว Message for Your Mind (EM Records, Japan) Masayoshi Fujita - Thunder (Erased Tapes, UK) Cale Sexton - Refurb (Heavy Machinery Records, Australia) Penelope Trappes - Nervous (Houndstooth, UK) Stu Cisco - Night Out (Glossy Mistakes, Spain) Chester Watson - Staring into Space (feat. Psymun & J'von) (self-release, USA) Slikback - Worth (self-release, Kenya) Georgia - Story Scene (OOH-Sounds, Italy) Floating Points & Marta Salogni - Intimate Immensity (Remix) (self-release, UK) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.
Chopped beats from The Philippines, drone-blues melding, and medieval music from the US midwest are some of the more unfamiliar sounds making their way onto this week's Independent Music Podcast. Elsewhere, the astounding new track from BIG|BRAVE is a real highlight, we also have proto UK rap cuts from Manchester's Shotta Taps, relaxed Middle-Eastern electronics fro Shadi Khries, and a lot more. Tracklisting ビクター MKII- Treasure 宝物 (感傷唱片行 Kind of Blue Records, Taiwan) Jonny Halifax Invocation - Track 1 (self-release, UK) Cop Funeral - Out of Office (Already Dead Tapes, USA) Bejuco - Batea (Llorona Records, Colombia) Elminster - Dwarves of Citadel Adbar (Moonworshipper Records, USA) BIG|BRAVE - Half Breed (Southern Lord Recordings, USA) Big Scraps - Follow the Yellow Brick Road (excerpt) (Shotta Tapes, UK) Fly Pan Am - Scanner (Constellation Records, Canada) Shadi Khries - Sara (Hard Fist, France) Dialect - Under ~ Between (RVNG Intl., USA) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.
A remarkable array of sounds to entertain you this week. From the real banger to open to incomprehensible Mexican 8-bit drone via afrobeat genius, violin experimentation, reworked Indonesian throat singing, Polish juke and lots of other great morsels. Tracklisting Lady Lykez - Buzz Lightyear (Hyperdub Records, UK) Etuk Ubong - I Waka Dey Go (self-release, Nigeria) Shane Cooper - STATIC (Kit Records, UK) Amane OG - Defrag (Polish Juke, Poland) Sarah Neufeld - Stories (One Little Independent, UK) SŌN - Alkisah (Avon Terror Corps, UK) Floresta Oblíqua - A (Fungo Label, Portugal) Throwing Snow - Lithics (Houndstooth, UK) Mouse On Mars - Youmachine (Thrill Jockey, USA) Castle in Ruins - In Laa poszadaav di deescandzsov dondteev descantsasee tva amaatdov corrpuos quveriidat Doenceillav iin veilotaaris dondev resguardesen tuvos Sanguis, tuaa Hierenttiam in estadmn Existenciiale (Ave Negra Music, Mexico) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.
We often go full fat on the Independent Music Podcast, but with so many mammoth records on this show, we've had to give you morsels of the full glory. Whether that is a 6-minute snippet of 45mins of Balkan choral chanting, 2 minutes of 25 minute Indian-infused metal, or five minutes of the absolutely ear-meltingly good new record from Japanese legends Mainliner, there's plenty of good stuff to get stuck in to. Elsewhere, an early contender for banger of the year from Dame Area on Mannequin Records, there's dub-infused synth music from Teresa Winter, Swedish-Senegalese collaboration as Wau Wau Collectif and much more. Tracklisting Adrian Younge - The American Negro (Jazz is Dead, USA) El Michels Affair - Murkit Gem (Big Crown Records, USA) Vladimir Ivkovic - Gospels for Moopie (excerpt) (Fleetway Tapes, Australia) Phil Langero - Bodily Extremis (self-release, Ireland) Wau Wau Collectif - Salamaleikoum (Sahel Sounds, USA) Mainliner - Blasphemy Hunter (excerpt) (Riot Season, UK) Teresa Winter - Love Crime (Boomkat Editions, UK) Dame Area - La Danza Del Ferro (Mannequin Records, Germany) CZLT - Junkyard (WV Sorcerer Productions, France / Ascetic Visions, UK / Homo-Sensibilis, Belgium) Mark Cunningham - Osaka Night (Humanhood Recordings) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.
Bookended by sublime hiphop, this episode of the Independent Music Podcast takes us on a contemplative journey across the genres. From Portuguese pianist Tiago Sousa's exquisite new modern classical on Discrepant to Livingdog's tentative spatial folk sounds, there's a lot to sit back and settle in to. But we do also have a few tastes of experimental dance floor action too, not least Egyptian producer ZULI's pneumatic techno on Lee Gamble's UIQ label and the new record on Rocket Recordings from Goat-affiliated group DJINN. Tracklisting Angel Haze - Weight (Good Soil, USA) Tiago Sousa - The Myth of Sisyphus (Discrepant, UK) Pauline Anna Strom - Equatorial Sunrise (RVNG Intl., USA) ZULI - Keen Demag (UIQ, UK) DJINN - Love Divine (Rocket Recordings, UK) Humwreck - Burned (feat. Basura Toska) (self-release, USA) Colleen - Gazing at Taurus - Santa Eulalia (Thrill Jockey, USA) Livingdog - If I Let the Air In (self-release, USA) Steve Gullick & James Johnston - First Light (God Unknown Records, UK) YUNGMORPHEUS & ewonee - FistfulofGreens (Bad Taste Records, UK) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston
Do you like Indonesian horse riding metal? Do you like Panamanian shellac? Do you like tired radio advert voices from pirate radio stations between 1984 and 1993? Then you’ll love the Independent Music Podcast! We’re bringing you the very best in Japanese translated avant-garde French poetry, experimental Russian noises, slow grime and more! Straight out of South London to you, wherever you are in the world. Tune in or miss out! We’ve got the hottest tracks from the very best labels, here they are in order of being played: Dolenz – Blak Helicopters feat. Dabbla (Potentfunk Records, UK) Nansarunai – Enthronement Ceremony (Death Kvlt Productions, UK / Banner Of Blood, USA) Nahawa Doumbia – Djougoh (Awesome Tapes from Africa, USA) свяотй источник – Kino (self-release, Russia) Unknown – Limelight / Ravers Dateline / Under 18s Disco (Death is Not the End Records, UK) Party Dozen – The Worker (GRUPO, Australia) Mikado Koko – Ten Little Kuronbo (Akuphone, France) Grupo Istmeño – Coge el Pandero Que Se Te Va (Panama) (Dust-to-Digital, USA) Cousin – 1 Tun (Moonshoe, Australia) Gaffa Bandana – Breakage (self-release, UK) All edited by our main man Nick McCorriston
It's an emotional start to this week's podcast with the final recording of podcast mainstays Tomaga. It is - as with all the music Tom and Valentina made together - absolutely stunning and it's heartbreaking no more is forthcoming.  More positively, we have a great batch of other sounds to accompany it, not least the ferocious Bugandan drumming of the Nilotika Drum Ensemble or the more experimental percussion of Poland's Arszyn. There's gnarly noise from USA/Mexico, library influenced delights from Tom Furse, "Black Dwarf" techno from Selm, and loads more. Tracklisting Tomaga - Intimate Immensity (Hands in the Dark, France) Nilotika Drum Ensemble - Ejokawulida (Nyege Nyege Tapes, Uganda) Abul Mogard - In Immobile Air (Ecstatic Recordings, UK) Selm - Sin (Opal Tapes, UK) Lueke - Les Souper Des Cendres (L.I.E.S Records, USA) User from PT - Pirin-ei (Biodiversità Records, Italy) USA/MEXICO - Chorizo (Riot Season Records, UK / 12XU Records, USA) Arszyn - Prywatyzacja Kosmosu (Arszyn Records, Poland) Myles Cochran - The Light There (9Ball Records, UK) Tom Furse - A Journey in Ecstasy (Edit) (Lo Recordings, UK)  Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston
Something very different for you, this is the first episode of Anthony's new podcast: Out for a Walk.  It's a podcast about walking and sound. Taking in field recordings, nature and local history. Subscribe to it wherever you get podcasts Credits Hosted by Anthony Chalmers Produced by Sarah Nicol Music by Faten Kanaan
'Atmospheric' goes some way to describing a lot of the music on the show this week. From the sublime new opus from Mexico's Murcof to the stunning cello experimentation of Simon McCorry, we have sounds that transport you to a range of different intoxicating realms. Elsewhere there's some experimental panpipe music from Bristol's Avon Terror Corps and chopped cowbells from Colombia's LeinaD, Birmingham electronic-inspired new records from Ashley Paul and Beautify Junkyards, SOPHIE's 'no remixes... except for Autechre' prophecy coming true, and a whole lot more. Tracklisting Sintakon - Muevete (Avon Terror Corps, UK) Blanck Mass - Starstuff (single edit) (Sacred Bones Records, USA) Ashley Paul - Blue Skies Green Trees (Slip, UK) MANDEL - Mini Suite I (Bedroom Community, Iceland) Murcof - Underwater Lament (The Leaf Label, UK) Beautify Junkyards - Reverie (feat. Nina Miranda)(Ghost Box Records, UK) LeinaD - Cowbell King (Wachita China, Spain) Simon McCorry - Nature in Nature (See Blue Audio, Spain) SOPHIE - BIPP (Autechre Mx) (Numbers, UK) Sunburned Hand of the Man - Warm Banana (Blueberry Honey, USA) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.
A fantastic hour of new music this week, although the highlight could well be the sublime cut of Eswatini and South African music from 1989 that's had a reissue on France's Nyami Nyami label.  That Azumah track is bookended by two fairly gnarly pieces from Canada's Seum and Australia's Divide and Dissolve, we also have stunning ambient soundscapes from Chinese debutant Voision Xi, straight-to-disc improvisation from Sarathy Korwar and Upaj Collective, timely social commentary from Micall Parknsun and loads more. Tracklisting Micall Parknsun - Still Living Black feat. Napoleon Da Legend (Boot Records, UK) Meril Wubslin - Flâner (Les Disques Bongo Joe, Switzerland) TT The Artist - Get This WORK (Club Queen Records, USA) Seum - Saliva Bath (self-release, Canada) Azumah - Woza Moya (Nyami Nyami Records, France) Divide and Dissolve - Prove It (Invada, UK) Voision Xi - Peacock (Eating Music, China) Dean McPhee - The Alchemist (Hood Faire, UK) Sarathy Korwar & Upaj Collective - Elephant Hangover (Night Dreamer Records, UK) Virginia Wing - St. Francis Fountain (Fire Records, UK) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.
We start 2021 with music that is generally more mellow, contemplative, but no less extraordinary than the music you're used to on the podcast. Kicking things off with avant-folk of Birdengine, there's hints of modern classical from Doug Wieselman and CARM. We also have a very early contender for most exciting record of the year, with the first taste of the debut LP from Yao Bobby and Simon Grab, there's experimental music from Superalma Project, kraut-tinged sounds from Baïkonour, a tribute to the late, great MF Doom, and much more. Tracklisting Birdengine - The Woe Spills (Eyeless Records, UK) Yao Bobby & Simon Grab - Black Revolution (LAVALAVA Records, UK) Doug Wieselman - Hope For The Trees (Figureight, USA) CARM - Soft Night (37d03d, USA) Baïkonour - Desert Song (self-release, UK) Iman Houssein - Turkey (Ghost Notes Worldwide, UK) Superalma Project - Love is a Many-Splintered Thing (Glamour label, Poland) Fred E. Fresh - Wrapped Up-Tight (Analog Records, USA) Boldy James x Meyhem Lauren (prod. Real Bad Man) - Light Bill (Griselda Records, USA) Madvillain - All Caps (Stones Throw, USA) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.
A selection of ten of our favourite records that we've played on the podcast in 2020. It's an impossible task but there is some killer music in here to entertain you for an hour or so. So what have we enjoyed this year? In this selection there's Thai rap, Uruguayan experimentation, UK skronk noise, stunning BLM-inspired jazz and loads more. Part three of our favourites of 2020 will be hosted live on Zoom. It's free to attend, but you need to register here: Tracklisting Laima - Disco Pregnancy (Tonal + Rhythmical) (DEEWEE, Belgium) Sly & the Family Drone - Bulgarian Steel (Love Love Records, UK) JUU4E - Who is Drunk? 酔ってるのは誰?(EM Records, Japan) Mourning [A] BLKstar - Blk Water (self-release, USA) Effluvium - Vera (Moonworshipper Records, USA) Hey Colossus - (Wrong Speed Records, UK) Holy Tongue - Emet (Amidah Records, UK) Boldy James & Sterling Toles - Detroit River Rock (Sector 7-G Recordings, USA) Lila Tirando a Violeta & Lighght - Dry Season (N.A.A.F.I., Mexico) Faten Kanaan - The North Wind (Fire Records, UK) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.
We don't do 'best of' episodes at the Independent Music Podcast. Music is subjective and we love to shout about the music we love. This week, we're shouting about the music of 2020 that we love and haven't shouted about during our regular episodes. So whether it's 10-minute Finnish rock opuses, racially charged noise-jazz-hiphop, Kenyan field recordings, or Jordanian rap we've got something new(ish) and experimental for you to fall in love with. We also having pummelling techno, indie folk, choral experimental and a lot more. Tracklisting Oranssi Pazuzu - Uusi Teknokratia (Nuclear Blast, USA) Lil Asaf - El Burj (ANBA, Egypt) Tunng - Scared to Death (Full Time Hobby, UK) Screen Shadow - BOᗌIΞS (Scrnxxxshdw, UK) KMRU - Degree of Change (Seil Records, Germany) Pink Siifu - Bebe’s Kids, APOLLO ft. Moor Mother (de Rap Winkel Records, Netherlands) Couch Slut - I’m 14 (Gilead Media, USA) AYA - Ngallo (self-release, UK) Lyra Pramuk - Tendril (Bedroom Community, Iceland) A.N.I -Yes! Sure! If You Don´t Mind (Kashual Plastik, Germany) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.
Our final 'regular' show before January sees little let-up in the excellent music being produced through this mess of a year. Whether it's the spine-tingling multi-national vocals of Chant Electronique or the psychedelic fuzz of Japanese legends Mainliner, there's a lot of the good stuff in this hour-long pod. Elsewhere, live podcast regulars will be happy with two horse-related tracks from wildly different spectrums: former A Hawk and A Hacksaw violinist Heather Trosts new one is mesmerising avant-folk, whilst Giant Swan provide a blistering finale. What else? Well there's Cypriot synthpop from Spivak, possibly the best hiphop record of the year from Chester Watson, juke from Georgia's Nikki Nair and a whole lot more TracklistingSpivak - Πήγαινέ Μέ (Ecstatic Recordings, UK) DJ Danifox - Xupetilson (Principe Discos, Portugal) Chant Electronique - Kamen Gori (Rika Muzika, UK / Croatia) Mainliner - Dual Myths (Riot Season, UK) Chester Watson - Fog (feat. Dua Saleh) (POW Recordings, USA) Mike Neaves - Anxiatry (Hominid Sounds, UK) Heather Trost - Jump Into The Fire (Third Man Records, USA) Gary, Indiana - Nike of Samothrace (Fire Talk, UK) Nikki Nair - Buggy (Juke Bounce Werk, USA) Giant Swan - Silkworm (KECK, UK) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.
The long-awaited (okay, 12 months) return of Shackleton's Tunes of Negation is a real highlight at the end of this week's show. Before that we have a treasure trove of experimental sounds, from the blistering grindcore of Sulk to the stunning modern classical of Mirry. Also on the show, we have Gazelle Twin and NYX's exquisitely unsettling cover of Paul Giovanni and Magnet's Fire Leap (from The Wicker Man), we have collage art from Negativland, cumbia from Agrupación Changó, Peruvian 8-bit coldwave and a lot more. Tracklisting Negativland - We Can Really Feel Like We’re Here (Seeland Productions) Agrupación Changó - Oroí oroá (Llorona Records, Colombia) Vapour Theories - Breaking Down(The Portals Of Hell) (Fire Records, UK) Sulk - Pee-Wee Gurnman (ft De Mosselman) (self-release, UK) Mirry - Study in B flat Minor (Dinked Edition, UK) Alex Stolze - Horses and Acres (Nonostar Records, Germany) Loosers - Kill Screen (Lovers & Lollypops, Portugal) Varsovia - Hablemos Claramente (Buh Records, Peru) Gazelle Twin & NYX - Fire Leap (NYX Collective Records, UK) Tunes Of Negation - Your Message is Peace (Cosmo Rhythmatic, Germany) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.
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Sam Barnes

My favourite music podcast from 2020 no question, highly recommended.

Jan 11th

hxw araa

Love what you're doing, guys! 😍 Keep it up. Much love and greetings from Ukraine ♥

Jul 24th
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