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We're talking to Patrick Campbell, an indie founder who just sold his company for $200,000,000. That's an insane nine figure exit for a bootstrapped founder. In this episode, we talk with Patrick about his champagne problems and what indie hackers need to know today to get to where he is more quickly.  Follow Patrick on Twitter: Check out ProfitWell:
Sahil Lavingia (@shl) and Justin Jackson (@mijustin) join Courtland (@csallen) and Channing (@ChanningAllen) for a special debate-style episode. It's four dudes talking about Elon Musk. What could go wrong? Follow Sahil on Twitter: Check out Gumroad: Follow Justin on Twitter: Check out
Vincent Woo (@fulligin) sold his company for tens of millions of dollars. He joins the pod to talk to Courtland (@csallen) and Channing (@ChanningAllen) about advice for fledgling indie hackers trying to make money, the purpose of business, defining principles for one's life, and why he shouldn't have to pay Courtland for a $10,000 bet he lost.
Daniel Vassallo (@dvassallo) and Arvid Kahl (@arvidkahl) have both already made it as indie hackers. They join Courtland (@csallen) and Channing (@ChanningAllen) to discuss making money as an indie hacker, designing your life after you reach financial freedom, avoiding risk, mitigating inflation, and whether or not college is worth it.Related episodes: #212 – Actionable Steps for Building the Right Business with Arvid Kahl #177 – Mastering the Lifestyle-First Approach to Indie Hacking with Daniel Vassallo #140 – Vital Learnings from Bootstrapping and Selling a $55k a Month Business with Arvid Kahl of FeedbackPanda
Long-time listener, first-time guest — Courtland (@csallen) and Channing's (@ChanningAllen) mom, Eva, joins the pod to talk raising twins, buying gifts, selling computer parts, co-founder theft, an Indie Hackers quiz for moms, and why you should never retire.
I'm making some changes to the Indie Hackers Podcast. Check out this episode for a sneak peek into what's ahead. 
Julian Shapiro is back on the show today.  He's been my co-host for our podcast Brains, he's an investor at and a writer at Lately, he's been super into investing. He's managed to take an overly complex thing like investing and reverse-engineer it, breaking it down into its simplest frameworks.  Follow Julian on Twitter: Check out Demand Curve: Become an investor with Carveout: Apply to Hyper: Read Julian's memos for founders:
My twin brother Channing (@ChanningAllen) joins the show for the first time, for a casual chat about our recent trip to Italy, the best and worst parts of getting COVID, the future of media companies and indie creators, and DALL-E 2 and the future of AI.
When Sam Eaton hears a new idea, it's all he can do to contain his excitement and dive right into the code. So when his sister told him she wanted to start a cookie delivery business, there was never any question that he'd apply his indie hacker skills to help out however he could. And to great effect — today they're selling hundreds of thousand of dollars worth of cookies every month. In this episode, Sam and I discuss the advantages of target your local community as a niche, ways to leverage scarcity and social proof to increase sales, and how software engineers can best apply their skills to selling products in the real world.
Twenty pages into reading his first business book, Peldi Guilizzonni (@peldi) closed it for good and told himself, "This is not for me. I'm never going to start a business. It's insane." Not long after that, he rolled up his sleeves and got started building Balsamiq Mockups, which would go on to employee dozens of people, serve thousands of customers, and generate over $6M per year in revenue. Over ten years later, it's still going strong. Learn about the path Peldi took to get where he is today, why he's a legend among bootstrappers, and how he's building a business that's meant to last.Transcript, speaker information, and more:
Today I'm talking to Indie Hacker Brett Williams (@brettfromdj) who has built a $1M ARR "agency of one." In this episode we talk about how he manages 50 clients as a solo designer and has 10x'd his prices in the process.  Check out DesignJoy: Follow Brett on Twitter:
Today I'm talking to Greg Isenburg of Late Checkout and Dru Riley of In this episode, we cover a bunch of topics around media and community. I'll ask them where they get their content ideas, how they create product stickiness, how they stay productive and what new business ideas are sitting in their notes app.  Follow Greg on Twitter: Follow Dru on Twitter: Check out Late Checkout: Subscribe to
Today I'm talking to Victoria Young (@victoriahyoung) and Ravi Mehta (@ravi_mehta) about their coaching platform Scale Higher. In this episode we talk about the type of person who could benefit from a coach and how they've been inspired by platforms like Noom and TalkSpace to change the way people are able to level up their professional lives.  Follow Victoria on Twitter: Follow Ravi on Twitter: Find a coach on Scale Higher:
Today I'm talking to Steph Smith (@stephsmithio). She runs and recently got my attention when she posted on IH how she grew her podcast from 0 to 15k downloads/month. She took a really unique approach to launching her show, The Sh*t You Don't Learn in School, and I want to find out how she did it.  Follow Steph on Twitter: Check out her new book: (Enter code "INDIE" to get 60% off!) Subscribe to her podcast:
Today I'm talking to Ben Orenstein of Tuple and Derrick Reimer of SavvyCal. I recently joined them on their podcast The Art of Product and we talked about things like long-term goal setting and hiring a team of people you actually enjoy being around.  Follow Derrick on Twitter: Follow Ben on Twitter: Listen to The Art of Product:
Today I'm talking to Shahed Khan, the co-founder of Loom and investor at Hyper. In this episode we talk about his first business failure at 16 and the many iterations Loom went through before catching on fire.  Follow Shahed on Twitter: Check out Hyper:
In this episode I'm chat with Rob Walling about a wide range of topics including metal health, how to find a business idea and the relevance of bootstrapping today.  Follow Rob on Twitter: Apply to TinySeed: Listen to Startups for the Rest of Us:
Today I'm continuing my conversation with Pieter Levels (@levelsio). In this episode we dig into what habits make Pieter so prolific as well as his thoughts on investing, crypto, and money in general.  
Today I'm catching up with Pieter Levels after 4 years. The world has changed dramatically since we last spoke. Attitudes toward remote work and global travel are all completely different now. We'll talk about what headwinds and tailwinds these changes have meant for his projects.  Follow Pieter on Twitter: Move to Portugal: Work remotely:
Today I'm talking to Amjad Masad (@amasad), the founder of Replit. I'm captivated by his strategy and how Replit is eating the market from the bottom up. We'll talk about that and how he's learned to love being a founder even though it didn't start out that way.  Follow Amjad on Twitter: Check out Replit:
Comments (25)

William Vaughn

not a good episode. should have stuck with indie business topics

Jun 26th

Mo Prm

amazing podcast👌👌👌👌

Feb 8th

Hamza Senhaji Rhazi

the job of an engineer is not copying from stack overflow, it's a low standard to set for the definition of a software engineer

Dec 29th

Mir Media

He's spending the entire podcast promoting himself.

Sep 23rd

Marcel Maebara

Best podcast ever hands down.

Apr 3rd

Corey Alix

No I love this guy. He's a philosopher.

Sep 2nd

Corey McCoy

This guy is so annoying. Stop "TRYING" to be the contrarian....

Sep 1st


The guest is a smart guy but sometimes is nice to take a breath and allow your host to make you questions...

Aug 6th

Corey McCoy

please... please please stop with the COVID stuff. I listen to this podcast for business insights. it's not relevant...

May 19th
Reply (1)

Mir Media

Attention, Interest-tell them facts, Desire-tell stories and features and benefits, Action to take

May 12th

Corey Alix

Good to hear that this route works in some cases because it's the only way I could see myself succeeding - by building something that scratches and itch and eliminates pain. I'm lowering my pain threshold ASAP.

Dec 2nd

Ketan Ramteke

Mike is damn calm and his thoughts seems so full of clarity.

Nov 6th

UK Spacegeek

Please stop saying CHURN

Oct 2nd
Reply (1)

Piyush Dutta

A brilliant insight on how to seek the fabled word content with what I have. Ridiculously brilliant and exciting podcast

Sep 24th

Philip Chang

wow this dudes fucking garbage. This dudes main habit is reguritating stuff from the book power of habit

Feb 5th
Reply (2)

Antonio Javier Sanchez


Jan 9th


One of the most useful podcasts I ever heard.

Nov 24th

Pavlo Kochubei

This is a really interesting story. Thank you!

Oct 10th

Pavlo Kochubei

The description here is wrong.

Aug 28th

Pavlo Kochubei

Great advice about timing and not following your passion.

Jan 2nd
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