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Indiecast is a weekly show from UPROXX Indie Mixtape hosted by music critics Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen. Every week, Hyden and Cohen discuss the biggest news and names in modern indie, as well as look back to moments that established the indie rock canon.

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This week, Steven and Ian make the argument that Deerhunter might be the last great American indie band. It’s an interesting claim, but one that makes more and more sense as the discussion continues. It all starts when the duo is digging deep into the band’s 2010 album Halcyon Digest in celebration of its tenth anniversary, when they reveal that Deerhunter is the last band in the true sense of the word: an entity that exists as a collective, rather than an identity that’s actually driven by one person.In this week’s Recommendation Corner, we have Lomelda’s impressive new album 'Hannah' and Jeff Tweedy’s forthcoming book 'How To Write One Song.'Sign up for the Indie Mixtape newsletter at
On the new episode of 'Indiecast,' Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen reflect on twenty years of Cameron Crowe's 'Almost Famous,' using their background as real-life music critics to examine the accuracy of the central plot (there is literally no way that a publicist would let you spend several weeks on the road with a band for a profile), the depiction of Lester Bangs, and whether Stillwater is actually even a good band at all. Check out Hyden's full essay about the film here. In this week's Recommendation Corner, Steven is spreading the good word about William Tyler's new album 'New Vanitas,' while Ian is pointing toward 'I'll Figure This Out,' the latest from Milwaukee's Barely Civil. Sign up for the Indie Mixtape newsletter:
With most of the year behind us, it's time to look forward to what we are expecting from the remaining months of 2020. In our fall music preview episode, Steven and Ian discuss upcoming projects from artists like A.G. Cook, Sufjan Stevens, Bartees Strange, Mary Lattimore, Matt Berninger, Deftones, Lana Del Rey, Idles, Touche Amore, Beabadoobee, and Respire.In addition to the albums Steven and Ian are looking forward to this fall, this week's Recommendation Corner is dedicated to Bill Callahan's 'Gold Record' and the 2002 film '24 Hour Party People,' starring Steve Coogan.Check out our full list of anticipated fall albums here: up for the Indie Mixtape newsletter:
On the new episode of Indiecast, Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen look back to 2013, a pivotal year in recent indie history that saw the arrival of some of the biggest names in the genre, and the staying power of some of its veterans. 2013 brought the emergence of artists like Disclosure, Lorde, The 1975 and Haim. Vampire Weekend also dropped their seminal LP 'Modern Vampires Of The City' and Sky Ferreira finally delivered 'Night Time, My Time.' Back in our first episode about Arcade Fire's 'The Suburbs,' we noted how that album helped to mark the end of the aughts. In this episode, Hyden and Cohen declare 2013 to be the official beginning of the 2010s, with many artists still in the collective conscience today. Sign up for the Indie Mixtape newsletter at
Bright Eyes and The Killers are both back with new albums. For Bright Eyes, 'Down In The Weeds, Where The World Once Was' is their first album in nearly a decade; for The Killers, 'Imploding The Mirage' is their first since the underwhelming 'Wonderful Wonderful' in 2017. On this week's episode of Indiecast, Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen sink their teeth into the new albums from these legacy indie acts, while recalling their respective careers and seeing where the new work fits into their catalogues.This week's recommendations: Now It's Overheard, The Good Life, and two new singles from Father John Misty.Sign up for the Indie Mixtape newsletter at
Purple Noon, the new album from Washed Out, is the impetus for this week's episode of Indiecast, which finds Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen digging into the rise and fall of the chillwave genre, starting and ending with Washed Out. Purple Noon is an album from a genre strongly associated with nostalgia, but also manages to provide nostalgia for... chillwave itself. In 2020, the genre stands to remind millennials that they are getting older.Also covered in the episode is Welcome To Conceptual Beach, the expansive, stunning new album from Young Jesus that is already a strong contender for Album Of The Year.This week's recommendations: Dehd's Flowers Of Devotion and Gulch's Impenetrable Cerebral ForcesSign up for the Indie Mixtape newsletter at
On the second episode of Indiecast, Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen dig in on the 2020 albums they think are accessible and easy-to-like, but might not have the big promo push that other records from big-name artists might get. These are albums that thrive on Bandcamp and in the underground, filling basements, but perhaps never get above-board. With their podcast, Hyden and Cohen seek to right this wrong by sharing their best finds from this year. Artists discussed include: Stay Inside, Rose City Band, Ben Seratan, Ezra Feinberg, I’m Glad It’s You, 2nd Grade, Peel Dream Magazine, Wares, Weave, and I Break Horses.
Arcade Fire stunned the world when they took home the Album Of The Year award at the 2011 Grammys for their sprawling third album 'The Suburbs.' It was the first time the band took home an award at the ceremony, and left many people wondering, "who is Arcade Fire?" On the first episode of Indiecast, Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen dive in to the Canadian outfit's discography, zeroing in on 'The Suburbs,' a decade after its release.⁣✅ Subscribe to our newsletter for weekly music recommendations in your inbox:⁣🔔 Check out Indie Mixtape on YouTube:⁣🎧 Follow the official Topsify playlist:
Presented by UPROXX Indie Mixtape, Indiecast is a weekly show hosted by music critics Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen. Every week, Hyden and Cohen discuss the biggest news and names in modern indie, as well as look back to moments that established the indie rock canon.
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Leslie Bailey

would be much better if the hosts actually played the music instead of just talking about it. even an excerpt! other music podcasts are better for that reason alone. I'd had high hopes for this one but it's unfortunately just incredibly boring.

Aug 10th
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