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Untold adventures still await you! Listen to the Inglorious Bards battle strange beasts, thwart evil plans, solve mysterious mysteries, and do something with vegetables that will make your grandpa cry. ... I'm talking about chopping onions. The Inglorious Bards!
99 Episodes
Welcome to the Inglorious Bards!
Patreon Update

Patreon Update


We are proud to announce the Inglorious Bards Patreon page at Here is a run down of some of the content available for our patrons spread across different tiers. - Bonus Episodes: Full episodes of extra adventures of the gang. - Bonus Audio: Continuums: After each session, we record an after show where we talk about what happened during the adventure and where we think the story might be going next. - Bonus Audio: Evolutions: Listen to the players level up their characters throughout the campaign. What abilities and new powers do they bring to the table? What skills or feats did they focus on? - Bonus Audio: Monthly Content: Once a month, we will release exclusive audio to patron members that cover a range of topics like a discussion on the rule system, a deep dive into the house rules we use and why, one-shot sessions, and even lost episodes. - Campaign Polls: We'll introduce polls where you can vote on your favorite moment or favorite line from the show. You'll also get a chance to vote on where the direction of future episodes will go.  - Exclusive Forum with the Cast: Join a private Discord channel where the Inglorious Bards players and game master respond to your questions and crazy theories. - Access to character sheets, battle maps, and other digital files: Follow along with the adventures with the character sheets used by the players and the battle maps they fight on. - Create Side Quests / Encounters / NPCs / Creatures: Join the private creator's forum where you can enter suggestions for side quests and encounters for the players to tackle. Have an idea for a helpful NPC or big bad guy? Send it our way. The galaxy is filled with strange alien creatures, what will you come up with? (These are subject to game master approval.) - Highest Patron Tier Benefits: Be mentioned as a player sponsor in each episode AND come join us in your own adventure and play along with the Bards. We'll fly you in, put you up at a hotel, go out to eat, and have you join us for a one-shot adventure of your choice. This is only intended for individuals or sponsors that pledge at the highest level for a minimum of 6 months. So take a look at the different tiers available and thank you for your support!
The Inglorious Bards are coming to every Tuesday at 7pm Pacific. Come join the live video stream, see the battles unfold before your very eyes, and join other fans of the show in the chat during the live show. Check out
Bards Do Pirates

Bards Do Pirates


Hello! And welcome to the Inglorious Bards... This week we have a special one-off episode led by our very own Seth!  You may know him as Puck, Kolsch, or Iggy, but this week he is our Pirate game master, intent on giving us hell - and a good time.  So, stop reading about it and get to listenin' you rrrrrascally scallywags!  And rrrrrrrrememberrrrrrrrr.....   - Watch us live every Tuesday 7pm Pacific at - Join the Discord community to chat about the show at - Support the show and get access bonus content at - Listen to the adventures on your favorite podcast player: iTunes: Podbean: Spotify: Google Play: Castbox: Stitcher: Overcast:
Episode 01  "Cursed Ship"

Episode 01 "Cursed Ship"


Come join the Inglorious Bards on their first adventure of the campaign. Follow the not-so-harrowing tales of Avius the wizard, Puck the goblin healer, Elmon the archer, and Olgrim the drunken dwarf as they tangle with cultists, rescue a homeless man from drowning, and unceremoniously get mugged. Our group of adventurers take it upon themselves to attempt to foil the plans of evil cultists. Having garnered information that the cult was expecting a special shipment coming into port upon the ship, The Duke's Castle, the group has decided to intercept the cultists and the learn more about this mysterious shipment. We join them as they watch the ship from a safe vantage. Listen in as the group attempts to stop the cultists' plans while they encounter a persistent mugger, begrudgingly throw a drowning man a rope, and end up with more questions than answers from the mystery cargo. We invite you to join our irreverent and light-hearted adventure of the Inglorious Bards as they comically bumble their way through danger and dark magics...enjoy!  
Episode 02  "White Cliffs"

Episode 02 "White Cliffs"


Join the Inglorious Bards as they explore an uncharted island, engage in diplomacy, and find out what happens when you leave a dwarf alone in a room swarmed by enemies. Our group continues their journey to the uncharted island where they uncover a crumbling tower, find a mysterious man with a surprising ally, battle monstrosities, and sink their teeth into battle against the faceless hordes. Come join the irreverent adventures of the Inglorious Bards as they dish out pain on their enemies and really bad jokes on the rest of us.
Join the Inglorious Bards as they attend a dinner party, discover why you never leave a disgruntled goblin alone in a kitchen, and battle a magical construct. The Inglorious Bards return to dry land from their commission to chart an island. Stumbling into near immediate employment upon their return, they find themselves acting as guesst and bodyguards at a dinner party over watching some of the cities aristocrats. While Puck tests the limits of his host's employees and the rest of the party works to keep the silverware on the table, the true intent of the party is revealede, leaving the party to wonder if the events were connected or opportunity
Episode 04 "Gears and Cogs"

Episode 04 "Gears and Cogs"


Our heroes pursue several clues to the location of the Grey Ascent, a magic trinket coveted by many. Following a lead, the group battles more constructs, gets tangled up in the thieve's guild, and follow a bloody trail to more clues. An old enemy of the Bards returns with dangerous consequences.  
Episode 05 "Down into Chaos"

Episode 05 "Down into Chaos"


With Olgrim Shield biter taken away by cultists, the rest of the heroes search desperately for their friend, seeking out a previous acquaintance hoping he will have information on Olgrim's abductors. They gain an ally and pave a path through a fanatical enemy force determined to prevent them from rescuing their companion. We will find out exactly how much damage a hug can do, and Elmon gets religious. All while Olgrim struggles determinedly for his life, fighting to the end.
Episode 06 "Tribunal"

Episode 06 "Tribunal"


Having recovered their companion from the Chaos Cultists, the party quickly runs into trouble from an unexpected source. Their honesty is put to the test, and they struggle with a choice which may haunt them in the future. Avius does his best not to provoke another grandfather clock, and Puck continues to antagonize anyone foolish enough to slight him.
The Bards find work with a previous acquaintance to learn more about the Grey Ascent. Traveling into the sewers of Taullis, they run into more than one type of vermin. They discover a kidnapped victim in peril before a dire event becomes much more pressing to investigate. Olgrim continues his trend to get down and dirty. Puck finds new and old ways to confound those that have spurned him. Elmon finally figures out a knack for persuasion, and Avius proves how useful he is with manual labor.
The heroes return to the sewers to exterminate more ratmen, find themselves challenged crossing a deep channel of sludge, and end up blocked by an odd pool of water. A secret is discovered that leads to an old construction below the city with an air of mystery.
Leaving behind their experience against the dark specters, our heroes continue to battle their way through the sewers. Olgrim figures out why multiplication can be dangerous on their way to the heart of the rats' nest where Avius and Puck shine. After leaving the sewers and recuperating at Middle Hawks inn, the heroes attend a faire where Olgrim and Puck get slathered in mud. The bard, Vakeer, drops by and shares some rumors going around the city. Elmon and Puck enjoy one of their favorite games before the group runs into a priest of Lothien they've seen before.
In this episode, the group runs into a now familiar frenemy, whom they enter into an informal compact. Elmon goes head-to-head against a local champion and gains the attention of an Elven woman. Meanwhile, Puck terrorizes bullies for the crippled children, and with the help of Avius, they enter into a magical contest against a sorceress and some halflings. Olgrim helps us figure out how hard-headed a dwarf can be. Then the group heads out of Tauliss to complete an overdue commitment, running into trouble in both the woods and along the water.
This week the Bards find themselves facing a primitive tribe of frog like creatures called Bogligs. They are tasked with a challenge of cunning and strength to prove their worth to the tribe. Some of the heroes shine and impress the Bogligs while others provide comic relief. After the competition, the Bards find themselves in a battle for their lives. When things finally start to seem to be going their way, a new enemy rises up and proves to be the greatest challenge they have faced so far.
After managing to defeat the kaken hatchling, the heroes return to the boglig village, tell their story, and speak to the chief. Spending the night in the village, Olgrim and Puck are presented with an interesting dilemma with very different results. The heroes finally meet the man the bogligs have been healing. The group decides to head back towards more familiar ground but takes a detour to investigate an old temple they saw on their way to the boglig village. The group must face a hard truth before proceeding into the depths of the temple, where they will face off against the temple's new inhabitants. Join us in this episode where Puck enjoys some Boglig caviar, Olgrim tries out a new career as a mime, Avius convinces the group to join his cult, and Elmon is called out by name for his past actions.
Our heroes continue their journey through the temple, during which they encounter a rift that endangers the entire party before having to fend off a venomous foe. After which, they search for an escape from the depths of the temple but find an obvious trap with a prize too enticing to leave behind. Olgrim is left with a fateful and dangerous decision that could save or destroy the party. Join us as Olgrim takes a literal and metaphorical leap of faith with mixed results, Elmon makes a run for it with decidedly negative results, Avius finally gets to handle someone else's rod, and Puck yet again proves his mettle and loyalty by stepping into the fray.
Episode 14 "Ivory Sword"

Episode 14 "Ivory Sword"


In this episode, our heroes finally discover that the Ivory Swords have been holding Rolmik captive. Bargaining for his release, things take a turn when Puck makes an alarming discovery. Once finishing their business with the Ivory Swords, the group heads back to Tauliss to recuperate. They continue to track down clues to the Grey Ascent by visiting an old friend and searching a library. Come join the Bards as Elmon and Puck dish out different kinds of revenge, Avius performs an aggressive welfare check, and we learn that Olgrim is sensitive about the girth of his fingers.
Episode 15 "Clock Tower"

Episode 15 "Clock Tower"


Asking a curiosity shop owner points the heroes towards the location of Sanor. They sneak and battle their way through a clock tower to finally get close to the Grey Ascent.
Having defeated the madman at the top of the clock tower, the heroes now face a new of their own. A giant clockwork spider descends on the city, a hero is critically wounded, and Olgrim holds more power than he ever imagined. And that's just how the adventure begins.
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