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Every two weeks, Ed McNamara uncovers new and inspiring stories taking place in our highly disrupted, post pandemic world. Featuring conversations with business icons, entrepreneurs and industry experts about the future of work, the economy and everything else.
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You’ve heard about artificial intelligence in customer service, cars and even crime-fighting robots – but what about filmmaking? In this episode, Ed sits down with Ruslan Khamidullin, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Filmustage – the company revolutionizing the movie business by automating the time-intensive and costly phases of pre-production through AI.    Visit and use code INNOVATIONHEROES30 for 30% off any plan.    Featuring guest Ruslan Khamidullin, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Filmustage.    
Co-founded in 2009, Nanoramic Laboratories developed the groundbreaking Neocarbonix electrode technology that is transforming the future of li-ion energy storage. Ed sits down with Nanoramic’s co-founder and Chief of Products, John Cooley, to find out how he and his team are creating more efficient and more powerful li-ion batteries to help solve today’s most pressing challenges related to energy storage and reducing our carbon footprint.     Featuring guest John Cooley, Chief of Products at Nanoramic Laboratories. 
Knightscope Inc. is a global leader in developing autonomous security capabilities – and they’re right on track to disrupt the $500 billion security industry. Ed meets with Knightscope’s chairman and CEO, William Santana Li, to find out how his company plans on fighting crime and keeping citizens safe 365 days of the year with AI-powered robots.     Featuring guest William Santana Li, Chairman and CEO of Knightscope Inc.  
There is not a single person or business who hasn’t been impacted by the supply chain crisis. And while the pandemic may have exacerbated it, questions remain: what are some of the root causes of supply chain issues? And how we can begin to solve them? Ed meets with Sunny Han, founder and CEO of ERP platform Fulcrum, to get the ins and outs of how the supply chain works, and how Sunny’s business is innovating new ways to tackle supply chain problems within the manufacturing industry.    Featuring guest Sunny Han, Founder and CEO of Fulcrum
A champion for helping brands to thrive in the 21st century – and in the wake of a global pandemic that saw thousands of brick-and-mortar retailers shut down for months – Grant Barth helps brands to develop the creative strategies and solutions needed to create engagement, build brand equity and increase shareholder value.  Ed meets with Grant to discuss his groundbreaking “theatre methodology” and why creating in-person brand experiences is the key to helping businesses thrive in the 21st century.  Featuring guest Grant Barth, Global Brand President of ThenWhat 
It’s hard work out there for the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) – but someone has to do it. For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Ed invites back Michael Wilcox, Vice President of the Office of the CISO at Stratscale, to learn about the benefits and barriers to hiring a top-level security leader. Together, they unpack why it’s so hard to find and keep a good CISO, outline solutions to enhance your security posture and highlight why having a heroic, strategy-driven CISO is vital to your business success.  Featuring guest Michael Wilcox, Vice President of the Office of the CISO at Stratascale. 
Welcome back to season four of Innovation Heroes! In this episode, Ed unpacks the challenges posed by a growing labor shortage with one of his all-time favorite guests, Stacey Shulman, Intel’s Vice President of Health, Education and Consumer Industries. Stacey explains how transformational businesses need to start leveraging technology to hyperautomate the repetitive tasks that get in the way of more meaningful work, so that organizations can focus on solving the problems that matter most to their customers.  Featuring guest Stacey Shulman, Vice President of Health, Education and Consumer Industries at Intel.  This episode of Innovation Heroes is brought to you by Intel vPro, An Intel Evo Design. To learn more visit: 
We're back! Ed McNamara returns to host the fourth season of Innovation Heroes – a chart-topping podcast brought to you by SHI, one of the world’s biggest technology solutions providers. Starting October 6, 2022, we'll introduce you to 10 more unsung heroes radically changing the way we live and work. From C-Suite executives to startup visionaries, our guests will give you the advice and inspiration you need to tackle the major challenges facing transformational businesses. Tune in every two weeks to see what the future looks like – and to make sure you’re up to date on the latest and greatest stories driving technological innovation. Don't forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. For more on SHI, visit
Blockchain is generating lots of hype as the future of enterprise technology. But, like the dot-com boom before it, the promise is so extravagant that some of us are feeling skeptical – and maybe just a tad confused. Medha Parlikar, CTO and Co-Founder at CasperLabs, takes us beyond the buzz to explore the true potential of blockchain in the enterprise, and the real, practical concerns facing business leaders. From patents, human resources, supply chain, identity management, and security, blockchain has already started to radically change multiple industries. And we’re just getting started. Featuring Medha Parlikar, CTO and Co-Founder at CasperLabs This episode of Innovation Heroes is sponsored by the LastPass Identity Management Security solution and the new GoTo IT tools making IT easy. Visit and to learn more.
It’s easy to forget that most of us have amazing technology at our fingertips at nearly all times: our smartphones. Whether you use your phone to listen to this very podcast, to stay connected, or for entertainment, there’s huge potential that still stands to be unlocked in these devices. For instance, with the right motivation driving us forward, we can use them to start fixing our broken, out-of-date healthcare systems.  That’s the mission at Hyfe - to make it possible for anyone with a smartphone to receive instant and accurate diagnostic support. Backed by “the world’s most sophisticated acoustic AI”, the Hyfe app is used daily by researchers, medical professionals as well as thousands of regular people all over the world to identify coughs and other sonic-based symptoms in real time.   Host Ed McNamara sits down with Iulian Circo, co-founder of Hyfe. They talk about how this "Shazam for coughs” has the potential to figure out the best way for chronic cough sufferers and temporary cold fighters to get better – and how this shift towards personalized, data-rich, and equitable healthcare is ultimately helping to make the whole system a lot more useful and modern.  Featuring guest Iulian Circo, co-founder of Hyfe.  This episode of Innovation Heroes is sponsored by the recruitment team at SHI. Visit to learn more. 
The future of creative innovation is changing – rapidly. In our new hybrid world, we need to be thinking about how to integrate digital and physical experiences effectively, as well as what customers actually want today, and in the future, too. These are some of the big questions that AREA 15 is trying to solve – and judging from the rave reviews they’ve been getting, it’s safe to say that they’re succeeding. Touted as “an immersive playground, all rolled into a vast and vibrant space,” AREA 15 is a tech wonderland just a stone’s throw from the infamous Las Vegas Strip.  Host Ed McNamara sits down with Michael Beneville, the Chief Creative Officer at AREA15. They discuss the major paradigm shift unfolding in the guest experience space: one that’s striving to give consumers more agency. They’ll also shed a guiding light on what not just mere spectatorship, but true tech-driven participation can look like.     Featuring guest Michael Beneville, Chief Creative Officer at AREA15 and Founder and CEO of Beneville Studios.  This episode of Innovation Heroes is sponsored by the new SHI. Visit to learn more. 
It's a new year, but we’re still facing a lot of our old 2021 problems: the global climate is changing fast, we continue to run low on chips thanks to supply chain shortages, and the population of the planet continues to boom, making for more hungry mouths to feed. It might just be time to look to the stars for some solutions – and by the stars, we mean low-cost, on-demand, designed-to-fly-daily rockets. Creating sustainable and commercialized space flight could not only solve our short-term problems of how to get satellites into orbit more cheaply and efficiently – they could completely change our lives here on Earth.    Host Ed McNamara sits down with Andy Lapsa, Co-Founder of STOKE Space Technologies Inc. Andy’s spent the last decade working at Blue Origin, where he directed the BE-3 and BE-3U Engines projects and served as development test lead for the BE-4. Now, he’s starting his own space flight venture with the mission of making a completely reusable second stage rocket. Andy says the next 5-10 years of space tech development is going to have huge implications for our future; so, it’s going to be crucially important that we make the final frontier accessible, affordable, and sustainable – and that we figure out how to do it as soon as possible.  Featuring guest Andy Lapsa, Co-Founder at STOKE Space Technologies, Inc.   This episode of Innovation Heroes is brought to you by Autodesk. Visit to learn more. 
The Internet can be a hotbed for some of the worst aspects of digital society, but there’s lessons to be learned from the data we create in these unsavoury interactions. Network Visualization is an advanced analytic technique that can be used to turn the vast, intimidating mountain of our social data into stunning pictures of online communities. This kind of analysis can help us do a better job of parsing out the truth from the rest of the background noise, and maybe even show us the tools we need to help make the Internet a more hopeful place again.  Host Ed McNamara sits down with Alexandra Pavliuc, a doctoral researcher who’s using this kind of network visualization to make sense of the bigger picture. Examining everything from tweets by state-run political accounts to targeted sexism propagated by trolls, she says that this kind of analysis could be the first step in figuring out how to make the Internet a safer and more equitable place for all - and how to help both individual users and the leaders of these networks figure out what it means to do their part.    Featuring guest Alexandra Pavliuc, Doctoral Researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute.   This episode of Innovation Heroes is brought to you by Women in SHI. Visit to learn more. 
The team running Rutgers University’s supercomputer cluster has been busier than ever since the start of the pandemic. Today, they’re supporting the advanced computing needs for over 350 projects for hundreds of users all around the globe. From Dentistry to Astronomy, the work they support is truly changing the world – and sheds light on the real potential of today’s most powerful computing machines. But the real heroes are the IT staff, who not only maneuvered through the massive boom of pandemic demands, but continue to help make high resource computing accessible – and equitable – for a vibrant and varied research community.  Host Ed McNamara sits down for the last episode of 2021 with an expert from the Office of Advanced Research Computing, who’s fighting to give credit to the unsung heroes behind this amazing tech – because innovation is nothing without communication and a focus on equality.   Featuring guest Barr von Oehsen, Associate Vice President of the Office of Advanced Research Computing at Rutgers University.  This episode of Innovation Heroes is brought to you by the Samsung Galaxy Book. Visit to learn more. 
It’s American Thanksgiving tomorrow... a time to reflect on everything that’s happened in the last year. For the Innovation Heroes podcast team, that means thinking about the semiconductor shortage that’s been generating headlines – and with good reason. These little chips are in pretty much every electronic device you can think of, and there’s just not enough of them to go around. But COVID-19 isn’t the only reason we’re experiencing shortages; really, it’s just the last domino to fall in a cascade that’s spanned the last decade of technological development. But regardless of the true cause of the shortages, we need answers as to how exactly we’re going to get ourselves out of this mess. Host Ed McNamara sits down with two experts who say we have to start making the best of what we have, and finding ways to make sustainable maintenance make economic sense. Because the fate of not just the supply chain, but the world as we know it, depends on it. Featuring guests Sumit Puri, CEO & Co-Founder at Liqid, and Camberley Bates, Managing Director & Analyst at Evaluator Group. This episode of Innovation Heroes is brought to you by Intel’s Evo vPro platform. Visit to learn more.
Hitchhiking robots were just the beginning. Ed meets with Dr. Frauke Zeller and Lauren Dwyer, two leading social robotics scientists at X University in Toronto. Together, they go over the inspiring and viral story of hitchBot and all the amazing work Dr. Zeller and her team have been up to ever since. They discuss the latest and near-term use cases of robots in society and uncover a series of fascinating insights. From building the perfect robo-companion, to fundamentally altering our industries and what it means to be human, you will never look at your Roomba the same way again.  Featuring: Dr. Frauke Zeller, Associate Professor and Director of The Creative School Catalyst & CCK at X University and Lauren Dwyer, Doctoral Candidate in Communication and Culture, Technology in Practice at X University.     This episode of Innovation Heroes is brought to you by HP Inc Notebooks on the Intel Evo platform. Visit to learn more.   
Intel’s Stacey Shulman returns to talk about the one thing every innovation hero needs right now: More passion! After more than a year of the pandemic blues, Stacey talks with Ed about the projects she’s working on and explores the power of making tech more fun, meaningful, and human. From healthcare to retail, not only will it lead to better outcomes for the people you work with – it actually creates more profits, too. Stacey is Intel’s Vice President Internet of Things Group and GM Health, Life Sciences and Emerging Technologies.   This episode of Innovation Heroes is brought to you by Lenovo Intelligent Computing. Learn more at  
It’s the spookiest time of the year – Cybersecurity Awareness Month! For the Season 3 premier, host Ed McNamara explores the rising threat of ransomware supply chain attacks, the future of security and what conversations you need to be having, right now, to avoid being the next target. Featuring resident security expert, Michael Wilcox, the field Chief Information Security Officer at Stratascale. Discover more research and thought leadership from Michael and Stratascale at    This episode of Innovation Heroes is brought to you by Windows Autopilot. Unbox, log in, and take off with Window’s Autopilot today. Visit for more info. 
SHI's Innovation Heroes is back for a third season of exploring the people and businesses giving us hope in a drastically disrupted world. With new host Ed McNamara at the helm, we’re breaking ground - and stories - in even more unprecedented ways. In the last year of the show, we’ve explored huge innovations that are helping us to stay afloat and start down the road to recovery: technology to transition us to the hybrid working world, AI that developed the COVID-19 vaccines, how the father of VR, Jaron Lanier, is making virtual meetings more human...and that’s just to name a few.  This season, we’re looking forward with hope and finding the hero stories that will define our industries and society in the years to come. Featuring amazing returning guests like Stratascale’s Michael Wilcox and Intel’s Stacey Shulman, as well as new voices from universities, businesses, and maybe even some robots, Season 3 premieres October 14th with new episodes every two weeks after that. Be our hero – like and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. You won’t want to miss it!  Innovation Heroes is an original podcast from SHI and Pilgrim Content.  For more on SHI, visit 
WTF are NFTs?

WTF are NFTs?


Peter is joined by Costa Kladianos. Costa is the Vice President, Innovation and Technology at Canlan Sports and an expert on NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). NFTs have been causing a buzz in mainstream media recently. Peter and Costa discuss how they are fundamentally transforming the Internet in terms of creative ownership and distribution, from art to baseball cards and music. Are NFTs just for the avant-garde, or will they become the economic foundation of the Internet’s next generation?     This episode is brought to you by The Hub, the new central resource for insight, thought leadership, and news from SHI. Visit to learn more.
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