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Systemic change is needed to move us on to the right side of history. Marc Buckley speaks with the game-changers on a mission to get us there as fast as possible.

Take a deep dive with thought leaders, Innovators, Futurists, and those solving Global Grand challenges. Asking the question, "What Does a World that Works for Everyone Look Like for you?", futures, innovation, development, sustainability, environment, global food reform, regeneration, and systems thinking.

Marc is an Advocate for the SDGs, an Expert member of the EU, WEF, UN, and an award-winning Global Food Systems Reformist.
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Giles Hutchins Nature Works

Giles Hutchins Nature Works


Episode 185 Giles Hutchins Nature Works Giles Hutchins is my guest on this episode 185 of Inside Ideas. Brought to you by OnePoint5 Media, Innovators Magazine, and the ALOHAS Regenerative Foundation. Giles Hutchins discusses the importance of reconnecting with nature and our inner nature to address the interconnected crisis facing humanity. He emphasizes the need for a shift in consciousness and a journey of becoming, where individuals reconnect with their own sovereignty and work with life. Hutchins shares his own experiences, including an out-of-body experience during a car accident, that have shaped his perspective and helped him be more courageous in times of challenge. He also highlights the importance of empathy and understanding in guiding individuals on their own journeys of self-discovery and transformation. Giles Hutchins emphasizes the importance of trust and overcoming fear in order to create meaningful change in our lives. He shares his personal experiences of leaving corporate life and starting Springwood Farm, highlighting the resistance and doubt he faced from others. Giles believes that true trust in life is the foundation for connecting with ourselves, others, and the natural world. He also discusses the need for a revolution within ourselves, not just in the external world, and the importance of working with both stillness and tension in order to be truly regenerative. Reconnecting with nature and our inner nature is essential to address the interconnected crisis facing humanity. Shifting consciousness and embarking on a journey of becoming allows individuals to reconnect with their own sovereignty and work with life. Personal experiences, such as out-of-body experiences, can shape one's perspective and provide courage in times of challenge. Empathy and understanding are crucial in guiding individuals on their own journeys of self-discovery and transformation. Trust in life and the courage to overcome fear are essential for creating meaningful change. Connecting with ourselves, others, and the natural world is key to living a regenerative life. Education should focus on bringing forth our true selves and creating conditions conducive to life. Education for Creating Conditions Conducive to Life "Giles draws upon decades of research and experience and activating regenerative leadership consciousness to address the root problem of our interconnected crisis, blending pioneering neuroscience and cutting-edge findings on consciousness with ancient wisdom." "We are nature, and nature is us." #nature #consciousness #interconnectedcrisis  #becoming #sovereignty #empathy #self-discovery #transformation #trust #fear #change #corporatelife #SpringwoodFarm #consciousness  #connection #stillness #tension #regenerative #education #lifeconditions #regenerativeleadership #leadingbynature #gileshutchins #regenerative #regeneration #regenerativeleader #becoming #leader #sustainability Inside Ideas by One Point 5 Media & Innovators Magazine sponsored by the ALOHAS Regenerative Foundation.  Systemic change is needed to move us on to the right side of history. Take a deep dive with thought leaders, Innovators, Futurists, and those solving Global Grand challenges. Please like, subscribe, and watch us on our podcast from Innovators Magazine and OnePoint5 Media. Inside Ideas Innovators Magazine OnePoint5 Media
Episode 184 Benedikt Boesel Save Our Soils Regenerative Farming Farm Rebellion Benedikt Bösel, a regenerative farmer, shares his journey of transforming a thousand hectares of sandy, dry German soils into a thriving ecosystem. He discusses the challenges he faced in implementing regenerative practices and the need for a shift in the agricultural system. Benedikt emphasizes the importance of reconnecting with nature and understanding the true value of agriculture. He also highlights the need for societal support and policy changes to create a more sustainable and resilient farming system. Benedikt Bösel shares his journey of starting a regenerative farm and the importance of inviting people to experience and understand the work they do. He emphasizes the need for systemic, ecological, and social innovation in agriculture. Benedikt highlights the role of partnerships and support from organizations like Follow Food and the Schmidt Heine family in the growth of his farm. He discusses the importance of reconnecting people with nature and making sustainable choices in food consumption. Benedikt also challenges the notion that cows are the problem and emphasizes their role in regenerative land use. Regenerative farming practices can transform degraded soils and create resilient ecosystems. The current agricultural system prioritizes mass production and cheap prices, leading to externalized costs and environmental degradation. Society needs to recognize the value of agriculture beyond food production and support the transition to regenerative practices. Collaboration between farmers, scientists, and policymakers is crucial for driving systemic change in the agricultural sector. Systemic, ecological, and social innovation is crucial in agriculture. Partnerships and support from organizations are essential for the growth of regenerative farms. Reconnecting people with nature and making sustainable food choices are important. Cows play a vital role in regenerative land use and should not be seen as the problem. Redefining the Value of Agriculture: Beyond Food Production Transforming Sandy Soils: The Journey of a Regenerative Farmer The Role of Cows in Regenerative Land Use Partnerships and Support for Regenerative Farms "We need to touch people's emotions, we need to touch people's hearts. That is the way forward in order to change the large system surrounding agriculture." "Agriculture and farming have to be at the epicenter of coolness. Farmers are the custodians of our world and future generations." #regenerativeagriculture #livinglab #landwirtschaft #boden #SDGs #davasus #rehkitz #rehwild #thermaldrone #drohne #landwirtschaft #biolandwirtschaft #regenerativeagriculture #raisingkids #ecosystems #onehealth #SDGs #brandenburg #gutundboesel #ackerpulco #marketgarden #biogemüse #jungpflanzen #brandenburg #farmlife #farmvlog#farming #landleben #farm #biolandwirtschaft #regenerative #farming #agriculture #soil #health #biodiversity #sustainability #regenerative agriculture #innovation #partnerships #sustainability #nature connection #food consumption #cowsInside Ideas by One Point 5 Media & Innovators Magazine. Systemic change is needed to move us on to the right side of history. Marc Buckley speaks with the game-changers on a mission to get us there as fast as possible. Ideas Magazine Media
Glenn A. Albrecht is an Honorary Associate in the School of Geosciences, The University of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He retired as Professor of Sustainability, at Walter Murdoch University, in mid-2014. He continues to work as an environmental philosopher and published a book, Earth Emotions, with Cornell University Press in 2019. Earth Emotions was published in French and Spanish in 2020 and in Dutch in 2024. In numerous publications and public talks over the last two decades, Dr Albrecht has developed the theme of the psychoterratic (psyche-earth), or negative and positive emotional states connected to the state of the Earth. New concepts, developed by him, are now becoming well-established in the international scholarly literature, new research theses, and as inspiration for many creative people in the arts and music. While he is best known for creating the concept of solastalgia, or the lived experience of negative environmental change, his most recent work develops the mega-meme of the 'Symbiocene', a future state where humans re-integrate with the rest of nature. A book of that title should be completed by the end of 2024. He currently lives at Blackheath on Gundungurra land in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia. Glenn Albrecht, an environmental philosopher, discusses the concepts of psychoterratic, solastalgia, and the symbiocene. He emphasizes the importance of developing new language and concepts to describe the emotional and psychological states connected to the state of the Earth. Albrecht believes that the current language used in sustainability and eco-literacy is inadequate and easily misused. He introduces the concept of the symbiocene, a future state where humans reintegrate with the rest of nature, as a paradigm shift from the Anthropocene. He sees symbiosis as the foundation for life and a key to creating a better future. Glenn emphasizes the need to focus on the practical application of symbiosis in order to shift away from extractive and exploitative economic practices. He highlights the importance of transdisciplinary thinking and breaking down disciplinary boundaries to understand the value of life and the need for harmony with all living beings. Glenn discusses the potential for using biotechnology, such as mycelium-based coffins and mycelium bricks, as sustainable alternatives to current technologies. He envisions a future where everything we use can be returned to the cycles of life and where the joy of life and positive Earth emotions are nurtured. Glenn Albrecht, psychoterratic, solastalgia, symbiocene, sustainability, eco-literacy, language, concepts, emotional states, psychological states, Earth, symbiosis, Anthropocene, paradigm shift, symbiosis, practical application, transdisciplinary thinking, harmony, biotechnology, mycelium-based products, sustainable alternatives, joy of life, positive Earth emotions Developing new language and concepts is crucial for understanding and addressing the emotional and psychological states connected to the state of the Earth. The current language used in sustainability and eco-literacy is inadequate and easily misused. The concept of the symbiocene, a future state where humans reintegrate with the rest of nature, offers a paradigm shift from the Anthropocene. Symbiosis is the foundation for life and a key to creating a better future. Resonance and frequency play a role in conveying emotions and can be a form of language beyond spoken words. Focus on the practical application of symbiosis to shift away from extractive and exploitative economic practices. "Give me a concept in the Anthropocene and I'll give you its opposite." #symbiocene #symbiosis #earthemotions #newwordsforanewworld #ouronlyfuture #glennalbrecht #sustainability #solastalgia #Paradigmshift #psychoterratic #meme
Episode 182 Thomas Rödding Digital Product Passport Thomas Rödding, CEO of Narravero, discusses the Digital Product Passport and its significance in the context of the European Union's Green Deal and ESG taxonomy. The Digital Product Passport is a digital interface that provides comprehensive information about a product, including its ingredients, manufacturing process, certificates, and end-of-life options. It aims to enable a circular economy by making it easier for consumers to make informed choices and for businesses to provide transparency and traceability. The implementation of the Digital Product Passport has the potential to revolutionize the way products are produced, consumed, and disposed of, leading to more sustainable practices and better environmental outcomes. The Digital Product Passport (DPP) is a powerful tool that combines sustainability and compliance with customer experience and centricity. It provides a way to make products more transparent, accessible, and trustworthy. The DPP enables consumers to easily access vital information about a product, such as its environmental impact, ethical considerations, and authenticity. It also empowers consumers to make informed decisions and encourages businesses to adopt more sustainable practices. The DPP has the potential to revolutionize various industries, including agriculture, by promoting regenerative practices and reducing waste. Starting early with the implementation of the DPP is crucial to stay ahead of the game and reap the benefits of improved customer experience and compliance. The DPP also opens up opportunities for marketing, services, and innovation, creating a more sustainable and future-fit world. The Digital Product Passport is a digital interface that provides comprehensive information about a product, enabling consumers to make informed choices and businesses to provide transparency and traceability. The implementation of the Digital Product Passport has the potential to revolutionize the way products are produced, consumed, and disposed of, leading to more sustainable practices and better environmental outcomes. May 27, 2024, Exciting news from the EU! The Council of the European Union has given its final approval to the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (#ESPR), marking a major milestone in our journey towards sustainability. This groundbreaking regulation mandates that all products placed on the European market will require a #Digital #Product #Passport. This passport will provide comprehensive information on the environmental sustainability of products, enhancing transparency and enabling informed consumer choices. This initiative will significantly reduce the environmental impact of products, improve circularity, and drive innovation across various industries. It’s a transformative step that aligns with our commitment to a greener and more sustainable future. And the Digital Product Passport will bring about positive realities for Europe! It won't be straightforward – a lot of work awaits us. However, many smart minds are working on the DPP concept in an interdisciplinary manner, connecting with each other, thinking from the perspective of businesses and end customers – for a circular economy that can and will work. #DigitalProductPassport #EuropeanUnion #GreenDeal #ESGtaxonomy #circulareconomy #transparency #traceability #stainability #futurefit #DPP #espr #circulareconomy #customerexperience #marketingfuture #sustainability #digitalproductpassport #nexteraofmedia #eutaxonomy #Sustainability #Ecodesign #GreenTransition #Innovation
Tammy Michelle Scarlett is my guest on Episode 181 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Tammy is a global systems architect, strategist, and futurist, and serves as Executive Director of the global non-profit  With a graduate degree from Harvard University, she works on global efficiencies for humanity using interdisciplinary, cross-sector intelligences. Tammy believes in implementing systemic change with strategy, efficiency and abundance for the thriving of our future. Combining her Harvard education in Anthropology and MBA studies with her time spent with Native American and First Nations communities, Tammy promotes a return to ancient wisdom and nature to inform global systems solutions, including regenerative systems, integrative education for children, and accessible dynamic finance. Her work has been featured on WGN and Forbes, as well as published in the Library of Congress.  Tammy currently serves on the executive and advisory boards of Connective Consulting, Power of Women, and the World Upshift Organization, is on the executive advisory teams for the Holomovement and the Universal Peace Sanctuary, and is a collaborator with the World Academy of Art and Science for the United Nations Human Security campaign.  Tammy lives in a suburb of Chicago with her husband, their 4-year-old daughter Aurelia, and their pup Stella Maris. Tammy Michelle Scarlett is a global systems architect, strategist, and futurist who serves as the executive director of the global nonprofit UNIFY. UNIFY is a global nonprofit for world peace and impact that promotes global synchronized meditations and facilitates actionable ways for people to come together and make a positive change. Tammy believes in the universality of language and the importance of fostering authentic connections. She envisions a regenerative future where human activities contribute to the continuous renewal and flourishing of life on Earth. Tammy is involved in various events and organizations that promote transdisciplinary and cross-sector collaboration for a sustainable and regenerative world. The conversation explores the concept of exponential collaboration and the need for new work systems that can create a world that works for everyone. The speakers discuss the importance of regenerative and abundant living systems, the limitations of linear thinking and incremental growth, and the need for organizations to create conditions that are conducive for life to thrive and flourish. They also touch on the impact portfolio, a new model for global efficiency and impact ROI, and the benefits it offers to organizations and individuals. The conversation emphasizes the importance of thinking about and envisioning a world that works for everyone and the power of collaboration and cooperation in creating a better future. Her book “BIRTHRIGHT” dropping spring 2025 #UNIFY #Regenerative #Impact #Symbiosis #collaboration 
Emanuel Kuntzelman is my guest on Episode 180 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. The Holomovement: Embracing Wholeness and Cooperation  Emanuel is is an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist and activist for social transformation. He has founded and/or managed numerous exchange organizations in Spain, the U.S. and the U.K.. He is also the co-founder and President of Fundación por el Futuro in Madrid, Spain, and a co-creator of the Global Purpose Movement and Purpose Earth.  He is co-editor of the anthology Purpose Rising (2017) and The Holomovement:  Embracing our Collective Purpose to Unite Humanity (2023).  The Holomovement is the culmination of his life’s work. www.greenheart.org "We're going to have to be right-brained, inclined, intuitive, multidisciplined, and help us find a way out of the difficulties we're in." "The wheel is called the holomovement, according to David Bohm." "The Holomovement Wave: Bringing People Together to Unite Humanity" "Let's not only change the species name, how about if we change the genus too? So I proposed Holo idea kind of in yeah, seriously." "We need new words for a new world, new grammar, new words, new terminology to get us out of this anthropocentric way of thinking how bad humanity has been on the world." "How do we break down those inner and physiological and emotional and spiritual boundaries and borders that we've built up come together in that collaboration and say, you know, it's not just Fritz of Capra's theories or discussions or the Tao of physics, it's not just David Bohm, it's not just not Laszlo or... whoever it is, it's all of us coming together to make all of those models work at once." Chapters 00:00 - Introduction to Emanuel Kunzelman 03:35 - The Holomovement and its Origins 12:25 - The Holomovement Wave: Past and Present 37:34 - Continuing David Bohm's Work in the Social Arena 41:05 - Proposing a New Idea: Holo Universalis 43:22 - Breaking Down Silos and Working Together 50:27 - The Power of Resonance and Frequency 56:54 - Finding Purpose and Serving the Whole 01:10:12 - The Holomovement: A Movement of Movements 01:13:58 - The Future of the Holo Movement #Holomovement #TheoryofChange #Unity #Humanit #Movement⁠ #Consciousness #Frequency #Compassionate #Actions #Positive #ItStartsWithUs ⁠#Collaborate #Unity #ItStartsWithUs #Connection #Innovators #Harmony #ChangeMakers #Compassionate #Individuals #Soul #Community #Movement
Della Z Duncan is my guest on Episode 179 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Links in Bio LinkTree 🌳 to Podcasts. Della is a Renegade Economist who supports individuals as a Right Livelihood Coach, helps transition businesses as a post-capitalist consultant, and hosts the Upstream Podcast challenging mainstream economic thinking through documentaries and conversations including, The Green Transition: The Problem with Green Capitalism and The Myth of Freedom Under Capitalism. Della is also the creator and co-teacher of the Cultivating Regenerative Livelihoods program and co-teacher of the Economics Dimension course at Gaia Education, a Work that Reconnects Facilitator, the Course Development Manager of Fritjof Capra’s Capra Course on the Systems View of Life, a founding member of the California Doughnut Economics Coalition, a Senior Fellow of Social and Economic Equity at the London School of Economics, a Gross National Happiness Master Trainer, and a Senior Lecturer at the California Institute of Integral Studies.
Loretta Hieber Girardet is my guest on Episode 178 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Lori is the Chief of the Risk Knowledge, Monitoring and Capacity-Development Branch covering risk information and analytics, climate change, disaster loss and monitoring data and capacity-building for UNDRR Disaster Risk Reduction globally. Previously, she served as Chief of the UNDRR Asia-Pacific regional office, covering 38 of the world’s most disaster-prone countries. Lori served in various management positions at OCHA for over a decade before joining UNDRR, including overseeing the global Cluster coordination mechanism and having responsibility for IASC mechanisms on coordinated humanitarian needs assessments. She also has a background in public health and worked for the World Health Organization in various capacities, including in emergency contexts in Afghanistan, Pakistan and sub-Saharan Africa. Her experience in emergency contexts spans more than 25 years and she is the author of several publications including Lifeline Media: Reaching Populations in Crises which promotes greater accountability to people affected by disasters. Her academic background includes fellowships and degrees from the Harvard School of Public Health and University of Paris-Assas. GAR Special Report 2023 ‘Mapping Resilience for the Sustainable Development Goals’
Daniel Christian Wahl is my guest on Episode 177 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Daniel Christian Wahl is one of the catalysts of the rising reGeneration and the author of Designing Regenerative Cultures - so far translated into seven languages. He works as a consultant, educator and activist with NGOs, businesses, governments and global change agents. With degrees in biology and holistic science, and a PhD in Design for Human and Planetary Health, his work has influenced the emerging fields of regenerative design and salutogenic design. Winner of the 2021 RSA Bicentenary Medal for applying design in service to society. Awarded a two year Volans-Fellowship in 2022. Daniel Christian Wahl holds degrees in Biology (BSc. Hons., Univ. of Edinburgh, 1996), HolisticScience (MSc., Schumacher College, 2002), and a Ph.D. in Design (Univ. of Dundee 2006) on 'Design for Human and Planetary Health. Daniel lives in Mallorca where he helped to set up SMART UIB and works locally and internationally as a consultant, educator, and activist. Among his clients have been Ecover, Forum for the Future, Camper, and Balears.t, Save the Med, Lush, UNITAR, UK Foresight, Cloudburst Foundation, and many universities and NGOs. He has been on the academic working group of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and has been linked to GEN for almost 20 years. Daniel has worked closely with Gaia Education since 2007 and contributed to the development of their Design for Sustainability online course and co-authored the current versions of all four dimensions of the curriculum. He also wrote the content and developed the concept of Gaia Education's SDGs Flashcards which with the support of UNESCO are now translated into 7 languages. His 2016 book 'Designing Regenerative Cultures' has helped to define the field of regenerative design and has been translated into 8 languages so far. In 2021 the Royal Society for Arts, Manufacture, and Commerce - founded in 1754 - awarded Daniel with the Bicentenary Medal for "an outstanding and demonstrable contribution, through ... design practice, towards an equitable and regenerative world." He has been awarded a Volans Fellowship for 2022 and 2023 by John Elkington in support of past and ongoing work. Daniel trained as a biologist and holds degrees in Biology (BSc. Hons., Univ. of Edinburgh), Holistic Science (MSc., Schumacher College), and Natural Design (PhD., Univ. of Dundee). He was the director of Findhorn College from 2007 to 2010, is a member of the International Futures Forum and H3Uni, an advocation partner of r3.0, and on the advisory councils of Ecosystems Restoration Camps, Commonland, the Ojai Foundation, Future Planet Europe, the Centre for the Future and the Overview Institute of Australia, as well as a Findhorn Foundation Fellow. Daniel teaches regularly on the MA in Ecological Design Thinking at Schumacher College. Daniel's 2016 book 'Designing Regenerative Cultures' has quickly gained international acclaim, his Blog on Medium is followed by over 20,000 people and his social media advocacy has a combined audience of over 450,000 people around the world.
Felix Dodds and Chris Spence are my guests on Episode 174 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley.   Heroes of Environmental Diplomacy Felix Dodds has been a leading thinker in the area of global governance for thirty years. Now a Vice President Multilateral Affairs. Rob and Melani Walton Sustainable Solutions Service (RMWSSS) at Arizona State University and an Adjunct Professor at the University of North Carolina.  Previously he was an advisor to the Ford Foundation and their grantees for the development of the Sustainable Development Goals.  He was the co-founder of the Communitas Coalition for supporting SDG 11 on Sustainable Cities and Communities.  From 1992-2012 he was Executive Director of Stakeholder Forum and during that time he chaired the first UN Conference to come out with a set of indicative SDGs in September 2011. He has edited or written 24 books on sustainable development. His most recent book with Chris Spence is Heroes of Environmental Diplomacy: Profiles in Courage.  He also co-wrote Negotiating the SDGs which explained how the SDGs came about and who the key players were with Ambassador David Donoghue and Jimena Leiva Roesch and Only One Planet with the father of Sustainable Development Maurice Strong and Michael Strauss. Chris Spence is a writer and environmentalist. He has worked internationally on sustainable development, conservation, climate change and health policy, and he held leadership positions at non-profit organizations in New York, New Zealand and California.  He also consulted widely for the United Nations, IUCN-World Conservation Union and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), and he has undertaken assignments in more than 40 countries on five continents, focused, in particular, on climate change and sustainable development policy and practice, as well as international law. He has also served as a political advisor and journalist and been on the boards of several environmental organizations.  An award-winning writer, Chris is the author or co-author of several books, including Global Warming: Personal Solutions for a Healthy Planet (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005) and Rock Happy (2021). He holds MA (Hons) and BA degrees in Political Science and History from Victoria University. Originally from the United Kingdom, Chris lived in New Zealand, New York, and the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to Ireland in 2020, where he currently lives with his family. TDK The Band SF Bay Area Band Routledge Taylor & Francis Group @routledgebooks #HeroesofEnvironmentalDiplomacy #Felixdodds #chrisspence #SDGs #diplomacy #environment #sustainability #un  Please like, subscribe, and watch us on our podcast from Innovators Magazine and OnePoint5 Media. It is available on Social media, YouTube, Apple News, Medium, Goodreads, Spotify, iTunes News, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Audible, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Player FM, Radio Public, Breaker, Castbox, Overcast, Get Podcasts, and Pocket Casts.
Garry Pratt is my guest on Episode 172 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Links in Bio LinkTree 🌳  to Podcasts.   Garry is the co-founder of Earswitch, an innovative sensor technology start-up. He was previously Entrepreneur in Residence and a Teaching Fellow in Entrepreneurship at the University of Bath, where he ran an accelerator programme that supported high-tech, high-growth digital start-ups in areas such as med-tech, AR/VR and AI.    Garry has held senior positions in the pre-dotcom tech world across the US and Europe and is the co-founder of Teachit, a leading educational digital  content provider.    The Creativity Factor offers scientific and practical evidence for entrepreneurial creativity, with advice on the mechanisms, habits, and techniques that develop this skill. This uniquely holistic guide will provide you with a newfound awareness of your creative potential and how it can lead to business success.
Laura Storm is my guest on Episode 169 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley.Laura is an international keynote speaker, author, advisor and expert on sustainability and regenerative leadership and has spent her entire career advising global leaders on sustainability and building impact- and purpose-driven organizations, and movements. All have they focused on the global transformation to sustainability and they include the Copenhagen Climate Council, the World Business Summit on Climate Change, Project Green Light and Sustainia.In 2018, she founded Regenerators - a collective focused on nature-inspired regenerative design, organizations, leadership and living. She is the co-author of the much-praised book Regenerative Leadership and for her work, she has been awarded the title ‘Worldchanger’ by Greenbiz, is selected by the World Economic Forum as a ‘Young Global Leader’ and named one world’s leading women in the sustainability & regeneration by Sustainable Brands.She serves on multiple Boards and on the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network as an expert in sustainable development and climate change. Her academic background is a Master in Political Communication and Leadership from Copenhagen Business School.Laura lives on a permaculture farm in Portugal with her partner Ulrik, daughter Roxie and son Karlo.
Pascal Morgan is my guest on Episode 165 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Pascal is a Technology pioneer, creative thinker, passionate speaker, and cross-industry digital transformation advisor. As the founder of think.speak.transform., he looks back at over 30 years in IT, Technology, Media, and Innovation as Executive and strategist for Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders such as Coca-Cola, Deutsche Telekom, AOL, and Pixelpark. He is a member of the faculty at futur/io Institute for Emerging Technologies, a senior mentor at Germantech, business coach for start-ups, co-founder of the company builder United Peers, and previous Board member of the European Technology Chamber and chairman of their Academy commission. Driven by exploring, connecting, and researching on transformation, disruptive technologies, new business models, and global societal challenges for a sustainable future. With a love for coffee, gadgets, and people. #thinkspeaktransform #pascalmorgan #journeytothefuture #futurism #transformation #innovation #pioneering technologies #leadership
Lisa Whited is my guest on Episode 163 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Lisa believes in the art of possibility. She has a passion for improving processes and workplaces. Lisa has a holistic outlook on work: it has a ripple effect on our communities, society, and the planet. She is a change management strategist who is driven to make a dent in the abysmal Gallup statistic that 80% of people worldwide are disengaged at work.   Lisa has an MS in Organization and Management from Antioch University and holds certifications in mediation, facilitation, and interior design. She speaks and writes about the future of work, building community, and ensuring all voices are heard in a change process. Lisa consults with companies large and small, local, and global. Her recent engagements have been helping business leaders figure out what the future of work will look like in a post-COVID-19 world.   Lisa is founder and chief transformation officer of Workplace Transformation Facilitation and serves as a Senior Associate to Advanced Workplace Associates, a global change management consultancy based in the UK.   Lisa and her husband, Pete Chanis, have three children, two cats and one dog and live in Portland, Maine.
Dr. Elaine R. Ingham is my guest on Episode 162 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Dr. Elaine Ingham uncovered the Soil Food Web nearly 4 decades ago and has been pioneering research about Soil Food Web ever since. Widely recognized as the world’s foremost soil biologist, she’s passionate about empowering people to bring the soils in their communities back to life.  Dr. Elaine’sTM Soil Food Web Approach has been used to successfully restore the ecological functions of soils on more than five million acres of farmland all over the world. The courses offered by Dr. Elaine’sTM Soil Food Web School have been designed for people with, or without, a science background - making them accessible to individuals who wish to learn and to begin a meaningful and impactful career in an area that will help to secure the survival of humans and other species.  B.A., Biology and Chemistry, St. Olaf College M.S., Microbiology, Texas A&M University Ph.D., Microbiology, Colorado State University Founder and President, Soil Food Web Inc. Director, Soil Food Web School.
Michael Shaun Conaway is my guest on Episode 161 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley.  Michael Shaun is endlessly curious about how life works, why we do things the way we do, and how we might do them differently. This led him to become a phenomenological philosopher – someone who examines life from the way life shows up moment to moment. His current work in Being and Time is rooted in this tradition.   Michael Shaun’s purpose in life is to unleash greatness to bring about a thriving future. His mission is to empower and accelerate the redesign of our failing systems to create an anti-fragile, anti-rival world, one that works for all.   To this end he helped to create the field of Generative Futurism, the practice of generating or envisioning desirable futures at near and long timeframes, back-casting steps it would take to realize that future and then acting to take those steps moving forward in time. Simply put, this is the capacity to see and realize futures.   Michael Shaun is a frequent speaker on long-term strategy, the future, and being and time. His keynotes have the uncanny power to shift culture by building a new narrative for the audience. His talks are journeys designed to leave the audience seeing from a new reality.   Michael Shaun Conaway is the founder of five highly successful ventures. He is an award-winning filmmaker, editing publisher of PROOF magazine, founder of NOW, an entrepreneur education platform, CEO of Storyworks, a social impact creative agency, and the non-profit Generative Futures initiative.   Michael Shaun is the director of the award-winning documentary feature, WeRiseUP, a culture-shifting film featuring key global leaders. WeRiseUP asks a fundamental question: What is success for humanity?   Michael Shaun started his career in the mid-nineties as a writer/director for video games. By 2000 his creative agency, Storyworks became the go to agency for high tech companies looking to create visions of the future.
Corinne Sawers and Eric Lonergan are my guests on Episode 160 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley.  Corinne started her career at the UN, working on climate change. She has been advising global businesses and governments on climate and sustainability for more than a decade. She is co-founder of the not-for-profit More United.  Eric is a policy economist and author with more than twenty years of experience in financial markets. He is co-author with Mark Blyth of the international bestseller Angrynomics (Agenda, 2020). He has written extensively on innovations in monetary policy and frequently contributes to the Financial Times.  Supercharge Me is a fast-paced, clearly-written, manual on how to accelerate the green transition. Written by Eric Lonergan, a leading policy economist and author of the bestseller, Angrynomics (FT critics book of the year 2020), and Corinne Sawers, a sustainability and climate expert, the book introduces the concept of "supercharging", a new framework for accelerating our response to climate change. Through a series of high-impact policy hacks, Supercharge Me will embolden activists, reinvigorate the disheartened, and reframe the climate crisis as an opportunity.  The book is structured as a dialogue, where Lonergan’s expertise in markets and economics is combined with Sawers’ extensive knowledge of the climate challenge and business transformation. The authors’ appreciation of the realities of human psychology, politics, and how companies work, makes this one of the most accessible and practical guides to the climate crisis.
My guest today on this Special Edition of Inside Ideas is Dr Roland Strauss - one of the most influential figures within the European innovation landscape.  For well over a decade, in his role as Founder of the nonprofit, Knowledge4Innovation, he has been the driving force behind the European Innovation Summit held annually in the European Parliament, which brings European commissioners and MEPs face-to-face with the needs of the company’s, organisations, ideas and startups driving innovation across the continent.   Now, as Europe begins laying out its plans for delivering on its vision to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, it is the role of innovation that will again take centre stage.   And as the key innovation platform at the heart of the European institutions, with the support of dozens of MEPs, it is the K4I Forum in the European Parliament - sitting at the crossroads between politics; businesses; startups; academia and wider society, which is perfectly placed to help define the leading role it will play in achieving this net-zero future.  Right now, Dr Strauss and K4I are doing that most notably by leading the charge for the development of a European Innovation Area - a single ecosystem for innovation across the continent that can harness the collective power of progress to achieve a just transition towards a sustainable Europe that truly works for all.   The journey towards achieving this ecosystem is well underway, with the inaugural European Innovation Area Summit – led by K4I – set to take place in the European Parliament next month.  So, this is the perfect time to welcome Dr Strauss onto Inside Ideas to discover more about the European Innovation Area and its first ever summit.
Nicole Masters is my guest on Episode 159 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Nicole is an independent agroecologist, pattern thinker, author, and educator. For over 2 decades Nicole is recognized as a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker on the topic of soil health.           CREATE coaching program Application deadline May 15th - Course begins in June. CREATE is the ultimate ag professional development program for highly-motivated people serious about making a real difference in food/fiber production.  The program is a bespoke intensive, designed to deliver and empower highly trained, capable, and confident agroecological coaches and consultants out into the world. Learn more about the CREATE coaching program at                                                                Nicole's experience has spanned diverse sectors from community gardens and horticulture to vermiculture, compost tea production, and diverse multi-species systems. Her company, Integrity Soils delivers coaching and educational programs to producers and organizations spanning over 24 million acres. In 2021 Integrity Soils shifted away from in-person consultancy, to focus on training the next generation of coaches. Her first self-published book titled “For the Love of Soil; Strategies to Regenerate our Food Production Systems,” showcases examples of the tools, principles, and mindset producers adopt to regenerate their soils.  When the roads are good, you’ll find her traveling in her Ford 350, horse trailer in tow, working alongside producers to build soil and sink her carbon emissions.
Nicholas P. Sullivan is my guest on Episode 158 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley.   Nicholas is a writer and editor focusing on the impact of business and technology on international development. The Blue Revolution is his fourth book. It follows Money, Real Quick: Kenya’s Disruptive Mobile Money Innovation; You Can Hear Me Now: How Microloans and Cell Phones Are Connecting the World’s Poor to the Global Economy; and Computer Power for Your Small Business. He has been codirector of The Fletcher School’s Leadership Program for Financial Inclusion (Tufts University), a consultant to central banks in developing countries, and a visiting scholar at MIT’s Legatum Center for International Development. In the publishing world, he was publisher of Innovations: Technology/Governance/Globalization (MIT Press); editor-in-chief of; and editor-in-chief of Home Office Computing. Sullivan is currently a Senior Fellow at The Fletcher School’s Council on Emerging Market Enterprises and a Senior Research Fellow at its Maritime Studies Program. Sullivan has twice been a Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Resident Fellow. A graduate of Harvard University and The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, he lives in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.