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Systemic change is needed to move us on to the right side of history. Marc Buckley talks with the game-changers on a mission to get us there as fast as possible. Marc is an Advocate for the SDGs, member of the World Economic Forum Expert Network, and award-winning Global Food Reformist.

Take a deep dive with thought leaders, Innovators, Futurists, and those solving Global Grand challenges. Listen to renowned experts share their insight on topics including sustainability, environmentalism, global food reform, SDG plan to get us to 2030, regenerative practices and systems thinking.
108 Episodes
Jarkko Havas is my guest on Episode 104 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley.  Jarkko leads the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Insights & Analysis work. I&A consists of the Data & Metrics Initiative with a focus on measuring company level circular economy performance (Circulytics), and teams working on upcoming focus topics for the Foundation, as well as the case study programme.  Prior to joining the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Jarkko was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, based first in Tokyo and then in Brussels. His consulting work focused on agriculture and chemicals industries in both private and public sectors. Jarkko's academic background is in environmental engineering and sustainability science.
Ken Meter is my guest on Episode 103 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Ken Meter is one of the most experienced food system analysts in the U.S., integrating market analysis, business development, systems thinking, and social concerns. Meter has worked for fifty years in inner-city and rural community capacity building. His local economic analyses have promoted local food networks in 143 regions in 41 states, two provinces, and four tribal nations. Building Community Food Webs was published April 29, 2021. Ken is also co-editor of Sustainable Food System Assessment: Lessons from Global Practice (Routledge, UK) in 2019. Meter’s work can be found at Crossroads Resource Center.
John Pickrell is my guest on Episode 102 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. John is an award-winning journalist, the author of Flying Dinosaurs and Weird Dinosaurs, and the former editor of Australian Geographic magazine. Currently the Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for Nature, he has worked in London, Washington, DC, and Sydney for publications including New Scientist, Science, Science News and Cosmos. His articles also appear in National Geographic, Scientific American, Focus, BBC Future, The Guardian and the ABC. John has been a finalist in the Australian Museum’s Eureka Prizes three times, won an Earth Journalism Award and has featured repeatedly in The Best Australian Science Writing anthology, which he edited in 2018. He studied biology at Imperial College in the United Kingdom and has a Master of Science in taxonomy and biodiversity from the Natural History Museum, London.
Dr. Olle Olsson is my guest on Episode 101 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Olle is a Senior Research Fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), where his work is focused on socio-technical transitions, primarily in the fields of energy and climate change mitigation. His research looks at the interplay between technology, business models and public policy and how different factors across these areas need to align to make something a viable solution. One of his key interests at the moment is trying to understand the role of different forms of scale economies in technological transitions.
Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus is my guest on Episode 100 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Professor Yunus is the father of both social business and microcredit, the founder of Grameen Bank, and of more than 50 other companies in Bangladesh. For his constant innovation and enterprise, the Fortune Magazine named Professor Yunus in March 2012 as “one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time.” In 2006, Professor Yunus and Grameen Bank were jointly awarded Nobel Peace Prize. He is the recipient of 61 honorary degrees from universities across 24 countries. He has received 136 awards from 33 countries including state honours from 10 countries. He is one of only seven individuals to have received the Nobel Peace Prize, the United States Presidential Medal of Freedom and the United States Congressional Gold Medal. He has appeared on the cover of Time Magazine, Newsweek and Forbes Magazine.
Mathis Wackernagel is my guest on Episode 99 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Mathis Wackernagel, Ph.D. co-created the Ecological Footprint in the early 1990s with his Ph.D. advisor Prof. Rees at the University of British Columbia. Now he is President of Global Footprint Network which he founded in 2003 with Susan Burns. Together with its partners, Global Footprint Network focuses on bringing about a sustainable economy in which all can thrive within the means of our one planet. Since 2003 this international think-tank has engaged with more than 50 nations, 30 cities, and 70 global partners to deliver scientific insights for policy and investment decisions. With their annual Earth Overshoot Day, they annually reach over 4 billion media impressions. Mathis’ awards include the 2018 World Sustainability Award, the 2015 IAIA Global Environment Award, the 2012 Blue Planet Prize, the 2012 Binding-Prize for Nature Conservation, the 2012 Kenneth E. Boulding Memorial Award, the 2011 Zayed International Prize for the Environment, an honorary doctorate from the University of Berne, and the 2007 Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship.
Margaret O’Gorman is my guest on Episode 98 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Margaret O’Gorman operates at the intersection of business and nature. As President of the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), she helps companies find value in natural resources conservation and mainstream biodiversity across operations. She highlights the problems of too much planning and not enough action. She is a proponent of simplifying approaches to conservation and opening the door to efforts that restore broken places, enhance existing ecosystems, and return healthy biodiversity to all places. She has spoken at Business and Biodiversity forum at the Convention on Biological Diversity’s COP13, the Smithsonian Institute’s Conservation Optimism Summit, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Cement Sustainability Initiative, and Ireland’s National Biodiversity Conference. Her new book is Strategic Corporate Conservation Planning: A Guide to Meaningful Engagement was published February 2020.
Margaret Kim is my guest on Episode 97 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Maggie is the CEO of the Gold Standard Foundation, whose standard ‘Gold Standard for the Global Goals’ allows climate and development interventions to quantify, certify and maximise impacts toward the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. Maggie was previously the Head of Green Climate Fund Liaison in the Office of Director-General for the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), where she also served as Head of Strategy & Integration. Maggie has also held leadership roles in the private sector, including as General Manager, Sales, Strategy and Business Development for a leading biotechnology company. Maggie's strengths in strategic development and resource mobilization coupled with a passion for sustainable development and combating climate change supports Gold Standard in delivering on their vision for “climate security and sustainable development for all.”
Dana Gunders is my guest on Episode 96 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Dana is a national expert on food systems and was one of the first people to raise the alarm about how much food is wasted across the country and the subsequent impacts on the environment, food security, and the economy. Dana has served as ReFED’s Executive Director since March 2020, and she has a long history with the organization having served as a founding board member when ReFED was established in 2016. For almost a decade prior to her work with ReFED, Dana was a Senior Scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), where she authored the landmark Wasted report about food waste and testified before Congress. While at NRDC, Dana launched the "Save The Food" campaign with the Ad Council to provide consumers with easy-to-use strategies to reduce food waste in their own kitchens. She then started Next Course LLC to strategically advise organizations, including Google, and authored the popular Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook. Dana has made a number of appearances in the media, including "PBS NewsHour," "Last Week Tonight" with John Oliver, and FOX Business, and she was called “the woman who helped start the waste-free movement” by Consumer Reports.
Karel J. Golta is my guest on Episode 95 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. In the age of artificial intelligence, digitization and machine learning being human is often neglected. For Karel therefore it is crucial that innovations are not only human- centered but rather make mankind - in unity with the entire ecosystem – the decisive factor in development. That this is something only design can do - that is not to be argued with the entrepreneur and convinced business-romantic. Unlike many other topics, the founder and managing director of three companies – INDEED Innovation, TOI - Tools of Innovators, and Simplexion – loves to discuss, to provoke and to put the finger into wounds which no one previously suspected that they exist. As a speaker at international events, as initiator of successful event formats, as a board member and adviser of different cluster organizations, as lecturer at the Steinbeis University in Berlin as well as columnist and author, but above all in his attitude as an entrepreneur, Karel provokes and inspires executives as well as young talents to new thoughts. It is important to him that design is perceived as creation of value and not as creation of objects. And even more so he wants to convey to his listeners and readers the idea that design plays an important role wherever you want to change something.
If there’s one thing Eva Keretic has mastered in the half-century of her life, it’s to embrace an experience and create a story. Whether it be in song, or speech, or trying to save the planet. There she was at her first meeting with politicians and managing directors, hoping to finance an innovative vertical farm facility run on 100% renewable energy, and they started off with the normal introduction round. Their lists were long and impressive. She was panicking how would she even begin explaining her right and imminent necessity to be there amongst them. She decided the best plan of action was to go with her true story. She did write, produce and perform 6 albums of original music. She believes in and follows her desires to express her life stories with music and share them with the world. While doing it all, she has been adding something insightful to the lives of others through her experiences, she sure has and continues to do so. Whether it was for the many or a chosen few, she turned her life’s lessons and heartaches into songs. All the work involved in being an artist-led her down other roads, which allowed her to write advertising songs for companies, to create her “team-building with songwriting” agency, and to write songs to help teach kids to learn English. As is the natural course of a “do-gooder songwriter”, charitable work was the next step, she found herself tackling bigger global issues, like world peace and climate change. She was fortunate enough to have been accepted to train as a Climate Leader with Al Gore (former Vice President and Oscar winner for “The Inconvenient Truth) and his Climate Reality Project, and what she remembers most from her climate training with Mr. Gore, was that he said, „take what you’ve learned from my experiences and my presentation and weave it into your own narrative“. It all came down to the fact that all her experiences led her to become an advocate for spreading climate awareness. So in the end, that’s what landed her a spot at the table in that room with VIP politicians and the like. When she did confess her truths, it turned out the others were more impressed with her coming from “off the beaten path” than anything else (and they became fans, who doesn’t love music). • Member Hamburg Chamber of Commerce Committee for innovation and research 2020-21 (Head of the Foodworks Initiative)  • Ambassador for the Farm/Food/Climate Challenge for Project Together 2020-21 (Open Social Innovation Hub Germany)  • TEDx speaker October 2020 (Kassel, Germany)  • Creative Director for the ALOHAS Eco-Center 2017-2019 (a fully sustainable food and beverage production facility)  • Climate Reality Leader with Al Gore 2017. Mentor Berlin 2018.  • Singer/Songwriter: Composer, Producer - released 6 albums (Imported, Bittersweet Sessions, Sky Wide Open, The 70's, 50/50, A to Z through Germany)  • Managing Director and founder of "The Jamplan", agency for team building with songwriting. (Clients: Otto, Mondelez, Adidas, etc.)  • Composer of various advertising songs as well as a children's English Learning CD (clients: Maggi, Nivea, Milka, Adidas, TEDx)  • Musical Director for the International Art Project "Many Children - One World".  • Concert appearances, support act for Richard Marx, Vonda Shepard, and Marius Müller-Westernhagen.
Helena Norberg-Hodge is my guest on this Special Episode World Localization Day of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley.  Helena is a pioneer of the new economy movement and recipient of the Alternative Nobel prize, the Arthur Morgan Award and the Goi Peace Prize for contributing to “the revitalization of cultural and biological diversity, and the strengthening of local communities and economies worldwide.” She is author of the inspirational classic Ancient Futures, and Local is Our Future (2019). She is co-author of Bringing the Food Economy Home and From the Ground Up, and producer of the award-winning documentary The Economics of Happiness. Helena is the founder and director of Local Futures and The International Alliance for Localisation, and a founding member of the International Commission on the Future of Food and Agriculture, the International Forum on Globalization and the Global Ecovillage Network.
Emily Hennessee is my guest on Episode 93 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Based in Washington, D.C., Emily is a policy associate at The Good Food Institute and leverages policy to create a sustainable, secure, and just food system via alternative proteins in the United States and beyond. Prior to joining GFI, she worked on sustainable food efforts at Georgia Organics as the Farm to School Director and Director of Programs. Previously, Emily was the Sustainability Programs Coordinator at Emory University’s Office of Sustainability Initiatives. She holds a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology from Emory University and an M.P.H. with a concentration in Food Systems from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Emily is a member of her neighborhood community garden, on the Steering Committee for the American Public Health Association’s Center for Climate, Health, and Equity, and a Farm Foundation Young Agri-Food Leader.
Sandra Goldmark is my guest on Episode 92 of Inside Ideas. Sandra is the founder of Fixup (formerly Pop Up Repair), an innovative social enterprise in New York City. She is also a theater set/costume designer, a leader in the field of sustainable theatrical design, and director of the Sustainability and Climate Action program and associate professor of professional practice at Barnard College. She has an AB in American literature from Harvard College and an MFA in theatrical design from Yale University. In Fixation: How to Have Stuff without Breaking the Planet (Publication Date: September 22, 2020), entrepreneur and professor Sandra Goldmark calls on us all to move beyond our throwaway culture by rethinking how we shop and what we value, and to incentivize companies to produce better, easily repairable goods. Goldmark adapts a simple motto from the food movement that has profound implications: Have good stuff, not too much (mostly reclaimed). Care for it. Pass it on.
Alan Moore is my guest on Episode 91 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Alan Moore, author of the bestselling Do Design: Why beauty is key to everything, has written a new and timely business book for our post-Covid world. Business is changing. The single pursuit of ‘profit at any cost’ has been replaced by a desire to build companies that create a better future - and enjoy commercial success. In Do Build, Alan Moore draws on his years of research into some of the most pioneering and progressive businesses on the planet. By speaking to their purpose-driven founders, he discovers that it is possible to lead with generosity, have a transparent supply chain, design products and services that are considered and joyful, and create a company culture where individuals flourish. By sharing examples of best practice, Moore invites us to create a different type of business: one that will regenerate and restore our economy, our environment, and our civilisation. Alan Moore is a designer and business innovator on a mission to help businesses discover their own unique beauty. He mentors teams and individuals, delivers leadership programmes, and advises clients on regenerative business practices. He has collaborated with companies and institutions all over the world, including PayPal, Microsoft, Xero and MIT. Do Design (Do Books, 2016. With over 20, 000 copies sold). He has spoken at SXSW, the Hay Literary Festival and the Do Lectures.
Adah Parris is my guest on Episode 90 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Adah is a Futurist, Systems Thinker, Storyteller and Artist. Chair of Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA UK).  Currently Artist in two Residence at The Design Science Studio (Buckminster Fuller Institute) and the Emergent Media Lab, The University of California Irvine.  An enthusiastic curator of people, patterns and stories.  Adah's current interest lies in the anatomy of transformation and innovation, from ancient wisdom, natural systems and indigenous community practices to digital and emerging technologies.   In 2020, she was long-listed as one of the Most Influential Women in UK Technology.  In 2019, she was recognised as one of TED Talks Global Emerging Innovators. In 2018, she was recognised as one of the UK’s Top 100 Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Leaders in Technology.   Adah takes a philosophical and anthropological approach to technology; merging logic and creativity to design immersive storytelling, learning and development environments. Cultures in which her clients and audiences become critical thinkers, philosophers and immersive storytellers, problem-solvers. Innovators.   With over 20 years experience in transforming cultures to nurture decentralised humanity-centred innovation environments.   She has worked with businesses and individuals in advertising, education, entertainment, entrepreneurship, marketing, media and, technology start-ups.   Her clients and partnerships have included Google, Unilever, Sainsbury's, Oath, Ogilvy Labs, The British Council, The EU Council, The Tate Modern, the British Film Institute (BFI), The Union Chapel, Burning Man Camp: Playground, ArabNet Dubai, Innovate Finance, Wayra UK, The Friday Club, and Shambala Festival to name a few.
Sarah Greenfield Clark is my guest on Episode 89 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Sarah is a passionate change-maker and advocate for people power and radical collaboration. With Liam, she co-founded Climate 2025 as an evolutionary not for profit focused on agility, pace and system change. She is committed to lifelong-learning and finding new ways to platform the voiceless amidst the climate, ecological & humanitarian crises. Prior to Climate 2025 Sarah helped birth Extinction Rebellion with strategy, partnerships and leading fundraising efforts. Sarah completed a distance-learning MSc Sustainability achieving a First in 2018. She has written for Huffington Post, and helped coordinate & create green initiatives in her city of Chelmsford. Sarah has two kids and in what little spare time she has, she’s making an eco energy efficient home with her husband using as many second hand materials she can source.
Dr. Christine Lemaitre is my guest on Episode 88 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Christine is a real pioneer in sustainable building. As CEO of the DGNB German Sustainable Building Council she sets the course for a better planning and building culture in Germany for almost a decade. She was born in Gießen, Germany and studied structural engineering at the University of Stuttgart. After working in the USA, in 2003 she started working at the Institute of Lightweight Structures Design and Construction at the University of Stuttgart. In 2007 she started working at Bilfinger Berger AG as a project manager for R&D. In January 2009 she took on the role as director system of the German Sustainable Building Council and since February 2010 Christine Lemaitre was appointed the CEO of the German Sustainable Building Council. She has been a member in the Board of Directors of the World Green Building Council between 2016 and 2020 and Chair of the European Regional Network, making her one of the global forerunners for future-proof building on a global level. She is also a member of the Advisory Council for Baukultur of the State of Baden-Württemberg and of the Sustainability Board of the German Property Federation (ZIA). She is co-initiator the global initiative Building Sense Now an received the Eco Innovator Award from Global Green Economic Forum in 2019. Christine is a true believer in making a positive contribution to our global challenges through buildings and is a dedicated advocate for more and transparent quality of our built environment.
Andrew Winston is my guest on Episode 87 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Andrew is the founder of Winston Eco-Strategies a globally recognized expert on how companies can profit from solving the world’s biggest challenges. His views on strategy have been sought after by many of the world’s leading companies, including 3M, DuPont, HP, Ingersoll Rand, J&J, Kimberly-Clark, Marriott, PepsiCo, PwC, and Unilever. Andrew's book, The Big Pivot was selected as one of the "Best Business Books" by Strategy+Business magazine. Andrew’s first book, Green to Gold, was the top-selling green business title of the last decade, selling more than 100,000 copies in seven languages. Inc. Magazine included Green to Gold on its all-time list of 30 books that every manager should own. Andrew is also a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, and other media outlets. He has been quoted in or appeared in major media such as Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Time, BusinessWeek, New York Times, and CNBC. Andrew’s speeches around the globe, including a TED talk, provide a practical and optimistic roadmap to help leaders build thriving, resilient companies in a volatile world. He received degrees in economics, business, and environmental management from Princeton, Columbia, and Yale.
Torsten Kriening is my guest on Episode 86 of Inside Ideas with Marc Buckley. Publisher of SpaceWatch.Global (a ThorGroup GmbH brand) and CEO Torsten Kriening is a business development executive with academic and professional experience in space management, satellite communications, and broadcast technology. He has an electrical and telecommunications engineering background and studied information technology and computer science at the Technical College Berlin. Torsten began his career as a software developer, before moving into sales management and business development, working at companies including 3Com, Lucent Digital Video, SES Astra, Bertelsmann and PTScientists. A proud Berliner with a global outlook, Torsten expanded his horizons even further by attending the International Space University (ISU) and earning an Executive MBA. His ISU thesis analysed the capacity-building visions and opportunities of countries in the Gulf region, and he brings experience developing strong and lasting business relationships with Middle Eastern countries. At SpaceWatch.Global, Torsten is putting his business acumen to good use in his operations and business development role, specialising in international partnerships and information analysis. He has been instrumental in successfully identifying new market opportunities and takes pride in building strong customer relationships that benefit all partners, combining his business intelligence with an ability to understand complex technical information from the market and clients. Since beginning of 2020 he hosts a series of Space Café’s virtually. His weekly Space Café WebTalk "33 minutes with…” hosts high level actors in the space community for an in-depth talk. He also produces the bi-weekly Space Café Podcast hosted by Markus Mooslechner. In 2021 the Space Café’s branched out to various regions of the world.
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