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Author: Wondery

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From the creators of Inside Psycho and Inside the Exorcist comes a new story about a classic movie and its inspirations. A tale of a modest thriller that became an ordeal and then a disaster and then a phenomenon and then a classic. A story of one man, a fresh-faced, inexperienced director who nearly wrecked his promising career and became the most important filmmaker of our era. This is Inside JAWS.

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Jaune Osborne Curtis

I've listened to this twice. It is an incredible, well organized, well narrated history. Too bad it was one of the first pod casts I ever listened to, it will be hard for others to live up to.

Jan 3rd

Paul Newman

inside psycho

Nov 21st

Molly Mac

We are all different and enjoy different things- that is why there are thousands of podcasts to choose from. If you don't enjoy one, simply move on to another podcast. It's ok not to enjoy something - but bashing it or them because you simply don't care for it? Constructive comments is one thing, but aren't we all tired of everyone hating on each other for trying? I don't know anyone affiliated with this podcast but they worked hard on this. Good for them for putting themselves out there!

Oct 18th

Melanie Marie-Jahnke Manning

wow. one of the best podcasts I've listened to. I was crying by the end. just amazing, thank you.

Oct 10th

John Carlson

They didn’t deliver the bomb. They delivered uranium

Oct 8th

ethan costello

Great podcast. It took me a little bit to understand the format but then it was a joy.

Oct 7th

Nicole Everwine

well, well done!

Oct 6th

Brenda E. Kelly

Can't get through it. Too long, too many ads, not enough factual content.

Oct 4th

Murray Hoffman

Very surprised how good this podcast is.5 star

Oct 4th

Johnny Utah

dig it man. jaws was a classic that still holds up (other than the shark itself lol)

Oct 3rd

Rob Bosquez

damn fine work

Oct 2nd

bob caygeon

Well done. Narrator sounds like a younger Dennis Miller.

Oct 2nd

Jason Mathis

bob caygeon i though so too

Dec 12th

Connie Marrocola

e 88

Sep 28th

Martin Riggs

30 minute podcast with 14 minutes worth of ads.

Sep 19th

Andrew J Franks

how much cocaine did punisher do before this lmfao

Sep 18th

mark arballo

super cool

Sep 12th


Have you caught every episode of inside jaws yet? No I'm only on episode 2. God damn these ads!

Aug 14th

Keith Britt

I really enjoyed it! I liked the layout of the story, the cut backs in time, the sound effects, the writing, everything. Cudo's to all on a very enjoyable podcast!

Aug 13th

Dan Patrell

This sucks on so many levels. From voice to production value to script to narration blending into ads. I wanted to enjoy this, but it's unlistenable

Aug 11th

Al Greenberg

Make sure you stuff more ads to you next incarnation.

Aug 3rd
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