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Inside Personal Growth provides listeners with high quality interviews featuring leading authors in the field of personal development. This online podcast program is curated with content from international experts in the art of transformation. It is our mission here to tune listeners into an audio experience that will entertain and educate to help improve every facet of their lives.

Since 2007, Inside Personal Growth has connected people with the wisdom and resources they need to work through challenges and strengthen their internal compass on the pursuit toward wellness and mastery. Our archive features over 700+ podcasts. Each show offers insight into the minds of writers behind leading book titles.

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299 Episodes
This is a great interview with Jennifer Gluckow about her new book Sales in a New York Minute™
This is a recent interview with Jeffrey Gitomer regarding his famous book entitled Little Red Book of Selling.
This is a recent podcast with Barbara Savin about her new book entitledGentle Energy Touch.
This is a recent interview with Morry Zelcovitch about his audio program which are designed to do brainwave entrainment.
This is a recent interview with David Benjamin the author of a new book entitled Cracking Complexity.
This is a recent interview with Michele Despres the author of a new book entitled " Intuitively You".
We all could be better problem solvers, and rely as much on our intuition as well as a skill set that can be learned and practiced to hone our skills as better problem solvers.In my recent interview with author Charles Conn we discuss his new co-authored book with Robert McLean entitled ” Bulletproof Problem Solving-The One Skill that Changes Everything“. Charles states that there are seven steps to becoming a better at problem solver and they are: 1) Defining the Problem 2) Disaggregate 3) Prioritize 4) Workplan 5) Analyze 6) Synthesize 7) Communicate.
An interview with Kanwer Singh aka Humble The Poet about his new international bestseller entitled "Unlearn", 101 simple truths for a better life. "Unlearn" challenges conventional thinking to help you live your very best life.
In my recent interview with Rick Snyder the author of “Decisive Intuition-Use Your Gut Instincts to Make Smart Business Decisions” we discussed the importance of developing your intuition. In the business world we are increasingly relying on data to make our biggest decisions, including hiring, growth, product development, and sales. Rick believes that we need not just rely on just big data to make our decisions, but include our sense of intuition.In this interview Rick and I discuss the six steps process that is outlined in the book to help business executives harness their intuition.
Interview with Laura Gassner about her book Limitless: How to Ignore Everybody, Carve your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life. Limitless will help you get "unstuck" -- and achieve extraordinary results.
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