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Author: Takeyla Benton & Jen Rubin

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We explore Madison one story at a time. In each episode, Takeyla Benton and Jen Rubin feature a story told live in Madison, interview the storyteller to dig deeper into the story and how they crafted it.
5 Episodes
Lenora Rodin tells a story about her addiction and recovery. In our conversation she talks about the importance of telling the truth about herself. We talk about how a hard story and a funny story can be the same story. (This story was a crowd favorite the night she told it.)



Raj Shukla tells a story about his daughter and how she taught him to be more open to the possibilities in life. President Obama makes a cameo appearance in the story. We talked about how Raj uses storytelling in his work with the River Alliance.
Marisol Gonzalez tells the story of when she and her family moved into an all white neighborhood and were not fully welcomed. She was determined to win over her neighbors and threw a party. In our interview we talk about the impact this party had on her family and her neighborhood. We also discuss the difference between telling a story in a classroom to people you know versus on a large stage in front of 200 strangers.
In this episode Brendon tells a story about the impact his father's death had on him as a teenager and what he hoped to teach his young son about death. In our interview we explored how one story can change over time as the storyteller's perspective changes.
We listen to a story Esteban Touma told at the Moth in Madison StorySlam in 2016, explore the themes in the story and discuss how he crafted the story. (First pilot episode)
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