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Many do not realize the packaging and sorting down through technology to keep you obedient. Many top earning professionals don’t realize they are good and faithful servants. To whom? There is an invisible hand of influence you must face to be free. Join our free newsletter to gain freedom, influence, and achieve more in your career. Join us at https://www.insidestrategicrel... #PersonalInfluence #SelfDetermination #MentalFreedom
You can achieve more with the right insights. How has artificial intelligence changed information gathering? Will this technology help you solve problems?It doesn't matter if you use artificial intelligence, read books, or hire experts. The right questions unlock the results you desire.Without useful questions you'll get useless answers. Remember, artificial intelligence and consultants have one thing in common -- both have answers.The problem is you don't need "an answer", you need certain results. For insights and concepts that help you transform business relationships into profits, join us at #CriticalThinking #ProblemSolving
Do you make these mistakes with self esteem and insecurity? If you see any of these seven behaviors it’s critical you take action. People who exhibit these traits are risk adverse, unproductive, and often abusive. Pay close attention. Want to have more influence in business? Join free newsletter, https://www.insidestrategicrel... #ToxicPeople #WorkPlace #CorporateCulture
It’s easy to think hiring someone can help solve your problems. Looking to popular guru’s is common because they are so well know. But what if the outcome you desire comes from truth rather than popularity. Like a doctor or lawyer, you go to a real consultant when you have a problem. They aren’t there to camp out at your business, or even to fit into your culture. A problem solving consultant is a catalyst for change. They provide you leverage. In today’s podcast I’ll share why I’m not your guru. How to get more from a consultant, mentor, or coach. Key insights for working with expert advice to get results in your business. How to benefit from psychological, economic, and risk management insights. Are you a leader who wants specific outcomes? Do you want to grow your influence in business or a specific market? Then you are in the right place. Join our free newsletter at https://www.insidestrategicrel... #HireConsultant #ProblemSolving #OutcomeManagement
It's a real problem that society rewards popularity over accuracy. That's why you'll need a rank armature with 15-thousand subscribers on YouTube. I won't name names, because at least they are doing something. The only way to learn is to take action. But more is required to build influence in your marketplace.In this episode I'll share some examples of bad advance. Plus what you can do to gain new opportunities without wasting time. It more critical then ever to focus this way.Are you a knowledge worker or subject matter expert? If yes, then here's a resource that helps you transform business relationships into profits. Join us at #IncreaseKnowledge #BusinessRelationship
There is one thing that can unlock opportunities and give you control over other people's minds. That one thing is stronger than silence, more powerful than force.It's important to ask questions to get information. The secret power of the most intelligent people. Even something you can use against yourself for career development. Used correctly, this skill increases wealth, influence, and prosperity.What is that one skill? The single thing that unlocks opportunities and opens doors. Helps you get access to all the resources you need. That’s what this episode is all about!Are you a business professional? Unleash the skills that build your career. Open the doors of new opportunities. Free newsletter delivers, #IntelligentQuestions #HumanIntelligence
Are you frustrated? You know how to solve problems but you aren’t getting any traction. Maybe you just got laid off and you don’t know what to do next. This powerful, yet easy to use tool can help you. It builds on the concept of minimum viable product while offering certain constraints to focus effort. You’ll use this to become more productive. You’ll quickly find viable solutions. This is a genius level skill that makes you more productive. Productivity is fine, but this kind of productivity focuses you on outcomes you desire. As a knowledge worker, high income professional, or entrepreneur, this skill sets you apart. When you put this in practice you achieve more by leaps and bounds. Do you want greater influence? Want to be more productive in a meaningful way? Discover new ideas and concepts that help you reach your peak performance. For details visit https://www.insidestrategicrel... #PeakPerformance #OvercomeObstacles #ProblemSolving
Do you want more influence in your market? What about building strong mutually beneficial business relationships? Today we focus on three biological desires that once understood can be used to modify behavior of others. Use these insights to help others overcome addiction, increase peak performance, and even follow your advice. While there are many more desires, this is a good place to start. Notice how desires interconnect to ultimately shape how someone sees themselves. When you learn how to transform business relationships into profits you gain more independence. You become free to live, do, and act as you want. For resources to help you gain influence, join us at https://www.insidestrategicrel... #PersonalInfluence #MindControl #PersonalDesires
Every business has certain functions that if documented could scale to increase profits. There are people who contribute to your results, others who do not. Certain aspects of customer service leads to increasing revenue. The power of knowing what works and what doesn’t can scale your business. One thing I do for clients is document processes. These processes become a framework to grow the business, lower risk, and increase profitability. That’s what today’s episode is about. How to get started documenting key processes. What approach is necessary to make your business more efficient and effective. What are some of the constraints that limit performance. I address these issues and more as I show you how to identify your framework for success. This is an example of applying strategic relationships. For more ideas and concepts about optimizing your business outcomes, join us at https://www.insidestrategicrel... #BusinessRelationship #BusinessProcess #OptimizePerformance
Social pressures today make it difficult to be yourself. Marketing and political systems set up unrealistic expectations. Yet to be your authentic self matters more than ever.I could make these podcasts more professional. I could look better by societal standards or even be more politically correct. But is that what is necessary for you to get results?If these concepts have helped you, learn more about building influence in business. Free newsletter available. Join us at #SelfExpression #BusinessRelationship
Reducing risk in business improves the value of business relationships. Proper risk management builds trust, solves problems, and improves product quality.Discover essential skills that bulletproof your career, even in trying times. Join the only strategic newsletter for knowledge workers and entrepreneurs,
There are no shortcuts in life. If you want results, there are certain things you can do. Here are three key factors to help you achieve all you want in life.You can achieve peak productivity and performance, it's closer than you may think. For tools and resources, join us at #IncreaseProductivity
Discover a competitive advantage that helps you dominate a market. You’ll get more work done in less time. But there’s a caveat.Artificial intelligence is not as good as it seems. If you don’t use AI correctly, it won’t work.A certain leverage is necessary to increase your productivity with these unique tools. Today's episode introduces you to that leverage.Want to be more productive? Do you want insights and ideas that increase peak performance and results? Join us at #peak-productivity #personal-productivity
With all the talk about OpenAI’s Chat GPT, I had to put it to the test. Fans praise Chat GPT for its ability to write songs, look up information, and communicate with humans. But is it all they say? Or more?I share a few tests, best practices, and the value Chat GPT may have for knowledge workers. My tests include sentiment analysis, factual research, and writing prompts. It was surprising what I found and what I could do with this tool.Want to learn more about critical thinking and transform business relationships into profits? Join my free newsletter at #chat-gpt #administrative-assistant
Are you going to achieve this year. Or are you distracted by gossip, entertainment, and frustrations. In today’s episode you’ll learn how to address what is it you want and move towards its achievement.
Many contracts and job applications are asking COVID vaccination status. They also ask questions about disability, LGBTIA+, and veteran status. These questions early in a recruiting engagement sets up your company for potential risk.This is an important risk management concern that very few companies observe. With recent Supreme Court judgements and vaccination harm cases don’t make these mistakes in your hiring process. Reduce Human Resources risk with a small adjustment to your hiring process.Learn more about increasing business profits by reducing risk, improving process, and learn to master influence in business. Join our free newsletter at #RiskManagement #HumanResources
Successful projects have less risk. While it is impossible to remove all risks, specific methods prevent or detect risks. Less risk means fewer surprises.Learn about a fatal mistake most project managers make that risk management resolves. This approach helps projects complete on time and within budget.Are you a knowledge worker or entrepreneur? Learn how to improve your influence, productivity, and ability to think. Subscribe to our free newsletter at
Business relationships matter more to your personal economy than anything else. The people you know, and how know you, determine your success in life. But how do you effectively keep in touch to cultivate these relationships over time.It’s not social media? It’s not email broadcasts? It’s five simple priorities that connect you with the right people, so opportunity comes to you. Stop making excuses, get setup right now with a way to connect and cultivate strategic relationships.To ask questions about gaining authority in your market, positioning yourself as a recognized expert, or building business relationships, join us at Your questions are welcome. Be sure to like and subscribe. Let’s get results together!#BusinessRelationship #SocialNetworking #RecognizedExpert
Are you struggling to find your next opportunity in this economy? With these skills, find the career opportunity you want rather than suffer. Three steps help you secure new employment or clients while positioning yourself as a high-value candidate.Stop worrying about layoffs, downsizing, and outsourcing. Become a person with communication and influence skills to attract top-paying opportunities. Are you ready to make your work more fulfilling?If resumes got people jobs, then everyone would have one. Today it takes more to cultivate, identify, and maintain meaningful relationships. Hiring managers do more to hide from the onslaught of unqualified candidates.This method works for senior-level employees and independent consultants. You'll find nuggets you can put in place right away. What have you seen work in your career development? Be sure to comment below.Many top-paid individuals fear daily news cycles of recession, layoffs, and corporate closures. Insulate yourself from these natural cycles with a strategic relationship approach.Finally, attract opportunities you want while influencing those who can hire you. Free resources that build powerful relationship skills at I could offer an encouraging word, it would be, "Those who ask in the right way get what is right for them." I'm looking forward to hearing of your success!
Are you stumbling through life or are you a master of your destiny? When you understand universal truths of human behavior you can navigate life more successful.Today’s episode is controversial, but offered you an opportunity to see the world as it is. You can discover new ways to achieve the success you desire. This is the truth that sets you free.
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