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Memorial Holiday weekend show. The Indy 500. Target, a child grooming operation to include their "social governance" and donations to child grooming companies. Bud Light. ESG metrics being used to coerce companies into pushing LGBTQP++ agendas. Ukraine. Phone calls.
The Protocols of Zion, political incompetence, over-reaching chutzpah, Sven Longshanks, and Jewish assaults on Western values as freedom of speech. Bud Light's sleeps into the boy cot. Ukraine and the fall of Bakhmut.
WHO declares end to Covid Plandemic as policy makers bloviate about their cares and concerns for people's "safety". Russia and Ukaine - Wagner declares a ceasefire. Dollar weaponization. A Trump vs Kennedy election - good for America? England gets a new King.
Sudan in crisis: shakedown of US bioweapons facilities? New AI Chatboxes - programmed ignorance and malicious denial and skewing of historical facts. Desantis collaborates with Israel to assault 1st amendment rights. Tucker Carlson's speech at the Heritage Foundation.
A bit of a hodgepodge show, Ye West, China in rebellion, Twitter's assist in taking down America, Bolsonaro and the rumblings of a military option. The Covid scam. Medical industry personnel - charge them with attempted or accessory to murder. The end of Covid will only come when its proponents are fed to the gallows.
First show at Speak Free Radio! Short hick-up to start and some annoying crackle in the final hour. However, a pretty good show. The future belongs to Nationalists, but the West is under Globalist (Jewish) control, of which the global vaccine roll-out is the most dangerous and pinnacle. Lee Rogers, and founder of early patriot radio station Oracle Broadcasting joins in hour 2. Listener calls fill much of hour 3.
Jewish media pushing bugs and cannibalism as food. Seems they are working hard to set up another Ukrainian/Russia/Chinese style famine. ADL frames "White extremism". Trump's legacy: Jewish full spectrum mayhem and murder. ITEL's 12th Year Anniversary. Polls show Americans believe military confrontation against the administrative state will be a necessity. Crowley, Thelema, the OTO, fissures and demons. A reckoning and a purge for those warring on humanity.
AIPAC (Israel) buys Maryland's 4th Congressional District primary for Democrats. Jew reporter gets travel rights to Saudi, promptly makes an ass out of himself. Implementing DarkMaga. Insane folly of European energy policies. Dr. Deborah Birx (Scarf Lady), Covid Cultists, and the continuing fraud. Attacks on White people are forms of political assassination.
Biden in Saudi for the GCC+3 Summit and clearing up media misperceptions. Speaking truth to totalitarianism. Russia's missile strike on Vinnytsia; US arms dealers and intelligence officers hit? Cultists and believers in charge of government policies.
Commentary on the Shinzo Abe assassination and Georgia Guidestones. Beyond 2022 - planning on policies that crush the Liberal World Order. Inside the Eye - Live! to move to Speak Free Radio on August 6. 2022, new show time, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm EDT. End all public policymakers actions to account. End all immunity for policymakers starting with the CDC and FDA. The story of Tanzania - how a country ignored the global Covid bio-terrorist operation
July 4 (Independence Day) USA. Airmageddon. The war (genocide) of the West. America under occupation: Jewish values. mRNA injection damage stories Failures of the regulatory class need to be held to absolute account. CERN and the Portal Project. Going Dark MAGA. 1930's Jewish gangster war on Americans highlights current Jewish war on Americans. Denmark farmers protest against idiotic WEF farming policies.
Jew are central to "abortion rights" and "gun control", even as the US Supreme Court counters Jewish agenda on same. Judaism and abortion - the cult and their child sacrifice. Dark Maga - do unto them as they have done unto you. Russia-Ukraine. Algeria about to cut gas to Spain. Listener calls. Vaccines and "died suddenly".
Elites in the US and EU are okay with creating famine in order to deny the Russian Federation of any victory in Ukraine. The Great Replacement replacement and the "American Ideal". The failure of American elites. Ukraine and the End Game. The West's insistence on maximum pain to Russia will result in an increasing loss to Ukraine territory/sovereignty.
Birthday wishes. US DoD releases report on 48 biological facilities it operates or operated in Ukraine. Total institutional corruption in the US, The Talmud. An innate loathing for humanity. Harley Schlanger, former spokesperson for the LaRouche PAC, joined to discuss Europe and Ukraine in hour 2. The Gun Grabbing Agenda - a sign that those in power have NO INTENTION of allowing themselves to be removed from power. Technocratic censorship of "false narratives". Peddling Jan 6 as an "insurrection".
Hour 1 – Germany and France open pre-pandemic borders. “Gun control” – the “Left” wants you either subjugated or dead.Hour 2 – Baby die-off. The catastrophic reality of the Jew jabs. Economic implosion incoming?Hour 3 – Guest – Ukraine, Poland, Russia Europe – latest macro view analysis.
"False flags", fake news, and the Uvalde shooting. A PR black eye for the gun grabbers (they will try anyways). Ukraine, Russia. Jews, the Satanic Court, and child sacrifice. Kash Patel and the Durham indictments in the US. WEF and the Global Government Initiative. Vaccine demands crater.
Inflation in the US. POC media heads attack Americans. and American Nationalism. Dark Maga. Jewish Globo-Homo owns everything. Attempts to expand BRICS. Uni-polar world on life support, if not dead already..UK government allows publishing of an article that openly criticises the entire global "response" to the "plandemic". 90 US federal agencies declare obeisance to Globo-homo "equity". Stop playing Jewish semantics.
Trump's out of touch and seemingly ill-informed endorsements and personnel choices. A history of mediocrity and failure. Dr. Oz. Globalist, WEF, Big Pharma stooge. American shipments of missile systems to Jewlensky and Ukraine has depleted US stocks. Baby formula shortage. Attempts to get mothers to breast feed and pass on the mRNA to infants? Israel still the litmus test for acceptance in public Jews attack funeral procession. Pro-Israel. The root of "wokism".
Saudi returning to pre-Covid normalcy. J&J covid kill shot restricted by FDA. Pfizer docs drop. Trump and Johnson and Johnson linked at the hip. Trump either comes out against mRNA or time to admit Trump has blood on his hands. Trump's PA rally: endorsing LBGTQ Dr. Oz and J&J's CEO. Booed. Mass invasion on US's southern border. Who is financing? The Left/Jewish political method - using violence. Jankowicz, Ministress of Truth, creating fairy tale realities. Time to embrace "Dark Maga". Klaus Schwab, mRNA, and human genetic modification. Lavrov, "anti-Semitism", Putin.
Comparing Saudi's Vision 2030 (MAGA for Saudi) to the ongoing globalist deconstruction of the US. Observations on the Russia special military operation US Dept of Homeland Security and their new Ministry of Truth, born out of the need to protect their Holocaust(TM). Personnel changes in Patriot Radio. Jews - destroying nations till everything within can be stolen. Ukraine and Lend Lease - saddling Ukraine straddled with massive.
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