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Author: Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch"

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Saturday morning's longest running streaming media radio show dedicated to discussing the (((primary problem))) affecting America and the world at large. Broadcasts live every Saturday at 10:00 A.M. on Revolution Radio.

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14 Episodes
A little Ramadan reminiscing as Ramadan begins. Contact tracing and "vaccine passports". Totally silly but taken seriously by government hacks. The "Jab Agenda" - utter sheer madness or willful genocide? The die is cast. There is no turning back. Lots of calls.
Easter Show. English Qaballa. Is "PAGAN" bad when the word symbolizes sacred formula for life? The "anti-Semite hunters" are the root cause of "cancel culture". Jews foreclose on discussion. Lonnie from Canada on survival, Corporate "wokeness". Delta A/L complains about voter ID? Try boarding a plane without an ID. Listener calls.
Covid-19 hits close to home in Saudi. Multiple people with massive ongoing headaches, dizzyness, inability to work. The term "anti-Semite" should be viewed as "hate speech" uttered by Jews and fined as a criminal and even civil offense. Lots of phone calls. Forming defense militias, taking defense into your own hands and reaching out to others. Lots of calls.
The ongoing tragedy of mRNA genetic injections. Thousands dead, 10's of thousands maimed. Would we keep a food product on the shelf with such carnage? Babylon. Mix and matching languages to create coded messages. Work to better your environment, prepare for the worst. Callers: Violence is coming.
Potpourri show. Topics all over the board. Covid injections, mRNA, corruption and fraud, medical institutions aligning with Interior to create potential mega tyranny, MAGA still a majority. Strange happenings in Washington. Noose tightening on treasonous governors.
Covid-19 scam marches on. Manipulation of human genome through mRNA is the end game. Trump aided Big Pharma in genetic manipulation game. Israel leads the world in mRNA bioweapons, gives Fauci US$1 million as Fauci ran cover in the face of public scrutiny and awareness. Civil war still on the table. Medical industry has become a totalitarian force operating on a global scale.
Filipinos falling like flies in Jordan as inner circle friends die by the hand full. Jordanian doctors murdering people that is the charge on the street. Nations killing international travel, demand PCR, vaccines, quarantines, 24/7 tracking to visit nations. Preferences for genetic mutants. Jews behind "Isms".
Facebook unfriends Australia. Poland, Florida, and Australia taking aim at Big Tech. Cancel culture rooted in Judaism. Judaism is Marxism. Marxism is an enemy of humanity (to say nothing of the USA).Cuomo takes hits, murdered thousands. Listener calls.
Social media. Another cover for a form of "gang stalking" and spying as individuals in these companies track and monitor with intent to harm. Criminal? The "left" are essentially stupid, enabled only by the fact that Patriots lack "instruments of state". Medical mafia's gone wild. Health official conspiracy to take down freedom of movement. Trump impeachment trial. Listener calls.
The Republic of the US, in whatever form it legally stood, has, for the people, effectively fallen. The Biden Regime is illegitimate. Jews declare more war on Americans and state that Cancel Culture is a necessary weapon in their arsenal. Jews declare war on Christian Americans, call MAGA "Trumpism" and a Christian domestic terror organization.
GameStop and the shorting of the American worker. Making money by destroying the economy. Jewish "investing" and the destruction of the middle class. The Biden Regime, day 10 and strange events continue to surround the White House. "The Left", Jewish power politics, opens full frontal assault on traditional America.
It is time to "confront the truth" Dealing with inconvenient fake history (the Holy Hoax), for instance, is essentially to breaking down gaslighting by the media. The Biden Presidency - something just doesn't feel right. Things are not they appear. The final stage to awareness - throwing light that Jews are behind the installment of the Biden regime.
So much China, but Jewish media behaves as it does independent of China, and is clearly hints at the enemy nature of Jewish media. The 2020 Elections enter the bottom of the 9th. Will the DS strike out the side and put Trump and the Patriots away and steal the nation? James Perloff joins in hour 3 to discuss his new book, Covid-19 and the Agendas to Come - Red Pilled
Lots of phone calls as we discuss the the remaining option, the military option, to prevent the United States from falling into the hands of what will be an illegitimate government.
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