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Author: Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch"

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Saturday morning's longest running streaming media radio show dedicated to discussing the (((primary problem))) affecting America and the world at large. Broadcasts live every Saturday at 10:00 A.M. on Revolution Radio.

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Some "human interest" karaoke clips from the party for my 62'nd B-day party. Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage? Wish you were here. Petrodollar ends. Petrodollar recycling. Fractal Lending based on petrodollars. Israel in collapse. Putin sets terms for surrender of Ukraine. Philippines pivot to territorial defense. Pres Marcos (PH) bellicose language. Kenneth Schnidt, guest, Corncod1 of Nationalist News and Views, on the European Parliament elections and latest observations on US politics.
Observations as an expat: comparing and contrasting Riyadh to the Philippines, Tucker Carlson and Thomas Massie: the AIPAC Guy. Trump's rabid pro-Israel support and admission of Jewish control of the Congress. Covid19, the Philippines, and ongoing mass murder at the hands of pharmaceutical companies. Tedros call for destruction of human liberties. The Collective West's open implied war on Russia.
Key stories from 2023. Russia-Ukraine - shifting end game objectives. DEI and the war on Whites. Israel-Hamas. Covid19 bioweapons.
A lead -up to the holiday show. A highlight on Lucas Cage rant against Jews. Phone calls. Pastor Eli James appears to put the ADL's anti-Christian Identity positions into perspective. Lot's of calls.
From Poland to the Oakland, CA, pushback against the Talmudic symbol of Hannukah. Putin's annual press conference spells justifiable doom for Ukraine. Leading "Nationalist leaders" - they are all Israel first. UK - Zambian set to control Wales. There would be no anti-Semitism without Jewish behavior. Covid bioweapon decimating Western populations.
Hannukah, the celebration of the Jewish takeover and destruction of Western civilization, begins. Public figures Canadian mayor refuses to attend Hannukah lighting ceremony. Jews skewer her. NZ IT director blows whistle on Covid bioweapon, 4% dead on large sample sizes. Smaller sample sizes, larger death percentages. Lots of phone calls...
The Great Replacement. ESG and the destruction of American corporate brands. The absurdity of Jewish claims of a "right to self defense" in practice. Dan Bongino - a lesson in emotionally invested lunacy, Removing "logos" and the fall of mankind. De-dollarization continues as UAE drops oil sales in US$. Political chaos in Ukraine. Brizer from Ireland appears to discuss the latest from Ireland.
US Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. Dublin in flames as as a purported stabbing of a young girl at the hands of an "immigrant". Ireland's "immigration crisis" is bubbling to the fore. "Hate Speech" laws are political liability protection for the political class. Russia's new night vision FPV drones. The nature of the Internet means that the people really are defacto partners in the delivery of internet content services. Silent war on the Ukraine hidden powers operatives.
Guest host Patrick Chenal covers for The Fetch as Fetch flies out of Paris. Hour 1 is Patrick with guest Donald Jeffries. In hour 2, Malificus Scott joins as the two discuss various topics from immigration, cowardice among the political class (criminalizing dissenting voices), forced funding of the BBC. In hour 3, a caller engages in a long discussion on 9-11.
Live from Paris while on a trip to Milipol-Paris. Israel pavilion totally shunned. The plight of reporters and reporting from Gaza. Israel's 99.95% civilian to combatant kill ratio. Totalitarians exclude people from society for not acquiescing to demands. 11-11-11 - occult signatures in world events. The Isisian Codes brought to life for a 1.5 hour lecture for the final half of the show.
Setting deceit. The fake narrative that runs the MSM Gaza-Hamas-Israel narrative. Israel's pre-war plan to depopulate Gaza. Gas and canals. Trump and the Khazarian terrorist mob, False narratives: Iran. Highlighting Israeli leadership barbarism. Ukraine has lost. Terrorism on US shores brought to you by your local Jewish policy
Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter goes ballistic against Jews and Israel, calls for defeat of "political Zionism" which is International Jewish power. Clips and analysis of the latest Scott Ritter comments. Jews are lo losing the public relations battle.
Commentary on Gaza, Hamas, Israel as the US marches into kinetic warfare. Jody Kay joins in hour 2 to discuss the factors that contributed to her growing awareness, violence of the "left", and her album "The Acorn". John Kaminski joins in hour 3.
The Israeli assault on Gaza. A look into just who are the Israelis. Nakba. Forced expulsions. Putin comments. Iran calls Saudi. Blinken arrives in Riyadh. Carrier groups to the Mediterranean. Western "elites" hypocrisy. Gas fields off Gaza. Harvard University scores 0 out of 100 in a survey of free speech issues. (Hint: Harvard is basically a Jewish school).
Hamas and Gaza affiliated allies launch massive assault on Israel: a quick round-up. Global leaders come out largely in unison to read Israeli Foreign Ministry talking points. Trump's nauseating statement. Putin, Valdai and Russia's new goals in UkraineGuest (Hr 2): Kyle Fox - Celtic Independence, London.
Exit, Stage Left: Dan Andrews, Premier of Victoria, Australia and Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff (USDOD) resign, Pelosi "dies". Canada's Parliament "honors a Nazi". Feigned outrage everywhere while shelving an honest advancing of history. Karl Haemers, author of Covert Covid Culprits and contributor to The Occidental Observer, joined in hour 3 to discuss his book, the anti-Western agenda of a hostile Jewish society.
Truncated show due to studio side recording glitch. Covid, the Jew Gene Genocide Jab, keeps on killing. The Covid Criminal Conspiracy is a mass murder operation. Global "elites" should be relegated to "idiots" and "conmen". Stop ceding presumed intellectual genius. Guest, Dave Gahary, ownder of Speak Free Radio and Money Tree Publishing, appears in hour 3.
The Lahaina fire, missing children, found school buses. Ukraine's fake nationalism. Banderistas running out their welcome. America flirting with economic collapse. UK universities failing their requirement to support free speech.
Changes in Saudi - a visitor friendly tourist destination. Lahaina, false flags - watch for mercs acting as "police". The ADL declares war on free speech. Extended discussion on the ADL and the ongoing war against Western civilization.
Jimmy Buffet, classic fold singer songwriter famous for Margaritaville, dies at 76. Saudi and Iran announce plans to create a framework for mutual cooperation. Jews refuse to disown the degeneracy of the Talmud. Jews demand American speech be silenced. The Left seek to bring back the Covid bioweapon agenda. Europe imploding. Extreme consequences. CDC faked 99% of Covid death.
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