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Trump's out of touch and seemingly ill-informed endorsements and personnel choices. A history of mediocrity and failure. Dr. Oz. Globalist, WEF, Big Pharma stooge. American shipments of missile systems to Jewlensky and Ukraine has depleted US stocks. Baby formula shortage. Attempts to get mothers to breast feed and pass on the mRNA to infants? Israel still the litmus test for acceptance in public Jews attack funeral procession. Pro-Israel. The root of "wokism".
Saudi returning to pre-Covid normalcy. J&J covid kill shot restricted by FDA. Pfizer docs drop. Trump and Johnson and Johnson linked at the hip. Trump either comes out against mRNA or time to admit Trump has blood on his hands. Trump's PA rally: endorsing LBGTQ Dr. Oz and J&J's CEO. Booed. Mass invasion on US's southern border. Who is financing? The Left/Jewish political method - using violence. Jankowicz, Ministress of Truth, creating fairy tale realities. Time to embrace "Dark Maga". Klaus Schwab, mRNA, and human genetic modification. Lavrov, "anti-Semitism", Putin.
Comparing Saudi's Vision 2030 (MAGA for Saudi) to the ongoing globalist deconstruction of the US. Observations on the Russia special military operation US Dept of Homeland Security and their new Ministry of Truth, born out of the need to protect their Holocaust(TM). Personnel changes in Patriot Radio. Jews - destroying nations till everything within can be stolen. Ukraine and Lend Lease - saddling Ukraine straddled with massive.
May and the flurry of national elections.Updates on international travel and border openings. Covid drama in China. Piers Morgan interview and Trump's insistence on promoting deadly vaccines. Economic catastrophe in the sporting world. US Naval personnel going down. Intelligence analysis on Russia's Ukraine operation. Chicago Mayor Lightfoot eviscerated in news conference.
Easter 2022. Small international travel improvements. America's awakening. Biden at historic lows. Canada's WEF government moves to impose WEF policies. Listener calls. Covid medical protocols designed to kill people (elevate pandemic death numbers). Legal fallout from Canada's Freedom Convoy.
Congress and treason. Gov Desantis (R-FL) signs anti-LGBTQ grooming bill and Disney's pushing of child LGBTQ grooming. WEF - a global terrorist organisation assaulting the nation state through infiltration. Russia secures Mariupol and Ukrainian coast line East of Crimea. America's immigration invasion problem.
The political class is destroying America. The ADL goes all in with a massive insult and assault on Americans. Klaus Schwab and the WEF brought front and center in Australian parliament. 1989 book: The New World Order. The transgender movement displayed prominently at HHS, Listener calls.
CDC and decreasing Covid deaths. How to claw back the economic fraud. Privatizing profits and socializing costs. Ukraine war stories. Impotence of government ministries in the face of health ministry machinations. Australia announcing round down of Covid nonsense. LIstener calls. Challenges against civil uprising.
Ideological framing: Jews or Globalists, Nazis or Bolsheviks. Putin's "nationalist appeal" and the labeling all things "Nazi". Arrests of Russia's "FSB" heads. Ukraine failures of Russian intelligence in the spotlight. The EU sets forth plans to ameliorate loss of Russian fuel and rising energy prices. Transgender athletes and the war on women. Jewish legalizing assaults on expression.
Revelations rolling in from Russia's Ukraine "special military operation". Deep State rolls out sources to defeat bio-weapons charges against the US DoD and State Departments. Deep State front men show their stupidity. NATO's expansion really does pose a strategic threat to Russia. US Ambassador to the UN shapeshifting? Calls. Jewish anti-European sentiments: creating false flags and agendas to destroy European civilization. Russia defeats fake news with law penalizing fake news.
The Covid narrative is falling but how do we move forward with business knowing countries have put their entire populations at health risk? Medical tyranny is still alive and very well. Declaring WEF persona non-grata and a terrorist organisation. Covid19 and waxxine peddlers reveal corruption across a global medical/political spectrum. Unsavory indiocy of the Jewish troll and their envy for European accomplishments. US 2020 election fraud coming into the daylight.
Russia presses Ukrainian operation. Conspiracies theories regarding Russian Ukraine operation, Trudeau and the "Great Reset". Fauci and MSM disinformation. (((Big Pharma))) has been caught. Moderna's 2016 patent found in the Covid19 virus. Canada's WEF occupied goverment. Enemy combatants. Jews fleeing Ukraine to Canada
Canada's infiltrated Communist government cracks down on its citizens. Intel time - are the police and security units Canadians or are these forces paid foreign mercenaries? Boa constrictor tyranny. Observations from Los Angeles (two callers). DNA. Secure yours from prying eyes at all costs? Observations from Canada (listener call). Communitarianism as the real enemy (listener call). - Techno monitoring issues first half hour...
Superbowl LVI: the NFL shuts its doors to healthy Americans, a "mutant only" entertainment event. Time to take stock of the damage and hold public and private health officials to account for the carnage. Time to end pharmaceutical immunity while playing Covid. End the non-sense. Enough is enough. The Freedom Convoy should not back down. Police forces around the world present themselves as thugs and criminals. Strategies to continue the trucker's siege. Watch out for mercenaries in the (((globalist's))) security forces. Canadian military officer opens up against Covid tyranny and madness.
Demoralizing the Covid mask capos. GoFundMe takes on the people, retracts attempt to steal Patriot funds for the Freedom Convoy. Strategies on handling local actions. Kinetic or politics. Taking back institutional power. Lawyering-up: Gov Pritzker and Indiana Dept of Health sued, restraining order enacted. Northern Ireland jabs in schools defeated.
Philippines "anti-blood donor protest". Canada's Freedom Convoy cheers weary souls, Ideas, morale, information warfare. Political power - what is the end game and what does one intend to accomplish if such is achieved. Ukraine. UAE. Necessity to remove Globalist institutional operatives. Can immunity for Pharma companies be defeated? Doctor's Conference. Trust in America's health industry shattered.
Canada's truckers say "enough is enough" to Covid nonsense, launch nationwide strike. Ireland joins the UK in ending Covid lockstep strategies. Beware of a "pivot". Patriots need to eradicate local globalist infrastructure. Big Pharma: de facto biological weapons manufacturers. Protests going mainstream in Europe, police becoming more abusive. Listener calls. WEF speaker speaks about "trust".
Big Pharma admits his products don't work. Big Pharma (Pfizer, et al) murdering people en masse. Philippines. Set to lose 80% if its population. Government malfeasance, Enriching Jewish medical syndicates. CNN ratings crashing. Revisiting Bongino's diss of :The Fetch. The "anti-anti vaxxers" - pure nutcases in line with Holocaust denier hunters. American rabbis call for the extermination of Heritage America.
First 2022 ITEL Radio Show! Lots of listener calls. Jan 6 redux. Growing stages of awareness and learning to name the un-nameable. FDA - a criminal organization ordered to release all docs on Pfizer EUA approval. The Covid Scam - a coup in America and a waxxing war on humanity. Australia detaining tennis stars for being "non-waxxed". Djokovic's father makes statement against Covid tyranny. Scotland papers asks of detention camps for the cold and flu is due. No other way to call it - something has declared that humanity should cease to exist.
In the darkness, some positive changes as Christmas caroling witnessed in Riyadh. Patriots holding the line: the real soldiers are those who are holding the line. Strange world of waxxed damaged yet defending the right for Pfizer to harm people. UK, Under a Jewish yoke. Prison for speaking against Jews. Listener calls. Hiding the fact that people are dropping like flies.
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