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S03 E18: Q&A #3

S03 E18: Q&A #3


Come sit down with us for this Q&A episode where we address common questions submitted by young players and GMs who are looking to grow and get the most out of their experience.Mentioned in this episode:DragnaCarta's 3-Step Session Prep for Running D&D 5e Adventure ModulesSupport the show
On tonight's episode, we have a casual chat that touches on both narrative and mechanical tiers of play. Join us as Andrew tries to explain what he's thinking about, and Adam tries to decipher what Andrew is explaining (lol).Support the show
Join us on this unique episode as Adam runs Andrew through a scenario using a system he developed in an hour, and hang out for the discussion about the results afterward! Please be advised that while there is no content in this episode that is directly offensive, some of it may feel a bit intense for younger listeners. Thanks and enjoy!Support the show (
S03 E15: Lessons Learned

S03 E15: Lessons Learned


Join us for this introspective episode where we take a look back at Andrew's experience running (and Adam's experience playing) Curse of Strahd for just over the past year. Andrew takes a close look at what he learned, and we explore the different preferences we as players and GMs have, as well as other elements such as using modules, playing in person vs. virtually, and even the idea that not every player will fit well with every GM (and vice versa). Support the show (
On this episode, Adam brings an important topic to the table: Rewards and Incentive. Rewards are the one of the best way to teach those playing your games what you would like to see from them. In this episode, we not only discuss the theory of rewards and why they work, but also various tangible and intangible rewards you can use in your next game! So join us for an episode we hope you'll find very... well, rewarding!Support the show (
S03 E13: Elden Ring Review

S03 E13: Elden Ring Review


Elden Ring is a game that has captured (and brutally stomped on) the hearts of the gaming community in recent weeks, and we decide to give it a shot for ourselves. Tune in to hear exactly how we feel about it, and maybe determine whether or not you should take a crack at this vast, ambitious open-world epic.Support the show (
On this episode, Andrew and Adam continue and conclude their foray into worldbuilding using 20 questions found in The Ultimate RPG Game Master's Worldbuilding Guide by James D'amato.  If you haven't listened to part 1, we encourage you to do so! :DSuggestion: Grab a piece of paper and something to write with, and try to answer the questions as we go along! We'd love to hear what you come up with. :)Support the show (
On this episode, we look at the task of building a world! To do this, we discuss the basics, and then we dive into a book called The Ultimate RPG Game Master's Worldbuilding Guide by James D'amato. In this book, there are 20 questions you can ask yourself to get you on your way with building your setting, and tonight we answer the first half, and next time we will answer the others and take a look at what we've put together.Suggestion: Grab a piece of paper and something to write with, and try to answer the questions as we go along! We'd love to hear what you come up with. :)Support the show (
Tonight, Adam and Andrew crack open Andrew/Nord Games' pdf of Dangerous Destinations, the sequel to the ever-inspirational Spectacular Settlements! The results are.... well.... You'll just have to hear for yourself, but suffice to say we feel that it rises to the challenge set forth by its predecessor: the infamous Bayou Barbarians from way back in Episode 4 of Season 2.Support the show (
On this episode we take a look at MOAR questions about RPG fundamentals, including how someone who is unsure how an attack roll works should go about homebrewing custom races and classes (see if you can guess what our answer to that is going to be)!Support the show (
S03 E08: New GM Questions

S03 E08: New GM Questions


On tonight's episode, Adam brings a bunch of questions he received from GMs new to the hobby who are wondering many things that are often echoed by the general community at large.Support the show (
On this episode, we take a shot at the humble "One-Shot," the shortest, most bite-sized of session types, and we look at what's so great about them, and why you, dear listener (yes you!), should consider giving them... well... a shot!Support the show (
S03 E06: Precious Pets

S03 E06: Precious Pets


On this episode, Adam and Andrew talk about the awesomeness that are pets, (both in your TTRPG, as well as just in general)! So sit down right meow as we look at the various ways pets can contribute to your experience (and how they can sometimes hamper it).Mentioned in this episode:Pokemon Rusty: of Inspiration Kickstarter: the show (
Tonight, we're joined in the tavern by special guest Thomas Koch from the terrific tabletop livestream channel Quests & Chaos so we can pick his brain about the basics of livestreaming a tabletop RPG (as so many of us would love to do). We also find out how an ordinary horse rose from its humble roots to be the open Lord of Waterdeep. So come pull up a chair, the fire's warm and the drinks are cold!Find Quests & Chaos on Twitch and YouTube!Go check out The Deck of Inspiration Kickstarter!Support the show (
On this weeks episode, we talk about Andrew's observation that there are many in the community who think badly of the humble, tried-n-true trope of the RPG party meeting in a tavern, and disabuse anyone who may have been misled until now of the notion that the party starting in a Tavern is lame or played-out.Spoiler Alert: IT AINT!Also mentioned in this episode: Remarkable Inns / Remarkable Shops by Loresmyth Games.Support the show (
S03 E03: Paladin Parley

S03 E03: Paladin Parley


Well met! Tonight, Adam brings with the righteous topic of the Paladin to the table, so we talk about our feelings on the paladin offerings overall in 5e and how they measure up to what "Paladin" means to us. Perhaps that's a bit lofty, but tell us, what does "Paladin" mean to you?Support the show (
On this episode, we chat about handling session-related stuff that goes on between sessions, such as email chains, discord chats, and other ways to allow one, some, or all of your players to pursue individual goals! It's a lot of fun, and can help make your players feel a bit more agency and attention without taking away from everyone else mid-session on your actual game night. This also builds a bit on the idea we spoke with DragnaCarta about back on Episode 32 of Season 2 regarding collaborative prep! Enjoy!Support the show (
S03 E01: Resolutions

S03 E01: Resolutions


Welcome back to another season of Inspiration Point for the year of 2022! Join us as we sit down to talk about all the cool stuff we want to do this year, and kick it off right by listening to Adam try in vain to wrangle Andrew.Support the show (
On tonight's episode, we thought we'd have some fun and do some two-person scenes with some different voices! If you ever wanted to hear a two-headed ogre brainstorm with itself about the best methods of robbing travelers on the road, you're in for a treat. Come sit on down, get out of the cold, grab your favorite holiday beverage, and enjoy an evening of silliness with your good pals, Andrew and Adam. :) Happy Holidays!Support the show (
On this jingle-belly episode, our two dapper gentlemen sit in large, high-backed chairs, in front of a crackling fireplace, equipped with smoking jacket, snifter, and pipe to discuss the events of the day, the classic films of the Christmas season, and one of the finest gifts we can all give to one another this year: the gift—of novelty! Support the show (
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