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Inspirational Living: Life Lessons for Success & Happiness
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Inspirational Living: Life Lessons for Success & Happiness

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With 6+ million downloads, the Inspirational Living podcast offers motivational broadcasts for the mind, body, and spirit. If you want to find a free online life coach, look no further than the most motivational self-help authors of the past. Each podcast is edited & adapted from the books and essays of classic inspirational writers, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Helen Keller, Booker T. Washington, James Allen, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Orison Swett Marden, Neville Goddard, and Frederick Douglass, as well as self-development authors who have largely been lost to history but deserve to be re-discovered again and enjoyed. Subscribe to our inspirational podcast to receive new free podcasts every week. Live up to the potential of your highest self. Support us on Patreon for full transcripts and access to the series Our Sunday Talks:
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Listen to episode 373 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Foundation Stones: True Speech & Actions. Edited and adapted from Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success by James Allen.Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. If you enjoy our podcast, please help us spread the word by sharing your favorite episodes on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success, by James Allen, published in 1913.Following the Right Principles and Methods come True Actions. One who is striving to grasp true principles, and work with sound methods, will soon come to see that the details of conduct cannot be overlooked — that, indeed, those details are fundamentally distinctive or creative, according to their nature. They are, therefore, of deep significance and importance.As you acquire this insight, your progress will become more rapid, your pathway in life more sure, your days more serene and peaceful. In all things, you will go the true and direct way, untroubled by the external forces that play about you. Not that you will be indifferent to the welfare and happiness of those around you; that is quite another thing. But you will be indifferent to their opinions, to their ignorance, to their ungoverned passions.True actions may easily be distinguished from false by all who wish to do so. As in the material world, we distinguish things by their form, color, size, etc. — choosing those things which we require, and putting aside those things which are not useful to us. So, in the spiritual world of deeds, we can distinguish between those that are bad and those that are good by their nature, their aim, and their effect — and can choose and adopt those that are good, and ignore those that are bad.In all forms of progress, avoidance of the bad always precedes acceptance and knowledge of the good — just as a child at school learns to do their lessons correctly by having repeatedly pointed out to them how they have done them wrong.
Listen to episode 372 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success by James Allen. Edited and adapted from a book by the same name by James Allen.Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. Last week I introduced you to our new sponsor Carbona, who has been helping people live a life unstained for more than a century. One of their stain-removal products that I’ve been particularly impressed with is their 2 in 1 pet stain and odor remover.If you have struggled in the past with a dog or cat soiling the carpet, like I have, this product is for you. Not only does it do a great job at removing the stain, but the deep fiber cleaning action also takes away the odor — which will discourage your dog or cat from soiling the carpet again in that same spot.Go to today to check it out, along with their many other stain removal products — all of which I can confirm (from my own 1st hand experience) work really well. Get ready to live a life unstained. Shop with the coupon code LIVING for 20% off.Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success, by James Allen, published in 1913.It is wise to know what comes first, and what to do first. To begin anything in the middle or at the end is to make a muddle of it. The athlete who begins by breaking the tape would not receive the prize. They must begin by facing the starter and toeing the mark — and even then a good start is important if they are to win.The young student does not begin with algebra and literature, but with counting and ABC. So in life – the business people who begin at the bottom achieve the more enduring success; and the religious people who reach the highest heights of spiritual knowledge and wisdom are they who have stooped to serve a patient apprenticeship to the humbler tasks, and have not scorned the common experiences of humanity, or overlooked the lessons to be learned from them.The first things in a sound life (and therefore in a truly happy and successful life) are right principles. Without right principles to begin with, there will be wrong practices to follow with, and a bungled and wretched life to end with.All the infinite variety of calculations which tabulate the commerce and science of the world, come out of the ten numerals; all the hundreds of thousands of books which constitute the literature of the world (and perpetuate its thought and genius) are built up from the twenty-six letters.
Listen to episode 371 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Motivation for Ambition, Determination & Accomplishment. Edited and adapted from Stepping Stones to Success by Horace D. Hitchcock.Motivational Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. You know, life is full of problems, big and small. I often provide you with the inspiration for solving the larger problems in your life, but there are many daily, more mundane, problems that need solutions too. For example, stains: carpet stains — stains on shirts, pants, and other clothing. That is where our new sponsor Carbona comes in. They have been helping people live a “Life Unstained” for more than a century.I’ve been testing their products for the past couple weeks, and I’ve been truly impressed. They have a wide range of stain removal products — from their famous Stain Devil line that targets the EXACT type of stain you want removed to a 2 in 1 carpet cleaner and more. All of their stain removers are rigorously and scientifically tested to do the job well — as my own personal experience can confirm. So, if you are ready to live a life unstained, shop today. And use the coupon code LIVING for 20% off.Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Stepping Stones to Success by Horace D. Hitchcock, published in 1916.There can be no accomplishment in life without ambition. It's the great and all-powerful incentive to succeed. Ambition is the dynamo of human energy. It comes from within and is confined to the soul's own limitations.You have ambition and so has everyone— to some degree. It is that something deep down in your own nature that says: "Go you, and do it."Ambition and determination are playmates. Success itself comes surely and quickly to those who have ambition backed by an unwavering determination. Your aim in life is to accomplish something, and that something must be the combination of your opportunity and ambition.Your aim is to do something well; and to do it well you must have force behind every stroke. If you put a stone into the ground, it will obey the law of gravitation and remain there forever. When you bury an acorn it will accede to a higher law and grow up by a vital force enclosed in its tiny walls.Nature has whispered into the ears of all life: "Grow up!" Your ambition seed is securely planted within you, and its development can be promoted through a combination of physical and mental qualities — the physical to produce energy that is physical, and the mental to guide all in the proper channels.
Listen to episode 370 of the Inspirational Living Podcast: The Dignity & Power of Honest Work. Edited and adapted from The Royal Path of Life by T.L. Haines and L.W. Yaggy.Motivational Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. Learn how you can transform your personal and professional life in 30 days with our Majesty Meditation program. Go to And use the coupon code INSPIRATION for 30% off the $11.99 purchase price.Today’s reading was edited and adapted from The Royal Path of Life by T. L. Haines and L. W. Yaggy, published in 1882.There is dignity in labor — in toil of the hand as well as toil of the head — in toil to provide for the bodily wants of an individual life, as well as in toil to promote some enterprise of world-wide fame. All labor that tends to supply our wants, to increase our happiness, to elevate our nature (in a word, all labor that is honest) is honorable too.Labor clears the forest, and drains the swamp, and makes "the wilderness rejoice and blossom as a rose." Labor drives the plow, scatters the seeds, reaps the harvest, grinds the corn, and converts it into bread, the staff of life.Labor provides daily sustenance to the thousand millions of the human family. Labor gathers the gossamer web of the caterpillar, the cotton from the field, and the fleece from the flock, and weaves it into raiment soft, warm, and beautiful —the purple robe of royalty and the gray gown of the peasant being alike in its handiwork.Labor molds the brick, splits the slate, quarries the stone, shapes the column, and rears not only the humble cottage, but the gorgeous palace, the tapering spire, and the stately dome. Labor (diving deep into the solid earth) brings up its long-hidden stores of coal to feed ten thousand furnaces, and power the electricity of millions of homes.Labor explores the rich veins of deeply-buried rocks, extracting the gold and silver, the copper and tin. Labor smelts the iron, and molds it into a thousand shapes for use and ornament — from the massive pillar to the tiniest needle, from the ponderous anchor to the wire gauze, from the mighty fly-wheel of the steam-engine to the polished ring on the finger.
Listen to episode 369 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Imagination Rules the World | Habits of Mind. Edited and adapted from Stepping Stones to Success by Horace D. Hitchcock.Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. Coming up this weekend on Our Sunday Talks, I’ll be reading from Chapter 3 of my book The Lord’s Prayer for Daily Life, where I examine the meaning of the phrase “Thy Kingdom Come”.  To learn how you can gain access to the Our Sunday Talks series, please visit Thank you.Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Stepping-Stones to Success by Horace D. Hitchcock, published in 1916."Imagination rules the world,” said Napoleon, and it is true that this quality of mind has been a notable factor in the success of all great men and women. Each one of us possesses the quality in some degree, and it should be cultivated.A common understanding of imagination implies its relation to something fanciful, unreal, impossible — as in the case of the imagination of a novelist. But all imagination is based on actualities. Exaggerated imaginations often produce improbabilities, but they are never wholly lacking in possibilities.The faculty of imagination should not be considered as a part of the mental equipment needed only by artists, musicians, poets, and writers. It is utilized in everyday life, in all fields of endeavor. It often forms the the root of happiness and prosperity for many who realize its possibilities.Great happiness comes often through a well-developed imagination. Through it, we can overlook the commonplace — and color the dull, uninteresting things of life into things of beauty and delight. It then becomes a great power for contentment and joy — and who is there who is not always seeking contentment?
Listen to episode 368 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Joys of Living Now | How to be Happy. Edited and adapted from The Joys of Living by Orison Swett Marden.Be sure to visit today's sponsor Audible for the most inspiring minds, the most compelling stories. The best place to listen to audiobooks. Get started with a 30-day trial when you go to Podcast Excerpt: If an alien from some other planet were to visit Earth, they would probably think that our people were all en route to something beyond, some other destination, and that where they happen to be living now is merely a way station, a place to unpack only so much luggage as they need for a temporary stay.The visitor would find that very few people actually live in the here and now — that most people's gaze is fixed upon something beyond, something to come.So many of us today are not really settled, do not really live in the now, but we are sure we WILL live tomorrow, or next year, when business is better, our fortunes greater: when we move into our new house, get our new furnishings, our new car, get rid of things that annoy us, and have everything around us to make us comfortable. THEN we will be happy.But we are not really enjoying ourselves today. Our eyes are so focused upon the future, upon some goal in the beyond, that we do not see the beauties and the glories all about us. Our eyes are not focused upon the things near us, but those far away. We get so accustomed to living in our imagination, and anticipation, that we lose much of our power of enjoying the here and the now.We are living for tomorrow, and yet, "When tomorrow comes it will still be tomorrow!" We are like children chasing a rainbow. We spend our lives trading in "futures," building air-castles. We never believe that we have yet reached the years of our finest living, but we always feel sure that that ideal time of life is coming.
Listen to episode 367 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Art of Clear Thinking. Edited and adapted from Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude.Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. You can now support our podcast by purchasing our new official podcast t-shirt. Check out the new design by visiting Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone.You have heard me say in the past that you are what you think. But what DO you think? How orderly are your thought processes? How straight is your thinking? And how clean are your thoughts? There are certain mental cobwebs that clutter up the thinking of almost everyone, even the most brilliant minds. Negative feelings, emotions, passions — habits, beliefs and prejudices. Our thoughts become entangled in these webs.Sometimes we have undesirable habits and we want to correct them. And there are times when we are strongly tempted to do wrong. Then, like an insect caught in a spider's web, we struggle to get free. Our conscious will is in conflict with our imagination and the will of our subconscious mind. The more we struggle, the more we become entrapped.However, we can avoid mental cobwebs. We can clear them. And we can sweep them away as they begin to develop. We can free ourselves when once enmeshed. And we can remain free by thinking accurately with a positive mental attitude.Accurate thinking is a critical success principle. To think accurately we must use reason. The science of reasoning or accurate thinking is called logic. One can learn it from books written specifically on this subject, such as: The Art of Clear Thinking, by Rudolf Flesch; Your Most Enchanted Listener by Wendell Johnson; Introduction to Logic by Irving Copi; and The Art of Straight Thinking by Edwin Leavitt Clarke.These books can be of immense practical help. But we don't act from reason alone. And action based on common sense is the result of more than just reason. It depends upon habits of thought and action, intuitions, experiences, and other influences such as tendencies and environment.
Listen to episode 366 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Forget the Past | Go forward Boldly. Edited and adapted from Go Forward by J.R. Miller.Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. If you’re a regular listener of this podcast, you’ve heard me talk about Blinkist, the knowledge-boosting app that takes the best key takeaways from thousands of books and condenses them down to 15 minutes of reading or listening time. That’s a big deal if you don’t have enough time to read all the books on your “must-read” list. With its audio feature, Blinkist makes it easy to finish 4 books a day while you areon the go.Over 8 million people are now taking advantage of Blinkist’s massive and growing library, which includes books on self-development, business, history, and healthy-living.Two books that you can find on Blinkist that I would personally recommend are How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie, and 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson.And, right now, for a limited time, Blinkist has a special offer for our listeners. Go to to start a free 7 day trial.Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Go Forward by J.R. Miller, published in 1909.We are constantly being told to remember, and urgently counselled not to forget. “It is perilous to forget the sins of the past,” people say. But there is a sense also in which our only hope is in forgetting. We never can get on to higher things if we insist on clinging to our past and carrying it with us. We can make progress only by forgetting. We can go forward only by leaving behind what is past.For instance, we must forget our mistakes. And there are many of them. We think of them in our serious moods, at the close of a year, when we are forced to review our past, or when some deep personal experience sets our life before us in retrospection. We sigh, " Oh, if I had not made that foolish decision; if I had not let that wrong person into my life; if I had not gone into that wretched business; if I had not blundered so in managing my affairs; if I had not taken that bad advice; how much better my life would have been!"Some people stew regretfully over last year’s mistakes the entire following year. They do little but fret over their errors all the months which they ought to make bright with better things, nobler achievements, loftier attainments. But what good comes of it? Worry undoes no folly, corrects no mistakes, brings back nothing we have lost. A year of fretting sets us no farther forward.
Listen to episode 365 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Lifelong Ambitions | The Spirit to Keep Growing. Edited and adapted from Ambition and Success by Orison Swett Marden.Motivational Podcast Transcript: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Ambition and Success, by Orison Swett Marden, published in 1919.One of the saddest things in life is to see people who started out with high hopes and proud ambitions settle down in mediocre positions, half satisfied just merely to get a living, to plod along indifferently. What tragedy there is in being content with mediocrity, in getting into a state where one is indifferent to the larger, better things of life!When you are satisfied with the life you are living, with the work you are doing, with the thought you are thinking, with the dreams you are dreaming — satisfied with the character you are building, with your ideals — you may be sure that you are already beginning to deteriorate.There is little hope for the person who feels satisfied with themselves, who does not know, “the noble discontent that stirs the acorn to become an oak.” It is our ambition to improve something somewhere every day, to get a little further on and a little higher up than we were the day before — an insatiable passion for bettering things all along the line — that is the secret of human progress.
Listen to episode 364 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Self Respect & Living Up to Our Better Selves. Edited and adapted from Work by Hugh Black.Motivational Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you would like to support our podcast with a one-time donation, you can do so by visiting Thank you.Today’s reading was edited and adapted from the book entitled Work by Hugh Black, published in 1903.Life is more than money and trade, more than business and cash transactions. If there were not more than this in our lives (nobler thoughts and larger endeavors), society could not have existed for so long.No individual can be wholly paid in money for their work, if it be true work. We cannot buy love, nor pay for it — and without love in all its grades and forms, our social life, and even our business life, are failures. Faithful dealing between people cannot be bought and sold. Such work is a spiritual thing (as well as a material), and money has no currency in such trafficking.We need an ideal to save our lives from deadly dullness. We need the light of the ideal to inspire us and to ennoble our activities. Otherwise, what poor petty drudgery it all is, a meaningless bending of the neck to the yoke.We must make all our occupations truly spiritual, inspired by spiritual motives. To spiritual beings like you and I there is no detail of life which doesn’t have spiritual significance. And the failure of our days is due to our neglect of the unseen in dealing with the seen, our forgetfulness to live every common hour in the power of an endless life.Viewed practically, and put into simple language, the ideal of work is faithfulness — work done according to a high standard which we ourselves set up. The problem is that we have such easy and elastic consciences, and such low selfish standards! What will get by, what will do the turn, is often all that we aim at. We do not put our conscience into our work.
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unfortunately, this podcast person is incredibly misinformed about the basic human condition and thinking if you only think good (logical ) thoughts you will achieve greatness . He does not take into account Mental health issues. In fact this type of Podcast does more harm then good . While there is Great Power in Positive Thinking, You must also be in a very healthy Mental state of Mind to be able to benefit from it .I would wish Podcasts like this come with either a disclaimer or Warning to the Listeners stating that the Author of the podcasts lacks any experience or formally Trained at a Traditional Medical College People that suffer from Depression or PTSD will not get better by just thinking good thoughts or by Quacks and hucksters telling them that if they just do as b they are told they will get better. Would you tell someone that broke their arm to just think good thoughts and you arm will heal in perfect condition .

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Ken Bennett

This is an amazing episode. Thank you.

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