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Inspirational Living: Life Lessons for Success & Happiness
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Inspirational Living: Life Lessons for Success & Happiness

Author: The Living Hour

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With 7+ million downloads, the Inspirational Living podcast offers motivational broadcasts for the mind, body, and spirit. If you want to find a free online life coach, look no further than the most motivational self-help authors of the past. Each podcast is edited & adapted from the books and essays of classic inspirational writers, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Helen Keller, Booker T. Washington, James Allen, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Orison Swett Marden, Neville Goddard, and Frederick Douglass, as well as self-development authors who have largely been lost to history but deserve to be re-discovered again and enjoyed. Subscribe to our inspirational podcast to receive new free podcasts every week. Live up to the potential of your highest self. Support us on Patreon for full transcripts and access to the series Our Sunday Talks:
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Listen to episode 414 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Happiness Cure | Being Healthy & Anxiety Free. Edited and adapted from How to Stay Well by Christian D. Larson.Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: True happiness enjoys all things deeply, but serenely. And you can always know when you have had such happiness, because it makes your countenance radiant with a restful beauty.To gain real happiness, the first essential is to train yourself to think constantly of the great value of happiness — especially with regard to its health producing power. Such thinking will tend to produce a subconscious desire for happiness, and what the subconscious begins to desire it also begins to create.Train yourself to think of happiness as a mental necessity (just as food is a physical necessity) and you will gradually train every element and force in your body to work for the creation of happiness. By creating within yourself a constant demand for happiness, you will inspire the elements of your own nature to produce the desired supply, and before long the happiness you desire will become a permanent part of your life.Visit Our Sponsor Blinkist at to start your free 7 day trial.
Listen to episode 413 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Art of Self-Reliance, Self-Control & Self-Respect. Edited and adapted from Right Living by Susan H. Wixon.Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: It is observed in life, that successful people are the resolute and self-reliant. What is self-reliance? It is to be in harmony with all laws of Nature and the highest morality — the qualities that stand out, by themselves, alone, but are as firm as granite.The march of life is onward. It does not stand still. We are on its ocean. We mark our course, or we drift, hither and yonder, at mercy of wave and wind. The person who relies on their own exertion, grows, enlarges, expands.Never halt or waver when you know you are right. Never think you cannot succeed, but try — make an effort. You cannot know the elements that are in you to command success until you look within and bring out the hidden qualities latent there.Visit our new sponsor for convenient and professional online counseling.
Listen to episode 412 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Working Together for True Happiness & Success. Edited and adapted from Love’s Way by Orison Swett Marden.Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. A special thanks to our newest patrons, Kristen Valenti, Shae Sterett, and Rosa De Souza. By becoming our patrons Kristen, Shae, and Rosa now get their own private podcast feed with full transcripts, delivered right to their smartphone. They also get access to our special series for patrons: Our Sunday Talks. To learn how you can get these same benefits for only $3 a month, please go to Thank you. Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Love’s Way by Orison Swett Marden, published in 1918.A single bee lacks the necessary intelligence to make honey. It is only when they work together that bees become productive. If all the bees in the hive were separated and forced to live alone they would make no honey, not even to sustain life. Through lack of individual intelligence they would die of starvation. In other words, a hive of bees has a well-defined purpose, but one bee alone has no purpose, no plans, no intelligence. In short, a bee separated from its fellow bees is absolutely helpless, absolutely useless.What is true of the bee is in a large degree true of a human being. A person separated from others, without any of the social advantages, conveniences, or facilities which community life affords, would be practically helpless. The strength of each one of us is dependent on our unity with all the others, because we are all parts of one whole. History and experience show that humankind rises or falls together. Every real and permanent advance since the world began has been due to the action of the great principle of human brotherhood and sisterhood — the majority acting together for the good of all. 
Listen to episode 411 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Power of Individuality, Originality & Character. Edited and adapted from Right Living by Susan H. Wixon.Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Is it true that we are too apt to be copies of one another? Yes, it is true. We are often imitators, and not originators. It would appear, almost, at first sight, as if it were dangerous to walk a different path from the accepted highway. Yet there are many short-cuts across lots that bring one to town sooner than following the beaten track.Instead, we go as others go. We do as others do, without thinking whether it be right or not. When deviating somewhat from the well-worn way, we are apt to be frightened, and to fear we are lost. Yet, we do not live to be exact copies of each other. Originality of action, of speech, of thought, is the necessity of the world. Great men and great women of this or of any period of the world's history, are always those of striking characteristics, of strong individuality.Visit our new sponsor for convenient and professional online counseling.
Listen to episode 410 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Live Right & Get the Most Out of Life. Edited and adapted from Right Living by Susan H. Wixon.Motivational Podcast Transcript: "Living will teach you how to live better than any preacher or book," says Goethe. But what is it to live? Is it simply to eat, drink, and be merry? Is it to learn a little, here and there; to laugh and play; to sleep, weep, toil, and battle from day to day, and from year to year for food and shelter? Is it to bend every energy to the acquirement of wealth, fame, or position? Is it to sacrifice all for the applause of the multitude?Life is more than that. It has larger uses. It contains greater and grander results. It holds loftier and nobler aspirations. Its measure is flaming with the fires of truth, glowing with the gold of understanding. Life, rightly lived is an inspiration, an incentive to high effort, a means of true and sure happiness. The one who is worthy of the praise and gratitude of millions, is the individual who can impress upon the minds of others that there is more to life than just to dig and delve for food and necessities. They will receive even greater praise and honor if they can show people how to so employ their time as to get the most out of life without harm to themselves, or injury to others.Go to to download their free meditation app today.
Listen to episode 409 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Secret of Happiness is Within You. Edited and adapted from Mightier Than Circumstance by Frank B. Whitney.Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: THERE are millions of people who would give almost all they possess in order to be happy. They go to various places and try every conceivable method for obtaining happiness. They yearn for things and think that by possessing them happiness will come to them. They turn to other people and to external things but still happiness eludes them.A search for happiness does not always bring it, because we look for it in the same spirit that we would look for a lost purse. We believe that happiness is found when we arrive at that place in consciousness and experience where we no longer have to seek for it.When we look for happiness, we do not have it. When we cease to look for it, we discover that it is ours.Go to to download their free meditation app. Be among the first 50 listeners to sign up for their premium account to to unlock thousands of more meditations.
Listen to episode 408 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Seize the Day with a New Outlook on Life. Edited and adapted from Mightier Than Circumstance by Frank B. Whitney.Motivational Podcast Excerpt: HAVE you ever thought of the dawning of a day as the dawning of a new life and a new world? Last night the darkness of the night blotted out your mistakes of yesterday. This morning the bright and glorious sun saluted you in a new world with new opportunities.Is this not a beautiful truth to contemplate? Does not its wisdom seem more and more convincing as you think about it?To the person who thinks of life as a humdrum experience, today is just another day. It links them up with unfortunate experiences of yesterday, as well as the uncertainties of tomorrow. Their calendar reveals to them but a succession of days. Their experience in living through them is almost the same as that of a patient and plodding animal working a treadmill.However, it need not be so — for last night the curtain of darkness closed upon your yesterday. In the darkness of night, in the progress of sleep, your old self died to things of the past. At dawn, a new day, a new life, and a new world were proclaimed to you. In the new day, nothing of the past comes forth.Visit Our Sponsor Blinkist at to start your free 7 day trial.
Listen to episode 407 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Finding Your Place in the World. Edited and adapted from Concentration: The Key to Constructive Thought by C. W. Kyle.Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: There is a place for every human being in the world — a special place and a special work for each one of us to do; a work which no other person can do; a work that is essentially and wholly connected with every woman and man. To find this place in the world and to come to know the lessons that are best for you to learn, is a necessary step toward making a success of your life.Neither of these problems is difficult to solve, if you but bring your common sense to bear upon them. To be cool and just in an examination of yourself; to gauge honestly and fairly the state of your growth; to take care of your health and fitness; is all that is necessary. Go to to download their free meditation app. Be among the first 50 listeners to sign up for their premium account to to unlock thousands of more meditations.
Listen to episode 406 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Greatest Power for Self-Development & Personal Growth. Edited and adapted from Success Through Thought Habit by Benjamin Johnson.Motivational Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. A special thanks to our newest monthly patrons: Eric Miller, David Leites, Ifeany Nwenyi, and Tim. You can help support our podcast by also becoming our monthly patron. In return you’ll get access to over 100 inspirational podcasts no longer publicly available, plus transcripts to all of our more than 400 podcasts, as well as access to the exclusive series Our Sunday Talks, which delivers inspirational talks on spiritual topics.To gain access your monthly donation can be as little as $3 a month. Learn more by visiting Thank you.Today’s reading has been edited and adapted from “Success Through Thought Habit” by Benjamin Johnson, published in 1908.Habit, whether conscious or automatic, is one of the most tremendous forces of life. In fact, we can truthfully call it the tremendous force in life. It is habit that makes us dislike anything that takes us away from our familiar paths of thought or work, that makes us resist any change or suggestion of doing things a different way, that makes us fussy, fretful, and sarcastic, as well as kind, sympathetic and amenable to suggestions.It makes us cowards or heroes, self-assertive or timid, self-reliant or helpless, failures or successes. Consequently, the great thing in all of our education is to adopt the suggestion given by William James to (quote) "make our nervous system our ally and not our enemy."We should hand over to the custodian of the automatic department many of the details of our daily life — for it is important to start our daily duties in such a manner that they almost carry themselves along and leave the mind free to develop on other lines.
Listen to episode 405 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Live the Perfect Day. Edited and adapted from Lessons in Living by Elizabeth Towne.Motivational Podcast Excerpt: When Johnny Hayes won the Marathon in the Olympic Games, he trained for months before-hand. Every hindrance to his goal was laid aside; he ate the healthiest food, kept regular hours, trained carefully every day, kept his mind ever focused on the one thought of success in that race. The successful life is made up of a succession of successful days — every day being a little Marathon by itself. If we live a successful today, we make a wise preparation to live a successful tomorrow; and so on, day after day, year after year, through our whole lives.Only today is ours. Today we can make the right preparation, make the right and easy start, run the successful race with time, and close the day a victor. This day it is possible to do that. So, how shall we prepare for it? How shall we manage our energy and direct our efforts?Visit Our Sponsor: Shop with the coupon code LIVING for 20% off.
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Dr. Steve Kibuku

Powerful and uplifting podcast. Thank you for creating this.

Aug 27th

Olatunde Popoola


Jun 4th

unfortunately, this podcast person is incredibly misinformed about the basic human condition and thinking if you only think good (logical ) thoughts you will achieve greatness . He does not take into account Mental health issues. In fact this type of Podcast does more harm then good . While there is Great Power in Positive Thinking, You must also be in a very healthy Mental state of Mind to be able to benefit from it .I would wish Podcasts like this come with either a disclaimer or Warning to the Listeners stating that the Author of the podcasts lacks any experience or formally Trained at a Traditional Medical College People that suffer from Depression or PTSD will not get better by just thinking good thoughts or by Quacks and hucksters telling them that if they just do as b they are told they will get better. Would you tell someone that broke their arm to just think good thoughts and you arm will heal in perfect condition .

May 15th

molly sutton


Apr 12th

Ken Bennett

This is an amazing episode. Thank you.

Oct 30th
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