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Welcome to Insurance Town! Your host is the Mayor of Insurance Town, Heath Shearon. After many years in different parts of the insurance world, Heath wants to share his experience with you. Join in on conversations with Heath and many of the friends he's made along the way.

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In this weeks episode we had the priviledge of having Ashley Wingate and Mike Miller of Smart Choice Join us for an action packed, and exciting episode about all things networks. They talked about the contract, the fees, the exit clauses, the benefits of joining a network and so much more. Being a part of a network is so much more than just gaining market access or sharing in contingencies. My Friends here at Smart Choice Break it all down...Sponsors-Smart ChoiceCanopy ConnectOlde School Marketing 
In this episode, the mayor has a real deal conversation with his good friend and Brother from another mother Erik Garcia. These two have a great conversation about a diffferent side of budgeting and financial planning for your agency. They talk about giving back and the joy of giving. Its a much needed conversation and one that is so relevant to agency owners. Erik breaks down his 5 pillars of Financial Security. Episode SponsorsSmart ChoiceCanopy Connect Manscaped Olde School Marketing
In this episode of Insurance Town, The Mayor had the opportunity to meet Chris Marino , of Toropoint Insurance. He works with Insurance agencies of all walks of life to help them write more business abd develop new verticals with Life insurance. Chris walks us through how to to add more value to your clients in this hard market by adding Life Insurance to the mix. Its okay if you arent a "life guy or gal" he has solutions for you too. Sit back relax and enjoy this conversation with Chris and I. Sponsors Smart ChoiceCanopy ConnectMAnscapedOlde School Marketing 
In this episide of insurance town the mayor got the opportunity to sit down with the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Matt Larocca of AgencyZoom. We enjoyed a nice stroll down memory lane. Talked about how he got in the industry from the beverage industry within got into the importance of the sales cycle and using CRM‘s.SponsorsSmart ChoiceCanopy connectOlde school marketingManscaped 
Mayor Solo

Mayor Solo


This is a rare Mayor Solo to start off the year , talking about how you can improve your Customer experience with the help of Canopy Connect!! How to tackle hard market with some help of Smart Choice and Ole School marketing. Lastly he shouts out Manscaped and how you can stay on top of your grooming needs. This is a Sponsor Spotlight episode!! Sponsors:ManscapedOlde School Marketing Smart Choice Canopy Connect 
In this weeks episode , the mayor has the awesome opportunity to sit down with his good friend, David Watson of Risk Advisor and they talk about what it means to be a risk advisor and how to improve the customer journey. But first David and I take a walk down memory lane and we talk all things David Watson and how he came to Mappus, and how he came up with the idea of Risk Advisor. WE then talk everything from Process & procedure to our Snack Draft. Epsisode Sponsors:Smart ChoiceCanopy ConnectManscaped Loss Scan
In this weeks episode the Mayor, get a long awaited, but much appreciated, visit from his buddy Todd Thams ! this is an exciting , quick hitting episode. Todd comes in hot, and talks about so many wonderful topics from multi generational agencies, Hard Market, Workers comp, Butter cows and Maid rites. Its a fun conversation you dont want to miss!Thank you for tuning in , make sure you check out our fabulous sponsors:Smart Choice-Canopy Connect- Discount click hereOlde School Marketing - 10% off with code Town10Manscaped - 20% off and free shipping with code Mayor
In this episode of Insurance Town, the Mayor and Adam Bowe of Cake, talk all things cake and eat it too. They start off with a walk down memory lane where Adam talks about how he got into the industry and then they discuss mergers and Aquisition as well navigating that complex world of buying and selling your agency. The trends that are happening now and how you can better position yourself for success in this arena . Sponsors Smart ChoiceCanopy ConnectManscapedOlde School Marketing  
A few weeks ago the FCC dropped a bomb on people that buy leads and We invited Nick Berry the Marketing Guru to come bye and talk to us about this. If you are an agency that buys leads you may want to tune into this one especially and we dive into the nitty gritty of this major announcement from the FCC! Sponsors:Olde School Marketing Smart ChoiceCanopy Connect Manscaped 
In this weeks episode the mayor sits down with his good friend, Steve Mohr, of the Insurance Industry Index. We have an incredible conversation about what hes been up to and how the relationship is still so incredibly valuable. He has so much going on with the Insurance Industry Index that you will definitely want to hear about I promise...Steve shares great advice and we talk about so many different topics and he drops so much knowledge on us.  Episode Sponsors Smart ChoiceCanopy ConnectManscaped Olde School Marketing 
In this episode the Mayor sits down with his good buddy and good buddy to do many, Davie Holt. Davie is on an exciting new journey into the world of Virtual Employees. He's getting the opportunity to work with people he knows and trust, in an arena that is he is exited about learning and growing. Davie and the Mayor have some fun talking about a variety of topics, from Christmas Music, to Virtual Employees and how to best manage your agency using Virtual Employees. Davie also weighs in on the Travis Kelce / Taylor Swift relationship!! Sit back , relax and enjoy this exciting conversation with Davie Holt 
In this episode of Insurance Town the Mayor sits down with his good buddy and Author, Marketer, and all around god dude, Mr Solomon Thimothy, to talk all things sales and Marketing, AND HOW TO STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD, Close more deals. and also how to do sell more insurance by "selling less" and Serving more!! Its a mental shift you gotta here more about ! Sponsors Smart ChoiceCanopy ConnectManscapedOlde School Marketing 
In this weeks episode of Insurance Town, the Mayor, Heath Shearon sits down with his friend, Christopher Cook of Rough notes. Mr Cook takes us on a walk down memory lane to talk about what lead him into the insurance industry. We then discussed tellin your agencies story through your website and through your social media. He tells us what he looks for in an agency story and what hes looking or in a cover agent for the Magazine. He also tells us some of his own stories, and then tells us more about Rough Notes and how you can get more involved. Episode Sponsors:Smart ChoiceCanopy Connect ManscapedOlde School Marketing  
This week in Insurance Town the Mayor had the opportunity to sit down and visit with, good friend, and  12 time EMMY AWARD winning, CHAD SKINNER. Heath and Chad have a fantastic conversation about Marketing, Sales, and so much more. Its fascinating how much TV, Film and Video production is related to Sales and Marketing. The draft is Back, mayor and Chad have a Christmas Movie draft. They go 5 rounds on the top Christmas movies of all time. Listen in and vote on who you think won the draft... 
This is a remix episode of several stories and highlights from the last 3 or 4 mayor solo episodes. Thank you all for listening the Mayor truly appreciates the love and support!! Sponsors : Smart Choice Canopy ConnectManscaped olde School Marketing 
In this week's episode we are celebrating a milestone. Episode 200!!! We invited none other than our Mayor of Insurance Town, Heath Shearon's good friend, colleague and sis, Sydney Roe of Vertafore. WE get into talking Triathlons, and her big accouncement there, we talk demand gen Marketing and so much more. This is a fun Milestone episode!! Sponsors:Smart ChoiceCanopy ConnectManscaped Olde School Marketing
In this weeks episode of Insurance Town, The Mayor sits down with his good friend Andy Runyon!! Sponsors Smart Choice Olde School MarketingManscaped Canopy Connect 
This week In Insurance Town the Mayor sits down with his good friend Becky Monfre,VP of Digital Accounts at Coterie Insurance. Becky and the Mayor talk about everything from Raising Kids to Growing small commercial insurance and even get into some Hot takes along the way... 
In this episode of Insurance Town, The Mayor sits down with his buddy Nick Lamparelli of Insurance Nerds and they have a fantastic conversation, around becoming a trusted advisor. They discuss what that looks like and how to focus on value instead of just offering a better price. THIS conversation is for the masses. Check this one out. Sponsors : Smart ChoiceCover DeskCanopy ConnectOlde School Marketing Manscaped
In this Weeks Episode here in Insurance Town, The Mayor Heath Shearon, Had the absolute honor and priviledge to record an episode with the one and only Darlene Flagg, the Mother and Mentor to many. She is the VP of Marketing and Brand at the National Life Group, and currently serves on the Women in Insurance and Financial Services(WIFS) National Board as President. In her role as President, she partners to attract, develop, & advance women in financial services. She is also the Immediate Past President of the National Tax -Deferred Savings Association (NTSA). Darlene is also one of the Executive Sponsors for theWomen’s Insight Network (WIN) at National Life. These two have a phenomenal conversation about leadership and what it takes to lead people. She talks about a journey of peace and what that looks like and means. They also talk Marketing and sales and so many other phenomenal topics SponsorsSmart Choice Manscaped use code mayor for 20% off and free shippingCoverdeskCanopy ConnectOlde School Marketing 
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