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Integrity Restored is here to help restore the integrity of individuals, spouses, and families that have been affected by pornography and pornography addiction. Join us each month as we connect on topics both informative, inspirational, and necessary to battling the scourge of pornography.
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Catholics and all marriages are suffering from a lack of communication particularly around pornography use. Women are not immune to this addiction, even if not addicted, their beliefs are being impacted by the pornified culture and they are certainly suffering if their spouse is addicted. Timmerie discusses the impact of pornography use pre-marriage, during marriage and the lies women are being told about themselves and their sexuality.  
Scott Weeman is the founder of CatholicinRecovery, a 12 step program based upon the incredible Truth and graces of the Catholic faith. This program couples the love and mercy of God, with the healing benefits of the 12 steps for addiction recovery and family support. In this episode, we discuss how to learn to receive love rather than judgment from our groups in recovery, bringing our addiction out of the darkness, and how to rebuild our relationships in a God-centered way. Additionally, we discuss how those who are struggling with the addiction need to recognize the impact their struggles have on the family and those that love them.
The spiritual cost of pornography usage can be disheartening and make us feel abandoned by God. Yet, God can often be " closest" to us at these darkest of times. After we have made a decision to follow Christ, we can have great hope in His mercy and love for our healing. We need to pray for a spiritual awakening not to "heal us", but rather to give us the strength to face the battle every day
The scourge of pornography can be a source of despair for many people, but God’s mercy is greater than any of our sins. Learn from Father Gaitley how God’s love and mercy can counteract the lie of Satan, who fills us with despair. As Pope Francis has said, God never tires of forgiving, it is we who tire of asking for forgiveness. Join Jim and Father as they examine how we can move from a place of hating ourselves because of our struggles to our rightful place as beloved sons and daughters of a loving and merciful Father.
In this episode, Jim is joined by Damon Owens of JOYTOB to discuss the attack of pornography on the family. Porn attacks the very heart of the family and in the episode, we'll get to the deeper why of what it means to us indivdually and as a family. No one, no family is immune, but there is hope and healing...
This episode asks how do we use our habits to recognize that God wants to be in every part of our lives? One of the ways can be to use a Nightly Examination of Conscience. Jim O’Day and Christopher Carter of Men Living for Greatness will walk you through how to use this important spiritual tool to pause each day to thank God and learn where we need to grow in our lives.
This episode is about our choice in what lens we use to see our lives and the world. We should choose " God's glasses" to see always see how we can bless others.
Dr. Peter Kleponis, Licensed Professional Counselor and Director of Clinical Programs at Integrity Restored, talks with Jim O’Day about how to deal with the “new normal” of social distancing, widespread disease, and economic uncertainty.
How do you stay the course in addiction recovery during a global crisis? This episode offers the support you need. We sat down with Dr. Aaron Walter for the “Three P’s” that will get you through social distancing.
Host Jim O'Day and his Guest Marty Rotella discuss the importance of love in all aspects of healing and recovery.
Jim O’Day shares why porn is so pervasive, even among those who know the harm it causes. In this intriguing conversation, Jim shares why the problem of porn is ignored in churches, communities, and the mainstream media, plus what you can do about personal struggles regarding sexual integrity.
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