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Jim is joined by Dr. Peter Kleponis and Fr. Allen Hoffa to discuss the unknown dangers of our virtual world that don't always include pornography but can be just as harmful. In part 1 of this series, we dive into the growing phenomenon of social media addiction. Takeaways: 1. Up to 10% of Americans could be " social media addicted" according to the experts 2. We spend up to 11 hours a day in front of our screens according to the latest stats 3. There is a benefit both short and long term to a social media fast
Jim discusses the increasing proof of pornography usage on mental health by citing current studies and real-world examples. Takeaways: 1. Pornography is false self-soothing and is actually doing more damage 2. Pornography has real impacts on real world relationships 3. Our brain thankfully can heal and recover from this addiction
Fr. Martin Connor author, spiritual director, and founder of joins Jim to discuss the plights of false intimacy and what we truly desire and require, as well as why emotional chastity is important and what Theology of the Body can teach us in combatting the materialization of love. Father has generously included a download of Chapter 6 of his book for Integrity Restored's listeners. Download here. Takeaways: 1. We all need to reconnect with God sometimes on a daily basis 2. To stay emotionally and spiritually healthy we need to get back to real relationships 3. Service is an important part of the recovery journey
Jim is joined by Dr. Peter Kleponis and Fr. Allen Hoffa to talk about some of the incredible stories of hope and healing we've experienced as part of the mission here at Integrity Restored and how we should celebrate the wins in recovery. Takeaways: 1. No win is too small or too big and no fall is too great to get back up again 2. Tens of thousands of individuals, couples and clergy have found great hope, resources and healing and you can too 3. Your life, your marriage, your family and your relationships don't have to be defined by the addiction 
Jim explores marriage prep and married life with Dcn. Kabat to highlight the importance of open communication, honesty and expectations when it comes to pornography usage. Takeaways: 1. Marriage " work" never ends. We should be learning about each other every day. 2. Culture wants us to believe sexual intimacy is just a recreational activity. 3. Nobody likes to hear the word pornography but we need to be able to discuss it.
In this episode, Jim is joined by De Yarrison of Hope's Garden and You are Made New ministries to discuss 5 things husbands should do and 2 things they should never do to help their wife in her Betrayal Trauma recovery. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR OUR VIRTUAL HOPE BLOOMS RETREAT at Takeaways: 1. Always seek to understand first not respond 2. Heal your own wounds so you can heal as a couple 3. Don't dismiss or coerce
Jim talks to all families in this episode about the ever growing threats we face in the cyber world. Being oblivious to these threats is not an option in our lives or the lives of those we love. Takeaways: 1. Pornography is only one of the threats we face 2. Seemingly benign online activities can develop into larger problems 3. The virtual world consequences are very real
Jim is joined by Jordan Burke, founder of, contributor to the Avila Institute and father of a young child, to discuss how healing and hope intersected in his recovery journey and what should we be looking for in our own journey. Takeaways: 1. Our coping mechanism can quickly become our affliction 2. The wounds we carry must be addressed, healed and offered up in the recovery process. 3. Both science and spirit are components in healing.
Jim is joined by Sam Guzman, therapist, founder of The Catholic Gentleman and longtime contributor to Sam brings a uniquely faith filled and scientific expertise to the connection between our thinking and our spirituality. Takeaways: 1. The depths of shame must be stripped away for healing to begin 2. The different parts of our mind that have good or neutral intentions can still hurt us 3. Bring mercy into your own healing
Jim is joined by author and peer mentor Stephen Cuddy to discuss his recovery from depression and addiction and what tips and tools he has found useful in the journey. Takeaways: 1. Recovery needs to be in every area of your life 2. Virtue growth helps you move beyond bad habits 3. Recovery is not a straight line but a daily life long journey
In this episode Jim is joined by Dr. Paul Vitz, Professor Emeritus at NYU and Senior Scholar and Professor at Divine Mercy University to crack open the internal battle with sexual compulsion, the negative effects, and what we can do about it.
This episode features a vitally important conversation with Jim and Dr. K. about what is an accountability partner, what makes a good one, and how do we find one... Takeaways: 1. The wife should not be the accountability partner nor should she assume the role of "recovery cop" 2. Look to support groups to find a partner 3. It can be very helpful to find someone who understands the struggle through their own recovery journey
How do you invest biblically and prepare for what's coming in the metaverse? In this episode, Jim is joined by Christ Centered Capital founder and former NBA money manager Marc Lozano to break down what's coming and what we can do. Takeaways: 1. The metaverse is going to be highly dependent on "sex" for revenue 2. Social media porn channels are expected to grow exponentially 3. Virtual abuse will become increasingly normalized
If you are married or in any kind of long term familial relationship, tough times are bound to happen. So often, those tough times or difficult moments can lead to us falling back into negative behaviors and habits. In this episode, Jim and Keith discuss some tips to protect yourself and your loved ones when these tough times happen. Takaways: 1. Have a plan and be prepared 2. Don't make decisions in desolation 3. Ask the other - " what do you need from me today?"
These have been incredibly difficult times for many which leads to the feelings of languishing which can lead to unwanted behaviors including pornography usage. In this episode Timmerie and Jim break open the why and the what we can do about feelings of languishing in our lives. Takeaways: 1. We desire what we admire 2. Small goals and achievements are keep to breaking free of languishing 3. Psalm 20:3-4 tells us what we shouldnt desire and what we should know
Jim looks back at 99 incredible episodes and what he learned about the 3 Pillars of scientific therapy, increased spiritual life and community and relationships by hosting this show. Takeaways: Pillar 1: Strong scientific counseling and therapy Pillar 2: An increase in the spiritual life, frequent reception of the sacraments and spiritual direction Pillar 3: Relationships, community and accountability
In this episode Jim discusses how we can go about getting help in our recovery from pornography and the three pillars of Integrity Restored. Takeaways: 1. We must admit we can't do this alone 2. It is always going to be uncomfortable at first to share something we've hidden for so long 3. The Integrity Restored pillars of scientific counseling, increased spiritual life and spiritual direction and community and accountability are strong indicators of a fruitful recovery journey
The ancient great thinkers recognized that lust was not only an individual problem but a societal danger as well. In this episode, Jim is joined by author Casey Chalk to discuss how lust and pornography affects the greater culture and society. Please visit to purchase his new book The Persecuted and see his latest articles. Takeaways: 1. Porn affects the user, their friends and family and ultimately society as a whole 2. It is not just about lust but all the other behaviors it creates 3. If you aren't struggling, you absolutely know and love someone who is - it's that prevalent a public health crisis
In this episode Jim challenges us to understand why a life of integrity is important and the 5 steps needed to start to get there. Takeaways: 1. Continuous improvement not strength nor intelligence is needed. 2. Don't ask why, ask God "What have you planned for me?" 3. Ponder 1 Chronicles - "I know my God that you test the heart and are pleased with integrity."
Jim is joined by Dr. Eddie Capparucci, Phd., LPC, CSAS author of the new book, "Why Men Struggle to Love: Overcoming Relational Blind Spots" to discuss why being sober is only the beginning of the healing journey. To order the book, please visit Takeaways: 1. Low emotional iq can hamper our overall recovery 2. Big T or little t , traumas play a role in our ability to connect 3. Sober is good, but not fully healed
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