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Integrity Restored is here to help restore the integrity of individuals, spouses, and families that have been affected by pornography and pornography addiction. Join us each month as we connect on topics both informative, inspirational, and necessary to battling the scourge of pornography.
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Everyone has experienced some form of trauma in their lives…from Big T traumas to Little T traumas, all trauma can have an effect on our behaviors and propensity for addictions. In this episode, Jim is joined by Dr. Gerry Crete, PhD. A licensed marriage and family therapist, EMDR certified practitioner, and founder of a website offering Catholic Mental Health resources to break apart the types of traumas we may have experienced and their impact on our behaviors…most importantly how we can heal from their effects and take our control back!
In this episode Jim is joined by Fr. Charles Sikorsky, LC, JD, JCL, the President of Divine Mercy University a graduate school with Masters and Doctoral programs combining Catholic teaching with the best in the science of counseling and psychology. Together, they will discuss the relationship between the physical, emotional, and spiritual components of pornography addiction and what we can do about them. Don’t miss this insightful conversation including insights into St. Paul’s struggle! For more information on DMU, please visit  
In today’s world isolation has become the norm for so many…in addition to the trigger that can be for pornography use, it can also be a harbinger of other mental health and emotional issues. In this episode, Jim is joined by Dr. Peter Kleponis, LPC, SAT-P, CSAT to discuss the effects of isolation, the drive to connect, and what we can do about it for ourselves and each other.
In this episode, Jim speaks with Author, Speaker, and Porn Recovery Advocate, Larry Yff about his journey to healing. From an interracial adoption to a life of drug dealing and substance abuse coupled with porn addiction, Larry felt he could only live in a fantasy world, not being able or worthy to experience anything else. Through his struggles he has learned important life lessons, how faith saved him from a dark and lonely existence, and brought him to the place he finds himself now, wanting to help those who feel the same way he did.
In this episode, Jim talks with Thomas Clements Jr., the founder of Zenith Ministries about his recovery journey and the impact of pornography today in the lives of young people getting married. Gen Z and Millennials are a highly exposed demographic when it comes to porn use – it’s been completely “ normalized” in their world so how do we help them not bring this baggage into a new sacramental marriage?
The Lord is inviting us to a very deep and intimate relationship with Him, but we need to invite Him in - regardless of where we or our family is struggling…In this episode, Jim and Emily discuss Divine Mercy, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and bringing Him into every area of our home and families, even the dark, messy spots. Check out:
In this episode, Jim is joined by Enza Cerami MSW, founder of Living Stones, Inc to discuss how pornography has become the new “go to” for sex education for youth. In this wide ranging discussion, you’ll learn about the dangers, falsehoods , and deception prevalent in today's pornified world for our kids and also what we as parents need to do about it, filled with love and hope for our kids and their understanding of God’s plan for their sexuality.
We live in an increasingly sexualized and pornified world, and our kids are being sucked deeper into the darkness at younger and younger ages. In this episode, Jim talks about the numbers, the realities and the harms of early exposure to pornography and what we as parents can do about it.
In this episode, Jim explores the link between a spouse's porn habit and the wife’s eating disorders. In addition to the Betrayal Trauma we know wives suffer, is there a link between a husband's porn use and a wife struggling with eating disorders and body image? Studies say YES! Eating disorders and body image insecurities are a likely side effect of your partner's porn usage, so what should you know? 
Former model, CEO and actor Joelle Maryn joins Jim to discuss the pornification of culture and how God loves us through it all. They discuss God’s plan for our bodies and sexuality and how it is good, but how society and culture can warp what God designed.
Summary: Does it feel difficult, shameful, or embarrassing to discuss pornography usage, sexual sin, or struggles in confession or spiritual direction? Well, you are not alone…in this episode, Jim is joined by Fr. Allen Hoffa to breakdown how we can approach these tough discussions and start the healing process from these struggles. Getting shame and embarrassment out of the way so we can focus on the hope that is God’s love and truly experience the merciful love and care of Jesus.
Jim is joined by Keith Nester of Down2earth Ministries to discuss how God’s Love is so much greater than any sin. How we need to let go of our shame and truly open our hearts to God’s mercy. We’ll discuss the incredible "tools" we have in the Catholic faith, what we can do to embrace God’s love in a real way in our lives, and much more.
We know porn use is skyrocketing, the average age of first exposure is between 8-11 years old and culture has normalized this addictive behavior. That’s why we at Integrity Restored are excited to launch the Integrity Circle Coaching Program Level 1: Foundations in Understanding. Through this 26 week program and by investing 30 minutes a week, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the pornography epidemic, the addiction and what to do about it. In this episode, Jim is joined by John Heinen to discuss the program's features and benefits as well as how this program will help those struggling, those who are affected by someone’s struggles through betrayal trauma and how this program can be the basis of an approach for those in a position of care, for example, clergy, educators, parents, and lay ministers. Listen and join now for a 20% discount off the regular price! Additionally, at the completion of this program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion letting everyone know you have acquired the understanding of the problem necessary to have these vital conversations in our families, faith communities, and society as a whole.
Father's Day Special
Author and porn recovery educator, Joshua Shea joins Jim to discuss his own battle with alcohol and pornography, his recovery, and what the porn environment is today in light of the recent pandemic. This crisis is driving huge increases for the porn industry and new behaviors and productions. Josh and Jim break down the details and the stats to give you the reality of Porn in the Pandemic.  
Sobriety, Inner Healing and Transformation are the pillars of a true healing program. Unfortunately, the is no silver bullet to recovery, it is a process with successes and failures, ups and downs. In this episode, Jim talks with Dr. Pete about the three components of an effective healing program, the three pillars of Integrity Restored and how healthy and exciting a life of recovery can be.
Catholics and all marriages are suffering from a lack of communication particularly around pornography use. Women are not immune to this addiction, even if not addicted, their beliefs are being impacted by the pornified culture and they are certainly suffering if their spouse is addicted. Timmerie discusses the impact of pornography use pre-marriage, during marriage and the lies women are being told about themselves and their sexuality.  
Scott Weeman is the founder of CatholicinRecovery, a 12 step program based upon the incredible Truth and graces of the Catholic faith. This program couples the love and mercy of God, with the healing benefits of the 12 steps for addiction recovery and family support. In this episode, we discuss how to learn to receive love rather than judgment from our groups in recovery, bringing our addiction out of the darkness, and how to rebuild our relationships in a God-centered way. Additionally, we discuss how those who are struggling with the addiction need to recognize the impact their struggles have on the family and those that love them.
The spiritual cost of pornography usage can be disheartening and make us feel abandoned by God. Yet, God can often be " closest" to us at these darkest of times. After we have made a decision to follow Christ, we can have great hope in His mercy and love for our healing. We need to pray for a spiritual awakening not to "heal us", but rather to give us the strength to face the battle every day
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