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Integrity Restored is here to help restore the integrity of individuals, spouses, and families that have been affected by pornography and pornography addiction. Join us each month as we connect on topics both informative, inspirational, and necessary to battling the scourge of pornography.
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In this episode, Jim talks with Timmerie Geagea, host of Relevant Radio's " Trending with Timmerie" to explore the effect of pornography on millennials and their views of relationships. Takeaways: 1. A recent study indicates that 1 in 3 millennial women view porn regularly 2. According to a respondent in a recent survey, " it's easier to watch porn and satisfy myself than it is to deal with the craziness of relationships today" 3. Pew Research says: " 1 in 4 millennials is likely to remain unmarried for life"
This exciting episode is about female sports, breaking through barriers and bringing the truth to light. Jim is joined by Samantha Kelley, the founder of Fierce Athlete, to discuss the prevalence of pornography and hypersexualization in female sports today. Listen along and you’ll discover: What female athletes are conditioned to think from a young age How a woman becomes secretive when “all eyes” are on her Why pornography is not only a problem for men.
Jim is joined by Keith Nester founder of Down 2 Earth Ministry to break down the real struggle between love and lust and how we are all impacted by it. Takeaways: 1. Lust takes...Love gives 2. There are many types of love, but only one word in the English language that doesn't do it justice 3. Lust is selfishly focused, love is other person focused
In this episode Jim is joined by Devin Schadt founder of Fathers of Saint Joseph ( to discuss Devin’s new book “Why You Do What You Do and how to change it”. We examine how our innate desire to be significant can draw us into other not so desired behaviors. 3 fundamental causes that condition our decision making: Survival Sloth and sensuality Significance Your worth is much greater than another persons definition of your significance Even in the midst of the struggle, God gives us the means to overcome
In this episode, Jim talks about the normal human desire for validation and how that can impact our struggle with pornography and relationships. To know ourselves and our near-constant desire for validation of image, opinions, successes, and impact is an important part of being able to finally recognize ourselves as beloved sons and daughters of a merciful God.
In this episode, Jim continues with the theme of a new year/new beginnings and examines the role of self-kindness in being made new. As 2 Corinthians tells us: “ Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” This year let’s focus on becoming the person that God wants us to be as His beloved son or daughter and incorporate deliberate self-kindness into our day to help our healing journey.  
What are the five areas of self-care you need to pay attention to? Dr. Peter Kleponis and Fr. Allen Hoffa tell us about each one to help us make meaningful resolutions for 2021! Learn these five areas of healthy self-care and tips to improve in each area.  Takeaways: All of us can make a resolution to break free of shame and use healthy guilt to heal We should resolve to make a commitment to recognize our rightful place as beloved sons and daughters of a merciful God Resolutions can be more effective with a support system.
With Jim on vacation, Dr. Peter Kleponis and Fr. Allen Hoffa take over the show to help us create meaningful resolutions for 2021! Takeaways: All of us can make a resolution to break free of shame and use healthy guilt to heal We should resolve to make a commitment to recognize our rightful place as beloved sons and daughters of a merciful God Resolutions can be more effective with a support system 
2020 was a challenging year for so many, and pornography addiction was just one of the many challenges faced by individuals, spouses, families and our clergy who tries to help. Yet, through it all our Lord is with us. In this episode, Jim looks back on 2020 and shares valuable clips from guests on the foundational virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.  
In this episode, Tom and Jim explore the importance of forgiveness, not only for our emotional well being but our spiritual life as well. Forgiveness both for ourselves and for those who have wronged us is an important component of our own healing journeys.
This year like most recent years,  many parents will be purchasing some form of technology for their kids to excitedly unwrap on Christmas morning! Are you prepared to “open” the pandora’s box of internet threats too? In this episode, Jim is joined by award-winning author of "Good Pictures Bad Pictures", Kristen Jenson to discuss what parents can do to share the value of technology with their kids while protecting them from the threats of pornography, cyber-bullying, sexting, etc. Let’s unwrap these conversations together in this episode as we prepare for the gift-giving season!  
In this wide ranging discussion Jim explores the path Deacon Kennedy took from a life of desperation as a successful law enforcement officer, businessman and husband to the joy of healing from alcoholism, pornography addiction and ultimately led to the diaconate. The discussion covers many healing topics of 12 steps, prayer, sacraments, spirituality and hard work where redemption is lived in everyday life!
Will you stand with us in the David vs Goliath battle against pornography, to heal marriages, protect children, educate and equip clergy… We can’t do it without you! 2020 was tough and porn use exploded, but with your help we can bring hope and healing to those affected by this addiction! Marriages and families need our help more than ever…with your help we can bring light into this darkness and happiness out of despair Clergy need to be equipped to deal with this pervasive problem, with your support we can provide more resources to the true front line in this battle, our priests, pastors,  ministers, deacons who hear the cry for help every day!
In this episode, Jim discusses the Five Faulty Beliefs of an Addict and the guilt and shame that fuel them. He discusses the value of guilt and the problem with shame and how to resolve both in your healing journey.
In this episode, Jim is joined by Fr. Mitch Pacwa EWTN host, and author to discuss common questions about abstinence and celibacy…don’t miss this insightful and impactful episode to answer your questions about the benefits of abstinence!
In this episode, Jim is joined by Dr. Eddie Capparucci, Christian mental health therapist and author of Going Deeper. Jim and Eddie break down how the inner child in each of us can play a significant role in addictions.
Jim and Sean continue discussing what Heroic Parenting means and in this episode break down how we can use ‘heroic parenting” to instill leadership skills in our kids.
In this the second of a three-part series, Jim is joined once again by Sean Forrest to discuss what it means to parent “heroically” in today’s culture. This episode focuses on communication between parent and child. Sean and Jim will share 5 tips for better communication that you can implement today!
In this episode, Jim is joined by musician, author, dad, and founder of Haiti180, Sean Forrest to discuss the concept of Heroic Parenting as part 1 of a three-part series. Jim and Sean discuss the importance of parents especially dads as the first significant relationship our children have and how that impacts values, aspirations, and behaviors in the child’s future.
In this episode, Jim is joined by Dave Savage, the founder of ContentWatch Holdings and Chief Marketing Officer of Net Nanny to discuss the physical, spiritual and technological ways we can take back control of what comes into our families and protect those we love from the pornified culture surrounding us.
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