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Integrity Restored is here to help restore the integrity of individuals, spouses, and families that have been affected by pornography and pornography addiction. Join us each month as we connect on topics both informative, inspirational, and necessary to battling the scourge of pornography.
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Jim is joined by Fr. Allen Hoffa and Patricia Keane, author, radio host, functional medicine specialist and warrior for virtue in Ireland, to discuss the dangers in culture when it comes to pornography and families. This second of two-parts episode confronts us with the question: "If we don't do something, are we raising a generation of kids who can't be helped?" Visit: for more info on Patricia.
Jim is joined by Fr. Allen Hoffa and Patricia Keane, author, radio host, functional medicine specialist and warrior for virtue in Ireland, to discuss the dangers in culture when it comes to pornography and families. This first of two-parts episode confronts us with the question: "If we don't do something, are we raising a generation of kids who can't be helped?" Visit for more info on Patricia.
In this episode Jim discusses the impact of a Positive Psychology approach in recovery and how the seven Cardinal Virtues are an important tool in getting healthy. Psychology is learning that in order to flourish we need to " be positive" Focusing on only the vices doesn't give us the skills to completely heal God has entrusted to us the seven virtues we need to use to combat the vices in our lives
In this rebroadcast episode, Jim is joined by Fr. Mitch Pacwa EWTN host, and author to discuss common questions about abstinence and celibacy…don’t miss this insightful and impactful episode to answer your questions about the benefits of abstinence!11
Tune in to Part 2 of the exciting conversation as it continues with Bas Rutten, UFC Hall of famer, world champion MMA fighter and Warrior for Christ as we discuss the similarities between fighting in the ring and fighting for the spiritual life ... and how we need to fight to get to heaven! Visit and check out his new Catholic posts on Instagram @sebastiaanharutten for daily spiritual thoughts!
The Warriors Journey with Bas Rutten - Part 1 of 2 In this the first of a 2-part series, Jim is joined by world champion mixed martial artist, UFC Hall of Famer and actor, Bas Rutten to discuss the lessons learned in combat and the spiritual life. "If you want to follow Christ you need to push and endure , same for recovery, same for goals!" Hear about Bas and his journey back to the faith here and check out his new Instagram page for spiritual battle snippets daily @sebastiaanharutten.        
In this exciting episode Jim is joined by award-winning author, Sam Black to discuss his new book The Healing Church. Pope Francis has said, “I see the church as a field hospital after battle.” No doctor doing triage on a battlefield is going to be fussing about his patients’ cholesterol or blood sugar levels. He is going to be treating major wounds and trying desperately to stop the bleeding. This book is a great primer that will educate and create an understanding how at the parish level we can be the local field hospital in this battle. For more information, visit for your free chapter.  Take steps to protect you family and yourself, install Covenant Eyes on your devices. Visit  and use the promo code: integrity30. Porn recovery is often the beginning of an incredible faith journey  We need one another in this battle  Please pray for one another that we might be healed
Jim is joined by relationship and break up expert, Emmi Fortin, to discuss how quitting porn can feel like breaking up with a long time partner. Understanding the biology Identify how you want to feel and make a plan to get there Remember that your feelings don't have to keep you stuck Download Emmi's "3 Things You Can Do Now to Get Over Your Breakup Mini-Guide" Order Emmi's "The Breakup & Divorce Self-Renewal Journal" on Amazon  
God’s Children are NOT for Sale This week, Jim is joined by Alejandro Monteverde, the director of SOUND OF FREEDOM, an edge-of-your-seat thriller based on the incredible true story of a former government agent turned freedom fighter who embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue dozens of children from human trafficking. This emotionally riveting narrative is a powerful story of heroism and stands as a testament to the tenacious spirit of those who refuse to let evil triumph.
Recovery from pornography is possible BUT there may be short-term side effects that you didn't realize. In this episode, Jim talks about some recent studies and the common withdrawal symptoms experienced in recovery. The scientific community is starting to recognize the realities of porn addiction Withdrawal symptoms are real and to be expected Patience and mercy are needed for those in recovery
Jim is joined by John Heinen, founder of the Catholic Gentleman, to discuss why it’s so important for men to have plans and guides for dealing with the trials and ruptures we face. In this wide raging conversation, we learn about spiritual combat, self-mastery and right relationships with God and others. Learn more about the exciting new program Catholic Gentlemen + where you will find monthly videos, challenges, prayers, discussions, and more as your ongoing guide. Tune in this week as Jim and John discuss: We need to heal disunity between hearts and minds  Porn addiction brings countless lives to ruin everyday  We have allowed ourselves to become slaves to passions
Jim is joined by Fr. Allen Hoffa to discuss some practical tips for recovery from porn addiction. Hint you generally can't just pray it away. Listen as they discuss: There is no one silver bullet to healing You need practical changes in addition to spiritual support Make a daily examen part of your routine
With over 85 studies outlining the harmful mental effects of pornography, we should be far more hesitant to expose ourselves to it, yet the numbers are growing. In this episode Jim discusses the real world responses our brain has to habitual pornography usage. Listen in as Jim explains: There are physical, emotional and neurological effects of porn use Relationships and behavior can be negatively impacted by porn The brain needs to reboot and rewire to heal
In this episode, Jim highlights some recent conversations with three doctors about the realities of porn addiction and what they have learned...  Even if you are not struggling, you know and love someone who is. Pornhub recorded over 42 billion visits last year - that should tell you the scope of pornography use The human brain has neuroplasticity and can heal from addiction
Jim is joined by Fr. Vincent Druding of the Archdiocese of New York on this week’s podcast. Together they outline the realities of spiritual attacks, especially concerning pornography and why we should have great hope, because we know who wins. Father Druding has a specific call to help our Church in the area of purity. He is a trained exorcist and leads a deliverance and liberation ministry. Practice immediate dismissal – “Jesus, I know this thought is not of You.” Use your baptismal authority to battle this addiction  Have a little " swagger" in Christ - do not be afraid
1In this episode, Jim talks about age verification legislation for adult content sites and how the explicit content producers are kicking and screaming. Utah, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Virginia have passed legislation - can your state be next to protect our children? Takeaways: Age verification is a well-utilized tool to protect minors from any manner of potential harm such as tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and driving age. Why should porn be exempt?  Our legislators have a responsibility to enforce a rarely utilized child protection act to keep porn exposure to those under the age of 18. Porn use is increasingly common amongst our youth. Age verification in addition to open dialogue with parents is a useful tool in protection
In this episode, Jim talks with Fr. Sean Byrnes about the draw of pornography even though we as Christians know it's objectively not good. They discuss the reasons, the triggers, and the desire for a " savior" in the tough moments of life. In a broad sense, most people understand that porn is a poor use of time  We look for deliverance from the difficult moments  There is NEVER a point where God doesn't love us
When is the line crossed between art and pornography? In this episode, Jim is joined by Fr. Mark Haydu, LC, former International Director of the Patrons of the Arts for the Vatican Museums. They will discuss how we can differentiate the two and then teach our kids how to recognize the imposters. The intent of the art is a critical question We need to teach our kids to go from "the surface" to "the depth" to recognize what is counterfeit Education and reflection is an important part of not letting sin warp the true beauty which God intends
Jim is joined once again by Dr. Allen Hunt, # 1 best selling author, to discuss what he has learned about porn, crisis and marital relationships in research for his books:  No Regrets, 21 Undeniable Secrets of Marriage and Everybody Needs to Forgive Somebody. Learn more at Tune in and listen to Jim and Dr. Hunt discuss the following: Everybody needs to forgive somebody but it's often not a one-time act For every negative interaction in our marriage we need five positive interactions to build the "relationship bank" Begin to dream together as a couple and communicate those dreams to each other
This week on the podcast, Jim is joined by Dr. Allan Hunt, #1 best-selling author and creator of the 4th Quarter Guy program. Allan and Jim discuss what Dr. Hunt has learned over 40 years in ministry, regarding porn and sexual addiction for individuals. Learn more about these resources at  1. Porn is a gets you all revved up with nowhere to go 2. When you lose "control" it spills over into every area of your life 3. It is hard work to change habits but it's worth it
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