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This week Shea helps Steve & Aaron find a date. Then Aaron gives it to the guys by the numbers—It's a quiz, only available at!
It's timey wimey time, then we read a study about "assholes." Shea tells patrons about ye-oldie archeologists & all their dragon bones.
Welcome to Interesting If True, the podcast that kills, poorly. I'm your host this week, Shea, and with me are: I'm Aaron, and this week I learned that I won’t be leaving here with you… Oh, I know, I won’t be leaving… here… with… you. This is the story of the most botched successful assassination ever. We’re gonna start with the most badass-sounding secret society ever, no not the Skull and Bones, the Black Hand! The Black Hand, I’m a comic and superhero nerd so I get images of a clandestine cult of professional assassins and spies. According to the Elder Scrolls, they are the ruling party of the Dark Brotherhood, a group of elite assassins and spies, pretty much exactly as I picture them. In the real world though, the Black Hand was a Serbian secret terrorist organization that was formed days after Austria annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1908 when a group of Serbian ministers and officials met, angry with Austria and planned to win their country back. Well, I guess they started as Narodna Odbrana (National Defense) and a few years later 10 members made a super double secret organization within the National Defense called Ujedinjenje ili Smrt (Union or Death), also known as The Black Hand. By 1914, there were several hundred members, perhaps as many as 2500. Many members were Serbian army officers. The professed goal of the group was the creation of a Greater Serbia, by use of violence, if necessary. The Black Hand trained guerillas and saboteurs and arranged political murders. The Black Hand was organized at the grassroots level in 3 to 5-member cells. Above them were district committees. Above them, was the Central committee in Belgrade. At the top was the ten-member Executive Committee led, more or less, by Colonial Dragutin Dimitrijevic, (also known as Apis ). Members rarely knew much more than the members of their own cell and one superior above them, to ensure that the group's leaders would remain secret. New members swore "...before God, on my honor and my life, that I will execute all missions and commands without question. I swear before God, on my honor, and on my life, that I will take all the secrets of this organization into my grave with me." If you are as old as Steve, that date might stick out to you because you love watching old World War 1 documentaries. This is the year the first great war starts and if you pay attention to the documentaries you may also remember the Black Hand, the jackasses that started it. If you aren't an old man really into war documentaries you will recall from high school history the name Franz Ferdinand and how his assassination was the shot heard around the world, you might not know how difficult the shot was to take. A bit of back history in case you don’t remember anything from high school. Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, visited Sarajevo to commemorate Bosnia’s induction into the empire on June 28th, 1914. A group of Serbian rebels learned of his plans and decided to assassinate the archduke to protest Bosnia’s inclusion in the empire, feeling Bosnia should be part of a unified Serbian federal nation instead. The Serbian rebels, of course, were the Black Hand. The Black Hand, you’d think, would be a competent double super-secret society because they were made up of many Serbian military officers but you’d be wrong. It took 4 attempts and the final was pure luck. There were 7 assassins hired to kill Franz, all were amateurs and at least two had tuberculosis. Why they didn’t use a member with some military background is beyond me… The asses, sorry assassins were each given a gun or a bomb and a small vial of cyanide in case they got caught. Some were given a small amount of training in the month leading up to the visit but not really much more than that. Franz Ferdinand accepted an invitation from Bosnia's governor, General Oskar Potoirek,
Welcome to Interesting If True, the podcast that is minting its own currency… social currency… I'm your host this week, Aaron, and with me are: I'm Shea, and this week I learned that an owl is just a pigeon filled with anger and knowledge Headlines No One Wants To Work… For you. Because you’re a cheap, mean, asshole. Or at least, that seems to be the common thread. Plenty of people I know are hiring and getting hired, the key difference between them and people putting up “no one wants to work anymore signs” is a willingness to compensate employees fairly and, as much of a burden as it might be, treat employees as humans. It’s simple math, but boss-Karen-proof. While being paid and treated with respect are the gold standard, it hasn’t stopped companies from getting a bit creative with their benefits package. In the same vein as restaurant employees getting a free meal (your food service workers do get at least a snack right?!), employers like Stripchat, a website that is exactly what it sounds like, have taken a … let’s say “innovative-ish” approach to employee management. From their own blog: Nowadays, it has become super important for companies to boost the office environment for those not working remotely. We at Stripchat know how to ensure our employees’ quality “fappy hour”. Yep. Jack’en it is now a perk. The company has set up “Wank Pods” at their offices for employees to use after a long, hard, day of ensuring quality streaming titties. Again from the blog: Each “Wank Pod” is planned to come fully equipped with masturbatory accessories, including a 4K LED screen to watch VR cams boosted by Dreamcam’s technology, an Oculus Quest VR headset, lotion, tissues, and more. A Wank Pod As odd as it may sound, StripChat isn’t the first to do this. Last year, Erika Lust — writer, producer, and director of Erika Lust Films, who, if it isn’t clear make porn — began offering employees 30minute jack’n’jill ’en it breaks after noticing that employees were growing more and more agitated during lockdown (also, I nearly wrote “lickdown” there, talk about a Freudian slip… bra and panty set). Though not a Wank Pod, she did create a space in the office for… wanking. Cat, who is head of communications and content at the company, said: “Picture this: a team of happy employees with their creative juices flowing and being productive because they’ve had some time scheduled to make themselves feel good. A masturbation break at work can result in more focus from your employees, less aggression, more productivity, and better teamwork.” Lust’s team of a little more than 30 employees has, apparently, really been enjoying the new perk. As for the Pods, they’re also available to lease from StripChat. They’ll run you 50k, but do include a free top-tier subscription to StipChat so you can awkwardly discover what your co-workers jack off to when they bookmark that thing. You know the thing. That thing. Radioactive Faith? What’s the most beneficial thing we could do with religion? Other than “do away” with it that is… Well, some scientists have been putting no small amount of thought into this question in the hopes of saving future generations from radioactive pollution. In Japan’s Kesennuma region there are tsunami stones. Gigantic obelisks engraved with messages warning people not to forget the devastation tsunamis have caused in the area and warning people against building homes below a certain elevation in the area to prevent such tragedies in the future. The tsunami stones are warnings across generations, telling descendants to avoid the same suffering of their ancestors,” specialist in the history of natural disasters Itoko Kitahara told the New York Times....
Shea teaches us about colors that aren't, then Aaron tells patrons about super artists! Bonus BTS patron chat.
Aaron rambles his way around a baseball field like a lost Quocker-wodger, then Shea shows patrons his Callipygian might!
Aaron headlines the show and dowses for the point. Patrons fund the best way to not find a body.
Shea goes all mad scientist on us and Aaron pokes at patrons.
Shea mixes us up the finest cocktails you can put in a boot. Aaron tells you how to fail at getting away with murder.
Aaron tells you why 202x isn't actually so bad. Then Shea tells patrons how 2022 is going to go...
Aaron headlines with news, Shea's face pics up the slack, and patrons are accedently exposed to science!
Happy New Year! Headlines are back! Aaron quizzes the guys on 80's movies. Shea brings the patrons... Headlines 2.0!
Shea hosts a Christmas Carol quiz then Aaron takes patrons — and everyone! — to see the ghosts of Christmas wars past. Happy Holidays!
Aaron takes a clown-shoed stroll down Canada's memory lane. Then talks smartishly to the patrons!
Shea tells us how to become elephants for fun and profit, then he shows patrons how to survive raiding a lost ark.
Happy Thanksgiving folks! Aaron talks turkey then Shea tells us all about New Zealand's grand wizard in this public patron-length episode!
Aaron visits his barber and leaves with more questions than beard! First, it's blue light woo then the patrons bathe in the oniony foot water of detoxification.
Jenn takes the guys tomb raiding in the ancient Egyptian caves of Arizona. Then Aaron gets his MD in BCE BS from St. Patreon Medical FTW!
It's Halloween! In this year's special Shea hosts a scary movie quiz. Then for patrons... Aaron hosts a scary movie quiz!
Shea wishes upon a haunted haunt & is fish-slapped by a Djinn. Aaron feeds the patrons after midnight and blows everything up Mogwai-style.
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