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Author: Aaron, Jenn, Jim, Shea & Steve

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Interesting If True is a variety podcast hosted by a panel of comedically-inclined friends over beers about whatever interests us each week. If you're tired of quiz shows only having real answers, or true crime shows being serious about their mysteries, this is the show for you! Listen as rotating hosts Aaron, Jenn, Jim, Shea, and Steve tell stories, investigate mysteries, take quizzes, and generally have a good time. Join us for a beer and a laugh each Friday for your very own pod-friendly Friday Afternoon Club. Visit us at or support the show and get more content at
58 Episodes
Shea teaches us about the finer points of prison breaks, then Aaron teaches Patrons the exact opposite lesson...
Aaron brews up some CEZerisouly good vodka then takes Patrons on a trip down energy drink memory lane.
Jenn takes us back to a simpler, more rhythmic time. Then Aaron tells patrons—and everyone—how to defeat ye-oldie alien gas attacks.
Shea teaches us some phrases that we'll never use then Aaron cracks open a cold, sexist, beer for patrons.
Aaron talks about the history of acupuncture and why it's silly. Shea tells patrons about the *real* medical lingo going on...
Aaron remodels his bathroom into a spooky, scary, specter of a show. then tells patrons the legend of a far creepier Moaning Myrtle.
Shea teaches you how to compare yourself to internet kids and feel dumb doing it. Then Aaron chugs Miracle Mineral Solution so patrons wont!
Aaron introduces 50 years of micronations and Shea explains the numerology of 50 and why it creeps on you so much.
Shea shares some new words named for some old people, then Aaron talks patrons through the science of nuking stuff into space... kind of.
Aaron "explains" the Cosmic Ice Theory of moist moons & Nazi astronomy. Then Shea tells patrons how to get a girlfriend-tank out of Stalin!
This week Shea adheres to the tacky topic of sticky situations then Aaron tells Patrons about a micronation stuck in a bitterly salty spot.
This week Aaron teaches the guys about how the best water is above 7 and then quizes the patrons on what they've learned about wetness.
Shea hosts the first great Interesting Jerk Off then Aaron tells the patrons all about how to be a cunning linguist!
Aaron learns about becoming a Wonderful Woman warrior then Shea teaches the Patrons how to spell "oh hell no" in German.
It's a fun animal show! Aaron takes a few goats to WWI and teaches a pig to play Fortnite then Shea tells the patrons about animal super powers!
Jenn relates a very handsome witch's journey through the Western Theosophical movement then Aaron introduces the patrons America's foxiest, psychic, sisters!
German New Medicine, it's dangerous pseudo-science and Aaron will tell you all about it, then Shea will help you forget with ALL the weird drugs!
This week Shea passes his yee-oldie medical exams, then teaches Aaron about blasting off to the Vadican.
Shea teaches Aaron to spell... only the immortals survived into the Patreon story.
Shea tells us how to live our best cave-lives and Aaron exposes the dasterdly plot of big-Lake to explode and kill you.
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Sara Pohl

My husband as a kid would do kool aid and milk. I was all no just no when he told me.

Mar 26th
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