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InternCLE Podcast - the podcast about all things internships in the Rock and Roll capital, Cleveland, Ohio. Hear from HR professionals and students what successful internship programs look like and what's going on in the Cleveland Internship scene. This podcast is a community of professionals, students and colleges focusing on improving the quantity and quality of internships in Northeast Ohio and beyond.
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InternCLE Episode 060 The Cleveland Museum of Art Key Jo Lee – Director of Academic Affairs and Associate Curator of Special ProjectsHannah Hilditch – Academic Programs CoordinatorCMA currently offers several ways to learn experientially at the museum.  Visit their website for updates on their programs and to apply: Student Guide ProgramThe CMA Undergraduate Student Guide Program is an experiential training internship that enables college students to engage museum audiences by designing tours, guiding close-looking, presenting in educational videos and virtual programs, and researching and writing art history. As a CMA Student Guide, you will have the opportunity to explore the CMA’s permanent collection, deepen your knowledge of art history, and gain public speaking and writing skills. Additionally, Student Guides contribute to numerous educational projects across museum departments, so every year offers guides new challenges and exciting ways to share their skills and interests with CMA audiences. To apply, you must be:  A first, second, or third-year undergraduate of any major, enrolled full time. Eligible to work in the U.S. From an underrepresented minority group, A first-generation college student,   Receiving significant financial aid.General (academic year, summer)The CMA offers a variety of internships during the summer and fall and spring semesters. Undergraduate internships are offered in the following departments: curatorial, public and academic engagement, conservation, human resources, philanthropy, collections management, and visitor services. As of the Fall of 2020, all internships are funded.Warshawsky +Summer on the Cuyahoga (SOTC) Fellowships (academic year, summer)The CMA is pleased to introduce the combined Warshawsky fellowship and the SOTC experience.  This means that fellowship recipients will receive a US$3000 stipend, free dormitory housing, and unique immersion into the community with the ultimate goal of having fellows build networks permanently located in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.  Head to the website to learn more. Arts Intern (summer only)The CMA partners with the Studio Institute's Arts Intern program to offer paid summer internships for undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need.  You must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student as of the Fall 2020 semester. You must be a rising Junior or Senior. Attend college in Cleveland, or live within Cleveland or the boundary established by the Inner Ring Suburbs.  Have an Expected Family Contribution of less than $5000 (listed on your FAFSA).  The blog referenced in the show that the CMA Student Guides are contributing to can be found here: Thank you to Angela Finding and the GCP team! I enjoyed being a facilitator of a round table session at the 2021 GCP Internship Summit!  It was a great event, don't miss it next year!
The Cleveland Foundation has been around since 1914 and was the first of its kind in the nation.  Their internship program has been around for many years as well and today we hear about how they contribute to the growth and awareness of careers in the non-profit and philanthropic sector.  Monica Brown - Vice President, Human Resources & Administration, Stephanie Molnar - Program Officer, Leadership Development and Diona James – student at Case Western Reserve and 2nd time intern join me for the show.  We learn that the Cleveland Foundation runs their own internal program and they also act as a clearing house to provide internships in the region in the non-profit, government and philanthropic areas.  Students, like Diona,  get exposed to careers they may otherwise have not discovered at your average college career fair.  All internships are based on completing real-world projects – no making copies here.  Diona has even gotten to experience the behind the scenes of running an internship in her 2nd internship with the Foundation.   For more information on how to connect with the foundation on these internship programs, see the student resources section of their website and specifically the summer internship option. Around Town – The Greater Cleveland Partnership’s Internship Summit brings together business community representatives and educators to discuss how to increase and improve internship opportunities in Northeast Ohio through a range of panels and conversations. At this year’s Cleveland Internship Summit, there is an incredible lineup of speakers and sessions designed to provide you with the tools to understand and strengthen your employer brand and strategize early talent recruitment during a global crisis. You can also learn how to move beyond inclusion policies and embrace a true commitment to diversity and inclusion.Attendees will have the opportunity participate in roundtable sessions where you can interact with others, share your internship program wins and challenges, ask for expert guidance, understand what works in a virtual world, and understand recruiting with intent.All of this knowledge and discussion will be hosted in a virtual venue on February 24, 2021. The Cleveland Internship Summit is approved for HRCI continuing education credits. To register, please visit Have an idea for the show? Know a company or intern that would make a great interview? Interested in becoming a guest blogger? Contact us at For more information about the consulting services offered by InternCLE - got to the website
InternCLE Episode 058 Progressive Gabriel De Leon – University Relations Program Manager & Jane Shaw – IT Manager Media Links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Progressive is a household name in Cleveland, specifically in Mayfield Village.  They employ about 43,000 across the company with over 10,000 here in the region. Progressive is truly a technology company that likes to sell insurance. Hire about 80 interns a year, mostly In Accounting and STEM area.  They hire from colleges across the region and beyond.  Progressive hires out of their internship program. IT Interns are assigned real life project and are paired up with a mentor.  The mentor helps them acclimate to the company and provides them challenging work opportunities.  The interns also have a side project, this is a business project to work on with other interns a couple of hours a week as an added challenge. Progressive does round tables, lunch and learns and art tours of the building to get interns together and connected.  Progressive understands the value of art when it comes to connecting people, generating conversations and creative inspiration.  The Progressive team goes out of their way to introduce the interns to Cleveland.  From baseball games, hiking in the Metroparks and touring on Lolly the Trolley are examples of past events Progressive has executed for the interns.  This year, they had Linked In provide programming for the interns virtually.  At the end of the summer, Progressive sent all their interns a “Cleveland” Care package. Technologies mentioned on the show – Angular - Angular is a platform and framework for building single-page client applications using HTML and TypeScript. Angular is written in TypeScript.  .Net -  - .NET is a free, cross-platform, open source developer platform for building many different types of applications. AWS - Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Object Oriented - Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm based on the concept of "objects", which can contain data and code: data in the form of fields, and code, in the form of procedures.Around Town The Greater Cleveland Partnership’s Internship Summit brings together business community representatives and educators to discuss how to increase and improve internship opportunities in Northeast Ohio through a range of panels and conversations.  The virtual event will be held on February 24, 2021.  To register, please visit Special thanks to Jessica Colombi for the introduction to this amazing Internship team! Jessica is the Executive Director of Career Services at Cleveland State – to learn more about what Cleveland State is doing in the internship space listen to her interview on the podcast here. 
Our guest this week on the show is Hani Kayyali – President & CEO of CleveMed - their website – Mr. Kayyali has over 25 years medical device experience. Mr. Kayyali has been president of CleveMed since 2005. He successfully transitioned the company from a research firm to a fast growing company … As a result, CleveMed developed a wide array of sleep products and web-based solutions that are leading the market with consistent double digit growth rates.Cleveland Medical Devices Inc. is leading the way in services and devices for portable sleep disorders testing. From monitors for home sleep apnea testing to full polysomnography (PSG), to fulfillment services directly to patients’ homes (SleepView Direct), we aim to improve the delivery of care and expand the reach of sleep medicine. Our web-based services and devices meet clinical guidelines for sleep apnea testing, are easy for patients to use, streamline operations for healthcare providers, and offer-cost efficient solutions for payers.The pandemic shifted the business of sleep testing more toward home testing.  CleveMed has almost quadrupled the size of their business in the past 10-11 months.  CleveMed is an almost 40 person company with about 15 of those being interns right now.  Hani expressed that his biggest concern during the pandemic is that his team and their interns have stayed healthy.  Interns are important to CleveMed for 2 reasons.  First, staff augmentation during their rapid growth has been one reason for having interns on the team.  The second reason CleveMed employs interns, is to provide valuable work experience to students.  Throughout our discussion, Hani’s passion for giving back in this way was evident. “It’s a win-win situation” – HaniCleveMed typically hires about 5 or 6 interns at any one time.  There are 15 interns now, given their growth.  Interns work for a long time, often over a year.  In order for students to work for an extended period Hani focuses on hiring local and working around student’s college course schedule.  Students in health sciences and engineering are the most common internship majors on the team.  The engineering students help make the monitors and test them.   On the health sciences side, interns speak with patients and help schedule sleep tests.  Communications skills are important. “Be kind to patients” – the driving guideline for everything CleveMed does. One of the interns helped redesign the manufacturing floor layout in order to handle spacing requirements for COVID.  This was an example of the way CleveMed encourages interns to help out, speak up and bring their ideas to the table. CleveMed does hire heavily from Cleveland State University because of proximity and due to the quality of the students they have been able to find there.  Certainly, CleveMed hires from other universities as well, but they have been very pleased with their CSU students.  I enjoyed our discussion, because we were able to talk honestly about the challenges small businesses have with internships.   Often small businesses have difficulty with paying competitive wages.  Another challenge we discussed was the distraction of social media and cell phones. “The interns help create the internship program” – Hani  For Hani, the most rewarding thing about the program is when the CleveMed internship contributes to a student landing their first job or getting into graduate school. Hani’s favorite places in Cleveland – the Atrium in the Art Museum and the Winking Lizard restaurant.To learn more about internships at CleveMed – you can reach out to Hani and his team via email at – or call 877-CLEVEMED 
It's not often you learn so much about an industry from one of our podcast interviews.  If you don't know much about the manufacturing automation space, this interview is for you!  Rovisys is a local (headquartered in Aurora, Ohio) engineering consulting firm.  Kyle Heyward is the Talent Acquisition Manager for Rovisys.  Kyle's background gives him a unique perspective into the hiring of talent for the internship program.  Rovisys offers engineering internship and co-ops.  Typically they employ between 40-50 interns a year.  The current pandemic hasn't changed the way they work as much as you would think.  They work with essential manufacturers and are themselves considered an essential business.   They are of course putting in extra safety precautions for their team members. Kyle shared with us that a passion for the industry is a good start to being qualified for an internship at Rovisys.  But you better do your homework on the company and bring some professional skills to match your technical acumen.   Rovisys provides a very hands on internship experience and retains upwards of 85% of its interns.  Employers will enjoy Kyle's thoughts on making time for exit interviews and following up on the takeaways from them.   The feedback from interns guides how Rovisys runs their program.  To connect with Rovisys check out their website or LinkedIn pages: Town:Congratulations to Matt Sajna and the team at the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission. GCSC won the 2019 Sports Commission of the Year Award from the Sports Event and Tourism Association. Matt Sajna shared the GCSC's internship program on Episode 44 of the podcast. Listen here.I am thankful for a trip down to the Mohican State Park and Lodge this week with my son.  Check out their deals here. 
InternCLE Episode 055 - Cleveland State University's Career Services - Executive Director Jessica ColombiJessica and I met through the Greater Cleveland Partnership's (GCP) Internship roundtables.  Her openness throughout the current pandemic about the struggles of serving students remotely showed me her passion for her job.  Today we discussed the purpose.   Over her 7 years at Cleveland State Jessica has formed her thoughts on how to best service students and employers, ending up as the Director of Career Services.  We discuss the misnomer that the name of her department implies and what changes she sees are necessary to add value for students, employers and faculty.  Her creative use of tag lines like "Internships are like broccoli (they're good for you)!" show a commitment to rebranding the image of Career services.  Jessica's passionate and creative approach enhances Cleveland Sate's ability to weather the storms of student engagement, pandemics and rising unemployment rates.  Student "walk in Wednesdays" went virtual during the pandemic and every Thursday students can dive deep into a professional development topic co-hosted by Career Services and an employer in the region.  Employers have many ways to engage with students to "Hire a Vike"  and connect to talent for their internship program.  CSU even recognized employers may need resources to run their internships and have created an internship toolkit.  Jessica stressed the important of AND/BOTH thinking.  The concept of not tradeoffs but how do you add more to service more is serving her students and employers well.  When asked to provide advice for students Jessica simply shared "Be yourself" and "Practice, Practice, Practice" .  Knowing your story is such great advice because truly, you are the only you.  Practice your story, practice working, use school projects as practice. Student &  Employer Resources - What Can I do Right Now Fall 2020 - (Great resources for students across the region not just at CSU!)Employers - Remote Internship Guide - Viking Resources library (houses all of our content for FREE! 24/7!): Media - CSU shares more than just events for students, their are stories, tips, links to articles.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest: CSU_Careers     
InternCLE Episode  054 Lavish Color Salon Tracey Watts CirinoWWW.LAVISHCOLORSALON.COM About Lavish Color Salon:Lavish Color Salon is a full-service salon here in Northeast Ohio.  Tracey noted that she always wanted the experience at her salon to be top notch in addition to extraordinary cut and color skills.   The salon was recently honored by Salon Today.  Culture is key in their hiring process and Tracey provides her team members with training and development.   About the internship experience:Interns at Lavish can come from high school cosmetology programs or through an associate program for those that have just received their license.  Tracey noted that most programs do not provide enough training on soft skills, confidence, or business skills.  Tracey supplements their technical training to address the gaps.  Training for interns at Lavish includes books (Tracey wrote her own on the topic of professional skills – Beyond Common see her website to learn more -, manuals, video training, in person training and mentoring.  Successful interns at Lavish must be willing – to learn, to serve and to work hard. To source interns for the business side of her salon, she has partnered with local colleges to source marketing and administrative roles.  Tracey is looking for ways to standardize her hiring and internship program.  Tracey is well connected in her industry and looks to give back to other business owners.  She is even creating workshops for business owners. Virtual Results Training Workshop for the Beyond Common Business Owner Coming up on Monday Oct 12th.  Here is the link- Here are the details: Event Date & Time: Monday October 12th from 11 am - 2 pm ESTHosted via ZoomSmall Business Results Panel Featuring: Tracey Watts Cirino, Anjua Maximo, Tina Black & Lisa Crilley MallisHardcover Copy of Beyond Common "12 Essentials to Success in Life and the Workplace"Downloadable Success Tracking WorkbookHow to connect or follow Tracey or the Salon – WWW.TRACEYWATTSCIRINO.COM  Email - BEYONDCOMMON@TRACEYWATTSCIRINO.COM FACEBOOK.COM/TRACEYWATTSCIRINOFACEBOOK.COM/LAVISHCOLORSALON INSTAGRAM.COM/TRACEYWATTSCIRINO/INSTAGRAM.COM/LAVISHCOLORSALON YOUTUBE.COM/TRACEYWATTSCIRINO YOUTUBE.COM/LAVISHCOLORSALON TWITTER.COM/LAVISHCOLOR   
Tune in to hear our own Annette Kramer share her thoughts and experiences from her first week of Virtual Career Fairs.  We are all doing the best we can and now more than ever, sharing our experiences will help us all get through these unprecedented times.  Around Town:InternCLE is looking for guest bloggers, reach out to pitch your idea for a guest blog spot on the website.  Click here to contact us. Gratitude:Annette thanks the Miami University and Ohio University career services teams, professors and department heads for connecting Vizion360 to students and working so hard to make these virtual career fairs a success. 
InternCLE Episode 052 – North East Ohio Regional Sewer District - guests on the show today included four representatives from the NEORSD Talent team.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Laura and the team.  NEORSD plays such a critical role in our community, it was exciting to hear about the variety of experiences they offer in their internship program. ·         Patrick Gibboney – Employee Branding & Talent Programs Specialist  - the “Cool RA” of the team – listen to learn more about how Patrick engages the interns and makes them feel a part of the team·         Laura Paul – HR lead – provides great overviews of NEORSD and how they have structured the internship program ·         Vanessa Fleming – Talent Acquisition & Employment Specialist at Northeast Ohio  - Is new to the team, just joined during the pandemic·         MacKenzie Dietzel – Talent Acquisition & Employment Specialist at Northeast Ohio - Was an intern herself with NEORSD – shares her experiences as an intern and hiring into the organizationNorth East Ohio Regional Sewer District – Mission and ValuesOur mission is to provide progressive management of sewage and stormwater through fiscal responsibility, innovation, and community partnerships.Our vision is to be the environmental leader in enhancing quality of life in the region and protecting its water resources. provides year-round internship opportunities, as well as summer internship experiences.  From our discussion it became very apparent that NEORSD really encourages interns to take initiative, try new things and truly contribute.  This is not a case study type internship program; this is real hands on work and learning.  NEORSD does hire frequently directly from their internship program. B-STEM InternsB-STEM (referring to Business Support, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Interns require advanced placement high school courses or Associate/Bachelor degree coursework, since these individuals apply their knowledge to practical work in a professional setting.Paraprofessional InternsParaprofessional Interns must be at least of junior or senior status in a Bachelor degree program as these individuals apply their areas of expertise to perform strategic, higher level tasks.Patrick and MacKenzie stressed, interns should take the initiative if they want to make the most of their internship program. Current Job Openings -
Tune into a Bonus Episode this week as the InternCLE podcast takes a vacation.  OK, well I took a vacation and this podcast highlights a future podcast star, Dylan the Dogman Kramer. Enjoy!
InternCLE Episode 049 – Lorain County Community College Train OH and MEMSCourtney Tenhover – Program Developer in Workforce Development - ctenhover@lorainccc.eduJohnny Vanderford – Director and Associate Professor for MEMS and Microelectronics - jvanderford@lorainccc.edu          This site provides an overview of our earn and learn program and provides links to all the programs we currently offer earn and learn programs in.          This will give information about the Associate and Bachelor Degree for MEMS and will provide the link for anyone to register for any upcoming information sessions. -          The Next Info session will be on August 14th. Click here to register for the virtual info session - Some Local companies that have partnered with LCCC include: Smart Micro Systems ( , Vexos ( , RBB Systems ( , Libra Industries ( Click here to read stories about successful MEMS students - More about Lorain County Community College ( in 1963, Lorain County Community College has been helping local people get the training and education they need to live their best life for more than 50 years. Whether your goal is an associate degree, additional workforce training or an advanced degree, we have a program to meet your needs.LCCC is proud to serve as a cornerstone for Lorain County. The College provides the opportunity for students to complete:Bachelor’s degreeAssociate degreesShort-term certificatesWorkforce trainingThrough LCCC’s University Partnership, you can earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree from 14 Ohio universities and colleges. We are also the first community college in Ohio to offer its own bachelor’s degree. LCCC keeps tuition low – currently second lowest tuition in Ohio – so you can graduate with the skills you need for employment – and not a lot of debt.As a result of our ongoing commitment to our students, LCCC was named the top community college in the country for Excellence in Student Success by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC).LCCC YouTube Channel -
InternCLE Episode 049 2020 Internships from the Employer PerspectiveWe got together four employers who typically run summer internships to get their perspective on running internships during the pandemic.  I know talking with other professionals helped me get through this crazy time, and I hope this episode helps you as well. Featured companies: Swagelok – RegisterSwagelok’s internship/co-op program was featured on the podcast in Episode #13 ( and interns went remoteReduced number of interns to prove out the modelLooking at how they can transfer what they learned for future work and internshipsVizion360 – Alyssa AngelettiVizion’s internship program was featured on the podcast in Episode #1 ( onboarding and mixed experience internship – shorted timeline and hours per weekUnion Home Mortgage – Kristen OroszTwitter @UnionHomeMtg  UHM’s internship program was featured on the podcast in Episode #2 ( and internship went remoteUsed interns to man a COVID customer service hotlineNortheast Ohio Sewer District – GibboneyTypical internship is a year longUp to 70 interns over the yearDelayed their internship start 
This week on the InternCLE podcast (, we hear from 5 interns about how their summer was impacted by the current pandemic. The Interns of the Vizion360 Connect! Internship program are Breanna Garan, Heather Thompson, Kieran Papalia, Madeline Hiros and Taylor Nowak.  The program coordinator for Connect! is Alyssa Angeletti.  Breanna shares how her existing internship went remote. Heather, Kieran, Madeline and Taylor share their thoughts on waiting to hear if they would still have an internship, remote onboarding and so much more.If you would like to understand what the Vizion360 Connect! Summer internship program is like in non-pandemic years - tune into Episode #1 of the podcast as Alyssa Angeletti shares the Vizion360 (formerly branded as Vizion Solutions) story. ( soon on the show. I have asked a panel of employers to share their experiences this summer trying to manage an internship program in a crisis. We will hear about internships being delayed, going remote and so much more.Around Town:The Cleveland Plain Dealer just announced the Top Work Places awards for 2020. Several of these companies have been highlighted on our show:▪ | Congratulations to Union Home Mortgage Episode #2 - (▪ | Congratulations To Hyland Episode #4 - (▪ | Congratulations to Medical Mutual Episode #19 - (▪ | Congratulations to Quicken Loans Episode #14 - (▪ | Congratulations to Vizion360 Episode #1 - see above▪ | Congratulations to Plante Moran Episode #32 - ( hope I didn't miss anyone - if you are a winner and have not highlighted your internship on the podcast - get in touch - I would love to hear your internship story and I am willing to bet our listeners will too!Check out this link to the list of winners here - (
InternCLE Episode 047 Intern Bridge Dr Robert Shindell Robert Shindell is a Northeast Ohio native, from Madison, Ohio.  Robert went to the University of Toledo and at the time he did not see his career possibilities in Northeast Ohio.  While Robert did relocate, his passion for the region has not waned.  He returns to teach Cleveland area companies how to create internship programs.  He literally wrote the book on creating an internship program – Total Internship Management.Intern Bridge is a research and consulting firm, focused on experiential learning from the perspective of the employer.  Intern Bridge uses research-based guidelines to advise employers on the creation of a successful internship program.  Intern Bridge conducts a national internship and co-op study on college campuses since 2008.  About 5 years ago they created a similar study asking questions of their employer partners.  They use these results to focus in on what truly matters to students and employers.  They have identified 7 key variables for an employer to focus in on creating a successful program.  The first to keys are: ·         The organization is ready, and the team is committed·         Create an intern work plan, like a syllabus for a course but more than thatThe Total Internship Management Workshop guides employers through the 7 key areas.  The courses were taught in Northeast Ohio through NOCHE in the past.  This fall Intern Bridge and Robert will return to the area to bring back this important workshop to the region.  Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get an update on how to register for this event. Intern Bridge consults with small, medium, and large companies.  65% of the interns surveyed worked for companies with less than 500 employees.  Small to mid-sized business really do drive the economy.The internship experience consists of three main categoriesCultureProfessional DevelopmentWork It is key to ensure that interns experience a normalized experience as it relates to culture and professional development.  The work may be different, but when the other 2/3 of the experience is similar and more equitable – satisfaction goes up. Gratitude - Thank you to Angela Finding of the Greater Cleveland Partnership and Courtney DeOero of the RITE board. 
InternCLE Episode 046 Parker Dewey – Jeffrey MossTwitter, LinkedIn, FacebookJeffrey Moss describes himself as an accidental entrepreneur.  In his previous careers he saw students experience difficulties finding work after college without the right internship experiences.  He also saw employers with projects that needed to be done, that could provide an opportunity for students to learn and develop the skills employers are looking for.  The concept of a “micro-internship” was born and so was Parker Dewey.  Micro-internships are small projects that companies essentially “farm out” to qualified college students.  These are professional projects, not making copies or getting coffee.  Students earn a good wage and learn skills while working on these valuable experiences.  Parker Dewey still believes that a 10-12-week summer internship or co-op is an important and valuable experience.  Micro-internships can provide additional experiences and skill development to build a resume, augment skills and help students experience multiple employers and careers. Parker Dewey has created an easy to use online platform to connect students and employers through these micro-internship opportunities.  Students can create a profile very quickly.  Any college student or recent grad can participate. Parker Dewey also wanted to make it easy for employers as well.  Employers do not have to deal with payroll setups, fees are processed through Parker Dewey.   The students are contractors through Parker Dewey.  If a student completes an internship for a company and the company decides to hire the student there are no hire fees.  This is not a staffing firm.  Employers who have “we should….” Or “I shouldn’t be doing…” projects are ideal for micro-internships.  Micro-internships can also help companies explore new Colleges or student populations where they have not previously engaged. Parker Dewey’s logo represents the three key stake holders in their business.  The Companies, the Colleges & Universities, and the Career Launchers (students and recent grads).  For companies:Support immediate resource needsAccess diverse candidatesLeverage the skills of college students and recent gradsImprove hiring outcomesDecrease onboarding and training costsIncrease flexibility For career launchers: Work on interesting projectsDevelop relationships with potential employersGain valuable experienceExplore career optionsDemonstrate your capabilitiesGenerate income For Colleges & Universities:Improve student placementRefine program curriculumDeepen alumni engagementExpand relationships with existing and prospective employersEnhance academic outcomesDrive enrollment successThe Parker Dewey Blog is full of useful resources for employers and students alike - If you are looking to create and internship program check out their Internships 101 siteMoving to a Remote internship and need some help, check out their Remote Internships 101 siteGratitude today - Thank you to Alyssa Angeletti and the 6 Vizion360 interns for an amazing week of virtual onboarding!
InternCLE Episode Kent State University - Kristin Williams Executive Director, Career Exploration and Development has had several rolls at Kent.  This gives her a unique perspective in her roll as Director of Career Exploration and Development.  Kristin mentioned that she has seen a trend toward Career Services across the university meeting to strategize and get on the same page.  The student half and employer outreach portion of those services work together in a more focused way today then they ever have.  Career services has expanded beyond resumes and interview techniques.  “Students want to walk away with connections.  They want build their social capital” – on the need to link student interest to employer engagement and connection. Every student graduates Kent with some sort of experiential learning opportunity, it is part of the program at Kent.  Kent takes that requirement as a directive to help connect those students to opportunities and support students in their search. Some students have a natural anxiety of getting started in their search for an internship.  Kent provides them guidance on “how to” search for an internship.  Opportunities in creative fields are found differently than those in the business school, for example.  Kent also helps students explore the careers they are interested in. Kent offers etiquette dinners to connect students and employers.  They partnered with Community Engaged Learning to create a new experiential networking opportunity.  Students and employers volunteer side by side making meals.  The unique opportunity creates space for interesting conversations and connections.  Kent state has Flashternships – job shadowing opportunities coordinated through the university with Northeast Ohio employers.  Employers can post jobs on handshake, attend career fairs and engage at Kent State University in so many ways.  Contact Career Exploration and Development to speak with Kristin’s team and learn more about how you can engage across the departments at the University.  Kent State is a large University and they recognize that.  They will help you navigate the departments to maximize your recruiting time and dollars, along your journey to find the talent you need.  Kristin expressed how proud she is of the way Kent and her team has responded to the current COVID-19 crisis.   Kent is working hard to reach out to students and help them find internships if they have lost them. Time and time again, in these interviews I record – I am impressed by the true passion that exists around the internship space.  Cleveland is an amazingly supportive region and I am so happy to get the opportunity to meet people like Kristin Williams.  Around Town: Parker Dewey Resources – Jeffrey Moss will be on the show in June!Internships 101 - Internships 101 -
InternCLE Episode Greater Cleveland Sports Commission – Matt Sajna Sajna, a Miami University Baseball Alumni, interned with the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission.  He was hired out of that internship and now runs their internship program. “Cleveland is undeniably a sports town. When a sporting event comes to Northeast Ohio, our community delivers.  We’re proud of our growing national reputation as a notable sports destination. Our stadiums and arenas are within walking distance to the heart of our downtown. In addition to many upscale hotels, our convention center offers ample space to host or expand your events’ footprint.”GCSC runs 3 internship periods – spring, summer, fall.  They usually have around 5-6 interns.  There are some events that will cause them to hire more interns or have volunteers. Internship consists of office time and event time.  They are part time, flexible hours – are not paid (they are a non profit).  Interns are able to balance their work hours around their school schedule or other part time jobs.  GCSC provides their interns connections to opportunities in CLE and many professional development opportunities.   Matt sources often through Teamwork Online  – a sports specific job board. Matt’s advice for companies who are looking to create an internship program: connect with others in the region to learn and start with your “why?”.  Around Town: Adulting: A Crash CourseCandace Swaisgood has a background in HR and created her company based on her own experiences.  There were things she didn’t know as she entered adulthood and now she brings her Adulting content to students and young professionals.  She partners with companies to deliver content for their internship teams and young professionals groups.  She is currently offering a free series of online web classes.  Check them out here. - It's Mother's Day this weekend! Thank you to my mom, Arlene Vukcevic.  Arlene helped me attain my first internship in Accounts Payable at Medical Mutual of Ohio, where she worked at the time.  She always encouraged me to network, be professional and career minded.  That internship lead to an internship at Arthur Andersen (my dream job) and the rest is history.  I truly think my passion for the power of internships is rooted in that first experience at Medical Mutual, so thank you Mom! Love you!
InternCLE Episode 043 Cleveland State IS Co-op with Dr. Sharen Bakke & Tours of Cleveland  with Scott O’ConFor information on the IS co-op program click here Sharen is the co-op coordinator and senior college lecturer in the Department of Information Systems at the Monte Ahuja College of Business at Cleveland State University.  In 2012, the chair of IS at CSU created the IS co-op program.  This is an experiential learning co-op program, alternating schooling and co-ops.  Approximately 160 students enrolled currently in the IS program today.  The students who apply for the program are typically students with a GPA of 3.0 or above.  Top students usually get multiple offers in the program. Students can have up to 3 experiential learning opportunities during their undergraduate experience. Many employers hire out of the program, but it is not a requirement of employers. Students can enter the program until they have had a programming class.  Usually this is in their second year in the program.   The program requires a minimum 2.5 GPA.  The experiences range from help desk work to Business Intelligence work.  The variety is wide in the field and this can help student home in on their areas of interest. For employers, the periods are January through June or July through December.  Employers submit job descriptions in advance and are “matched” with students.  Employers interview the students, provide offers and pay them for their internship.  The university is truly only the matchmaker. Employers can rehire students or hire them full time if the experience works well. You can reach out to Sharen at to learn more. Around Town: Tours of Cleveland Scott O’Con has a background in HR and came to Cleveland not that many years ago.  He and his husband move to Ohio for a job opportunity from Virginia.  While working downtown Scott fell in love with the history and architecture of our city.  He took the entrepreneurial leap and started giving walking tours of the downtown. You can purchase gift cards and book tours directly on their website.  During the current crisis the tours have been postponed, but they will be starting back up as soon as Stay at Home restrictions are released.  The website also offers a blog that highlights the city and its many events, in addition to a book list for those that want to take their learnings a step farther after the tour. Scott has worked with companies, like Quicken Loans, to provide custom tours for their internships.  This is a great way to get interns to learn about our great city and find places they would like to come back to.  Contact Scott at his website and on social media if you would like to learn more. Follow Tours of Cleveland on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter and check out their reviews on tripadvisorExciting news! InternCLE was featured in the Cleveland PD Friday! Magazine -
InternCLE Episode 041 – Baldwin Wallace Patrick Keebler - Director of Career ServicesPatrick Keebler is the Director of Career Services at BW.  He came to Northeast Ohio from Tennessee by way of New York.  His deep experience in the Career Services field has brought much to the table at BW. Baldwin Wallace attracts students from all over the country, but they have a large population of students that stay in the region.  All of their programs require at least 30 hours of experiential learning. Students at BW complete a career action plan over their years at BW which helps that identify their career aspirations and to develop the skills that they need to be ready for their professions. BW uses Handshake to connect students to employers.  It is also adding a Cleveland based tool called Wisr to it’s toolbelt as well to keep Alumni connected to students and employers.  They also offer micro internships though Parker Dewey. BW is part of the Ohio Federation of Independent Colleges, through which students can explore careers at local companies at career days.  Patrick stated that employers need to think long term about their engagement with colleges.  Alumni from internship programs make excellent ambassadors, as students value the opinions and experiences of their classmates.  Alumni can return as Career Champions to campus as well.  Employers use fun and interactive ways to engage with students.  Patrick encourages hiring teams to make the experience as personal as possible and to be responsive. As career services methodology and approaches have evolved over the years, Patrick noted that the focus now is on life design.  Career services has become a mission critical role at colleges and is seeking to help students view their career journey through intentional eyes.  To learn more about BW reach out to the career services team - (440) 826-2101, career@bw.eduManaging Stress and Worry during a Crisis - According to the CDCSigns of stress can include:Fear and worry about your own health and the health of your loved onesChanges in sleep or eating patternsDifficulty sleeping or concentratingWorsening of chronic health problemsIncreased use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugsTaking care of yourself, your friends, and your family can help you cope with stress. Helping others cope with their stress can also make your community stronger.Support Yourself:Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including social media.Take care of your body. Take deep breaths, stretch, or meditate. Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, and avoid alcohol and drugs..Make time to unwind. Try to do some other activities you enjoy.Connect with others. Talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling. Call your healthcare provider if stress gets in the way of your daily activities for several days in a row.
InternCLE Episode 040 Miami UniversityJennifer Benz Assistant Vice President - Miami University | Center for Career Exploration & SuccessJennifer has been in higher education for over 20 years.  She has been integral in redefining career services at another university and that really launched her career in that area.   Cleveland at Miami – about ½ the student population at Miami University is from Ohio.  About 1/3 of those students are from the Cleveland/Akron metro area.  Employers can post jobs on Handshake.  Employers are increasingly using past interns as “ambassadors” to spread the word on campus after their internship.  Many of these outreach initiatives pay interns or provide them gifts in kind to compensate them for sharing their experience in classes, student groups or at the career fair. Employers can attend career fair to meet the most students, over ¼ attend one of the two career fairs each year. There are two career fairs: Fall usually around September and Spring around February. Miami is intentional about getting Freshman and Sophomore students to attend the career fair.  Center for Career Exploration & Success puts on over 500 events for students on campus per year! They have dedicated staff to work with Employers to identify what events will provide the most bang for your buck so to speak.  To connect with Miami – go to the website or email them at They also have some guidelines for working with Miami – those are found here - most recent addition to Miami’s intentional focus on careers is the Presidential Career and Leadership Series – which we did not have a chance to discuss in the podcast. Jen’s favorite place in Oxford – Bagel and Deli -  Employers should grab a bagel during their visit to campus.  Check out the Crunch ‘n Munch, Banana Surprise or even the Kool Jules bagel.  Their steamed bagels are never a disappointment. Around Town - Jill Windelspecht of Talent Specialists ConsultingJill explains complicated neuroscience topics and their relationship to leadership and influence in such a clear and relatable way.  Her insights in this interview can be such a great tool for those running internship programs and more broadly leaders in general. Free Webinar on Leading in Turbulent Times Hacks 4 Leadership Maxwell turning adversity into advantage and a colleague are going to be doing weekly coffee ‘chats’ on Tuesdays from 10 – 10:30, people can sign up here: https://leadingandlegaltips.eventbrite.comJill’s LinkedIn: Free SCARF Assessment
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