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International Teacher Podcast is hosted by Matthew Judd, Kent Arimura, Jacqueline P. Mallais, and Greg Lemoine. New Episodes are published bi-weekly on Fridays or Saturdays. Listen to first-hand experiences from across the globe about international schools, certified educators, teaching overseas, and living in other countries as expatriates. We interview educators and administrators all over the world to discuss travel, teaching in their schools, overseas educator job fairs, taking your expat family internationally, expat schools, and much more.
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Peter Pagett "lives and breathes" different curriculums. IB,PYP, MYP, Australian, American, Chinese, British, or an international mix of curriculum. Whether it's band, chorus, performing arts, or 4th grade recorders, Peter celebrates and teaches them. He joins us from his mini-vacation in Chiang Mai, Thailand to talk about teaching back home in Australia and a variety of schools overseas. Peter agrees: "All international schools are different." We also discuss "failing forward", housing, a bit about boarding schools, several schools in China, and teaching in Macau. Some of the connections we discussed are linked below: The Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS) is dedicated to the promotion of excellence at all levels of music education in international schools. Check out the Music Teachers In International Schools (MTIIS) website. Subscribe and Listen to the ⁠MTIIS Podcast⁠ Listen to the our ITP episode with Chris Koelma, the founder of the MTIIS podcast and PLC. Enjoy the Vintage Bugs Bunny musical clip from Long Haired Hare Last but not least, take JP's advice to enjoy and follow ⁠TwoSetViolin⁠ on Youtube.
Author and Educator Neil Rosen joins us for a delightful discussion about reading. He is the children’s book author found on Amazon and known by his readers as “Professor Stork”. You can find out why at the end of the interview. Neil joins us to celebrate his upcoming book called REDISCOVERING THE VILLAGE:Classic Strategies To Help Children Develop A Lifelong Love Of Learning, which he co-authored back in the 1960’s and 1970’s with Gail Simpson. Come August, it will probably be the last book from that time to be finally published. Neil’s message is simple: parents should spend more quality time with their students (kids) and make sure that time includes the outdoors.  You can find Neil’s other books on his website  including: Penelope and Jack, Together Apart  by Neil Rosen #GrowYourCircle: The graphic novel series that nurtures purpose and empathy while building leadership skills in children (Mila on Purpose Book 1)  **for Middle School Readers
Emily Cave has been in education for over 20 years. Fifteen of those overseas. She joins us from Perth, Australia to discuss Schrole and how helping teachers prepare for international positions strengthens [our] schools. Emily's advice is based on her own experiences as a reading recovery specialist, principal, head of schools, and her current position with the Australian-based recruiting giant Schrole. Listen to this episode to learn: how to pronounce "Schrole" (smile), differnt ways to improve your international interviews, why you should leave with a positive legacy, get a glimpse behind the scenes of Schrole and learn why you should consider attending Schrole events. This episode is jam packed with goodies! Enjoy this episode and learn from Emily! Here are a few of the links from this episode: University of Northern Iowa (UNI)
Ellen joins us from Daka, Bangladesh to give us insights into what it is like to be a college counselor in international schools. How does a counselor tackle world-wide college admissions programs? Bangladesh is one of those countries that gets a bad rep in media, but there is so much more to it. Don't pass up an opportunity to teach in this country! Life is good! You can reach out to Ellen through our email at
Stacy Stephens is the director of one of the most widely known resources for the International School circuit: The International Educator, simply referred to as "TIE". Stacy has been in education for almost 30 years and 20 of those have been in international schools around the globe. Now she joins us from the USA to share some of the inside story about TIE. Join us to find out what TIE has to offer you. Stacy Stephens is a wealth of information and easy to listen to! Links from this Episode: The International Educator - Principals' Training Center: Quality Training for International Educators The International Social and Emotional Learning website.
We are three years old as of April 2024. Thank you, listeners, for joining us. We do this for you! This episode features Kent, JP, and Greg as they reminisce just a little bit about the past, discuss Greg's new book, celebrate JPMint's second year triumphs, and wrap up the show with some forecasts for the next year. Since this is the 3rd birthday/anniversary of ITP and the 2nd birthday/anniversary of JPMint Consulting, there are four different versions of the birthday song in this episode. The episode opens with part of the Venezuelan birthday songs. There is a special Venezuelan song that precedes the "happy birthday". The midpoint song is in Korean. Finally, we end the episode with Arabic and English versions of the birthday song. Thank you to all of our listeners for the past three years and many years to come! Here are the links that are featured in this episode: The recent book by Gregory Lemoine, International Teaching: The Best-kept Secret in Education , can be found here on Amazon. JP's consulting services can be found at Just To Know You is the other podcast that Kent produces when he his cat is ignoring him.
Welcome to the Turkey Episode with our guest Tracey Zimmerman-Sakalli, a Candian international teacher that has been living and teaching in Turkey for the past 19 years. Tracey shares her experiences from four different top international schools in Turkey: Uskudar American Academy, The Koç School, Istanbul International Community School (IICS), and MEF International School. Tracey shares stories of living on both sides of the Bosphorus, explains the need for traffic classes, and all the reasons you should live in Turkey. We also discuss why traveling with more than $10K is a risk and "go" bags. If you are interested in Istanbul, this is your episode! Here are some brief written descriptions and links to the Turkish schools we discuss: The Koç School - Initially founded in 1988 as a high school, The Koç School has been offering a coherent K12 curriculum with the opening of its preschool and eight-year primary school in 1998 and has been operating as a primary school, middle school and high school since 2012 with the introduction of the 4+4+4 system. Istanbul International Community School (IICS) - IICS is a co-educational, non-profit international school that offers education from pre-school to grade 12. The school follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. Uskudar American Academy - Uskudar American Academy is a co-educational private school that offers education from pre-school to grade 12. The school follows an American curriculum and offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses to its students. MEF International School - MEF International School is a co-educational private school that offers education from pre-school to grade 12. The school follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum and offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses to its students. Robert College - Robert College is a co-educational, independent private school that was founded in 1863. The school offers education from grade 9 to grade 12, and follows a curriculum that is based on the American educational system. You can reach out to Tracey by emailing your hosts at or through our website
Dr. Wayne Russel takes a break from his LinkedIn communications and joins us from South Africa for a chat. If you already connect with Wayne on LinkedIn, this is your chance to hear him in person. He has a lot of experience living overseas with his family and teaching in the international setting - especially schools in China. Enjoy this episode! Dr. Russel's website is a wealth of information about teaching internationally. Navigate to and reach out to him on LinkedIn at
Pablo Muñoz is the Managing Director of Muñoz & Company, an educational and leadership consulting organization. He has 30 years of public education experience as a teacher and administrator and was a superintendent of schools in New Jersey, USA for 16 years. Listen and learn from Pablo in this episode. Later on in the show, find out the [ real ] reason Pablo gets held up at US Customs! Purchase and read Pablo's book The Leader's Algorithm: How a Personal Theory of Action Transforms Your Life, Work, and Relationships The other books he recommends are: Instructional Rounds in Education: A Network Approach to Improving Teaching and Learning by Elizabeth A. City et al Lincoln on Leadership for Today: Abraham Lincoln's Approach to 21st-Century Issues by Donald T. Phillips and True North, Emerging Leader Edition: Leading Authentically in Today's Workplace by Bill George (Author), Zach Clayton  *The ebook links are to the US version of
Let's talk about Finances! Mark Zoril is the Founder of PlanVision and our guest for this session. Greg and Kent have no clue about money, but JP found Mark years ago. We finally have him on our show to give Greg, Kent, and our listeners some guidance! You can get started with Mark's website: and listen to his quick but vital episodes from his podcast at
Marcos is proof that being a successful international teacher is possible, even if your mother tongue is not English. Marcus' fist language is Portuguese. He shares his journey with us during this fantastic episode.
Let's talk about Professional Development for Leadership. Our guest, Dr. Renata McFarland is a breath of fresh air and has so much to share. Join us as we discuss the importance of student learning, empowering local teachers in international schools, and how your school can bring Dr. McFarland to your international school for professional development. Dr. McFarland already has a vast following, but thrives on "paying it forward". You can reach out to her on LinkedIn or visit her website at: You can also enroll in the popular International Education Program (M.Ed. ) and enjoy her as a professor through Endicott College.
The Cat Guy and JPMint get deep into Latin America with Mark Webber. With over 23 years in the Latin American teaching arena, Mark has a lot of advice for new and veteran teachers. Not only is Mark active as a teacher and administrator - he also runs a consulting business - FREE to teachers wanting to discover Latin America. Mark can be found at
ITP - 78 Ryan in Korea

ITP - 78 Ryan in Korea


Join us for this interesting episode about leaving the international classrooms and hanging out your own shingle as a consultant, a data consultant. Ryan is an uprooted Canadian teacher and principal that has lived and taught in China and Korea. Greg leads Ryan down a bit of a techie and Artificial intelligence sidetrack, but it's well worth staying to the end. Ryan's interrogation story is hilarious! Ryan's expertise can be found on his blog and website, Enjoy.
You will definitely have the travel bug after listening to this! Don't miss this exciting World Travel episode! Kim is an international teacher that has taught in the North Western USA, Vietnam, Guatemala, and now in Thailand. Kim and her wife, Robin, took a year off to travel to 36 countries in 365 days. Kim joins us from Chang Mai, Thailand to share their amazing trip. Hear about lots of food, proboscis monkeys, and KEENs. Kim and Robin have proven you only need to carry what is necessary - like handy wipes, just two t-shirts, and a trusty pair of keens. From the words of the famous Anthony Bourdain: "Be a traveler, not a tourist." See an ITP map of their entire trip.
Welcome to Season 4 of the ITP. Join us for this entertaining interview with Chris Lang. His rollercoaster story starts with teaching English in Japan and threads through Oman, California, and Colombia (as well as a few other places). His candor is refreshing and informative. You will certainly laugh during this episode! You can reach out to Chris in Bucaramanga, Colombia via LinkedIn @ Isn't that a fun word to say? Bucaramanga, Bucaramanga! Here are two cohost profiles too: Gregory Lemoine JPMint Consulting
In this Episode of the ITP, Sharon Dent, our guest with a rich background as an "army brat," shares her journey from being a journalist in Kansas to becoming an international teacher. Her global teaching career, influenced by a lifelong exposure to travel, includes stints in Turkey, China, Laos, India, Chile, and Thailand. Sharon discusses balancing her professional life with personal pursuits, such as a year-long break working with horses and her husband's interest in lutherie. She also talks about creating "The Guide Hog," a blog that reflects her passion for immersive cultural experiences and learning from local guides during her travels.
Don't miss this episode. All four of us are in on this one to talk about the recruiting season. It's January and the international teacher recruiting season is in full swing. It's not over. The second half of this New Years show is a roundtable (except Matt, who doesn't like New Years) of stories from around the world. Kent drinks Jack Daniels with older Grecians in Greece. Greg skips up to Canada. JP dons her mint colored Kimono and parades through the streets of Tokyo. Visit Amazon and add Greg's second book to your arsenal of research before you interview. ⁠International Teacher: The Best-kept Secret in Education⁠ (In the Appendices, you will find a comprehensive list of great books and useful websites for your research) Also mentioned in this episode, the ⁠UNI Overseas Teacher Fair 2024⁠ is being held in Iowa from Feb 3-4. The 2024 signature ⁠ISS Global Recruitment Fair⁠ is being held in New York this year! Feb 8-11. Sign up!
“Young man”, he said “I have traveled 5,000 miles to give you possibly the opportunity of a lifetime. If you have those to squander, more power to you!” In 1977, Keith Boniface left for the “beaches” of Tripoli to teach overseas. He is now on his seventh official retirement after 39 years overseas. Keith, “his excellency”,  had to actually write a list of the positions he’s held because it’s so varied.  Not only was he a teacher, Keith was a Principal for 12 years in multiple international schools and traveled to schools all over the world as an School Accreditation team member. Here are the important links from topics Keith mentioned in this episode: PTC -The Principal Training Center- Some of the Accreditation Organizations International Schools Seek CIS NEASC  MSA  WASC IBO 
Welcome to an episode unlike our others. Greg interviews Camila Duarte about her experiences as an International Teacher from Brazil, teaching at a charter school in Brazil. This was recorded in May 2023 as she was wrapping up her five year stint as a visual arts teacher (under a J1 Visa). This was lunch break for her at a charter school in Fayetteville, NC. Now, as this airs, she is teaching somewhere in the Middle East. Yes, we will do a follow up show with her about her third cultural teaching experience, which she landed through a Search Associates Job Fair. Enjoy and learn. Camila is the creator of the website The Multicultural Education Project Camila's Instagram Handle is @mscamilavasconcelos
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