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Intersection Education - Toward Better Teaching and Learning
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Intersection Education - Toward Better Teaching and Learning

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The Intersection Education Podcast speaks about teaching and learning to insiders and outsiders in the education field seeking to help improve schools. Hosted by Corey Haley.
68 Episodes
Dr. Steven Katz of OISE speaks about school leadership.
Kurtis Hewson talks about collaborative response and how it can change how you approach meeting student needs.
Andrew Baxter, the Lead for the Alberta Mental Health Literacy Project in Alberta, speaks about how schools can help with mental health.
Dr. Leanne Peters speaks about continuing learning for school leaders.
Katherine Mann speaks about assessment and tips for communicating student progress.
Dr. Jim Brandon speaks about ongoing School Leader Professional Learning.
Etienna Moostoos-Lafferty speaks about her work helping teachers bring indigenous perspectives to life in the classroom.
Dr. Jenni Donohoo speaks about what collective efficacy is and how to use it for increased student performance in schools.
2019 - Year in Review

2019 - Year in Review


We review all 27 conversations that we hosted in 2019 and look forward to next year.
Scott Onucko, Prime Minister's Teaching award winner, speaks about authentic learning with Communication Technology.
Professor Bonnie Stelmach talks about research regarding building school communities.
Joey Feith, physical education teacher and creator of, speaks to us about the finer points of teaching physical education.
Former Minister of Education for New South Wales speaks about viewing education from public office.
Lynn Leslie speaks about educational planning and how to make it more impactful to schools.
The second episode in our series about What Great Schools Do focuses on creating schools where students want to be and discusses the following aspects: relationships, academic engagement, fun, safety, fairness & equity, and voice.
Brad Langdale speaks about the importance of science and ways he has learned to connect the sciences with students.
The first episode in our series "What Great Schools Do" focuses on Professional Teacher Learning
Nicole Lakusta speaks about using technology to impact student learning.
Dr. Simon Breakspear speaks about how Learning Sprints can be used to increase teacher expertise and ultimately, student performance.
Langston Evans speaks about the AVID program and how they are increasing equity in schools.
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