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Discoveries of the first interstellar objects known to visit our solar system have been met with controversy over what they are and where they came from. Jeremy welcomes Avi Loeb to discuss his expeditions to collect evidence of extraterrestrial technology and the conclusions he has reached.
The massive cell phone outage last week is just the latest in a string of major breaches of infrastructure that includes cyberattacks affecting pharmacies and hospitals. It has many wondering whether these are coordinated attacks and what will come next. Jeremy welcomes Andrew Sternke to discuss the growing threats we face from hackers and the internet.  
From war to threats of nuclear and space-based weapons to talk of a deadly pandemic, daily headlines paint a grim future that may set the stage for the end of days as we know it. Jeremy welcomes Terry James to discuss the dire times foretold in Bible prophecy that could bring about the coming rapture.
A creature yet to be recognized by science has been said to roam the wild and countless individuals have claimed to be lucky enough to experience it. Jeremy welcomes Keith Bearden to discuss his encounters with Bigfoot over the years while outdoors hunting and the evidence he’s collected.
Did aliens seek out man as their ambassadors on Earth? Claude “Rael” Vorilhon and the late Dr. George King say they were chosen to communicate on behalf of extraterrestrial races. Jeremy welcomes Rabbi Mellul to discuss the work of Rael and his meetings with the Elohim. Wajid Hassan shares the declaration that Dr. King received from a group of cosmic beings and the coming spiritual awakening.
Nearly every day all over the world, witnesses are seeing unidentified objects in the sky, some of which appear to defy the laws of physics. What’s behind this technology? Jeremy welcomes G.O. Turner to discuss the latest theories and evidence of these craft and the psychics involved.
Recent studies have made groundbreaking discoveries about what happens to the brain when the body is in a coma having a near-death experience and as one passes. Jeremy welcomes Alan Pearce to discuss the extraordinary experiences of expanded consciousness that arise during these states.
The weaponization of humans is the focus of a new report commissioned by an office of the Pentagon while the World Health Organization warns of a future pandemic and a robot implants the first brain-computer interface into a human. Jeremy welcomes Ryan Gable to discuss the threat of bioweapons, brain chips, genetic modification and other forms of technological warfare being used against us.
A report from the Pentagon says the U.S. is not equipped to defend ourselves against an alien invasion and that we lack the ability to track and analyze UFOs. This follows a private briefing involving members of Congress that found claims by whistleblowers of the government possessing alien bodies and spaceships have merit. Jeremy welcomes Paul Anthony Wallis to discuss the recent developments and how they relate to warnings of invading extraterrestrials through archaeological sites, ancient texts and ancestral narratives.
Tensions are high with talk of war involving nuclear weapons escalating and a fight along the border. This comes as we go through some of the most intense and dire times according to astrology. Jeremy welcomes Jeff Harman to discuss what astrology says in these trying times, the globalist agenda and when hope might be on the horizon.
Navigating the ethereal boundaries between the living and the dead is an ability which some are said to possess. Those who claim to be psychic are known to use their senses to make contact with the departed. Jeremy welcomes Kelly Palmatier to discuss spirit messages, working with law enforcement as a psychic and physical manifestations. Tiffany Warren talks about contacting spirits and demons, protection against these entities and energy clearing.
There is much we don't understand or have misunderstood about everything out in the cosmos. New discoveries are being made that continue to challenge what we've come to know. Jeremy welcomes Jobe Soffa Clarke to discuss his research into the Fermi paradox, a connection with UFOs and aliens to dinosaurs, artificial intelligence, the Big Bang, singularity and more.
A new map shows that the majority of the United States is at risk of damaging earthquakes, the frequency of which have only increased. This has been viewed as an indication that Planet X is approaching. Jeremy welcomes Marshall Masters to discuss why we're not getting accurate data, the coming tribulation and threat of genetic extinction.
The back and forth on what to disclose and what not to disclose about UFOs continues. Members of Congress are briefed in a top-secret meeting while new legislation is unveiled to protect those who report their sightings. Jeremy welcomes Paul Hynek and Stephen Bassett to discuss the latest developments on the disclosure front, the battle within Washington D.C. and their work with the Hollywood Disclosure Alliance.
After what's said to be a record year of cyberattacks, we can expect it will only continue to get worse. That means we are more vulnerable than ever. Not only are hackers after our data and minds, but our genetic information is also at great risk. Jeremy welcomes James F. Ponder to discuss why our DNA may have been sold, how such breaches can impact our livelihoods and the growing security risks we face.
Does it sometimes feel like your dreams are too real? Dreamers often report that what they experience while sleeping seems to be a forewarning of what's to come. Jeremy and special guest co-host "Mrs. Scott" welcome David Masters to discuss the connections between the subconscious mind and the precognitive potential of our dreams.
With growing uncertainty on a variety of fronts, those who are determined to outlast their fellow man or woman are getting serious about emergency preparedness and the elite are acquiring bunkers in which to survive the apocalypse. Jeremy welcomes Stan Deyo to discuss the scenarios at play that could lead us to such dire days and how we can survive.
The state of planet Earth has many people wondering what's really going on. Is our reality entirely natural or are we being influenced by outside forces that are feeding off us? Jeremy welcomes Dr. Christopher Macklin to discuss what he believes are entities from other dimensions manipulating our affairs.



From Congressional hearings on unidentified anomalous phenomenon or UFOs to whistleblowers coming forward and legislation mandating how the government handles the release of classified information, this year was monumental for disclosure. Jeremy recaps the key events and moments from the year where the classified was declassified.
Recent archeological discoveries have added more doubt to what we've been told about how old humans are as a species. Could we have existed millions of years ago and survived to present day? Jeremy welcomes Michael Cremo to discuss forbidden archeology, human origins and the evolution of mankind.
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