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Into The Parabnormal with Jeremy Scott

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Jeremy Scott and his guests investigate everything between the paranormal and abnormal. We entertain those fringe topics, diving deep into subjects that are very often ahead of their times and censored or even banned from the mainstream.

523 Episodes
The beating of the war drum is only intensifying as battles rage and countries threaten to wipe each other out. Wars are just one of the signs of the end times, but is there reason to believe the apocalypse is imminent or just more prophetic hype? Jeremy welcomes David Masters to discuss the cataclysmic threats we face and how they relate to apocalyptic predictions and biblical prophecy.
If aliens exist, they could have visited us long ago. The premise of ancient alien theory is the belief that intelligent beings visited Earth and made contact with humans in antiquity and prehistoric times. Jeremy welcomes Jason Martell to discuss whether we have been visited by an advanced race from the stars, mysterious technology and the use of artificial intelligence.
Billy Meier's story of contact with what he claims are extraterrestrial visitors from the Pleiades star cluster has been met with much skepticism within the UFO community. Jeremy welcomes Brit Elders to discuss the investigation into Meier's claims and what the evidence shows plus he shares some recent UFO news.
Those who report that they've been taken by aliens often don't fully recall the abduction until they enter a hypnotic state. Through regression, memories of extraordinary encounters come back to life. Jeremy welcomes Yvonne Smith to discuss contact with non-human entities, her hypnotherapy sessions with abductees and the messages shared by these beings.
Pandemonium returns as just about anything goes. Jeremy talked about the solar eclipse, CERN, Baltimore bridge collapse, bird flu, our food supply, the earthquake in Taiwan and signs of the end of days. Kelly recounted visits by deceased loved ones through dreams and alien contact. James explained how a cyberattack might cause a boat to crash into a bridge and told of seeing “not normal” flying vehicles. Scot & Hannah discussed searching for Bigfoot and aliens of our ancient past. Marie asked about Bigfoot bones and commented on mercury retrograde. Josh got us wondering about the eclipse possibly signaling an alien invasion.
The Key Bridge collapse, East Palestine train derailment and food plant fires have tainted the water, food and air while causing animals to die. The signs are pointing towards these acts being intentional in which to choke off the living. Jeremy welcomes Brad Olsen to discuss why it’s likely not by accident, the agendas behind this sabotage and conspiracy theories surrounding April 8th.
The moment when it feels that life is slipping away has been felt by countless people as they transition between the stages of life and death. This has been a life-changing process for many of the individuals who go through it. Jeremy welcomes Dr. Eben Alexander to discuss his near-death experience and working with patients experiencing another level of consciousness.
There’s a lot of hype about the solar eclipse on April 8th which will bring totality across part of the United States as the Moon blocks out the Sun. Among the chatter are plenty of conspiracy theories with officials telling us to stock up on food and water and prepare for widespread cell phone disruptions. Jeremy welcomes Pastor Paul Begley to discuss the solar eclipse from a prophetic perspective and the signs that we are living in the times of Revelation. Steve Kates talks about this rare celestial event, a connection to sacred geometry, eclipse cycles and how to view the eclipse.
LIVE! from the 12th annual Oregon Ghost Conference in Seaside, Oregon, Jeremy talks with Ryan Mick & Russell Marquez, Lance Foss & Tami Langston, Jason Carpenter, James Clarkson, Valerie Gregory, Chelsea Renee and Conference Director Rocky Smith.
LIVE! from the 12th annual Oregon Ghost Conference in Seaside, Oregon, Jeremy welcomes James Mitchell, Chris Califf & Matt Lytle, Loyd Auerbach, Breannan Matris, Jools Sinclair and Jeff Davis.
In August of 1969, the Manson family carried out a series of murders in the Los Angeles area and dark clouds are said to haunt those neighborhoods to this day. Jeremy welcomes David Oman to discuss the paranormal happenings at his home near the scene of the massacre of actress Sharon Tate and her guests.
Anything between the paranormal and abnormal is bound to happen when we open up the show to you. Jeremy discussed some of the recent UAP developments and conspiracy theories regarding the coming solar eclipse. Jackie shared her experiences as a medium, Jason took us down the road of conspiracy theories involving the Royal Family, Marie told of seeing spirits and a UFO, Jason H. discussed some of his team’s paranormal investigations, Keith talked about living in a house with poltergeist-like activity, and Jason W. described the physics that he believes explains some UFOs.
Tales of encounters with a creature widely known as Bigfoot are as old as time. Whether it is entirely flesh and blood or part paranormal is up for debate. Jeremy welcomes Brett Eichenberger, Jill Remensnyder and Tobe Johnson to discuss extraordinary accounts of Bigfoot that challenge science and open the possibilities that not everything around us is as it seems along with special guest Dr. Simeon Hein.
The Pentagon would rather simplify the UFO phenomenon and have us believe there's no evidence of reverse engineering or extraterrestrials while ignoring the incidents of craft navigating multiple mediums and defying the known laws of physics. Jeremy welcomes Darcy Weir and Andy Marcial to discuss sightings of transmedium UFOs witnessed by Navy personnel and the history of unidentified submerged objects.
Banned pesticides in our food, products tainted with toxic chemicals and research showing the negative health effects of processed foods are renewing fears of the safety of what we eat. States are taking action on harmful additives while federal authorities fail at regulating harmful ingredients. Jeremy welcomes David DuByne to discuss the chemicals that are present in food and their effects on the body.
Although secrecy remains over what has been documented about the UFO/UAP enigma for nearly 100 years, the government is getting closer towards declassifying what it knows with the National Archives launching its new database as mandated by Congress. But what will they tell us that we don't already know? Jeremy welcomes Ryan S. Wood to discuss the history of UFO crashes and retrievals and the clandestine group known as Majestic 12 that may have overseen the recovery of these objects and their occupants.
Discoveries of the first interstellar objects known to visit our solar system have been met with controversy over what they are and where they came from. Jeremy welcomes Avi Loeb to discuss his expeditions to collect evidence of extraterrestrial technology and the conclusions he has reached.
The massive cell phone outage last week is just the latest in a string of major breaches of infrastructure that includes cyberattacks affecting pharmacies and hospitals. It has many wondering whether these are coordinated attacks and what will come next. Jeremy welcomes Andrew Sternke to discuss the growing threats we face from hackers and the internet.  
From war to threats of nuclear and space-based weapons to talk of a deadly pandemic, daily headlines paint a grim future that may set the stage for the end of days as we know it. Jeremy welcomes Terry James to discuss the dire times foretold in Bible prophecy that could bring about the coming rapture.
A creature yet to be recognized by science has been said to roam the wild and countless individuals have claimed to be lucky enough to experience it. Jeremy welcomes Keith Bearden to discuss his encounters with Bigfoot over the years while outdoors hunting and the evidence he’s collected.
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