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Intro to Indie Artists - Jazz
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Intro to Indie Artists - Jazz

Author: Ken Dardis

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A jazz music short containing the best jazz songs submitted to Each come in 5, 3, and 2 song lengths.
21 Episodes
Jazz songs from Gino Goss and Phil Casagrande.
Jazz songs from Groovexpress, d'Z, Jordana Talsky, Jo Cuseo, Tim Gleeson.
Jazz songs from Gregg Holsey, Kraig Kilby, Iris Ornig, The Connie Lansberg Quartet, and Larry Ellis Jr
Jazz songs from Martin Beal and Fred Lipsius
Jazz songs from Deborah Resto, Gino Goss, Kimmie Horne, Rick Sparfven Project, Phil Casagrande
Jazz songs from The King Brothers, Robby Nelms
Jazz songs from Tony Adamo, Gwendolyn Collins
Jazz songs from Mike Smiarowski, Jo Cuseo, and UpperClass LumberJacks
Jazz songs from Gregg Holsey, The Connie Lansberg Quartet, Kraig Kilby
Jazz songs from The Connie Landsberg Quarter, Kenny Wesley, and Mark Anderson.
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