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Intro to Indie Artists - Rock
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Intro to Indie Artists - Rock

Author: Ken Dardis

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A rock music short containing the best rock songs submitted to Each come in 5, 3, and 2 song lengths.
37 Episodes
Rock songs from The Meldavians, Nick Gill, Ghost and Door Party, Dennis Maroney, and Eve's Burden.
Rock songs from Chiwawa, Cold Steel, Brandon McHose, North of 90, and Frank Palangi.
Rock songs from Misty Aleska and Kristopher Thiab.
Rock songs from Caden Levi, The Loop, DeVoll, Ed Fishell, One World Government.
Rock songs from Malina Moye and Bootsy Collins, Michelle Simpson, and King Saul.
Rock songs from Seismic Anamoly, The Vox.
Rock songs from The Rusty T Band, Billy and the Rebels, Kyanite Captains, Ari and the Alibis, Jeffrey Michael Pedora.
Rock songs from Paul LeRocq, ONOFF, Tweed Deluxe.
Rock songs from Stalker, Invisible Eddie, I Am Not Lefthanded.
Dave Page and The Lampshade Orchestra, The Complaints, Joe Kedda, Misty Aleska, and Kim Allen.
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