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What is Fuzzy Logic ?

What is Fuzzy Logic ?


This episode focuses on how to determine the possibilities in any given scenario, other than a Yes or a No. Tune In to find out more!
This episode focuses on a subset of Machine Learning which is Unsupervised Learning. Tune In to find out how it works!
This episode is one of a kind. Know the Top 10 Programming Languages to learn in 2020 as technology is moving at an unprecedented rate. Tune In!
This episode focuses on the top 10 technologies to learn in 2020. Upskill your Career. Tune In!
This episode will take you to an amazing Journey of the History of Artificial Intelligence, How it became a real deal. Tune In!
This episode focuses on the new advancements in the field of Machine Learning in 2020. What's new for ML and AI. Tune In to find out!
This episode focuses on the best books out there to learn Machine Learning. Tune in to find out!
This episode focuses on the top skills that are required to begin a career in Artificial Intelligence as an AI Engineer. It also explains the roadmap. Tune in to find out!
This Episode focuses on what exactly are chatbots. How they are used in the Industry. Expectations vs Reality. Tune In to Find Out More.
This Episode focuses on the top two Deep Learning Frameworks Pytorch and TensorFlow and addresses the new features of TensorFlow 2.0
This Episode Tackles an emerging question in Modern Technology World. Tune In to find out what our experts have to say.
This Episode focuses on the Evolution of Machine Learning. Tune In to find out how it became an everyday thing for us.
This Episode will help you understand the various similarities and differences between them. Also, you will get a complete roadmap along with the skills required to get into a data-related career.
This Episode will help you clear all doubts about the two main types of regressions Linear and Logistic and will tell you when to use which type.
This Episode will provide you with a detailed comparison of the top Deep Learning Frameworks ie. Keras, TensorFlow, and Pytorch.
This Episode will give you an insight into Deep Learning and how it solves some of the shortcomings of Machine Learning
This Episode talks about one of the major topics of Artificial Intelligence. Are we jeopardizing our future by building something that is out of our control? Let's find out. Subscribe to our channel for more Podcasts on Technology #Edureka #AI #Future
TensorFlow in 5 Minutes

TensorFlow in 5 Minutes


This Edureka Session of "TensorFlow in 5 minutes" provides you a quick insight on the TensorFlow Framework along with TensorBoard and an example.
This Edureka session will provide you with a short and crisp description of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Text Mining. You will also learn about the various applications of NLP in the industry.
In this AudioClip on Data Science vs Machine Learning, we’ll be discussing the importance of Data Science and Machine Learning and we’ll compare them based on a few key parameters. The following topics are covered in this session: What Is Data Science? What Is Machine Learning? Fields Of Data Science Use Case
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Prateek A.

I started learning ML by myself 2 weeks ago. Thank you for making these podcasts available.

May 10th
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jineesh m

hey anyone started this podcast? I am a newbie here in the ML World

Dec 29th
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