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It's a stunning new study that shows that the same chemical in our brain that is most known for mood (serotonin) is also linked to how our brain has evolved over the course of mankind. Is it possible that serotonin not only impacts our mood, our memory, and how our brain ages, but even how it evolved in the first place? Here is what the medical literature suggests and 14 holistic health tips for you to protect and preserve your brain health as you age.
A phenomenal new study, published 2 months ago in the Journal Of The American Board Of Family Medicine, found that just by eating breakfast with a high fiber intake, mortality risk was decreased by 21%. That is a large longevity bonus for something as simple as adding fiber to the first meal of the day! In this episode, I'll give you the details on this study, along with several breakfast suggestions, as well as lots of ways to combine eating breakfast with intermittent fasting for added health benefits. If you are interested in more holistic weight loss tips or to join my Weight Reset class, hop over here:
If you have been feeling uninspired, apathetic, or lack confidence or desire in achieving goals, it's very possible that inflammation in your body is to blame. This incredible study gives us much needed answers on why we lose motivation when we are under stress, and some fresh new ideas on how to boost our motivation and fee more inspired... naturally.
A breakthrough medical study reveals why collagen strength and integrity decreases over time. This one reveal might be all you ever needed to change to boost your skin's longevity for a lifetime! That tip plus four more most-do's for the best anti-aging skin care regime known to modern medicine.
Stunning results from this all natural, whole food, plant based supplement in halting and potentially reversing autoimmune disease. I'll tell you what supplement it and tell you all about this breakthrough medical study.
Lack of sleep makes you feel more than just tired... it actually causes you to feel anger. I'll tell you about this interesting medical study and give you 14 actionable tips so that you can get deeper sleep tonight! If you've been feeling irritable lately, this episode is a must listen!
A recent medical study compared several different 5 minute interventions to relieve stress, and one was the clear winner. I'll tell you what it was and how you can boost your own health (and decrease your levels of stress, even decreasing your cortisol levels) in 5 minutes flat.
New medical research suggests that CBD Oil can help you recover from trauma, and release trauma related behaviors such as hypervigilance and other PTSD symptoms. Break the cycle of trauma with support from CBD oil! In this episode Dr. Laura Koniver explains how. For more help with trauma recovery, join Dr. Koniver's upcoming Trauma Release online class, found here:
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