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Get stock, fund, and ETF picks, plus personal finance advice, investing tips, and exclusive fund manager interviews. -- Chicago-based Morningstar, Inc. is a world-leading provider of independent investment research.
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In this week’s podcast, Christine Benz tells us how to take care of our finances in May, Michelle Singletary shares her experiences with helping family members financially, Russ Kinnel talks about cryptocurrency’s role in fund portfolios today, and Morningstar CEO Kunal Kapoor highlights recent trends among investors.
In this week’s podcast, David Blanchett shares advice for retirees in today’s low-yield environment, Amy  Arnott and Christine Benz discuss their research on portfolio diversification, Christine Benz talks strategy about withdrawing money from retirement funds, and Gregg Warren talks about Berkshire Hathaway’s valuation.
In this week’s podcast, David Blanchett helps retirees prepare their portfolios for inflation, Christine Benz walks us through the ins and outs of building a sustainable portfolio, Jason Kephart fills us in on a relatively new area of research, and Ben Johnson shares his findings from the semiannual Active/Passive Barometer report.
In this week’s podcast, we share two dividend stocks our top managers like, we name two wide-moat stocks that are worth buying when the price is right, Kristoffer Inton discusses the pros and cons of ESG investing, and we look back on the shortest market crash in history.
In this week’s podcast, we highlight 3 wide-moat dividend stocks our top managers like, Russ Kinnel shares Morningstar's favorite ESG funds, Damien Conover covers the healthcare sector’s strong performance, and David Meats fills us in on how energy outshined other sectors.
In this week’s podcast, Russ Kinnel tells us if he thinks value strategies will keep their momentum, Megan Pacholok fills us in on a strategy gaining popularity, Ed Slott discusses charitable contributions and tax returns, and Christine Benz shares her to-do list for April.
In this week’s podcast, Ed Slott discusses how the end of the stretch IRA will affect taxes and retirement planning, Christine Benz tells us why inflation should always be on our radars, Jason Kephart talks about the 2021 Target-Date Landscape report, and Christine Benz braces investors for a bubble.
In this week’s podcast, Ed Slott fills us in on possible tax changes to expect with the Biden Administration, we name 3 standouts in a shifting industry, Christine Benz discusses the impacts of rising bond yields, and Keith Reid-Cleveland explains different retirement plan options.
In this week’s podcast, we share our Ultimate Stock-Pickers favorite new-money buy, we shine a light on two undervalued stocks, Russ Kinnel discusses high-profile fund manager changes, and Ed Slott tells us what should be on our radars for tax season.
In this week’s podcast, Kristoffer Inton fills us in on everything we need to know about cryptocurrency, Alex Morozov highlights stocks set to recover after the pandemic, we share what the top money managers invested in last quarter, and Christine Benz encourages investors to make IRA and HSA contributions.
In this week’s podcast, Ben Johnson looks back on the market crash through the ETF lens, we highlight two active ETFs we like, Jason Kephart shares a hands-off solution for retirement savers, and Christine Benz suggests a vehicle to give investors a tax advantage.
In this week’s podcast, Christine Benz commemorates the one-year anniversary of the 2020 bear market, we add three new stocks to our coverage, Ben Johnson suggests two dividend ETF picks, and Margaret Giles shows us how to create a budget.
In this week’s podcast, Dave Sekera highlights pandemic-related trends, we find opportunities in a promising market, Christine Benz reminds us of an important deadline coming up, and we find a telecom stock that stands out amongst its peers.
In this week’s podcast, Christine Benz gives us financial tasks for February, Preston Caldwell forecasts the pandemic's long-run impact, we highlight a sector with little risk of dividend cuts, and Russ Kinnel screens the 10 highest-yielding funds in the Morningstar 500.
In this week’s podcast, we find opportunities in a lagging sector, Russ Kinnel offers ideas for an IRA, Ben Johnson unpacks a trend between mutual funds and ETFs, Andrew Willis shines a light on a virtual healthcare company, and Kristoffer Inton discusses uranium prices.
In this week’s podcast, we find opportunities in the second-worst-performing sector of 2020, Christine Benz shares tips for revisiting withdrawals as retirement goes on, Ben Johnson finds ETF picks in unpopular categories, and Christine Benz explains how to find the right amount of stock exposure in retirement.  
In this week’s podcast, Dan Lefkovitz sees a brighter outlook for dividends this year, Mike Hodel finds dividend opportunities for 2021, Christine Benz helps investors to assess their financial goals, Russ Kinnel lists the pros and cons of various investment vehicles, and Christine Benz shares her financial to-do calendar.
In this week’s podcast, Russ Kinnel highlights 2020’s highs and lows for funds, Ben Johnson shares the top ETF stories for 2020, Maria Bruno tells retirees what to look out for in 2021, Dan Kemp predicts investment themes for the new year, and Christine Benz outlines the pros and cons of investing apps.
In this week’s podcast, we look at three highly-rated funds that are struggling, we highlight three Morningstar Medalist funds that are thriving, Ed Slott discusses the tax implications on charitable giving, Tim Steffen suggests strategies for year-end taxes, and Christine Benz breaks down the new math on emergency funds.
In this week’s podcast, Ben Johnson gives his take on Tesla joining the S&P 500, Ed Slott provides strategies for a no-RMD year, our analysts highlight three high-quality stocks, Ed Slott discusses taxes in 2021 and beyond, and Christine Benz shares tips for people who might temporarily be in a lower tax bracket.
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