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Get stock, fund, and ETF picks, plus personal finance advice, investing tips, and exclusive fund manager interviews. -- Chicago-based Morningstar, Inc. is a world-leading provider of independent investment research.
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Published in May 2020, the latest book from Stuart Lucas, “The Taxable Investor’s Manifesto” covers a wealth of his experience and advice to individual investors planning for long term success.  Stuart runs a multi-family office and has decades of investing, teaching, and authoring experience. Editor in Chief Nicolas Owens interviewed Stuart about the key takeaways in the book.  You can also listen to the bulk of their conversation in this bonus episode of the Investing Insights podcast. BioHow to read “The Taxable Investor's Manifesto: Wealth Management Strategies to Last a Lifetime”Other books from the author
In this week’s podcast, Alex Bryan highlights ETFs with high yields and high risks, our analysts share two stocks they are excited about, Christine Benz offers advice for open enrollment during the pandemic, Russ Kinnel provides fund ideas for foreign stocks, and Alyssa Stankiewicz discusses Morningstar's new ESG Commitment Level.
In this week’s podcast, we highlight three Morningstar medalist funds struggling this year, Christine Benz shares takeaways from portfolio makeover week and interviews one of her portfolio makeover subjects, Leo Acheson encourages investors to use HSAs as investment accounts, and Alex Bryan shows investors where they can find yield.
In this week’s podcast, Ben Johnson suggests coping strategies for market turbulence, Ian Tam encourages investors to avoid adjusting their portfolios in anticipation of the election outcome, we highlight three highly-rated Morningstar Medalist funds, Russ Kinnel explains fund upgrades and downgrades, and we share what we think Tesla is worth.
In this week’s podcast, Russ Kinnel explains the connection between manager ownership and fund performance, Ben Johnson highlights the subjectivity of indexes, T. Rowe Price's Jerome Clark is recognized for pioneering the target-date structure, and Joachim Kotze discusses the outlook for Rolls-Royce.
In this week’s podcast, we share three travel names we like, we highlight an undervalued energy stock, Pimco’s Mohit Mittal discusses how the coronavirus has impacted his team and the market, and we break down the basics and benefits of 529 college savings plans.
In this week’s podcast, Damien Conover examines how the healthcare sector has handled pandemic pressures, Kevin Brown names two REITs with high dividend payouts, Ben Johnson gives investors tips on index concentration, Brian Colello shares what we can expect from the technology sector, and Dave Meats addresses the massive impacts coronavirus has had on the energy sector. 
In this week’s podcast, Alex Bryan explores the growing landscape of ESG ETFs, Russ Kinnel prepares investors for what they can expect from mutual fund capital gains this year, Aron Szapiro explains how election results can impact policy, and Erin Lash shares opportunities for investors in the consumer defensive sector.
In this week’s podcast, we reveal four dividend-paying stocks our top managers own, Christine Benz reminds investors of the keys to financial success, Russ Kinnel compares the asset growth of stock funds and bond funds, Christine Benz suggests a tax-advantaged tool for retirement planning, and financial advisor Cathy Curtis shares her approach to the planning needs unique to women. 
In this week’s podcast, we are excited to present “Where to Turn When the Political Climate Heats Up,” a discussion with Amy Walter, the National Editor of The Cook Political Report, and Aron Szapiro, our director of policy research. In this discussion from the Morningstar Investment Conference, Walter shares her insights about the political climate and where the race for the president and Congress stand.  Visit to register today for the Morningstar Investment Conference and hear more great insights. 
In this week’s podcast, we share what industrial stocks our Ultimate Stock Pickers bought, David Blanchett addresses what today's low bond yields mean for retirement planning, Russ Kinnel breaks down the criteria for Medalist ratings, and Christine Benz encourages investors to resist the urge to change their portfolios around the election.
In this week’s podcast, Alex Bryan tells investors how to bolster their portfolios when the dollar declines, David Blanchett explains how investors can estimate the length of their retirements, we shine a light on two overlooked stocks, and we share the wide-moat name that three of our favorite managers invested in.
In this week’s podcast, Christine Benz discusses how inflation could affect investors of all ages, Chelsey Tam highlights stocks in China’s technology sector, and Ben Johnson sheds a light on how actively managed funds have been performing.
In this week’s podcast, Dan Lefkovitz finds opportunities for equity-income investors, Christine Benz helps young investors avoid pitfalls, Amy Arnott shares trends in U.S. investor returns, and Russ Kinnel uncovers tips for navigating bear markets.
In this week’s podcast, we share two names we removed from our list of high-conviction picks in August, Christine Benz discusses the weakness in the U.S. dollar today, Christine Benz addresses retirement during a pandemic, and our analysts list three highly rated international funds for your portfolio.
In this week’s podcast, we share which utility stock we added to our list of high-conviction picks for August, Russ Kinnel uncovers which funds had the biggest outflows, Christine Benz discusses early retirement during a pandemic, Maria Bruno explores where people can find extra cash, and Russ Kinnel shares the top funds for income seekers.
In this week’s podcast, we highlight four utilities that have strong growth prospects, Maria Bruno talks about RMDs, Christine Benz discusses the fate of the 60/40 portfolio, Alex Bryan shows investors how to keep up with momentum investing, and we share four stocks we expect will struggle to increase their dividends.
In this week’s podcast, we discuss three stocks our analysts have removed from their list of high-conviction picks,we explain why these undervalued utilities offer investors opportunity for capital appreciation and yield, Christine Benz explores which bonds are the right fit for retirees today,and Alex Bryan addresses the role treasuries should play in a portfolio even when yields are low.
In this week’s podcast, Christine Benz uncovers the places income-seekers should search, Mark Miller discusses the pandemic’s impact on Social Security and Medicare, our analysts share 3 bond fund picks, Ben Johnson maps out the growing strategic-beta fund landscape, and Christine Benz encourages retirees to be flexible with their spending plans.
In this week’s podcast, Mark Miller encourages people to explore their options before filing for social security, Christine Benz explores strategies to upgrade your portfolio during a recession, we share two stocks our analysts have their eyes on, and our analysts comment on Amazon’s big presence in the market.
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