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Investor Creator with Brad Smotherman

Author: Brad Smotherman

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Investor Creator teaches both new and seasoned real estate investors how to take your house flipping business to multiple 6 or 7 figure income, without sacrificing your freedom. Learn how to lead generate, negotiate, deal structure...EVERYTHING you need to know, from Brad Smotherman, who has bought houses in 8 states, and has completed hundreds of flips. Owner financing, notes, house flipping, real estate investing.
13 Episodes
We are excited to have my friend Justin Pierce on the show. Justin is a seasoned real estate investor who has practically done it all from single family rentals, to new construction, to single family flips and commercial property as well. Pick up the gold nuggets from Justin, who is widely recognized as one of the top investors in the country.
Not to ruffle feathers, but wholesaling sucks. Brad tells you why.
In this podcast, Brad goes over his top 3 crazy deals that come to mind...and there's plenty more where this came from. 
In this short podcast, Brad goes over deal structure and how you can turn nothing into something. 
In this episode, Brad goes over his latest deal, and shows you step by step what to do if a seller tries to back out of a binding transaction.
In this episode, Brad goes over a funny deal that has some history, his weekend in Dallas Tx to congratulate a friend, and how to not only survive, but to THRIVE in a challenging retail market. 
Brad goes over the basics of subject-to investing...the legalities, the structure, and how it can VERY positively affect your business. 
Brad goes over basic ethics when buying equity and answers the question that many people, especially newbies, struggle with...Is it ethical to buy a good deal? Is it ALWAYS ethical, under any circumstance? Listen to this episode to gain insight from a house flipper with hundreds of transactions, over a thousand seller visits, and tens of thousands of phone calls. 
Brad goes over one of his latest transactions, where he buys $40,000 in as-is equity with no rehab...and with no money out of pocket. James tags along for the appointment and realizes, as a newbie investor..."I think I could have bought that house!". 
The Story of Dilly.

The Story of Dilly.


Brad, while on vacation, talks about what it takes to REALLY create a high level house flipping business....why most people don't have it...and how Dilly has what it takes. 
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