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Unseeable forces control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. Invisibilia—Latin for invisible things—fuses narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your own life differently.
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Claire Shiona Noone

For me, this story highlighted less randomness and more personal bias.

Aug 2nd

Ikm Yusuk

This story gave us strong reasons to live our daily life, you can change your future anytime, such a randomness of life, that’s beautiful isn’t it

Jul 28th

Alexis Baker

snake in a sock, lolz randomly at work; loving the podcast very interesting

Jul 20th

Onella Cooray

this was such a special episode. thank you

Jul 9th

Vaune Mason

Absolutely love this episode.

Jun 24th

Adrian Rodriguez


Jun 22nd

Mariam Mohammad

I have never noticed that things 🤔

Jun 21st

Zbr Amd

Like most basic human energies, fear when being experienced emit vibrational frequency and can be induced or triggered in other people through any of the 5 senses. Very interesting episode.

Jun 18th

Alexis Brickner

Theres a lot I can sympathize with, but my feelings are twisted in all different directions here. Its a shame when the system can't benefit victims in the ways that it should, but the results of a callout are just completely and utterly cold. To be able to destroy a persons life and shun them from the community that they used to define who they were is almost worse than a jail sentence. Its a life sentence of another sort. And for such a thing to happen all through some stupid teenage mistake? People grow and change and though they should own up to past mistakes I dont believe they should have their lives torn down as if they were still the person that made it. Especially when those who started the callout does so with no remorse whatsoever about the person being called out. People make lots of stupid mistakes and people cant be perfect and yet theres people coming up in this world that seem to want that from others and are ready to shun anyone who makes even the simplest mistake knowingly or not in the coldest way possible.

Jun 12th

Robert Beasley

I'm not normally a commenter. these stories are great though. really this is my favorite podcast out of everything I've ever listened to

Jun 6th

Adrian Rodriguez

pretty interesting the day dreaming lady reminded me of the movie Drop Dead Fred

May 31st

Ilona Pinter

the theory that we 'learn' our emotions or that we need concepts to have full emotions like anger and sadness is interesting but it doesn't really make sense if you consider that babies are born without this experience yet show a lot of raw emotion including anger, sadness, fear and love. is there any explanation for this? also why did Amanda and Tommy, two people who had grown up learning that you have to control emotions have such different responses in adult life?

May 31st

Sakun Sambanthan

I'm a Buddhist and door 3 really truly works. Martin's story is simply inspiring. Thank you.

May 16th

Adrian Ramos

It just goes to show that social justice without compassion for both victim and abuser will always bring about injustice. The call-out is a powerful tool, however it must not be carried by bias and ill-informed statements.

May 9th

Ayaz Khan

if the movement of a snake becomes faster because of the fear they sense in the human as said in (shreckstoff). then what would happen if the same snake is in presence of S.M(the women with no emotion as fear).

May 4th

Shruti Mehta

Fantastic pocast! always gets you thinking and brings new insights to everyday things you would have thought of before. The episode on the relality TV show in Somalia is one of my favourites

May 1st

Schaught Kawkgrehl

These kids essentially do not believe in compassion and use social issues as a club to fight for personal promotion. So this is the face of the new young ghastly. Yet Invisabilia brings up an interesting question- do the ends justify the means?

Apr 27th

Soundof Silence

people's fear of snakes is odd too me, as is there fear of insects etc. The majority of species on the planet can harm humans in some way so why not be afraid of everything? Peoples fear of things most likely begins in childhood and is reinforced often by those around them or is introduced and reinforced by those around them.

Apr 24th

Dorianne McCreary Jarchow

Amazing podcast! Just amazing! So enlightening and engaging! Well done! Keep it up! And thank you so much! Many of the topics have personal connections to my life and the lives of my loved ones and they have helped us immensely! 😁❤️

Apr 11th

Matt Cameron

best podcast available as far as I'm concerned

Mar 31st
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