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Ireland 2029: Shaping Our Future

Ireland 2029: Shaping Our Future


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Over 10 episodes, will look 10 years ahead, tackling 10 big ideas that could shape Ireland’s future for the better. For each, we’ll hear from someone who believes the idea could work - be it a four-day work week or a plastic-free Ireland - and we'll figure out just how likely it is to happen.
10 Episodes
What would Ireland need to do to drastically improve its public transport system? From buses to bike lanes, and everything in between, is it time for an overhaul - and could we do it in the next decade? In the tenth and final episode of Ireland 2029, we explore if Ireland could build a world-class public transport system, and look at what we can learn from other countries.
Since the 2000 Olympics, New Zealand — a nation with an almost identical population to Ireland — has won 50 Olympic medals. In the same time period, Ireland has won 12. What can we learn from New Zealand's success, and could we emulate it? In the ninth episode of Ireland 2029, we look at what the country needs to do to bring more medals home.
Some environmentalists are hoping to see wolves return to Ireland. They say the presence of an apex predator can have a massively beneficial trickle-down effect on an ecosystem - as documented in Yellowstone in the US. However, there would likely be much opposition to such a move - with possible threats to humans and livestock among the main concerns. In the eighth episode of Ireland 2029, we explore whether or not the country should reintroduce wolves.
You've probably noticed it: there is a huge buzz around women's football right now in the wake of the World Cup. Ireland is aiming to double the number of female footballers in the next seven years. But in order to do this, a massive increase in investment is needed. In the seventh episode of Ireland 2029, we explore whether or not Ireland could build the world's most successful women's football league. Possible? Or pipe dream?
Plastic is light. It’s cheap. It’s durable. But it's also rapidly damaging the environment. In the sixth episode of Ireland 2029, we explore whether or not Ireland could go plastic free in the next 10 years - and what would be needed by individuals, government and business to make this happen.
What would change if the government gave everyone in Ireland €200 a week? It could empower Irish workers, but is it really the best solution for the country’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens? In the fifth episode of Ireland 2029, we explore the pros and cons.
Only three in ten people get the recommended eight hours of sleep per night. Commute times, shift work and mobile phones all play a role. So, what can individuals, schools and businesses do to help us all get more sleep? In the fourth episode of Ireland 2029, we explore whether the Irish nation could be trained to sleep better - and if this would boost GDP.
In the third episode of Ireland 2029, we explore the pros and cons of introducing a compulsory year-long volunteer programme for young people. A State-run, State-funded programme that would see people give back to their communities for a few hours every week - could such an idea work? We ask experts, and young people, what they think.
In the second episode of Ireland 2029, we explore whether Dublin needs a high-rise skyline. The average building height in Dublin city centre is four to six storeys. Going high-rise, or at least higher, is often billed as the way forward - but it's not that simple. What impact would this have on the housing crisis? How would it affect land values? Would it make the city more, or less, liveable?
In the first episode of Ireland 2029, we explore whether the country should bring in a four-day work week. Is it feasible? Could it impact your pay? Would it result in a more productive, happier workforce?
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