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Liza Donnelly: New Yorker Cartoonist & “Very Funny Ladies”Irish Stew’s favorite cartoonist is back to tell you about her just-published book, Very Funny Ladies: an in-depth celebration of women cartoonists who have graced the pages of the famous magazine from the Roaring Twenties to the present day. And you learn that somewhere between way back then and now a gender gap opened up at the magazine as women cartoonists disappeared from its pages, a gap finally bridged by Liza and two other women who broke through to get their comedic art published and pave the way for many more very funny ladies to come.Join us for the latest from Liza!Liza LinksLiza’s original Irish Stew episode: Funny Ladies: The New Yorker’s Women Cartoonists,Oblong Books (signed copies available)AmazonWebsite: MediumTwitterLinkedIn
We last spoke with Ted Smyth back at the start of 2021. A lot has happened in the world of politics in the intervening period. Ted’s experience on both sides of the Atlantic in the worlds of  diplomacy and  corporate life make him a thoughtful and well informed commentator on recent Irish and American developments. Join Martin Nutty as he talks with Ted about the current state of American politics and how the Irish American community continues to be one of the more important constituencies within tgr Inited States. . Ted also discusses the impact of the  Brexit protocol on the fragile Good Friday Agreement and what we should be looking towards to insure that peace continues to be maintained in Northern Ireland. You can catch our original episode with Ted where we talk in greater detail about his career and background:
We first sat down with Liverpudlian, Jack Byrne back in Season 2 when we talked about his first novel: Under the Bridge. You can catch that episode here: Jack Byrne: Mystery Writer. Now Jack is back with the second installment of his Liverpool Mystery Series - Across the Water which continues the story of Paddy and Vinnie Connolly. The action moves from Liverpool to Wicklow as Vinnie traces the story of his long-deceased father against a backdrop of corruption and political violence.Join Martin Nutty in conversation with Jack as they talk about the new book and how the violence of The Troubles touched Jack's family in the worst possible way. LinksFacebookTwitterBook 1: Under the BridgeBook 2: Across the Water
Season III of Irish Stew concludes with our conversation with a very Global Irish citizen, Dan Mulhall, Ireland’s Ambassador to the United States and your guide to one of the classics of Irish literature through his recently published Ulysses: A Reader’s Odyssey.Join us as we tour the world with one of Ireland’s top diplomats as he wields Ireland’s soft power and uses Ireland’s culture to open doors and strengthen ties.And from one diplomatic posting to the next, he lugged one weighty tome, James Joyce’s Ulysses, a literary classic he’ll turn to repeatedly, finally writing Ulysses, a Reader’s Odyssey his highly personal guidebook through the novel’s often difficult terrain, highlighting central character Leopold Bloom as an “ambassador for our day.” We touch on Ireland’s ability to build bridges among countries, its seat on the UN Security Council as Russian troops massed on Ukraine’s border, the global admiration for Ireland’s peacekeeping forces, and telling Ireland’s story in the US to officials on both sides of the aisle, and always come back to how culture is Ireland’s passport to the world today.Along the way Dan favors us with a reading from Ulysses paired with a passage from his book that explores that section. The episode ends with a special treat, part of the closing chapter of Ulysses, “Molly Bloom’s Soliloquy,” brilliantly performed by actress Aedín Maloney, well known for her interpretation of this piece.NB: This episode was recorded on Feb 3, 2022 almost three weeks before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine   Sadly the hope of reducing the then building Ukrainian border tensions did not come to pass.Dan Mulhall LinksBiography at the Department of Foreign AffairsTwitterUlysses: A Reader’s Odyssey book linksNew Island Books AmazonTwitterEmbassy of Ireland USA: TwitterAedin Maloney LinksTwitterFallen Angel Theatre Company
In this episode, we reach for the stars with Irish American astronaut Dr. Cady Coleman, a veteran of two Space Shuttle missions and 159 days in orbit on the International Space Station (ISS).Cady says she’s one-quarter Irish on both sides, but that it adds up to much more than half. When not exploring outer space, she’s exploring Irish music on the flute and tin whistle, even playing with the Chieftains. On St. Patrick’s Day, she live-streamed her playing a tin whistle from Paddy Moloney and an old wooden flute from Matt Molloy while floating in space aboard the ISS as a way of sharing her cosmic experience with them and the entire Global Irish Nation. We discuss her journey into the exclusive ranks of space travelers, the drama of the mission aborted six seconds before liftoff, the sights and sounds of the International Space Station, and “the grief in leaving” space and adjusting to life back on earth. As this episode airs, Russia has invaded Ukraine with Putin, even threatening the safety of the ISS, but Cady talks of the cooperation among all nations involved with the space station and the international structures in place to ensure this orbiting outpost remains neutral territory.Oh, she also was a consultant for Sandra Bullock on “Gravity,” dueted with Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull from the ISS, has done several TED Talks, is a successful keynote speaker, hosts the outstanding podcast Mission Interplanetary, and plays with fellow astronauts Stephen Robinson and Chris Hadfield in the musical group Bandella, and is featured on an Irish postage stamp! Let's light this candle!Cady's Links:Website: Cady ColemanTwitter: Astro_CadyFacebook: AstrocadyInstagram: astro_cadyPodcast: Mission InterplanetaryVideo: St. Patrick’s Day from the ISS
From Carnegie Hall to Lambeau Field, Gregory Harrington elevates the Global Irish Nation Conversation through his music.Born in Dublin, based in New York City, he is redefining the classical violin virtuoso for the 21st century, pairing his expressive lyricism, tonal beauty, and impeccable musicianship with his uncanny ability to transform film scores, jazz standards, rock and pop music into compelling violin concert pieces.Gregory talks of performing in a hard hat and safety vest for construction workers and how he warmed up 80,000 freezing Green Bay Packers fans with his electrifying rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner.“No matter what stage it is–stage in the broadest meaning of the word–it’s about making connections, making a difference, making one person in the audience feel something that inspires them,” he says.With his wide-reaching appeal, he’s performed for presidents and vice presidents, celebrities, heads of state, the United Nations and millions of music fans around the globe.Virtuoso, musical explorer, entrepreneur, collaborator, innovator…and it all started at, of all places, at the Dublin Horse Show where as a boy he first saw and heard the violin…and it was love at first sight.Links:Website: GregoryHarrington.comTwitter: HarringtonMusicFacebook: HarringtonViolinYouTube: GregoryHarringtonInstagram: HarringtonViolinSpotify: Gregory HarringtonSoundcloud: Gregory Harrington
In this episode we explore the “roots” and “routes” of the Irish diaspora for a very “Global Irish Nation Conversation” with CEO Patrick Greene and Historian-in-Residence Maurice J. Casey Ph.D. of Dublin’s EPIC: The Irish Emigration Museum, voted Europe’s leading tourist attraction the last three years running.Patrick shares how an apprenticeship in archeology led him into a lifelong international career at the forefront of the movement to make museums more vibrant, relevant, and engaging for visitors.Maurice describes himself as an “expert in histories of hope, solidarity and the Irish abroad,” and tells of his efforts to include a more diverse range of experiences in the telling of the Irish diaspora story.We learn how EPIC transformed a vaulted warehouse basement into 20 galleries of immersive sights, sounds, and stories that connect with both the Irish diaspora and the people of Ireland exploring their emigration story.Join us for a lively discussion on the rich history of emigration from Ireland and the lesser-known story of immigration into Ireland through the lens of EPIC: The Irish Emigration Museum.Links:EPIC: The Irish Emigration MuseumWebsiteIrish Family History CenterGift ShopTwitterFacebookInstagramYouTubeTikTokJohn Patrick Greene, CEO & Museum DirectorLinkedInMaurice J. Casey, Ph.D., DFA Historian in ResidenceWebsiteTwitterLinkedIn
Despite growing up with no TV in a rural upstate hamlet, Kristen Shaughnessy would go on to become a fixture in New York TV news as reporter and anchor with the 24-hour news station New York 1. Kristen was on the frontlines of the non-stop news coverage of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and she takes us back to the grim reality that emerged that fateful day, sharing poignant details and discussing the journalistic challenges of reporting on this unprecedented tragedy.We talk about the state of journalism today, the need to explore a range of viewpoints, and we delve into the toxic intersection of ageism and sexism that too often leads older workers, especially older women, to be pushed to the sidelines or shown the door.With Irish roots stretching back to Galway, Kristen was named to Irish  America Magazine's "Top 100" list, chosen as one of the "Top 50 Irish American Power Women,'' and of the "Top Media 30." After our conversation with Kristen, we can see why.Links:TwitterLinkedInFacebookTED Talk
Born in the Irish America hotbed of Buffalo, New   York, Jennifer Petoff lives in Dublin now. Following a career that has taken unexpected twists. A holder of a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Stanford University, we talk about women in STEM and how Jennifer made her way to Dublin, where she works in the SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) field. Jennifer is also one of four editors of Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems, a highly successful publication in the world of SRE.While Jennifer is busy in her day job, she also created Sidewalk Safari, an expansive travel blog featuring her travels in Ireland and locales further afield over the past ten years. Her posts display a keen photographic sensibility notable for their focus on colorful or unusual doorways likely cultivated by Dublin's famous Georgian Doors.Jennifer's Business LinksBusiness Unit: Google SRE LinkedIn: ProfileBook: Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production SystemsJennifer's Travel LinksTravel Blog: Sidewalk SafariTwitter: Sidewalk SafariInstagram: Sidewalk SafariFacebook: Sidewalk SafariPinterest: Sidewalk Safari
On this serving of Irish Stew, we travel from Manhattan (pop. 1.6 M) to Inisheer (pop. 250) to explore the sights, sounds, haunting landscape, natural history, and vibrant culture of the Aran Islands with our affable tour guide—Irish language advocate and sean-nós singer, MacDara Ó Conaola.MacDara guides us over the common ground all three of the Aran Islands share, what makes each one distinct, and makes a compelling case for extending your day trip to Inisheer into an overnight stay.Along with his love of the Irish language, he shares his hopes and frustrations in keeping it a vital part of Irish life, while giving co-host Martin Nutty a chance to practice his Irish. We talk about the history of sean-nós and hear his contemporary take on the ancient form in a song tinged with anticipation, longing, and hope on the horizon.But it’s not all sean-nós for MacDara whose musical tastes embrace hip hop, rap and the Beatles.Join us for an engaging conversation with our man of Aran and check the links below to learn more of his music and Irish language efforts.And though he may not know much about the Irish language or sean-nós, props to co-host John Lee for mastering the Irish goodbye. MacDara Links:Personal website is: www.macdara.comGaelic Green Tongue www.gaelicgreentongue.comPeign is Peadar Project: www.peggyandpeter.orgTwitter: Token - MacDara's Album on Amazon:
Through her work on the award-winning The Coastal Atlas of Ireland and on harvesting the power of ocean winds, our guest Val Cummins is a compelling advocate for embracing the potential off Ireland’s shores. Just named the best Irish-published book of the year, and weighing in at a hefty 10 pounds/4.5 kilos, The Coastal Atlas of Ireland is an unprecedented exploration of Ireland’s coastline and a labor of love for this trained marine geographer with a PhD in coastal management.Simultaneously, she’s leading the way for offshore wind power development as the Emerald Project managing director and Simply Blue Group director, working to generate electricity from Ireland’s dependable ocean winds though floating turbines positioned out in the Celtic Sea, over the horizon, and out-of-sight of Ireland’s shores.Get on board as we sail around Ireland’s coast and out to sea where Ireland’s energy future lies, in this particularly “green’ episode of Irish Stew.Links:Twitter: LinkedIn: Blue Group: https://simplyblueenergy.comFloating wind background: Project: Coastal Atlas of Ireland is available from Cork University Press at and many other booksellers including Amazon 
Colin Broderick likes to tell stories, needs to tell them, be they dark, dank, and dangerous, be they bright, affirming, and knowing. It’s all there in his new film A Bend in the River, his highly personal tale of a writer returning to his native County Tyrone still in the shadows of “The Troubles,” confronting the life and loves he left behind and writing as if his life depended on it, with boxer-turned-actor John Duddy in the title role, and featuring Kathy Kiera Clarke of Derry Girls fame.After Tyrone came New York, where Colin says he felt free for the first time, including the freedom to let alcohol and drugs take him to the dark side, unflinchingly related when we discuss his memoir of a drinker’s life, Orangutan, a story thankfully very much in Colin’s past.And he got others to tell their Irish-American stories in The Writing Irish of New York, his just re-released curation of essays on the rise of Irish American writers with contributions from Irish Stew guest Peter Quinn, Colum McCann, Larry Kirwan, Malachy McCourt, Mary Pat Kelly, Dan Barry, Seamus Scanlon, John Kearns, Honor Molloy and more. Join us for Colin’s very global Irish story, with its origins in England, it's Northern Ireland narrative, and it's tale of downfall and redemption in NYC. Links: Website: https://www.colinbroderick.comTwitter: A Bend in the River Trailer: on several platforms including Amazon Prime: Film: Emerald City:
Clare McGee wears multiple hats, most notably as a principal of Innovate-NI, a management consulting company established 2016 in Derry, Northern Ireland. Along with cofounder Dr. Barney Toal, the company focuses on small business development, entrepreneurship, digital and social innovation projects.Clare is also a cofounder of AwakenHub, a social enterprise organization whose mission is to level up opportunity, access and connectivity for women founders throughout the Island of Ireland by removing barriers to scale, investment and success.Learn how Clare's efforts may significantly redraw the map of Derry through her participation in the Eden Foyle River whose goal is to create a shared space for all the people of Ireland's fifth largest cityClare McGee's Links:LinkedIn TwitterInnovate-NIAwakenHubEden Foyle River
For Paul Finnegan it all goes back to his hometown of Galway City, “a small city but I refuse to call it a town” he says and a “crucible of many great things,” notwithstanding its reputation for being “where ambition goes to die.”But Paul explains why, despite his love for “The City of Tribes,” he traded “one great city for another'' and moved from Galway City to New York City, where he embarked on a career as a career changer--becoming the executive director of the Emerald Isle Immigration Center, working in the software and foodservice industries, and enjoying an 11-year run as the executive director of the New York Irish Center, dedicated to “Community, Culture & Care” for the Irish and beyond.After over a decade, though, it was time for another career change. Paul’s now the director of business development for the oldest Irish news source in America, the Irish Echo, and is the producer and presenter of Centerpiece NY, his lovingly produced podcast chronicling “the lives of long-standing members of New York's Irish community, in their own words”......making him Irish Stew’s bitter crosstown rival for New York-based, Irish diaspora-themed podcast supremacy!And in January Paul will add “president of the Irish Business Organization of New York” to his resume.Not bad for a guy from you’ll discover in this episode.Links:Twitter: LinkedIn: Echo: https://www.irishecho.comCenterpiece NY: https://www.centerpieceny.comCenterpiece  NY Twitter: Irish Business Organization of New York:
How much of our history would remain buried if not for a few intrepid explorers of the past? In this episode we explore little known Irish diaspora stories buried in cemeteries over 1,300 miles apart in Colorado and Georgia.Drawing on his research of an abandoned cemetery high in the Rocky Mountains, historian Prof. Jim Walsh tells the tale of the Irish miners who migrated to work hard and die young in Leadville, Colorado, the highest incorporated town in America. Archaeologist and historian Damian Shiels returns to Irish Stew to take us deeper into the saga of the Irish in America’s Civil War with stories of the thousands of the Irish in the Union Army forced into the Confederacy’s brutal Andersonville Prison and the hundreds who are confirmed buried there.Damian honors these migrants through his online Andersonville Irish Project, while Jim is working to build the Leadville Irish Miners’ Memorial in hopes that their stories might continue. Both guests reveal the plight of migrants with few options in life doing their best to survive, themes that resonate still today.Prof. James Walsh:Bio: Leadville Irish Miners’ Memorial: to support the creation of the the Irish Miners Memorial: Doctor Damian Shiels:Irish in the American Civil WarAnderson Irish Project: can support Damian's work at: PatreonTwitterFacebook
Natalie Nugent O’Shea takes us from St. Paul, Minnesota, around the world with Riverdance, to Dublin to start a family, and then back home to St. Paul where she’d co-found a home for Irish arts and culture in the Midwest, the Celtic Junction Arts Center.She tells us of her arm’s-length relationship to Ireland until moonlighting as a lighting designer for a touring production of Riverdance, falling in love not only with the music and dance, but also with one of the original Riverdancers, her eventual husband and co-collaborator in the O’Shea School of Irish Dance and Celtic Junction Arts Center, Cormac O’Sé.Serving as the Celtic Junction’s executive director since its founding in 2010, Natalie oversees a vibrant shared space for Irish dance, music and theatre, Irish literature and language, an Irish heritage library and cross-cultural performances which in 2018 was named the Best Cultural Center by Irish Central.Natalie also shares a heartfelt look into the hidden history of the Irish in Minnesota, especially the settlement known as the Connemara Patch, and the Irish culture that made the trek with them and how it mixed and mingled with the other cultures they encountered.“Until we understand what is outside of us, I think we can't understand our own culture,” she says.Join us for an insightful and passionate conversation on Irish arts and culture, thriving in the Midwest of the U.S.Links:Natalie Nugent O’Shea·   Twitter: Junction Arts Center·   Website:·   Twitter:·   Facebook:·   Instagram:   
WASSUP?Season III of Irish Stew is WASSUP!We launch with an episode on the Irish ad man responsible for the memorable Budweiser commercial that had people around the world shouting WASSUP--Vinny Warren.Vinny takes you from his native Galway to London, New York, Boston and finally Chicago, relates why his time as a bartender would later prove so valuable, how being a Central Park carriage driver fit into his unorthodox career strategy, his near death experiences with both the mafia and a mountain lion, how he stalked his way into his dream job, and the moment in Galway he realized that WASSUP had gone global.Vinny tells us about starting his own agency Escape Pod where he did his most meaningful project, Metro Gun Share Program, a sly commentary on America’s gun culture and a fundraising vehicle for gun control advocacy.Vinny may have sold Escape Pod but he’s still very much in business at  Maybe we can get him for the Irish Stew ad campaign!Links:Website: www.vinnywarren.comWikipedia: LinkedIn: WASSUP? Commercial: Metro Gun Share Program: 
Emer Rocke gives an insider’s perspective on the lives of those most global of Irish citizens, the people of Ireland’s diplomatic corps. The Deputy Ambassador of Ireland to the United States at time of the interview, now Director of U.S. and Canadian Relations, Emer discusses the rewards and challenges of the diplomatic life, how Ireland punches above its weight in the international arena, why other countries view Ireland as an “honest broker,” how convening is a key soft power, its current role as a member of the U.N. Security Council, and how Ireland is viewed in Washington under the Irish-friendly Biden administration.Dublin “born, bred, and buttered” but with rural Clare and Donegal roots, Emer relates the happy accidents that led her into the Department of Foreign Affairs, her early stages work on the Irish government’s diaspora outreach, her eventful first few weeks as the Director of British Irish Relations when the U.K. voted to Brexit, and lockdown diplomacy in Washington, D.C.An advocate for diplomatic corps diversity, she looks at the progress that’s been made and the work still to be done, and uses her “Seamus Plug” to advocate for increased mental health awareness and supporting services.Emer Rocke Links:TwitterLinkedIn
Janet Behan carries on the family tradition of creativity in both her acting and writing. The London-born daughter of Dublin-born playwright Brian Behan & Celia Behan, great niece of the songwriter Peadar Kearney (author of Amhrán na bhFiann, the Irish National Anthem), and niece of the writers Dominic Behan and Brendan Behan.On this serving of The Stew, she tells of a deprived but happy childhood “that took a bit of recovering from” and how “playing the fool” to ease family tensions led her to the stage and screen. Trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama , she is known for her roles in National Theatre productions and in the popular TV series EastEnders.“I’ve always had a fear of being ordinary, just an ordinary human Behan,” she says quoting her uncle Brendan.She channeled the spirit of her uncle in writing Brendan at the Chelsea which caught the eye of Adrian Dunbar who’d go on to direct and star in it’s Lyric Theatre of Belfast production which earned rave reviews in an Off-Broadway run. Recently she realized she was old enough to play her indomitable grandmother, which she did in the recent film Kathleen and Me.Janet tells us of being too Irish for the English and too English for the Irish, saying “I think of myself as somebody who is always on her knees, begging and pleading to be allowed into Ireland...culturally and psychologically.”Janet Behan Links:TwitterLinkedInRepresentation
Cauvery Madhavan adds Indian spices to this serving of Irish Stew as we trace her journey from Chennai, India to Sligo, Ireland, to County Kildare, and travel back with her to India to explore Irish stories there through her epic novel The Tainted.We talk of race and color in India and Ireland, the Anglo-Indians who were often more Irish than Anglo, the bonds Indian students forged with Irish revolutionaries, the dearth of spices in Sligo, the political scene in India today, how she and her family view their blended nationalities, and which flag they’d plant on the top of Mt. Everest.Arriving in Ireland on Valentine's Day over three decades ago, Cauvery says that despite the Irish weather, she's been in love with the country ever since. The episode wraps with a fusion of Indian/Irish music in the form of the classic “Carolan's Favorite Jig,” performed by the noted veena virtuoso Nirmala Rajasekar from Cauvery’s hometown of Chennai.Cauvery Madhavan’s links:Website: Instagram: publisher: Rajasekar’s links:Website: Facebook:
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